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Friday, December 3, 3013

A History BLOG on Mariam-Uz-Zamani | Sticky - Links to all Posts


This blog is devoted to all those who are genuinely interested in debating the nuances of history and share an extreme passion to discuss "what could have" and "what could not have" happened in our PAST....

To start with, this blog is dedicated to Mughal Emperor Akbar and his First Hindu Wife  Mariam-Uz-Zamani / Harka Bai / Heera Kunwari....A lady whose name has been forgotten in the annals of past, who suffered enormous discrimination at the "hands of the ravages of time"...

The blog commenced with historical discussions related to Mughals and Rajputs, with the prime focus on Akbar and His Queen Mariam-Uz-Zamani / Harkha Bai / Heer Kunwari (Wrongly called as Jodha Bai), and the Rajput warrior Maharana Pratap, among others...

Now, keeping in tune with inputs of the readers, the blog has been expanded to other dynasties / empires also. Posts related to Mauryan Emperorors Chandragupta Maurya & Ashoka Maurya from the Mauryan Empire and recently those related to this history of Queen Razia Sultan from the Delhi Sultanate have also been included.

The Blog is Divided into various sections, explained below, depending upon the type of historical posts made.  The Links to Posts on this Blog are present in each of these sections...Alternatively, the "blog archive" option given on the right side-bar of blog can also be used to access the blog posts.

I : Mughal Emperor Akbar  & Mariam-Uz-Zamani ::  Click HERE to Enter

Number of Posts (updated on October 15, 2016) : 62

This section pertains to posts which fall under the period of Mughal Emperor Akbar, like posts on his wife Mariam-Uz-Zamani, and family members, his wars, his reforms, and other miscellaneous posts related to HIM...

II : Rajputs  ::  Click HERE to Enter

Number of Posts (updated on December 24, 2015) : 26

This section pertains to posts dealing with discussions based on the Warrior Clan - The Rajputs ...... At present, historical information related to the Rajput warrior Maharana Pratap is being added.

III : Mauryans : Emperor Chandragupta Maurya & Ashoka Maurya   ::  Click HERE to Enter

Number of Posts (updated on November 10, 2016) : 10

This section has been created to discuss about the Mauryan Empire, with focus on the life of Chanakya & the Mauryan Emperors - Ashoka & Chandragupta Maurya.

IV : New Section on Razia Sultan from Delhi Sultanate  ::  Click HERE to Enter

Number of Posts (updated on October 05, 2015) : 02

This section has been created after suggestions received from a lot of Blog readers. This pertains to historical posts related to the First and only Queen who sat on the throne of Delhi - Razia Sultan. 

V : Miscellaneous Topics  ::  Click HERE to Enter

Number of Posts (updated on February 15, 2016) : 29

This section pertains to posts and discussions which fall outside the purview of Mughal Emperor Akbar's time period....This will contain posts pertaining to Early Mughals, Babur, Humayun, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb, and Later Mughals....This section will also pertain to debates, and miscellaneous posts about other clans too.

VI : Jodha Akbar Serial   ::  Click HERE to Enter

Number of Posts (updated on July 15, 2015) : 51

This section has been created after suggestions received from a lot of Blog readers. This pertains to discussion posts related to Ekta Kapoor's magnum opus - Jodha Akbar.  Along with them, the posts related to the historical authenticity of the tracks are also present. More inside.....

VII : FolkLore cum Historical Accounts  ::  Click HERE to Enter

Number of Posts (updated on July 7, 2015) : 21

This section pertains to posts which are a blend of FolkLore and History, and throw light on the various facets of Medieval and Modern Indian History, with Mughal and Rajput backdrop..

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  1. Hi,


    What a wonderful blog. Much needed, considering the amount of misinformation on the Internet.

    It is esp fabulous that you have written so lucidly about the MUZ. A lady far ahead of her times. A great empress who stood at par with Akbar the Great.

    A lady whose history has been deliberately obliterated due to prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Thanks for re-introducing her to the present generation. :)

    1. Well said. Agree with every word. There is so much we can learn from this amazing woman from the 16th century India. It is unfortunate that some tried their best to make her disappear from history. This blog is a treasure trove of information on MUZ.

    2. @radhika and cleo

      Thank You..

      Indeed this lady has been deliberately removed from the history, due to prejudice. Prof. Findly has openly mentioned this fact in his work. I posted the research paper on the following link, as point number 2..

      Facts about Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum

      Enjoy the discussion here..

  2. Hi!
    Congratulations :))

    Fantastic blog dedicated to HK MUZ Empress of Hindustan - beloved wife of Akbar the Great.
    Amazing research, in-depth analysis combined with wonderful writing.

    This blog is a treat for all those who want to know anything and everything about HK MUZ and Akbar the Great.
    HK's amazing awe inspiring life story is still talked about with reverence 450 years later. A 21st century lady born in 16th century.

    1. Yes, the research and analysis of obscure books and documents is praise-worthy. I say this because commonly available books do not have the complete information of MUZ and very often contradict each other.

      This blog is an appreciable tribute to a great woman who should have been better known and loved than some other Mughal royal ladies like Nur Jahan and Jahanara.


    2. @medha and radhika

      Thanks buddy.. Agree, with each word of yours..Hope you have a nice time here.. Made this BLOG to share my findings and encourage healthy historical discussions..Continue...

  3. Replies

    1. Thank You very much.
      You're welcome to join here when you feel a discussion requires your inputs.

  4. Congratulations!!! :-f

    Finally Akbar's favourite queen gets her due! This blog is well-appreciated for the valuable information it carries related to Harka bai / Heer Kunwari (MUZ), the deep relation that Akbar-MUZ shared, the style of writing and the research undertaken -h


    1. Thank You Pallavi, for your heart-felt compliments.
      Looking forward to have more discussions with you here.

  5. Hi I have 2 questions. If you have answered them here already please guide me to correct page. Thanks.
    1. I would assume that Akbarnama would use words very carefully. Why was the passing away of twins described as "they FLUNG away the coins of their lives" - this flung word is very curious. Is this indicating something hidden? Why not say went to God's embrace or heaven?
    2. Who was Maan Singh married to? When did his marriage take place? Did he have more than one wife?

    1. Medha -- I have no idea regarding the answer to the first question. But from what I have read, Maan Singh had quite a few wives (political alliances) and the number of wives is in hundreds....I also read that when he died, his first wife and maybe a few more (not sure here) committed Sati.

      Would love to hear confirmed answers to both the questions though :)

    2. Hi,


      1. Regarding your first question about the Twins of Mariam-Uz-Zamani, a separate topic has been created. Click on the follwing Post, to reach the required page. >> The Twins of Mariam-Uz-Zamani and Akbar | An Assessment .

      2. Man Singh had many wives. The dates of all of his marriages are not available with me at present. I know about 2-3 marriages of him. The details of all his marriages are tough to be found.


      Thanks for your inputs. It is "said" that Raja Man Singh had 1500 wives and he had 2 to 3 children from "each" wife, but this is NOT true. These INFLATED figures, themselves prove these numbers false. This is practically NOT possible. It is also "said" that 60 of his wives went for Sati on his death, but i have not found a documented proof stating the same..This is same as the "myth" that Akbar had 300 wives and 5000 concubines, as these figures are highly inflated and WRONG...

    3. I read that when Man Singh was born, astrologers advised Raja Bharmal that Man Singh should be made to stay away from Amber for 12 years, as otherwise he may be harmed by some evil stars. So Raja Bharmal got a palace built at Muazzamabad, 40 miles south of Amber. Man Singh stayed there for 12 years with his mother. He returned to Amber at the time of HK's marriage with Akbar. Soon after, he entered Akbar's service at the young age of 12!

      Is this true?

    4. @radhika

      Yes, this is true..Though, exact time duration is not known with certainty. But, some other details i can give you, which are associated with this place. Read On...

      Those days, this place was called Mozad .
      It was the ancestral ruling place of 'another set' Kachhwaha Rajputs, in early 14th Century, who got this as their property, after bifurcation of territory, and slowly expanded their territory. I said 'another set' of Kachhwaha Rajputs, because the rulers of this place had the same origin as the mainstream Kachhwaha Rajputs of Amer, but ruled from different place.

      Around the first quarter of 16th Century, this place again came under Amer rulers. And, remained so till late 17th century.

      Later, in 18th century they founded the state of Alwar, and ruled from there. The interesting part is that, Alwar contained 5 principalities, which were earlier a part of 5 different Rajput Clans. These are....
      a. Rahat - Belonged earlier to Chauhan Rajputs
      b. Wae - To Shekhawats(Offshoots of Kachhwahas of Amer)
      c. Rajavats - Kachhwahas Rajputs of Amer, descendants of Raja Bhagwan Das
      d. Mewat (This is the same Mewat which was under Subedari of Sharif-ud-din, Akbar's brother-in-law, in 16th Century)
      e. Narukhand - Power Centre of the Alwar rulers..Their gotra was Naruk, hence it was called Narukhand, the land of 'Naruk Rajputs' .

    5. Thanks for the info. : )

      Did the Amer rulers found the state of Alwar? Did this new state include Amer also?

    6. radhika,

      Alwar was found by the rulers whose ancestors were the Kachhwaha Rajputs of Amer...

      Amer was an Old Rajputana kingdom..Later, various bifurcations of this Old Dynasty came into power.. One of them was Alwar, which was founded later, in 18th century...Both Amer(later Jaipur) and Alwar, were ruled by Kachhwahas, but the gotra was different..

      Alwar rulers were Naruka Kachhwahas and Amer rulers were Rajavat Kachhwahas..

    7. Thanks for the clarification : )

  6. Hi.....!

    Congratulations for this blog on MUZ. :)

    I am gonna explore around a bit and will come back with my comments and questions soon...!

    1. Thank You Rasika..
      You are most Welcome to revisit soon, after the exploration.. :)

  7. Replies
    1. Welcome Sonia..Hoping to see you regularly here..

  8. Congratulation Abhay....!!!
    am glad you started your own blog.....
    My comments won't be long bcoz am kinda bad at english lolz....
    but i'll follow your blog religiously and will Comment too Insha Allah.....
    thanks for informing....

    1. Thanks for your wishes Muhsina. I hope you will enjoy the posts and discussions here.

  9. hi history-geek,
    congrts history-geek.m a silent stalker since long.found u after googling.plz share more info about jodha bai and akbar..thanks for making this blog.i am so excited to read more.will come back wid my ques.:D

    1. Thank you buddy. There is a lot of content present here on Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani(wrongly called Jodha Bai). You can go through it. Slowly, more posts will be added.

  10. Abhay, I am again back with my Qs! No hurry when you get time if you can give your views on this.

    When Akbar had punished Ruk and did not talk with her for many years, why then he agreed to give grandson to her for upbringing. I suppose probably cos by then Ruk had reformed!

    However, I have read on your blogs that Ruk did not let Jagat Gossain meet her son (who Ruk was raising) - so why nobody interfered and allowed Ruk to do this?

    How was then Shahajahan's relationship with his real mother? Cos he was raised by Ruk.
    Did the relationship with real mother remain close, when he got older he grew closer to his own mother?

    Somehow this not letting meet her own son, sounds so mean and malicious why was then Ruk still allowed to raise?

    1. Medha,

      Interesting. This requires a detailed response. Will reply soon. :)

  11. Congrats for the blog abhay... its lovely !

    1. Thanks Chhavi..
      May this blog help you in connecting to our past/and JA in a better manner.
      Keep reading and posting.. !

  12. Abhay i have a question the show jodha akbar relaltionship started with hatredness later turned to understanding then to friendship and then attraction and then into unconditional real how was HK... how was her relationship with akbar in the beginning wen she got married to akbar.. coz even in the movie jodha didnot allow akbar to have any relationship with out her consent.. in the movie neither she hated him nor she accepted him whole heartedly in the beginning...but in the show though akbar was mesmerized by her beauty and her talent still he too hated her coz of her hatredness for him.. in the show both hated each other wen they were real how was akbar with HK wen they were newly married ..and wanted to no more about akbar and muz relationsip wen they got married???was it mutual understanding bet them or love or hatredness...

    1. Gem,
      Jodha(I mean MUZ/HK) was married against her wishes. Especially, her mother was very much against this marriage, but this was done to save her kingdom. Based on these factors, i think that, their relationship must not have been rosy in starting. It must have taken time, though i can not comment on the acceptance/relationship aspect, but we know that they had the first kid ( i mean twins ) after more than 2.5 years of marriage..!!!!

  13. hey abhay,

    sorry for comming here late...
    its really nice to see such an effort from you...
    you rock yaar...

    i have a question...i have read alex rutherford's akbar...what do you think how much truth is dere in this Hira/

    1. Hi Priyanka,

      Welcome buddy. :)
      Nice to see you here.

      I have gone through that "Novel" -> "Empire of the Moghul - Ruler of the World , by Alex Rutherford"..
      That book is PURE FICTION..

      The Note on first page of the book says > "All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

      In Part-2, Chapter - 8 of the book, the author talks about Hira Bai, mother of Salim...

      But there are "many errors" in this...The book says..>>

      1. She married Akbar AFTER Chittor massacre, in 1568.. But in reality she married Akbar in 1562..!!!!.. That is, much before Chittor massacre..

      2. Later, the author says that, DUE TO THIS MASSACRE, she never LIKED Akbar... But the basis of this VERY ASSUMPTION is WRONG.. Because they were married well before 1567 and before Chittor massacre..!!!.. Hence, this premise is wrong...

      3. The author says that Akbar asked for her hand from Bhagwan Das, but in reality it was a talk between Akbar and Bharmal...

      The author says, she and Akbar did not have a good relation, BUT also mentions ONLY Hira Bai as the Chief Queen of Akbar(even BEFORE birth of Salim)..LOL..

    2. Thanks for clearing my doubt Abhay...

      Lets get to another thing....its seems imminent that after the demise of Hassan and Hussain, Akbar is going to be Jalal once again. Some people are saying now its time for Chittor massacre. IS IT TRUE?

      Secondly, during Chittor case, what was Jodha's stand? Was she there in Agra? or she went to Amer?

    3. Hi,

      As per the show, Chittor war will follow the twins' demise. Though in reality, a lot of things happened in between. Akbar and MUZ lost a couple of babies more after the twins. They came even closer (not separated like being shown). They visited Salim Chisti for blessings. They turned more spiritual, after losing so many kids, and sought solace and solutions in the Almighty.

      Regarding Chittor, see Abhay's post in this regard. It will dispel many of your doubts.

      Jodha was in Agra. About her stand, Abhay will be able to tell you.

      Actually Akbar was a complex character and not the 2D either black or white at a time character being shown. He remained a ruthless emperor keen on expanding his empire for a long time. That is how he was able to consolidate and expand the Mughal empire. But he was good and just towards his family and close ones.

    4. Hi Radhika,
      thumbs up for your write-ups....I may be unable to make comments here regularly , but I do make it a point to read all the write-ups...:)
      I agree on the Chittor front...Actually, it is EK's way of justifying Akbar's massacre .... :-/ by making the twins issue the main cause....
      Have sent Abhay my view already...have to wait for his return now...


    5. Hi Kamal,

      Thanks for reading the posts!

      It would be wonderful if you can share your views on Chittor in particular and Akbar's persona during that period in general, when you get some time. We would love to know. :)

    6. @Priyanka..

      radhika has replied to you in details. Thanks. I am just adding to her reply, and will be making posts on Chittor soon. :)

      a. Ekta Kapoor has shown this war with a stand of justifying it with the kids death which is wrong, as KDR said above.

      b. HK was against this war. As it was the massacre of innocent civilians.

  14. Wishing you a very Happy and Safe Diwali too, Abhay! You deserve the break. Come back fresh and with more info. :)

    PS: Pls remember - Say No to Crackers and Pollution - Keep our kids healthy. :)

    1. Thanks for the wishes Radhika.
      Hope you and all, had a safe and wonderful Diwali.

      I am back now, will be replying to the pending queries asap. :)

  15. hello abhy bhaiya
    well this blog is about muz and akbar but can u give some information on anarkali and haider

    1. Hey Muskan,

      Welcome. Hope you have a nice time here. :) ..
      Haider/Hyder is a fictional character. And i have not read anything on him. Anarkali was "said" to be a dancer in Akbar's court, and i don't give any credence to her story as everything is gossip + imagination of writers. Ekta Kapoor is probably inspired by Mughal-e-Azam movie, and experimenting with Jodha Akbar.

  16. Hello Abhay and all the other History buffs:

    Can anyone please tell me where Salima Sultan is buried. I know it is in Agra but does anyone know where?. Also we know that Akbar's daughters were buried next to him and Murad at Humayun's tomb. But what about Daniyal. Anyone know where he is buried.

  17. Salima Begum is buried in Mandarkar Garden, Agra. The place of burial of Daniyal is not known with certainty but as far as i remember, it should be Burhanpur.

  18. Thanks Abhay, I was able to dig up info that she was buried at Mandarkar gardens. I wonder if the place still exists. I could not find a single online picture or reference to its location in current AGra. As for Daniyal, I find it so sad and strange about his burial. Was it usual for the heart broken Emporer and his queen to not want his remains to be be brought back to Agra for a personal burial? He was after all AKbar's favorite. I think I read that Akbar did not find out about his death until a few months later. But still Baburs remains were transferred post -humously from Agra to Kabul. Whish they had done that for Daniyal

  19. Hello Radhika, Abhay and Geeta,

    I am so sorry this has taken so long to get to you. I am
    just a lazy bum who did not want to learn how to take snap shots of a PDF to post. I gave up in the end and typed it manually.

    Any ways the series of letter exchanges between Akbar and
    Murad are found in the early version (rough draft of the Akbar Nama) which is currently housed in the British Library. These addendums
    were never put into the official Akbarnama but were chronicled separately.

    The exact reference is :
    Akbarnama MS. Br. Library, ADD. 27, 247, f.404a, 401b-404b

    1. The one posted below is the most beautiful and talks about
    Man’s relationship with God. Radhika I have read your sensitive posts on IF and am sure you will enjoy this one:

    Replying to a query from Murad in 1595, Akbar tells him: "Devoting
    of the matchless One (bechun) is beyond the limits of the spoken word whether in respect of form ( jism), material attributes ( jismaniat), letter ( harf) or sound (saut). Devotion to the Matchless One is also Matchless. If God so wishes, (you) shall enter, into the private chamber of this wonderful divine mystery. At present auspicious preamble is that he (Murad) may decorate with agreeable sincerity and praiseworthy actions the page of his disposition (sahfa-i-khatir) and endeavor for gaining our pleasure so that with its blessing this other fortunate house of devotion (to God) may be opened (to him)".
    Emphasis on the absoluteness of Divine Reality and a subtle suggestion in this passage, that one could reach it, not through formal prayers, but only by cultivating the self and with the help a preceptor, recalls to mind the teachings of Kabir and Nanak.

    2. Below, in this letter exchange with Murad, you will hear him talk about his sulh-I kul policy and reflects how fair and thoughtful he was. Clearly Akbar was against formal prayers or namaz during this phase of his life.
    In fact there is evidence to suggest he actually persecuted Muslims who
    openly professed their faith. In response to this Murad writes to him in 1595 asking what he should do with the soldiers found praying in a traditional manner. Below is Akbar’s beautiful response:

    He orders a response that this person deserves admonition (nasihat) from his superior so as to “help” him come to the path of reason ( rah-I aql). But Murad is also warned that such a person should not be pressurised as it would amount to violation of suhl I Kul.

    3. Below you will find Akbar’s respect for the opinion of a
    In 1595, Murad requests for the transfer of a dak-chauki man, Bahadur to his camp. Akbar is said to have recorded an order: “Bahadur’s
    wife is not agreeable to his going there. If presently we persuade her, we shall send Bahadur as well”. This implies that Bahadur’s wife did not agree despite a request from the Emperor himself. But Akbar did not force her. Instead he respected a woman’s say in a decision that might separate her from her husband for a long time.

    SO you can see Folks, Emperor Akbar evolved into a ruler and an individual far ahead
    of his time.

  20. Wow, such beautiful letters, the first and the third one. Thanks so much, Preeti. :)

    Somehow I am not able to digest the 2nd letter. Abhay, is it possible that Akbar could oppose namaz after believing in sulh-i-kul?

  21. Radhika,
    #2 will make more sense when read in contex. Yes Akbar was against the public and what he termed as blind declaration of faith. He also heavily criticized Idol worship of hindus, Sati. He was firmly against the public prayer among his soldiers. However he soon realized by restricting anyone sect from their own prayer he was violating Sulh i Kul therefore he encouraged MUrad to dissuade but not coerce the soldiers. Later on in life he changed a bit and the paper tells you why. In fact when Salim revolted and declared himself ruler, he issued a few farmans trying to reverse his fathers policies of barring public money being used to repair mosques, public gathering for prayers. Salim did this to gain support of the Ulema who were so against Akbar. They did end up supporting him for the throne on the condition he reverses Akbar's Liberal religious policies especially towards other faiths.

  22. Thank you Preeti for the lucid explanation. This is a complex issue and Akbar was quite an enigmatic personality. I would have to read a lot more to be able to understand why an orthodox Akbar changed so much later on. :)

  23. Radhika and Preeti,

    Interesting discussion and explanations. :)
    I will make a post on this topic, and give my views.
    The "interpretations are very diverse". I have some contradictory points too.

    Please carry on till then. :)

    This exchange of ideas is getting interesting.

  24. I find one thing very eccentric on the show. The makers have wonderful time to portray to gather evidence for a fictional love story on the show, but not time show Jodha as the proper mother for most of Akbar's children. The makers are really must be high...

  25. Very well said Shneha.

    The makers are selling Salim-Anarkali fiction in the name of Jodha Akbar, along with that they have changed the parentage of the kids. !!

    A classic case of destruction of a 'one time' successful show. !

  26. Hi Abhay,

    Finally i came to know about this blog and so happy for that . Lost interest in serial and stopped visiting IF once your threads are closed. Recently opened IF and found about the blog and realized I missed so much. Happy to find atleast now.

  27. Hi Deepika,
    Welcome to the blog. There is a lot of matter to be read, present here. I Hope you will enjoy reading at this place as well. I am Glad to find you here. :)
    Even i stopped watching the show long back.

  28. Hi, Abhay, Radhika, and all...

    I'm a silent reader of this blog since some months ago. I wish you all would like to tell me about Rukaiya Begum. I very want to know about her. Have tried to google it but always brought to wiki or some-same-articles which didn't give the references...
    How is she according to the history. Is she as rude as we can see in the show??

    FYI I come from Indonesia. I have read almost all of your postings in this blog. Very very interesting to know a historical version of this show. As Jodha Akbar now is at the top rank position at my country, many of us become curious about the truth behind the drama...

    Thanks beforehand for your reply. I will wait it.. hihi

  29. Hi Nia

    Welcome to the blog :) It's wonderful that you have started asking Qs - this blog thrives on discussion :)

    I answered your Q on Heer Kunwari here:

    Regarding Ruqaiyya Begum, wait a while for a post on her. :)

    So JA is still ranking top in Indonesia? Amazing! I just want to warn you that ever since the Khyber-Atifa track, the show has deviated majorly from history and the Salim-Anarkali track is mostly fictional. :)

  30. Yeeaah but the show already reach episode 239, when Jodha back to agra from amer after sujamal track. Many good track still could be seen na..

    But i myself keep watch on going episode on zee tv youtube. And i feel so bad with the current show. The transformation of ruqaiyya from natural-jealous-wife to an evil is very bad...
    And more, the transformation of akbar from great king, great warrior to an very weak person and made love to justified all of his weaknesses and stupidity.... too bad...

    Okay radhika, will wait eagerly your ruqaiyya version...

  31. Nia

    Now I understand why the show is still doing well in Indonesia LOL You can still enjoy many good episodes :)

    Yeah, the way Akbar and Harka Bai's and even Ruqaiyya's characters have been murdered is horrible. In spite of so much feedback given to the production house. Let's hope at least now, things improve :)

  32. Welcome to the Blog , Nia. :)

    Glad to see more silent readers participating in discussion. JA seems quite popular in Indonesia too.

    Radhika has answered almost all questions of yours. About Ruqaiya Begum, here is a separate post, we can continue the discussion there. :)


  33. Hi Abhay...

    I think i have validated the link... didn't i?? Will check it again.

    Yaaa i have read that about Ruqaya begum Abhay. But she is a padshah begum right?? Chief of Harem?? I think she should has many role throughout reign of Akbar...
    And how far her relationship with Akbar as a wife.. about her character or something like that...
    As this show caused so much hattred addressed to ruqaiya begum.. i think someone should straighten it right??

  34. Abhaayy, just finished your posting on india forum, date : february 2014.
    P.S. --> This is what is the status at present.

    Coz TILL NOW , did NOT get any document saying Ruqayya was Padshah Begum. On Internet, people claim that in Jahangirnama it is given that Ruqayya was Padshah Begum, but i COULD NOT find so, even after reading it PERSONALLY .!!.

    Please tell me Abhay, any further information about it?? Or still the same...??

  35. Nia,
    The info is still the same. No where in any historical text, i could find that Ruqaiyya Begum was a Padshah Begum. :)
    You can check more here. :)
    Link: >

  36. Oh my my...
    She was a first wife.They got married 6 years before Akbar marry Heer right?? How was their relationship during that time?? Didn't she become a special wife of akbar?? Didn't she has any important role as she was a first wife, a mughal princess also...

  37. Okaay i check it now.. thx abhay

  38. Hi Nia,

    I have written on the blog about Padshah Begums separately. Here is the link. Please go through it, including the comments. >

    Ruqaiyya Begum is NOT mentioned as Padshah Begum in any historical texts.

    Yes, the show has depicted her in very extreme terms . For ex: She is shown as drug peddler which is not correct. About her equation with Akbar, her thinking was NOT in sync with the liberal views of Akbar. There is NOT much present in historical texts to depict her "excellent" relationship with Akbar.

  39. Nia,
    I replied to this comment here. :)
    Link >

  40. Congratulations Abhay a very interesting well researched and good posts which also give us information about the historical reality of the current tracks of different historical shows which are basically NRs . Crossed one lakh views in such a short time shows the blogs popularity

  41. Hi Abhay wonder Blog and hats off to you and all contributors

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