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Razia Sultan

History of Razia Sultan
The First & Only Women Sultan of Delhi Sultanate

Number of Posts (updated on September 24, 2015) : 01

Hi Everyone

After receiving suggestions, from many of the blog readers, i am creating a separate section, dealing with the history of Razia Sultan - The First & Only Women Sultan of Delhi. A show in her name also airs on & TV. Normally, it is the 'historical' shows on television these days which make us curious to know about the REAL story about those legendary figures..

Before starting this section let us see the show's description, as given by the channel. The links of the posts made in this section are given after the description.

The following is the show's description, in the words of the channel - &TV..
Grand-daughter of Qutub-ud-din Aibak, and daughter of Shams-ud-din Illtumish, Razia was born a princess like many other nameless and countless girls born around her every day. But, there was a fire in her, which in the years to come would make her an extraordinary ruler and a fearsome warrior. 

Razia Sultan is the story of the first woman Sultan of India and the only woman to have successfully ruled and unified the Mamluks - a fierce and extremely vicious race of men for whom violence was second nature.

 Historical Posts in this Section 

2. Cunning & dangerous politics of Shah Turkan versus a Strong & Determined Razia with a brief insight on Life in Harem | History of Razia Sultan - II - Posted on October 05, 2015 - Click Here to Read

1. Struggle before the establishment of Delhi Sultanate & Introduction to characters in the reign of Razia Sultan | History of Razia Sultan - I - Posted on September 24, 2015 - Click Here to Read

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