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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Akbar tries to injure himself, Man Singh stops him = Angry Akbar | The Fight of Akbar and Man Singh


This post is a continuation of the Part-1 post of the "God Track" of Jodha Akbar. In this track, the makers are showing that Akbar has immersed himself in the river of pride as he has won a lot of Hindustan and now even tried comparison with God. (as per serial, dramatized version of historical events)

In that regard, i made a update which can be read on this link.
Link: Jodha Akbar Historical Update | Akbar Trying to be God ? + Future Tracks

Before i start this post, just see this picture from Akbarnama.

Here, a sword can be seen at some distance. Akbar has thrown Man Singh to the ground, and is quite angry. Akbar is literally "sitting" over Man Singh. All the courtiers are in shock, and don't know what to do. This is a scene from a drinking party where AKbar tries to injure himself with a sword in order to prove his valor at par with Rajputs and acts in a mad manner to almost kill himself by placing his dagger on his chest and begins to pierce it, but is saved by Man Singh.

Now, the origin of this update lies in the following incident:

I had made a tweet on February 16, 2015. In the episode of Jodha Akbar aired that day, it was shown to us that -> Jodha, through the medium of a dream watches that Jalal acts in a mad manner to injure himself in chest using a sword. That day, while changing the channels on TV i came across this scene, and immediately took to Twitter and made a tweet that, this event happened in REAL HISTORY also. The tweet was made because i was surprised to see at least something NEAR to history.

Here are those screenshots.
Start reading from the bottom one in an upward manner..

I also promised to make an update, if this scene happens in reality in the show.
Now, in the episode aired on February 20, 2015, showed us this scene in REALITY.

So, as promised, here is the historical update regarding the same. 
You can read what actually happened in reality.

I am giving 2 different sources. First one is from Akbarnama. 
In that it has been noted that this incident happened in reality.
The incident is again somewhere from 1570's.

Read the Following scan. It notes that -> 

Akbar acted in a mad manner to prove that he can be as brave as the Rajputs. There was a drinking party where select people were present. While drinking, the topic of discussion shifted to the most brave warriors/heroes of Hindustan. The name which popped up was that of Rajputs. It was mentioned that Rajputs in orders to prove their bravery would not care for their lives and could even put a sword/spear in their chest from the front which would come out after piercing the chest from the back.! It was a fatal sport, but Akbar was hell bent at proving that he could repeat the same feat in order to show his bravery, hence he decided to do the same act as done by Rajputs.! Everyone was shocked and No one dared to stop him, but Raja Man Singh. Man Singh gave a tight blow to Akbar and the sword fell down. Akbar became so much displeased that he himself got hold of Man Singh and threw him to ground and a minor scuffle followed. 

Man Singh was not doing any thing wrong, but trying to protect Akbar from the "evil praises"of his flatterers, who were provoking him. 

Here is the scan from Akbarnama ->

Here is the text from Akbarnama, as given in above scans. Please note those words which i am coloring in this text in purple color, I am also adding some meanings in brackets. -->

" One of the occurrences was that an injury happened to His Majesty's hand; but it was cured. The brief account of this instructive catastrophe is that the sitter on the throne of the Caliphate is always shrouding himself(Akbar) under a special screen, while the stewards of fate are ever removing this screen and displaying the spiritual and physical glories of him who has been magnified by God. 

One night there was a select drinking-party. Discourse fell upon the bravery of the heroes of Hindustan, and it was stated that they paid no regard to their lives. For instance, some Rajputs would hold a double-headed spear, and two men, who were equally-matched(of equal strength), would run from opposite sides against the points, so the latter would transfix them and come out at their backs. 

That Divine wrestler of the world(means Akbar), for the sake of screening his glory(to prove his bravery), or for testing men, or from the melancholy engendered by his being in the outer world, fastened the hilt of his special sword to a wall, and placing the point near his sacred breast declared that if Rajputs were wont to sell their valour in their way, he would rush against this sword.(Akbar was trying to emulate what Rajputs did.) 

Awe fell upon those who were standing at the feast, and none had the power to utter a word, nor even to offer any opposition. Just then Raja Man Singh ran with the foot of fidelity and gave such a blow with his hand that the sword fell down and made a cut between His Majesty's thumb and his index-finger. Those present removed the sword and His Majesty angrily flung Man Singh on the ground and squeezed him. 

Mozaffar foolishly tried to free him from the grasp of that tiger of God and by twisting his wounded finger released Man Singh. This increased the wound, but by the Divine protection it soon healed. "


Above was the scan and text from Akbarnama. The language is a bit tough to understand.
Hence, here is the simplified version of the above event. This will make the incident completely clear


So this was the Part-2 update of the God Track. This incident involved Man Singh and Akbar's "fight" where Man Singh gave a blow to Akbar, thereby hurting the latter in the process, which was only to save his life. But as Akbar was drunk, he charged back on Man Singh. 

The bond of Man Singh and Akbar is still remembered in the bards in Rajputana, he fought even with his relative Rana Pratap as he had sworn his loyalty to Akbar. What counted for him was loyalty and his word of mouth, not his relations.! Man Singh was one of the most loyal officers of Akbar, and was referred to as Farzand-i-Akbar, meaning, "Son of Akbar". Akbar used to call him his son.!

I mentioned one portrait from Akbarnama above, where Akbar and Man Singh engaged in "fight". They had their own bitter sweet moments.

As told earlier, this "God track" has been formulated by joining dots from history with dramatization. Timelines are of 1570's , a sort of back-leap as already been taken.!

Article Category : Jodha Akbar and Mughals(Akbar) section.

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  1. Abhay

    Once more your posts and the story line of JA are in sync and the result --> episodes that are worth watching and stay in our minds long after we have switched off the TV. :)

    After your sustained campaign (along with other friends and fans) to bring the focus back to JA, the CVs seem to have woken up and have brought JA back to center stage and aligned the story once more with history (with a sprinkling of NR :) ).

    I have been watching bits of recent episodes and have enjoyed them. I am sure many more fans have come back to the show too. Let's hope the CVs continue in this manner and show real events from JA's life in future too.

    What can I say about your post? It's brilliant as usual. :) It never amazes me to see how much you know about the most minute events from Akbar-MUZ/s life and are able to spot just when they are about to occur and predict what will happen next. And it's such a thrill to see the incident then unfolding just as you wrote, on screen.

    Hope to see more history in JA and more such posts from your pen :) Thanks so much again! :)

  2. happy to read this post and know that present track of Jodha Akbar is following history ofcourse with some NR. but i wish and pray that cvs and writers follow history and all the old genuine viewers comeback to watch the show and make it a success. i wish to see future episodes with total concentration of jodha and akbar. thanq for the article

  3. Abhay many thanks for these facts
    just like you to come with the right facts at the right time ande the jealous people who cant indulge in pettiness well I for one am liking that the story is back to Akbar and Jodha

  4. Nice post.Happy to know that current track is relating to history.hope the CV of show again will bring back hope in fans like me.and bring back the show to top slot once again.
    H-g have u come across any other interesting incident (this is for my curiosity ).

  5. very good info Abhay, Thanks and the track is not full NR it has history also good to see JA back at his track but v have to wait n see how the cvs unfold this thanks for the work of all

  6. Phew... how beautiful is the portrait depicting this crazy incident. Thanks a ton Abhay for such authentic informations which gives goose bumps. Atleast now the CVs are trying to bring back focus on JA instead of SA with loads of reality. Am also reading the below discussions taking place with awe. Shows there really are so many history buffs, hats off.

  7. Abhay.

    What a great post. It was an absolute pleasure to read this one. :D
    Glad that the CV's are finally back to some JJ centric tracks. I can not believe they have actually sprouted some history abiding track after such a while.

    Is wonderful, that you give us the smallest of details and incident for Akbar and MUZ's life. However wasn't this quite a random situation to mention in the Akbarnama?

  8. Thanks Abhay. This was one fun read. The sequence of events was like reading a thrilling book.

    I tell you, if you collate all your posts and publish it as a book, it is going to be a bestseller. Interesting and well researched.

  9. Abhay , Thanks for this Post, So writers choosed this time, Real history connected, Event, for showing Audience.or they knowing, Maybee JA, real incident story, will back serial, Audience Heart.
    so they start to digging history again. Or your efforts, or reading, giving, ex, with proof, (Pic, from Akbarnama ) to Blog readers, or Forum readers. What can anyone say,

    Reading this, is Akbar feeling internally, After getting too much in life, He is less warrior then Rajputs, is in his inner, some inferiority complex, which, was troubling him, or drinking party cause of drinking, came out.

    But MS, bravery, here to be rememberable, Right time Right decesion. He saved Akbar. Akbar, Satisfying own igo took wrong decesion.

    is Realy, history MS, NAZAR BAND, for some days.?
    After clearing this, issu, Akbar & MS, realtion, sure, went, More Healthy Manner.

  10. I am so Glad CVS have finally decided to set aside RUKS and SA and focus on some events that happened realted to Akbar and Jodha.Thanks again Abhay for this beautiful post along with the Picture that explains it all. Its a very interesting Track, Agree its a dramatized version and they have taken a back leap. If this could revive the show, I would be so happy. The show is about Akbar & Jodha and makes should just focus on them.

  11. wow abhay !!! I just cant believe it happened in REAL :):):)
    FIRST thing, fans can see JA back in action SECOND thing REAL HISTORY has been taken into account... which we know is stranger than fiction, will serve for drama purpose n fetch the makers with much needed trp's too ; );D der se hi sahi, akal toh aayi naa CVS ko ; - P

  12. Oh Wow!....This is so lovely to read......We really need JA CVs to include such historic instances and then use their natkiya rupantar (to the minimum but) instead of showing fictional Sanar story....After all this is Jodha-Akbar :D.....I really loved this well-researched, well-referenced post Abhay :)....Thank you for posting .....and do you have any idea what happened after this drinking party....I mean in JA they showed that Maan Singh was kept in house arrest and all???

  13. wow!! it means we r heading towards a great track backed by feels great Abhay to get to see such historical incidents in the show when they completely converted it into a NR..
    thank u for this...varna kabhi pata nahi chalta it was a real thing. :)

  14. Dear Abhay....

    Wow..I don't know how to say it. You're fabulous and smart historian. Great work. I love reading all your post. I come to your blog regularly....4-5 times a day.. he he he. I read all our friends's comments (Radhika, Iqra, Sunram..hiiii). If you create this blog earlier maybe Ekta will have more accurate guidance to create the script...May be we can erase or correct some scenes, such as....Atifa/Kaibar track, some correction of Chittor war, Who's the mother of Akbar's children, Anarkali (or may be they can flash back the story with Akbar brought Jodha in a war when she was pregnant) the story of Jodha Akbar will be perfect. I don't know why I can't enjoy the show when Salim and Anarkali are involved. Different with Jodha (Paridhi) and Akbar (Rajat)...their chemistry is undeniable strong and magnificent. What do u think guys...very outstanding actors....

    I'm waiting your post regarding you promise me.

  15. Hi Mirah, glad you loved the post AND the track. Keep watching JA - for some more surprises :)

  16. Dear Abhay, after read about myth 5000 concubines of Akbar, correct me if I'm wrong. Until now, you haven't posted details about list of Akbar's wives yet. We're waiting.
    polygami, I have 5 mothers. I belong to the Klungkung regency royal
    family in Bali. As Akbar had MUZ as special, my father also had my 2nd
    mother as special. He loves her lot more than others. So many people
    said it's absurd for King to have beautiful love story if he has so many
    wives but I believe that MUZ is so special for Akbar because of her
    talent and qualities. A man like Akbar of course will love a rare
    special women....(in physic or non physic). I read in so many accounts
    that MUZ was an extremely gorgeous lady. I'm so obsess about their story.

  17. Abhay, thank you very much, thank the lady who sent the text, I know that in some Arab countries, there is still harem.1 question: what is the other women of the harem, after the death of Akbar, (women who did not have children), and Akbar Jodha they walked in the prophets, (Salim), according to which the son is named, is it supposed to say Akbar as his children will end up, especially sons, think of Salim and Daniel, I think I read on your website that Akbar did not had to be intimate with women who can not have children, reading something about Salim, I have a feeling as if his whole life in the battle with his father (I got that impression) .Lady who sent the text, on my personal experience, I think it does regardless of how her father drunk, and go from 1 to 2 women in the room, so if he does not it is not enough just "pop" and to concubines, which is also located in haremu.Ima happiness that her mother was one of my favorites, I know after "Ottoman Empire" that are in the harem "led wars" . Pleasantly evening to all of you on the site,, albeit in Belgrade is 22.00 hours in the evening.

  18. Good afternoon, everyone on the site.

  19. GA, Tanja :) Are you exploring the site and enjoying it?

  20. Tanja

    The women who stayed in Akbar's harem continued to live life normally even after Akbar's death. Salim continued to respect them.

    Akbar said that men need not have relations with barren women, but this was later in his life.

    Salim struggled with his father for the throne. This was normal in those days - it is said that there is no kinship in kingship. But Salim also respected and feared his father.

    India is about 5 hours ahead of you. :)

  21. Mirah

    Thanks for sharing your life story. It's most interesting and you are right - a king can have one favorite wife among many queens. There are many examples in history.

    MUZ was quite beautiful and also a very intelligent, graceful, and courageous woman. All of us here share your passion for her love story with Akbar. :)

    Do join the discussions here whenever you can. :)

  22. Radhika, maybe sleep, thanks a lot, I write tomorrow, easy and pleasant night, all of you.

  23. Good morning to all of you, on the site, pleasant Sunday afternoon, enjoy.

  24. Here I am again with questions, Maan bai, committed suicide, as I read it, two variants exist, because his son Salim who will go blind, and because of the intrigues of the harem, and that son of that woman, will inherit the throne and they are still happened with my son who was blinded Salim.

  25. Tanja

    Man Bai committed suicide, it is believed, because she couldn't bear to see the differences between her husband Salim and her son, Khusrau. She didn't know how to reconcile her son with her husband to whom she was highly devoted.

    Khusrau was blinded much later, after Salim became the king. Man Bai committed suicide while Akbar was still the emperor.

  26. Hope so Niranjana that the show revives. It is on right track now. :)
    BTW, What type of "other" incidentS are you trying to know about. Please elaborate a bit ? :)

  27. Ayushi,
    I have not come across any sort of Nazar-Bandi done for Man Singh due to this incident. :)

  28. Welcome every one. I have read all the comments on this post and other pages also, but not able to reply individually to all of you due to time constraints. :)
    Do continue the discussion, i will drop in when ever required in any query. Radhika is carrying on the interaction here. :)

  29. Aadhya,
    You caught a very much noteworthy point. This situation would have been very important and hence Abu'l Fazl recorded this in Akbarnama, though this shows a "weak" side of Akbar - FLATTERY.!

  30. Pallavi,
    As usual nice to read your post, buddy. :)
    No, as i replied to Ayushi above, same reply here also. I did not find any mention of house arrest for Man Singh due to this incident. :)

  31. Tanja,
    Hope you and Radhika are enjoying the interaction. I wish to add one more thing in the reply. About Harem Led Wars. A daughter of Aurangzeb also led the army once in the battle field. :)

  32. As Radhika has replied already, here are some details about Mariam Uz Zamani and Salim and Man Bai, when Salim revolted. :)

    Also, the following post includes the details about the son of Salim who was blinded.

  33. HAPPY HOLI all of you, and to your loved ones.

  34. Thanks Tanja, and same to you all there. :)


    Born when the queen,

    ANGEL created us,

    TO REDUCE THE MAN "breakage"

    BECAUSE WE ARE The poem,

    PRIDE lost,

    Waged war, and you are


  36. Tanja

    Happy Women's Day to you too and all the lovely ladies in Indonesia :)

  37. Tanja

    Do you play Holi in any form there? :)

    Thanks for the wishes - sorry am so late in replying

  38. Radhika, I am from Serbia, the main city of Belgrade, (to help you out, here are born: tennis players Ana Ivanovic and Novak Djokovic) ex Yugoslavia), is with us until yesterday, falling snow, the infamous holi we are Orthodox Christians, and has Islam and the Catholic faith, safely asleep by now I hope you see porukice tomorrow, good night everyone on the site.

  39. Hi Tanja

    Serbia is a historic state since a long time. Became free from Ottoman Empire in 1878. Became part of Yugoslavia in 1918 along with Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo.

    Josip Tito Broz (ruled Yugoslavia from 1945 to 1980) was part of NAM along with Nehru and a good friend of India. There's still a road in Delhi named after him. :) Serbia broke free in 1991-92. Witnessed a lot of strife later too. And produced many great tennis players too, like you mentioned. :)

    I am quite fascinated with the way countries in Europe kept coming together and breaking up in the past century. So wonderful to meet you here. :) Would love to know more about your culture.

    But how did you become interested in Mughals and JA? And what is porukice?

  40. Radhika, nice to know something about us, you are pleasantly surprised me, but here are a small supplement maybe you did not know, but it's Indira Gandhi, often come with Tito, so that in my country there are many lady called Indira, I am from of mixed marriages, where all three religions in question (Orthodox, Catholic and Islam), but one part, the feminine side of my roots are from India, I am Orthodox

  41. Radhika, here's some information to us is the same as everywhere else in Europe, except for one thing: in our faith only 2 times can the church to get married in the municipality, as much as you can, like, Father and Mother were in married several times, female children do not have to get married if adverse, and there are many illegitimate children are legally equal, as if they were spouses, the normal working the DNA analysis, after the death of his parents, female and male children have the right to inheritance, no matter whether they are married or not, the assets of the parents are divided into teams equally, if one of the children do not give up in favor of drugog.Znaci complete freedom when it comes to women and men. Yesterday I was at the "india forums" read a text about your women's children, only one word creepy, my son, has two sons, a daughter wants more than anything in the world, but seriously, Snaja my two grandsons born by Caesarean section, doctors recommended, 3, due to possible komplikacija.U our country a few years ago began to be shown a series of (Na Aana Iss Desh Lado), for which after 2-3 episodes occurred boycott, by both women and men, could not believe that anyone could so do something terrible to females, the series has ceased to be broadcast at nas.U our country there site as well as fejs Indian series and movies, and myself joined to this site are members from around the world, and has from India, there to watch your films and series, as well as from all over the world, the most popular series so far is still IPKKND, with Kusi and ASR.

  42. Radhika, I go there and Vojvodina, the capital city of Novi Sad, otherwise you is known throughout the world for "exit" festival, Serbia's known for Trumpet Festival "Guca" Maybe you've heard of Goran Bregovic ,, come from all over the world, Belgrade, famous for its night life, also from all over the world come, because of its rich history, it is known that 18 Roman rulers come from the territory of Serbia and Emperor Constantine, originally from the city of Nis, Serbia (today's Istanbul-Turkey), there are, 2 letters to us, write the Latin and Cyrillic, generally goes like this, "Write as you speak, read as it is written" .For the time of Tito, religion was strictly forbidden (prayer to God), all of it secretly worked for the Orthodox, we have my glory, which inherit centuries ago, my glory is Saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 19, one of the greatest glory, then October 27, St. Petka, that the lady in question was born into a wealthy family, all his property gave to the poor and she became a nun, popularly known as "strict" St.Kod us now POST. (vegetarian food) and men and women become 40 days until Easter, which falls April 12th, from such foods, the excluding sick babies and pregnant women, otherwise the eggs are always painted on Friday, the church nevrse wedding.

  43. my name, Latin: Tanja cirilica: Тања

  44. Wow, Tanja, thanks for sharing so much about your country and culture. So you are part Indian :) That's great!

    I think religion was forbidden in all communist regimes, isn't it?

    The 40 days of Lent are celebrated by Christians in India also.

    Keep sharing such snippets - makes for interesting reading :))

  45. Radhika, here are a few more details, the name of our town is the city of Belgrade but when you share that (white) (city), there is a famous zoo, known for its white lions in the whole world, then "viminacijum" where the old Roman town cemetery mammoth, scientists, Nikola Tesla, if you do not know, because it got dark when the light bulb and electricity, writer Ivo Andic, wrote the book "on the Drina (Bridge)" for which he won the Nobel Prize, 1961., scientists, (wife ) Mileva Maric-Einstein (mystery, water is controversy about scientific works, what Albert A. invented and what is it, but it will be a mystery still, unfortunately) .Now small and similarities between you and us, prior to, say, 50 god.nije were allowed to see the newborn, 40 days, when you get married you go around the fire and tie scarves, here it goes around the altar 3 x tie in his right hand, and man and a woman, placed the crown on the head during the ceremony, walk together around the altar, then, exerting an oath, as with you, a different text, I hope I did not, tired, there is still more to be said, but ... vreme.Volela wish you'd read the book, If you find her, and if it is translated into your language ..

  46. Tanja

    No dear, not bored at all. It's lovely to hear all these things you are sharing. :) Yes, I know Tesla. :) Will try to find the book and read it.

    Wow, you are right - quite a few similarities among our cultures! Pls share some more when you have time. Sad to say, but true, many people prefer boys in India and often abort girl child or kill her in infancy or discriminate against her. Hopefully things are slowly changing for the better.

    This must be Lent time?

  47. Dear Radhika, here's a good day for me 12.40 min, this afternoon, I'm a little cold, caught so late I write, watch series Maharana Pratap, I do not understand why by Salim Begum, make belly dancers, (for us so sparingly, but only one dress for the show), I really comparable, SB from Jodha and Mah.Pratap, passionately, I read and was a writer, I can not believe what they've done since its lika.Ovom when I have to say that belly dancers, are not "e pr ... "when you have finished with the show, they are mothers, wives, daughters, sestre.Na fejsu'm friends with the Indian Embassy in Belgrade, and I will be with them to inquire whether the book has been translated to your language, I'll send you a response. pleasant, Thebes afternoon and evening, as well as your loved ones from me,

  48. Tanja,

    I watch Maharana Pratap only sometimes. I didn't see the belly dance thankfully. But I hated that they Salima Begum behaving so cheaply with her husband and Akbar, both. I wish show makers treated historical figures with respect!!

    Thanks so much for enquiring about the book. :) A very pleasant evening to you and your loved ones too. :)



  50. Radhika, I tried to send a link, but it will not, "the Drina" (bridge), translated so far in EN, Spanish and Italian original text reads, in Serbian, ( srpski "Na Drini cuprija)Akbar was a little child, the Ottoman Empire (cruelty), children are abducted from their cribs from their mothers and were created army, were called "Janissaries, (children were transferred to the Islamic faith) 1.bracnu night when married, the bride had to spend with Aga, the story is that the one born children thrown, maybe they did in the beginning, I told you the title of Aga in the Ottoman Fejs I got to compare the series Sultan Suleiman and Jodha Akbar , incomparable, the only "good", Suleiman had only one married woman and that is Hurem, all the slaves got married and remained faithful to the end Hurem zivota.Hurem died 8 god.before Sulejmana.Hurem real name Roxelana was born in Ukraine.

  51. Radhika, one part you down a two part at the end, enjoy, our surnames ending in "ic" in 90% of cases, and here I mean Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Vojvodina.

  52. Tanja, GM :)

    That's interesting. In Russia, sometimes, "a" is added to the surnames of girls.

  53. Radhika, good evening, here I am, again, I'm a little confused why the "india forums", someone wrote that Murad, not Jodha and Akbar's son, but S.begum, so far as I managed to decipher, they had six, live children, numerically, how many there were, and why they are the children of a concubine (if you were the mother of those children), daughter, specifically "cover" if Akbar "ashamed", which has generally been intimate with such women, obviously that his married woman should be ashamed of it, maybe I'm sharp, but "the truth hurts"

  54. Hi Tanja,

    There is nothing about being ashamed. Concubines were part of lives of Emperors those days. But Salima Begum was childless. Actually, there are confilcting records in Jahangirnama - the autobiography of Jahangir, and hence the confusions.There are many versions of Jahangirnama. Go through these 2 links below.

    The parentage of kids of Akbar is questioned at many places. And the problem is exclusive dependence on Jahangir's memoirs, which give some conflicting info at many places. It is a point worth noticing that why would MULTIPLE copies of autobiography of ONE person exist ? Just ponder over this point. Jahangir's memoirs are the ONLY ones which are heavily debated among Mughal Emperors.

    Read these links.: