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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 2 2014 Jodha Akbar | 386 MUZ Earns Right to Issue Farman..!!

Hi Friends,

I feel thrilled with yesterday's episode (Dec 2, 2014) because finally, after a long time, JA brought back a slice of history into our lives. It was totally unexpected and, therefore, all the more gladdening to the eye and the heart. 

Finally, we got to see MUZ earning the right to issue farmans independently using her own seal and with the proviso that she CAN at any time, overrule the emperor's decisions. She is only the second person after Mariam Makani to get this power and privilege. Hamida looked pleased as punch at this decision.

Sure there was a lot more to the episode than just this, :) but to me at least, this was the high point of the episode. I was so driven to despair seeing Jodha reduced to being a silent shadow that I had given up all hopes of ever seeing the MUZ in all her glory. And, lo and behold, the CVs suddenly turned the story around and showed Jodha fighting for her rights as the MUZ, even giving up the "empty title without any powers", and earning for herself the right to overrule the Emperor himself by showing complete faith in his trusted aide Man Singh and sticking to her guns.

I think Akbar realised that she was right - of what use a title if it had no power or authority. He knew that Jodha was not one to be enamored of titles. She would rather have the power to stand up for what she believed in, support the truth and fight for justice.  Though his hands had been tied by evidence and circumstances in the Salima Begum and Man Singh cases, she had shown implicit trust in Man Singh's loyalty to Akbar, in the pride of being honorable Rajvanshis who never back stab or betray their king, and had sought the right to probe the case herself if the emperor was unwilling or uninterested to do so. 

Her zid to not accept the crown even for the sake of her son's mohar bandi ceremony made Akbar realise that she would not rest till she had restored Man Singh's pride and honor. He was himself in his heart torn between evidence and his faith in Salima Begum and Man Singh. As a result, he undertook the investigation along with Birbal and Rahim.

And when he discovered that he had woefully wronged the duo, when the culprit was someone else (Resham), he lost no time in apologizing most sincerely to them and restoring their honor publicly. No wonder, he became one of the greatest kings ever. He knew when he made a mistake and lost no time in rectifying it and apologizing to the concerned people, without any trace of guilt or shame. 

He apologized to Jodha too, and persuaded her to accept the crown and the right to issue farmans most humbly. Jodha also apologized for inadvertently hurting him and this reunion of the 2 souls made Ruqaiyya seethe with resentment and worry whether they would discover the truth from Resham. 

Note: I have stressed that Jodha earned the right to issue farman for herself, which makes me doubly happy. It was not a privilege that Akbar bestowed on her out of generosity, but out of respect and implicit faith.

Flashback Time

There was indeed a flashback specially introduced to show us the TE and his style of functioning. :)

When Akbar came to apologize to Man Singh for keeping him in nazar band kaid, Man Singh recollected how Akbar had visited him and announced that he had come as a father to meet his son. Man Singh had expressed gratitude for being still accepted as his son at which Akbar responded that MS should have understood how much Akbar trusted him when he was kept under house arrest and not imprisoned. Akbar wanted to know if MS harbored any ill-will towards him but MS brushed it aside saying he too would have weighed the evidence in Akbar's place. 

Akbar informed MS that Jodha had never disbelieved the latter for an instant and had given up the MUZ title too for it. He was feeling guilty for this but MS assured him that Jodha could never stay upset with Akbar for long, for she loved him, and, more than that, respected him

Akbar called a special mini DEK of just his navratnas and important women of the harem. And there restored to Man Singh his lost power and prestige. Here he underscored the fact that MS was synonymous with loyalty and had served Akbar impeccably for several years. Jodha looked on proudly from behind the purdah. She had been able to keep the word given to MS that she would restore his lost pride and honor soon.

The Gracious Salima Begum 

In Salima's hojra, JJ and Hamida were seeking pardon from the ever-gracious lady. But she took everything in her stride and restored all relations to their former footing. Rahim wished to be punished for doubting his mother. But does a son really need to do that? Esp with a mother like Salima? :)

Jodha was wondering why Salim had pointed fingers at Salima when Ruq barged in and let her tears do the talking. Jalal looked thoughtful upon seeing Ruq and her act, I felt.

In this scene, Ruqaiyya neatly led both Jodha and Salima astray and squashed their doubts in the bud. 

Now we come to the not so pleasant parts of the episode. 

Ruqaiyya's Self Talk! 

After clearly showing that Ruqaiyya had planned the attack on Salim to frame MS, yesterday we were told that she was innocent and the whole attack had been planned by Resham and SD's father.

Another flashback! Ruqaiyya overheard Akbar, Birbal and Rahim talking about Resham's attack on Salim and she promptly framed Resham for her crimes too by depositing her opium boxes in her room.

Ruqaiyya has been exceptionally lucky so far. She was able to use Salim, Salima, Jodha , and now Resham to escape from discovery.   

But Ruqaiyya is puzzled as to why Resham accepted all accusations silently. She is also fearful that Resham may tell someone the truth. She is going to do something about this for sure - she is not the kind to just worry and hope for lady luck to smile upon her. 

She is also puzzled as to why Jalal kept Resham alive for 2 days when he could have killed her instantly. 

My Qs to the readers are:

1. Were the CVs planning to show an extended track where Ruq plots against Jalal's close associates, one by one? Which would explain the scene in the DEK where Ruq smirks that she has eliminated Salima and Man Singh and next is the turn of Jodha as well as the human chess game dream sequence of Ruq where she plots against Rahim and calls Salim over to her side.

But may be because of audience feedback or falling TRPs, the track has been cut short. 

2. I personally feel that the CVs have developed cold feet at the prospect of having to show Ruq being punished for attacking Salim. So they have suddenly absolved her of this crime and shifted the blame conveniently to Resham. Do you agree or disagree?

3. Ruq yesterday mentioned that she was only feeding Salim opium. Is this her self-justification or is she telling us that this is not a big crime compared to what Resham did?

4. How did Resham become so intelligent as to plan the frame up of Man Singh? 

5. Why did Resham and SD's father join hands? What do they seek in common?

6. What does SD's father have against Man Singh? Why did he go to such lengths to frame MS?

7. Why is Jalal still thoughtful, though he has arrested Resham? Does he suspect anyone, esp Ruq?


Jodha slaps Resham tightly and says enough is enough. As a queen, she had forgiven enough but as a mother, she could not forgive (someone who had tried to harm her child). Resham has a cut lip and is crying silently.

Ruq is looking on in "shock". I feel this is Ruq's gameplan to create an MU between Resham and JJ so that even if she tries to tell them something against Ruq, they will not believe her. And in this way, the CVs may stretch the Ruq track for some more time. 

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You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 
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  1. Awesome Post Radhika.!
    I will come back again and chip in with my comments. :)

  2. posted on IF too. :)

  3. Great write up Radhika!g-) This blog has cute emotions!

    In my opinion, the only thing worth watching in this track was Jodha's high raised head marked by her self-respect! Otherwise, the way track was wound up disappointed me!:((

    I have a NEGATIVE feeling that Rukaiyya will not be exposed anytime soon! Or even if she is exposed, Jalal may cut off all his relationships with her but, Salim may not. He may support her and hate JJ more! The obvious reason for why he may do this is, CV's will need someone to instigate Salim agaisnt Akbar to an extent that leads to a war between them! And the only one who can do that is Rukaiyya.
    Thats why, atlast, Resham was shown as culprit, and Rukaiyya was shown as a good soul compared to him!
    I agree with your 2nd point!

    And I donot think Resham took the blame on himself out of loyality! He is upto something! And in the precap, i guess he told the truth to Jodha! Thats why she might have slapped him for bringing up Rukaiyya's name!

    And lastly, i am glad that something from history was shown without "Anuchit Natakiya Rupantars"! Jo got the right to issue farmaan! I hope to see more political rights and titles given to her as per the history!

    Thanks again for this wonderful post!:)

  4. Wow Radhika..

    What a post and what an episode it was , after ages .!!!!
    I watched the second half of the episode just now.

    Just keep Ruqs out of picture for the moment.. And then analyze the episode.
    Note that my comments are ONLY on second half, forget Ruqs right now.

    Few days back i posted this about Man Singh and Akbar.


    Such a timely post. There are NO words with me to describe what Man
    Singh - Akbar bond was like. Hence, i will not attempt to explain this,
    or i will end up insulting these legends. It was more than what is between a father-son.

    makers do not know that some bonds are so strong and unusually
    preserved by the destiny to be messed up with.

    Apple is not
    only due to Steve Jobs, he got those ideas from many people. Google is
    not only due to Larry Page. Microsoft is not only due to Bill Gates.
    China is not a foremost communist country only because of CPC or
    Xinping. A team does not runs ONLY because of it's star captain. By comparing anyone at these places or be-littling anyone nothing can be done or achieved.

    had promised his loyalty for Jalal, and his contribution to Jalal, is
    my friend, can not be written in words. It's Beyond my capability to
    even comment on it..!!! Our past has clearly told us what Man Singh did
    and what he meant for Akbar throughout his life.!! Some thing for which
    he pledged in his childhood.

    Yes, Jodha said true. "Swamibhakti ka dusra naam hai Man Singh."


    Today, after watching the scenes i was simply lost for a moment. Because i regard Man Singh and Akbar's bond as something very different. This man's devotion to Akbar is still TALKED of . I just want to thank the CV's for that landmark scene between 2 legends.. The best part of the episode for me was Man Singh and Akbar scene.!!. I will remember this.

    Jalal's dialogue > " Wafadaari
    ka dusra naam hai Man Singh. Aap hamare sabse wafadar ratan hain Raja
    Man Singh. Jisne saalon ki wafadari se hamari khidmat ki. " <<
    Simply perfect, i mean the method of delivery.!! . I had ALWAYS longed
    for some kind of bonding to be shown between these 2 legends. And, i got
    something finally.

    Let me tell that EACH and EVERY dialogue of
    Jalal was hitting at the right spot, after so many days, i enjoyed all
    his words. The dialogues were very well written. That complete scene of
    DEK from starting was so much improved.

    Anyways, let me
    mention that as far as i know, for Man Singh twice Akbar stood to
    receive him. Yesterday they had shown him receiving after getting up
    from the throne .

    scene of awarding the farman issuing power to his wife, the ever
    soothing background music of Amer was back. So, finally, finally,
    finally, they have shown the power of MUZ and MM .

    At least , this announcement was also made.

    manner in which they both apologized to each other. And Jalal continued
    and explained all the formalities to her, there. It Was all so nicely

    And lastly, thanks for this beautiful writeup. The episode was very good yesterday, at least for me. :))

  5. Abhay

    Such eid-ka-chand episodes keep the audience still joined to the show and bear the trash for the rest of the time. :)

    Let's hope for some more such episodes in the near future. :)

    Loved your take on the bond between Akbar and MS, was expecting it, in fact. :)

  6. Raksitha,

    I simply hope that, we get more history oriented and political stuff loaded episodes at least with dramatization, for a change.

    Last episode was nice enough. :)

  7. Rakshitha,

    Good to hear from you!:)

    I agree that Salim may continue to be in the Ruq camp and that Resham may have been slapped by Jodha for blaming Ruq. :)

    I hope Ruq will be punished at least to convey to the audience that evil doesn't pay.

  8. Great analysis Radhika, fr once I thought it was Abhay .:) As u said, I was watching JO-AK with least interest,as i was bored to see Resham being punished instead of Ruqs, I got this shock of my life-- The CVs r showing history! I am so happy, MUZ got that right to issue farmaans. And Radhika, if I am not mistaken, they will soon creat a situation whrerin it will be utilised too.
    As per ur qstns, I really can't read Cvs mind. Only thing I know they think audience is dumb. n also sure that we can't catch them n ask the answers fr their follies. Otherwise, how can a stupid n loud Resham, how can she plan these things? Why n how did she get support of SD's father? These things she could hv done also with Ruqs ' support, as she knew they were on the same page.
    Morover Radhika, what is intriguing is that Salima begum had seen Ruqs mixing something in the milk, also she took her name directly n went ahead to complain against her, then why did she meekly agreed to Resham being culprit.?She shud hv at least given some precausionary note to Akbar.
    Jalal has been thoughtful more then once but CVs hv not shown courtsy, to show him suspecting ruqs:( Yes, the silver lining is the bond between Jalal n MS more majboot:)

  9. dear radhika - beautiful words. profound thoughts. i loved jodha i loved akbar in 'tis episode, 2 d extent of downloading it. i m so happy 2 c farman power given 2 jodha. wht i did not lyk was resham punishment. she became scapegoat in d power game.
    i m hopeful of ruqaiya expose. administering opium 2 a young child is not a small crime. writers will b forced 2 make it public.
    d thing which pained me - salim behaving rudely wid his mother.
    as u said - history is getting turned on head. it was sad.
    plz keep up d gud work.

  10. Iqra

    Thank you so much! :)

    I was happy to see Jodha being officially recognized as MUZ and being given real executive power :)

    Was also happy that the traitor label affixed on Man Singh was removed quickly and that too by Akbar himself and MS was reinstated into the trusted inner circle with full honors. :)

    I am also troubled by the Salim track. He is not only getting addicted but also developing an intense and malevolent mix of anger, resentment, and bitterness against his parents. After reading today's WU, I tried to watch the episode but one look at Salim and I switched off the TV. These days, I am not able to even look at Salim. I cannot digest his attitude and his extreme behavior with his parents. They too are doing nothing to understand what he is feeling and why nor are they doing anything to reduce the gap with Salim.

    Jodha facing off with Jalal and Ruq is not going to help either her or Salim. Instead of battling with others, she should focus on her son and their relationship.

    Jalal is being the kind of father he himself knew. This is natural. Even if we hate how our parents brought us up, we inevitably follow their footsteps because that is the only way we know of parenting, esp in emotional situations and crises. Very few modern parents are able to break out of the groove and try new ways.

    Jodha too is being the kind of well-meaning but ineffectual mother that she herself knew.

    Both are struggling with a first-born child who is also being corrupted by an enormously influential mother figure. Ideally, they should join forces but practically each is being driven by their own experiences and perspective to child-rearing.

    The question is will Jodha share her knowledge of Ruq's intentions of deliberately creating an MU between Salim and JJ with Jalal. And if she does, how will he react - be instantly angry with Ruq or dismiss Jodha's thinking as far-fetched?

    There is a new spoiler too that says that Salim will hurt Jodha (probably throw a glass or something at her that cuts her forehead). And Jalal will be angry with him yet again.

    I am just waiting for this track to be over because it is emotionally too wrenching to see a child hating its own parents. :(

  11. Geeta

    Thanks! :) A big compliment to the post to be mistaken for Abhay's. :))

    I agree with you that the CVs are doing anything to avoid showing Ruq being punished. No one is thinking logically in the show except perhaps Resham and Ruq, who seem to have exchanged brains with JJ. :(

    At least MS was redeemed quickly. :)

    Quite a few people think MUZ would be required to use the farman pretty soon, may be to reduce the punishment given to Ruq.

    I feel that Jalal may take some harsh decision regarding Salim, esp after the situation advertised in the spoiler. And Jodha may then use her farman to ease the situation for Salim.

    We can only wait and watch. :)

  12. radhika - i was happy 2 c man singh status restored wid dignity.

    watched 2days episode aftr reading wu. i was excited. i liked jodha 2day. she was very ryt. she was in agreement wid akbars points. wht shw ws saying was d carelessness in bringing up salim. i did not lyk points of akbar 2day. he was not ready 2 undrstand salim. salim is a boy. akbar shud luk at him like a boy not lyk a king.

    i agree salim hating jodha is very disgusting 2 watch, very depressing. der z a new promo whr salim hits jodha on head. keeping it aside, i liked the episode. jodha was assertive. she made clear to ruqaiya tat she z d mother of salim not ruqaiya. i wanted her 2 show 'tis role long back. very happy 2 c it 2day.