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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum

Hi EveryOne..

This article is about the children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum(MUZ)...This article will be uploaded in parts...It is not possible to write the entire content in a single post.

Special Thanks to my friends Ms. Kamal and Lizzy for helping in gathering the information, and sharing the information they have collected over decades of reading and traveling.

We have gone through all 'possible' sources we could access till date, ranging from accounts/archives in Agra, Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner, coupled by personal visits of my friends to places in Agra, Rajasthan, etc. There are many people who have helped us in this herculean task, as posting about children of Akbar was not an easy task. 

There is a LOT of spurious info prevailing in the 'commonly' available translated books / memoirs. Sole reliance on the English translation of Persian memoirs often leads to a misleading picture. This will be more clear after going through the subsequent Parts in this regard.

This list / details of Akbar-MUZ kids 'may' NOT be exhaustive or final. We are still in process of finding. The contents of this post is not the result of a month or year work. It includes minor details collected from various places / people. The purpose of the post is to share our findings with interested readers.


2 Points to be stored in mind while reading this post:

1. Badayuni and Abu'l Fazl's accounts have been quoted majorly in this post. Our views explaining some of the sentences of their accounts will appear in {italics in brackets in blue color in between. It is important to mention that the explanations of the text are not our own ; they have been provided after due consultation with scholars. }

2. MUZ means Mariam-Uz-Zamani . This was the title given to Harka Bai - Akbar's First Hindu Wife, The Princess of Amber (Amer / Modern Day East Jaipur), the Eldest Daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amer.


# 1,2. Twins / Boys.

Name          -     Hassan Mirza and Hussain Mirza
DOB           -     19 October 1564  / Thursday 13 Raby' al-awal 972  / 13th day of 3rd month of the Islamic Year 972
Expired On  -     Hussain Mirza - 29 October, 1564   /  Sunday 23 Raby' al-awal 972   /
                             Hassan Mirza  - 5 November, 1564 / Sunday 1 Raby' al-THaany 972

Mother         - >>> Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum / Harka Bai


For Details About the Twins of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani, CLICK HERE.

Twins of Mariam Uz Zamani and Akbar

The following post presents a video of the Old TV series , "Akbar - The Great" of 1980's which aired on Door-Darshan, and was made by Akbar Khan. It was a well researched & very short series of approximately 50 episodes. The video presents the episode which shows, the Birth/Demise of Twin sons of Akbar and his Hindu Queen, the Princess of Amer.

The TWINS of Mariam-Uz-Zamani and Akbar  - An Assessment | With a Video of Akbar - The Great


Comparison of the aesthetic tastes of Shah Jahan and Akbar. A fitting tribute to Akbar.

The story behind Akbar's association with Fatehpur Sikri is also given, starting with the death of the twin sons of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani, which lead to the contact with Sufi Sheikh Salim Chisti.

The complete article can be read at this link :
Archival snippets of Prince of Wales' Visit to Fatehpur Sikri in 1906 | Tributes to Akbar and Fatehpur Sikri | Mariam-Uz-Zamani's Twins' death linked with Fatehpur Sikri | With Akbarnama miniatures, 30+ pictures of Fatehpur Sikri from archives


Akbarnama Extract
Akbar had arrived in Agra before the birth of these twins on Tuesday, 3 Rabi-al-awwal, 972 , i.e., 9th October, 1564.

In Akbarnama, Volume 2, Page-357, {D.E.} Abu'l Fazl, notes the incident of birth of these kids, as follows.

He writes:

" One of the occurrences, which occurred during this happy time, was the birth of twins. Two priceless jewels appeared from one matrix,{this refers to the mother of the twins} two world-lighting stars emerged by one ascension, two (pairs of) glorious eyes received brightness, two (sets of) earrings were exalted, two precious necklaces shone, two powerful arms came into being, two wrists of success appeared, two beauteous eyebrows came into being, two ears of joy were opened. That is, two twin-princes were born. The worlds expanded with joy, and the parterres of flowers smiled.{means the parents(parterres) of the kids(flowers) - i.e. Akbar and MUZ} The carpet of joy was spread from shore to shore and happiness was proclaimed to mankind. The sound of the drum of rejoicing was heard throughout the nine heavens, and the strains of the organ of felicity resounded over the six sides of the world. "

Akbarnama extract. Note the use of word matrix and the highlighted part.

Abu'l Fazl dedicates a verse to this auspicious moment.

    There was such a round of bumpers
    That patience deserted patience, and sense left sense.
H.M. took the blooming of these two rose-bushes as an omen of the auspiciousness of two worlds.
He returned thanks to God, and named one of the twins Mirza Hasan, the other Mirza Husain.

Qasim Arslan made this chronogram about the birth of those two royal pearls.

    The unique king had two sons as successors
    Two jewels came into the hands from the casket of success. {refers to the mother of twins.}    Time searching for the date wrote thus:
    Two moons appeared from the zenith.{refers to the Almighty.}

Akbarnama extract - Demise of the twins of Emperor Akbar

He, Further writes,

These two unique pearls of the ocean of holiness,{the parents are called Holy} returned to the ample domain of the other world after one month.{means, they passed away and went to the 'other' world.} They flung down the coin of their lives for their father. H.M. felt grieved at the departure of those two early fruits, but trod the pleasant path of acquiescence and resignation, for to the farseeing there is no remedy save submission and resignation against the inevitable Divine decrees.

After the passing away of these two twins, Akbar and MUZ went to Sheikh Salim Chisti Baba's Dargah. It was the first time that MUZ was with Akbar, while Akbar was in a war. After the conclusion of the war, while returning, Akbar and MUZ went to the Dargah in Sikri

MUZ DID go with Akbar, while the latter was on wars. Even wars could NOT separate them..

^^^Even today, people tie strings/ Holy Dhaaga at the shrine of the revered Saint Sheikh Salim Chisti, at Fatehpur Sikri, and ask for a progeny.



Akbarnama, Volume-2, Page-367,D.E. mentions a pilgrimage undertaken by Royal members to the shrine of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chisti in Ajmer, 1564-65. Though, the names of ALL the members who undertook it are not provided. Searching more about this pilgrimage, from other sources. As usual, Abu'l Fazl, has not given ALL the names.




A daughter from Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba. Named --> Fatima .
(Sources say, before giving this name PUBLICLY she passed away).
Passed away somewhere in 1566-67(as per Hijri Year translation). Still searching exact date.
She also did not survive for more time, like the twins above.



This is about the pilgrimages undertaken by Akbar. MUZ went along with Akbar to a pilgrimage to Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chisti in Ajmer in 1566. The book "Studies of Islam Culture in Indian Environment " by Aziz Ahmed, cites the above fact, from Akbarnama, Volume-2.

There is a debate about the Year , but the pilgrimage was undertaken by Akbar and MUZ is a sure fact.


A son - died soon...The mother was Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum.
Son's name or DOB is not known with certainty. So, not mentioning here.




These are the details of  a pilgrimage to Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chisti in Ajmer, which started on Feb28, 1568, are in Akbarnama, Volume-2, after Pg-464,d.e. Many other sources, mention this. One such source is - Akbar - The Great Mughal, by Vincent Arther Smith, Page-97, but he also does not gives details about this...He says some ladies also came to the shrine.



Mariam-Uz-Zamani, the favorite wife of Mughal Emperor Akbar gives birth to Prince Salim.
Point worth noting - This is a contemporary account written in the reign of Akbar and Jahangir.

The complete post can be read at this link : Facts about Akbar & Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum



Then was born Salim/Jahangir on 30th August 1569.
Born to Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba. First surviving child of Akbar. Akbar paid a visit to the Dargah at Ajmer after the birth.

The death of the twins was a tragic event. Salim was the first surviving child of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani.

Harka Bai(HK) was taken to Sikri, when she was pregnant, stayed in Rang Mahal, Akbar HIMSELF used to be present there at times with her. (As per Tabqa'aat-i-Akbari) 

^^ Pic Shows Akbar Getting News of Salim's Birth


Salim was born in a hurriedly built modest structure at Sikri, as HK was transferred from Rang Mahal to near the Saint's hermitage, when HK was about to deliver. After Salim's birth, Harka Bai was honored with the title of Mariam-Uz-Zamani. 
She returned to Agra, from Sikri, after 3 months of Salim's birth.

It is said that - Akbar gave a "Rajvanshi Style pat on her head" expressing love, when he met Harka Bai after Salim's birth, at Sikri.


Another thing, in records is that -> During this first meet, Akbar instantly presented her with - ' Naulakha ' , that is, nine pairs of necklace sets, coupled with ear-rings/nose-rings, etc., valued over 1,00,000 gold coins. ' Naulakha ' in Rajputana refers to " priceless jewel ".

Now, Continuing about Salim:

About his Learning

He was ceremonially initiated in to learning..His first tutor's name was Qutb-ud-din. A big feast/"jashan" was given at this time by Akbar. After this he was instructed in military and strategic thinking and warfare by various tutors. Bhagwant Das was supposedly one of his tutors on military and strategic thinking and warfare, for some time.

Salim started learning at age of 5.

On two occasions he got a special sword from Amer:
1. Sword when he started his tutelage, and 
2. When his marriage with Man Bai happened-This was a Gem-Studded Sword .

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Pic Showing Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum and Akbar after Birth of Salim
This is a family picture! Clearly shows Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum as a Hindu lady, surrounded by other Hindu ladies, esp the one holding baby Salim.

In Akbarnama, Volume 2, Chapter - 70, Abu'l Fazl, notes the incident of birth of Salim, as follows.

Description of birth of Salim from Akbarnama and the sending of Mariam Uz Zamani, the matrix, to the abode of Sheikh Salim Chisti in Fatehpur Sikri.

" At this time the lights of God-knowingness, God-worshipping, and of austerity were conspicuous in Shaikh Salim of the town of Sikri, which has become a capital by the glory of the Shahinshah's advent and is called Fatehpur. By means of Shaikh Muhammad Bokhari and Hakim Ain-al-mulk and a number of other courtiers who had the right of audience, this was brought to the royal hearing, and it was determined that the "matrix of the sun of fortune"{<<<---the translator EXPLICITLY mentions in Akbarnama that, this Honorable statement "matrix of sun of fortune" is used by Abu'l Fazl to describe the mother of Salim.  } , together with several of the officials attached to the Zenana should be conveyed to Fatehpur and should enjoy repose in the vicinity of the Shaikh. It was also ordered that a royal palace should be established there so that the saintly Shaikh might address himself to the Author of bounties for the attainment of the great boon. The blessings of his proximity were manifested in the appearance of the desired object. Previous to this also, the Bestower of gifts had presented the sovereign with several children, but they had been taken away for thousands of wise designs, one of which might be the increasing of [**text unreadable**] in the acquisition of the priceless pearl. "


^Pic Showing Birth of Prince Salim at Sikri. [ Credit for Pic - My friend Sunram ]

Abu'l Fazl writes beautifully,

    The flower of joy{Salim} bloomed in{womb of his mother} the glorious garden{Salim's mother}
    Fruit appeared on the plant of realm and religion.

Messengers conveyed the happy tidings to Agra, and there was general rejoicing.
Delight suffused the brain of the age.

    Time arranged an assembly of enjoyments
    The cup-bearer sate and the glass rose up
    There was a banquet more joyous than life's foundation
    A cup-bearer unequalled as a drawer of cups
    They made an illumination for the world
    There was a vernal assemblage
    The flower shot up and the garden shone forth
    A lamp came and lighted up the family
    There was a fortune like the brain of the wise
    The world arose with an awakened fortune
    The zephyrs moved while scattering flowers
    The earth rose up and joined the sky
    The king came and the desire of friends was fulfilled
    He sate at the feast by the cup and the relish
    His diadem he raised to the sky
    His forehead he fastened to the ground
    He issued a proclamation for enjoyment
    He invited the world as his guest
    The cup-bearer opened the lid of the goblet
    The treasurer opened the door of the treasury
    The skirt and wallet of the sky were filled
    In order that it might shower pearls on the earth.
Among the notes of thanksgiving for this everlasting favour there was this, that all the prisoners in the imperial domains who were shut up in fortresses on account of great crimes, were released. There was a fresh market-day for joy, and the lamp and eye of fortune was rekindled.

Picture shows Rejoicings at Salim's Birth

The painting provides a glimpse of the Harem, and the joyous tumult greeting a royal birth. at the imperial city of Fatehpur Sikri. The image shows an aerial view of the Harem and birth chamber. While musicians perform in the central courtyard, alms are distributed to beggars outside the wall.


Accordingly at this time when the Great God had bestowed such a gift, it was proper that he should go with all possible speed and illuminate the eyes of that blissful infant(means he should meet Salim) with the light which a secret power hath implanted in him(Akbar).

But as the common people of this country have an old custom according to which whenever God, after long expectation, has bestowed an auspicious child, he be not produced before the honoured father till after a long delay, H.M. respected this feeling and put off his visit to Fatehpur.
{Actually, It was a Hindustani custom of NOT seeing the long awaited, born child for atleast 30 days after his birth, this ensures that the child brings fortune to family. So, on advice of Shah Bukhari, an astronomist in Gwalior, Akbar did not see Salim for 41 days. Due to same reason, Humayun saw Akbar after 32 days of his birth.}

That new fruit{new fruit is Salim, as before him also children from MUZ had been born} of the garden of fortune{his mother} was kept in his birthplace, and the care of him was entrusted to eminent persons. From spiritual and physical associations he received the name of Sultan Salim. It is hoped that he may grow up in spiritual and physical well-being under the guardianship of the Shahinshah, and be fortunate by pleasing H.M., which is a sign of pleasing God. May he, by the blessings of the holy breathings of the Shahinshah, attain to spiritual and physical old age and be green and full of sap in the spring of fortune! In accordance with directions, astronomers calculated the powers of celestial sires and terrestrial mothers{Abu'l Fazl uses this same statement for Murad's birth.}, and presented the horoscope. And as there is a discrepancy between Greek and Indian astrologers with regard to fundamental principles and their consequences in the matter of the stars, a horoscope was prepared according to each scheme. As the horoscope which Maulana Chand Chand drew up according to the Greek canon appears most worthy of confidence, it is set down first.


Abu'l Fazl describes the mother-son duo as "Choicest Apple of Paradise's Garden". 
Here, Salim is the - "Choicest Apple".
And, the mother, MUZ is - "Garden of Paradise".

No where, i came across ANY Document EXPLICITLY saying that Jahangir was given to any other Begum for upbringing. 

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Jahangir reserved exceptional respect for his mother Mariam-Uz-Zamani :

Jahangir's regard for his mother was exceptional and different from what he showed to others. He conducted almost all major ceremonies in her palace. The English traveller Edward Terry, who visited India between 1616 and 1619  records that the Mughal Emperor Jahangir used to carry the palanquin of his mother Mariam-Uz-Zamani on his own shoulders! There are various tales of "the stature and largesse he bestowed upon her". 
A separate post will be made about the relation of Jahangir with his mother, based on accounts of foreign travellers who record that he celebrated his birthdays with his mother, and most weddings of the sons of Jahangir took place in the palace of his mother - among other such events, which show his affection for his mother.


#6. Including this Kid only for informative purpose. (mother not known to us right now).

Khannum Sultan
Daughter - Born around same time as Jahangir. Her DOB is NOT Clear at present.!

She was married to Mirza Muzaffar Husain, of Khandesh, who was son of Ibrahim Mirza and GulRukh Begum (daughter of Kamran, brother of Humayun). The marriage happened at Lahore on 4th August 1593. {Akbarnama, Volume 3, Pg-990,d.e.}
She was given to Hamida Bano Begum, initially for upbringing.


#7.  (Neither mother nor DOB known to us right now). We are still searching.
Shahzadi Khannum-
Married to Muzzafar Shah ,ruled Gujarat.

She was a Persian and Turkish language scholar. She also learnt some Indian languages.


The information about the daughters above, at #6 and #7 is under consideration.!. Will be Updated as more Information is gathered..




A son Murad .  Timeline : 7th June 1570 - 12th May 1599
Mother  - Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba.


He was a child of blessings (hence the name - Murad), as he just survived remotely. Was the only son to start education late .This was due to his indifferent health. He started studying at 8. His education was entrusted to Father Monserrate, this was discontinued later.

We were told that he was supposedly a premature baby, hence was of indifferent health. He was brought up by Salima Begum.
Rejoicings at the Birth of Murad
Clearly, a whole lot of Hindus in the pic can be seen. 
And the torans of mango leaves and the dhols! 
A very typical Hindu 'type' celebration.


He was called "Pahaari" , born in the hills of Fatehpur Sikri. Akbar paid a visit to the Dargah at Ajmer.

After his birth, Akbar shifted the mother and the court and everyone to the town of Sikri, considering it to be auspicious, in 1571. The palace and mosques were already completed by then. Their construction had started as early as 1567(so you note that, Fatehpur Sikri construction had started WAY BEFORE Salim's birth in 1569), as per Badayuni's accounts and also as per an inscription on the MAIN mosque in Sikri complex, which survives TILL DATE ALSO.

1. Fresh colored
2. Thin
3. Tall (stature)
4. Manly and Brave
5. Dignified and Well Behaved person
6. Authority sprinkled with his movements
7. Took drinking in Deccan...Was not an addict initially..!!..

Abu'l Fazl in Akbarnama, Volume-2, Pg-514 / 515 says:

In as much as the "celestial fathers" and the "terrestrial mothers^" engage in making the Shahinshah successful, every spring a fresh flower blooms in the garden of fortune, and in every cycle an auspicious star emerges from the horizon of the Caliphate. When the Shahinshah, who is the progenitor of dominion and fortune, wished for noble children{Note that Akbar wishes for "noble" children, not JUST "children"}, the incomparable deity displayed special liberality in granting this boon, and this daily-increasing favour, which is the great gift of heaven, came, one after another, as an adornment of H.M. New and powerful aids, which could succour sovereignty and buttress the Caliphate, arose, and showed to the four pillars of the world, and the six sides of the universe that God had granted to the Shahinshah the kingdoms of fortune together with all blessings and boons because he had no equal or similar among the sovereigns for dispositions and qualities and for devotion to what is right and for Divine worship. Among these blessings was this, that in this fortunate year, after the passing of fifty-two seconds (or "pal" - Abu'l Fazl means 52 beats, or time equivalent to 52 moments, most probably) of the night of Asman, the 27th Khirdad, Divine month, Thursday, 3 Muharram 978, 7 June 1570, 29 Khirdad, of 1881, 492 Jalali Maliki, corresponding to 17 Aban 939 of Yezdijird, 8 'aziran 1881 Rumi, under Capricorn according to the Greek philosophers, and Sagittarius, according to the Indian sages, a "noble son* ", in whose forehead the lights of high fortune were visible**, appeared in the fortunate quarters of Shaikh Salim in Fatehpur. A new rose of the Caliphate bloomed. In a fortunate hour the name of that fortunate prince was inscribed in fortune's page as Shah Murad. In rejoicing for the rising of this star of fortune, great feasts were held, and largesses bestowed. The skirt of time was made heavy with the coin of success (Murad).

Index for above info:
^   --->> Exactly Same reference was used by Abu'l Fazl in describing Salim's birth.
*  / ** ---->> It refers to the son of being a noble lineage.
Also, there is special mention of the arrangements of GREAT feasts.

As per Muntakhab-Ut-Tawarikh, Volume-2, Pg-132/133, Badayuni writes,

 On Thursday the 3rd of the month of Muharram in the year 978, there took place in the house of Shaikh Salim the rising of the star of prosperity and happiness, the Prince Murad. And a royal feast "just like the former one was prepared"{Badayuni also says the same as Abu'l Fazl. Feasts of same MAGNITUDE were arranged just like Salim's birth.}

And Maulana Qasim Arsalan composed a qiblah, of which the first hemistich of each verse gives the date of the birth of those two princes, the first that of the first, and the second that of the second:"

    "The first prince, that shining moon,
    Rose like a moon from the pinnacle of glory.
    That second son of king Akbar
    Came down like a descending constellation from heaven."

Also there is another mnemosynon of the same kind:"

   "From the pure light, LIKE Sultan Salim there descended,
{^^Both the princes, Salim and Murad, being from "SAME ORIGIN".!!.}    
    The standard of Shah Murad bin Akbar the just."

And Khwajah Husain Marwi composed a qiblah of seven verses, in which each first hemistich gives the date of the birth of the first prince, and each second hemistich the date of the birth of the second:"

                    "This sky gave two princes to the king,
                    The face of both was better than the sun.
                    The first of them was second to the king of the world,
                    The second of them was a heart-stealer of lofty power.
                    The one through good luck to the king on the throne
                    Brought the news of a hundred open doors.
                    The other was cause of peace and security,
                    The sun gave him from the moon a sleeping-cradle.
                    The news that a king is born arises from the first,
                    And of that the first hemistich gives the answer.
                    From the second hemistich of each verse
                    Find thou the birth of the second prince.
                    May there be to that king, and to that prince,
                    The pomp of Alexander, and the glory of Afrashyab."


A book was compiled under the patronage of the British Government. The compilation of the records started in 1800's and finally the book was published in early 20th century. Though, this book, is like a normal history account. But in this account, we get one striking point. The author makes a comment about a Rajput Princess, who was the favorite wife of Akbar.
Read the complete post here :
Account of Akbar and HIS Favorite Rajput Wife



A son - Daniyal -.Mother -  Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba.
Timeline : 11th September 1572 - 8th April 1604
Brought up initially by Raja Bharmal's wife.


Taught militia stratagem by the Rajputs. Daniyal was more Rajput in his military operations that any of his brothers and respected Hinduism a lot. Considered the best person to succeed Akbar if not for his alcohol addiction. He had seven wives out of which ,three were Rajputs.!!.

As his birth took place at Ajmer in the house of one of the attendants of the blessed shrine of the reverend Khwaja Mu'inu-d-din Chishti, whose name was Shaikh Daniyal, this child was called Daniyal.

His love for alcohol destroyed him..He was posted to the Deccan in 1601..It is in Deccan that he became addicted to alcohol, was NOT an addict before.!. He was asked to return to Agra on Akbar's orders. This was to eradicate his addiction. He promised Akbar that he would not touch alcohol but in 1604 when he was returning, he saw nomads with alcohol and couldn't control himself. He asked Murshid Quli Khan, a muskeeter so poured the alcohol in to the barrel of his gun. The drank the poisoned mixture, which became so due to the mixing of rust with and gunpowder with alcohol and he died drinking it.
Akbar was " BROKEN beyond repair " at his death. 

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He was very fond of guns and of hunting with the gun.
He named one of his guns yaka u janaza, 'the same as the bier,' and himself composed this couplet and had it engraved on the gun :-
"From the joy of the chase with thee, life is fresh and new;
To everyone whom thy dart strikes, 'tis the same as his bier."

2. Daniyal was of pleasing figure, of exceedingly agreeable manners and appearance.

He was very fond of elephant and horses. It was impossible for him to hear of anyone as having a good horse or elephant and not take it from him, sometimes forgetting the trifling ceremony of paying for it.

He was fond of Hindi songs, and would occasionally compose verses with correct idiom in the language of the native people of Hindustan, which were not bad. And, was a good reciter of Hindi poetry.

Daniyal was almost as fond of good eating as he was of drink.

Chapter - 79 -  - Akbarnama - Volume-2, Pg-542 / 543, say about Daniyal, as follows.

At the time that the sublime cortege was proceeding from Ajmer, one of the ""secluded ones^^ "" of the "screen of chastity" had come near the time of child-birth and was unable to endure movement or a journey.


During the birth of this kid, she was travelling along with Akbar, while the latter was on move on an campaign against Gujarat. 

BTW, She used to accompany Akbar even while on his War Expeditions at times. We saw it BEFORE in case of Hussain and Hasan, after their demise.

In this case, When the movement was NOT possible, then the royal cavalcade halted and set towards Ajmer.


In searching for an auspicious place the house of Daniyal* "a follower of the illustrious shrine (i.e. Khwaja Muinu-d-din)"was found. It was made empty and the lady was placed there. The cortege of fortune had halted in Phalodi**, which lies in a desert (ran) belonging to the Sarkar of Nagaur, when couriers came from Ajmer and brought the joyful intelligence that after 41 puls(seconds) of the night of Asman, 27 Shahriyar, Divine month, corresponding to Wednesday, 2 Jamda-al-awal, 9 September 1572***, according to visibility and to the night of the third according to supreme decree, under the sign of Aries according to the Greek philosophers, and of Pisces according to the Indian sages, the Giver of life and Adorner of the world had, in the blissful land of Ajmer, the longitude of which is 1115', and latitude 26', bestowed on the Shahinshah a "lofty-starred son". By the emergence of this "brilliant star favour had been conferred on souls and on horizons". When the lord of the world heard this news he placed his forehead on the dust of prostration, and returned thanks to God. He recognised in this news the foretidings of incalculable victories, and inaugurated splendid feasts. The people received fresh joy by general gifts, and the coin of liberality was poured into the lap of the world.

^^    -  This term is used for Queens.
*     -  Sheikh Daniyal Chisti of Ajmer died in 1585 at the age of 111.
**    - Phalodi - Lies North-West of Marwar, and on borders of Bikaner and Jaisalmer.
***  -  At some places DOB is given as 11 September, 1572. Subject to appearance of moon.



    A soul-sustaining rose bloomed in the garden
    The fragrance reached a thousand gardens
    When the cypress sprang from the noble* root  
    Gratulations were uttered by the seven planets
    The Khedive gave fresh wings to joy
    He proclaimed a wine-distribution to the seven climes
    Rapture was hung on the chords of melody
    Song penetrated the brain of the Age
    Liberality, when it gave a glance of genius
    Removed the curtain from in front of desire.

{ * -  This refers to the noble origins of the son. The mother being of noble lineage. }

H.M. had regard to the birthplace which was the house of Shaikh Daniyal, and having implored aid from His Highness Daniyal the Great (the prophet) gave to that nursling of fortune's rosarium the name of Sultan Daniyal. Acute poets wrote congratulatory odes, and rare chronograms came from the tongues of the skilful, and were rewarded with gifts. An order was issued that when this celestial star should be a month old, his cradle should be conveyed to the town of Amber and the care of him committed to the Rani, the wife of Raja BharMal.**** It is hoped that this cypress of the Caliphate will for long epochs be watered by the Shahinshah's fortune^, and will grow up under his^^ shade and protection.

**** -- The translator puts a note in Akbarnama that,  the text implies, about the mother of Daniyal being related to the Rani. This strengthens the tradition that the lady was Jahangir's mother.
^  -  Means Daniyal will flourish with the good fortune (read-'kismat') of Akbar, and
^^ - He will grow up under protection of BharMal. Means "good fortune" of Akbar + "Protected" by Bharmal.( This is the explanation we got. )

Also Read : Relations of Akbar with Mariam Uz Zamani and Rajputs of Amer Clan | Updated on 4th Nov '15



On 22 October, 1573 , Circumcision, of the sons took place in Fatehpur Sikri.

Pic showing Akbar with his 3 sons prostrating at Fatehpur Sikri after the successful campaign against Gujarat, in 1573.



A daughter -
Shakr-un-Nissa Begum - Her name means - As sweet as sugar Or the one who sprinkles sugar.
Mother - Born to Hindu Wife of Akbar - Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba.
DOB extremely disputed. As far as we could conclude, it was in 1571. Not sure of 'exact' date.

She was brought up in the care of Akbar, that is, Akbar used to take lot of interest in her upbringing. She turned out very well. She was of good disposition and naturally compassionate towards all people.

She was the first wife of Mirza Shahrukh, married on 4th August 1593, at Lahore, in the house of Hamida Bano Begum. Her marriage took place on same day, along with Khannum Sultan(mentioned above,#6). Mirza Shahrukh was son of Ibrahim Mirza and his second wife, Khanum Begum( widow of Kamran, Humayun's brother). She died on January 1, 1653. Buried at Akbar's Mausoleum in Sikandara.

She is said to be very homely and good natured lady. She loved her brother Jahangir a lot. Jahangir is reported to have treated her at par with his mother. She also interceded on certain ocassions to secure pardon for state offenders, along with her mother and Salima Begum. The famous case is of her involvement in securing pardon for her brother Salim, from Akbar, during the former's rebellion.



A daughter
Firoze Khannum - Born to Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba in 1575.

She was an accomplished warrior in her "own right", was HIGHLY interested in statecraft and warfare, helped her mother command her forces, and controlled the forces in the absence of her mother. The interested fact about her is that, She did NOT miss targets even while shooting with a GUN.

She was EXTREMELY beautiful. She was more Rajput in looks than Persian. She remained a spinster. There were talks of her engagement with a ruler of Badakshan (this talk about her engagement is NOT confirmed, though).



A daughter
Aram Banu Begum - Born to Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum Sahiba on December 22, 1584.
Lived through the reign of Jahangir. Died a spinster.

She was the FAVORITE, and youngest/last child of Akbar, born at age of 42. Akbar was fond of her mis-chiefs. It was she, who inherited MUZ's nature of High Self-Esteem and reasoning capability, but was 'even' MORE outspoken than her mother, had her 'pert' opinions on 'every' matter, was Akbar's darling child. She was ALSO EXTREMELY beautiful. Due to her colorful/saucy/naughty nature and flightiness, she was also called - "Butterfly of Harem". She is said to be an intelligent lady, and was a Poet, too.

Akbar used to call her -> "Ladli", i.e., Darling. She was also called "Ladli Begum".

The following is mentioned about this daughter in many manuscripts. This pertains to Akbar's and Jahangir's convo.-->" Her disposition was on the whole inclined to excitement and heat. My father was very fond of her, so much so that " he described her impolitenesses as politenesses," and in his august sight they, from his great love, did not appear bad. Repeatedly he said : "Baba ! for my sake, be as kind, as I am, after me, to this sister, who in Hindi phrase is my darling(that is, dearly cherished). Be affectionate to her and pass over her little impolitenesses and impudence."



All the prince and princess were well educated in languages, philosophies of various religions , Maths and Mughal law..The princesses were also educated in calligraphy, tailoring and beautification and adornment arts.

Following post contains details on Mariam-Uz-Zamani, the account used here has been suggested by Professor Findly from the Trinity College
Click HERE to Read


....Topic UNDER Construction..!!!....OPEN For Discussion..!!!..

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  1. Hi,

    This is a really staggering list! So many children, almost all of them with Mariam Uz Zamani. Speaks volumes about their relationship.

    Generally, if we see the internet, it appears as if Akbar and the MUZ had no love between them and that she was only the mother of the heir, Salim. This is so sad because they were eternal soul mates, so much in love and so deeply connected with each other.

    I hope you will be able to share some more details of Akbar and MUZ's life together along with their children. :)

    1. Thank You for the views, Radhika...Yes, normally Internet gives that picture which is 'made' visible to us, courtesy - Conflicting/Multiple Versions of Imperial Memoirs..!!

      It's disheartening to see the children of an Imperial Queen been designated to unknown 'ladies'.. A lot of cross-checking and digging is required to reach the conclusion..

      Here is a compilation of a series of posts to show-case the Contradicting Versions of Imperial Memoirs, when it comes to children of Akbar.

      The Curious Case of Multiple JahangirNamas Part-1

      The Curious Case of Multiple JahangirNamas Part-2

      The Curious Case of Multiple JahangirNamas : Conclusion

      Have a nice time here..

  2. Congratulations on this blog and thank you for the information on Akbar-MUZ kids. :-h In the internet, it is only Salim who is referred to as the son of MUZ.

    But this list of children provided by you, after referring a number of authentic sources clearly shows the amount of distortion and misinformation floating online. Would like to know if this list will increase 'as this may not be exhaustive you said' :-?

    Hats off to you and keep on adding information. Very much needed and much appreciated.:D


    1. Thank you dear...The 'fact finding exercise' is still on..This post will be updated in case something new is found.. :D

  3. Hats off to you and your team for such deep research and thank you so much for sharing this info with us. Internet is full of distorted and wrong information.
    Thank you for letting us know the truth. :)


    1. You're welcome Tamy, for such heartfelt appreciation. :)
      I thank you on behalf of my friends.

  4. thank u so much abhay for this information
    i am Abi23 from india forums

  5. so that means the two daughters on number 6 and 7 were not of MUZ?

    1. Hi Anchal,

      The name of mother of this(these) daughter(s) is under verification. And, there is a bit of doubt that these BOTH "may be" same daughters. Hence, we have put this fact on hold. When it will be clear to us, this article will be updated, as mentioned here. :)

  6. Quote "After the passing away of these two twins, Akbar and MUZ went to Sheikh Salim Chisti Baba's Dargah. It was the first time that MUZ was with Akbar, while Akbar was in a war. After the conclusion of the war, while returning, Akbar and MUZ went to the Dargah in Sikri. " Unquote

    Abhay, which war is this? :)

    1. Radhika,

      If i am NOT wrong then, this is Akbar's war with Sharif-ud-din where Sujamal loses his life.. I will confirm this with details as soon as possible.

    2. when SD revolts from Nagaur?...

    3. sorry, Abhay, missed your reply.

      I meant was this the war where SD revolted? I think SD's revolt and Sujamal's death have been skipped as also the Ranthambor war.

      History is being skipped in favor of fiction. :(

    4. Radhika,

      Sharfuddin revolted about the same time as death of twins in 1564.
      But all that has been skipped. Sujamal's death also happened the same time.

      Ranthambore war happened a year after Chittor War(1567-68)..

  7. Abhay I want to know the relation btwn MUZ and her childrens...pls give me a update
    on it.

    1. Hi Paritosh,

      Can you specify what type of details with which Kid you are asking for. :)

  8. Abhay,thank you for providing detailed in-depth information about the children of Shehenshah Akbar and MUZ.They would have made loving parents.I can very well imagine the kind of upbringing the royal kids should have received.I am sure that they would have gained the best knowledge from both Hindu and Mughal cultures.This large family is also symbolic of the true love between Akbar and MUZ.



  9. abhay the writers of jodha akbar will def have a heart stroke if they read ur blog..u have given such minute details than they might never have heard of..

  10. Thank you Aanchal.

    More shocking is the fact that they have not shown all the kids of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani in the Jodha Akbar show, and shown some of the kids as someone else's children, though they were kids of MUZ..!!!!!

    Had they done a bit of more research from other accounts, it would have been much much better.

  11. Thanks to u Dear for all the hard work...!! :) Hope this blog becomes the treasure trove of JA lovers all over the world asap..!!

  12. This is one of my favorite post which I have read few times. I love it how you have give details about most of the children of Akbar and especially loved reading about daughters. Akbar had most of the kids with MUZ which shows how much time they would have been together and the kind of bond they shared. Also how daughters have imbibed MUZ's nature and how Akbar adored them. Thank you so much Abhay and your team for this extensive and wonderful info that you shared with us.

  13. This is one of my favorite post which I have read few times. I love it how you have give details about most of the children of Akbar and especially loved reading about daughters. Akbar had most of the kids with MUZ which shows how much time they would have been together and the kind of bond they shared. Also how daughters have imbibed MUZ's nature and how Akbar adored them. Thank you so much Abhay and your team for this extensive and wonderful info that you shared with us. CVS of JA distorted even the parentage of kids which is just ridiculous.

  14. sorry for double post I had forgot to sign in and then could not delete this post as it was posted as guest.

  15. Akbar loved his daughters a lot, and on one ocassion he even announced equal(perhaps more!!) share for girl child in the property.!
    Indeed disheartening to see the parentage being changed in the show, owing to lack of research skills of the Creatives.

  16. What a marvellous post. So much research. So this tears to shreds the claims of Zee's JA that Murad and Daniyal were not MUZ's own. The way they were depicting their relationship in the show, it made little sense that Akbar would suddenly decide to go and sleep with another begum especially Salima Begum.
    So the most favourite and accomplished kids of Akbar were with MUZ.
    Did he have any kids with any of this other begums or concubines then? Please redirect me to other posts if this has already been mentioned.
    On the internet, apart from the other lies about MUZ, it comes up that he had 900 or so women in his harem? I this really true?
    I know he married a lot of women for political alliances but did he also have that many concubines? He must have had 1000s of children then.

  17. Hi Durga,

    The post clarifying the number of women in his harem is here.

    In the present post only, the two daughters , probably #6 and 7, may be either same daughter / or from other mother. The details are yet to be verified.

    He might have had few kids from other wives too who died early, but the accounts are so much confusing that the details are not verified completely.

    Also, my and mine friends' main motive was to filter out the kids of MUZ and Akbar. Hence, we have focused on MUZ's kids. Maximum kids are bore of her. :)

  18. I love reading this again again!
    12 kids!
    And people need proof to belive in Akbar and MUZ's story!:/

    CV's of JA know nothing! I wonder what research they have done! They have shown none apart from salim and the twins!

  19. December 22, 1584 was the birthday of Aram Bano Begum, the beloved daughter of Akbar and MUZ. Yesterday was her 430th birth anniversary. :)

    She recently made a debut in the TV show too. :)

    Here's wishing her a very happy birthday!

  20. Akbar is my favorite Emperor after Asoka the great. Once, while wanting to take a better picture I stood on the stone chair of Akbar in his fort when a huge bee repeatedly attacked me and did not stop till I got down from it. It was really uncanny and amazing.

  21. Hi Nisha,
    Welcome to the Blog, as this is your first comment here. Thanks for sharing this anecdote. It's quite different.
    Asoka is one of the favorite Emperors of mine too. Glad to know this as well. :)

  22. Thank you for welcoming me to the Blog and for your appreciation.

  23. So Ladli Begum was the youngest child, I was of the opinion that it was Khanum! Will have to go through other posts soon. Thank you for putting all this up!

  24. Yes, Ladli Begum was the youngest and the most saucy kid of Akbar-MUZ. I am sure you would find the other posts interesting as well. Do read. You're welcome. :)

  25. I hope this nezamaram, with questions about the harem, I am from the Balkans, and that there was at that time "Ottoman Empire" (today's Turkey), the differences are great, because I was interested, about everything, but what's the difference between, married women and concubines, obviously they all were classified in the same place, obviously no difference, strasno.1 question, whether there are any progeny today from Jodha Akbar and.

  26. Tanja,
    Nice to know about your background. :))
    The concubines are the ones who are not married legally to the Emperor but co-habit with him.

    As i replied to your earlier comment just now, there i mentioned -> Harem was a place where females lived. In the harem there were many complexes, while the important queens/wives lived in the palace of their own, but those services were not available to the concubines.

    The descendants of Mughals are present in many countries today - India, Pakistan, etc. The Royal Family to which MUZ belonged is present even today, in Rajasthan state of India, in the Jaipur Palace. Old name of Jaipur was Amer. :)

  27. can you please just answer the question, I read somewhere, I think india forums, last year, in relation to a ring that was stolen from JB, Jodhina maid, a false witness, and they drove this woman, and that according to legend, her spirit wanders palatom.Koliko remember Akbar wanted to marry her, but he was not allowed, you know something about it ?? thanks a lot.

  28. Tanja,
    That incident is a part of FolkLore in Fatehpur Sikri. There is NO substantial historical backing to it. Do not think more about it, as we can not prove with assurity the historical authenticity of that tale. :)

  29. Dear Abhay,

    My question is how come some people say that Salim in his memoir Jahangirnama never once mentioned the name MUZ even though he gives the names of many of his own and his father's wives.

    In one of the paragraph Jahangir wrote(Page 2 Jahangirnama) :
    "When my mother came near the time of her delivery, he (Akbar) sent her to the Shaikh's house that I might be born there." But hever specify her name or title.

    There is also this one paragraph that only refer to Her Kunwari as the aunt of Maan Singh but failed to mentioned that she is also his mother:
    "I made Maan Singh' who was one of the greatest and most trusted noble men of my father, and had obtained alliances with this illustrious family, inasmuch as his aunt had been in my father's house (i.e. was his wife), and I had married his sister.

    I found this Mughal Family Tree published in 2009 by Audrey Truschke of Columbia Univ., USA. She wrote down that the mother of Aram Banu & Shakar al-Nisa Begam is Bibi Daulatshad. I presume that Akbar married her much later after Her Kunwari?

  30. not everything that the writer writes here as a history geek is correct...some info is not correct...two of the daughters mentioned here were not Jodha Bai's daughter - Shakr un Nissa and Aram Banu were not Jodha's daughters

  31. Hi Kembeng,

    There are many versions of Jahangirnama.

    Also, go through these 2 links.

    The parentage of kids of Akbar is highly questioned at many places. And the problem is exclusive dependence on Jahangir's memoirs, which give some conflicting info at many places.

    It is a point worth noticing that why would MULTIPLE copies of autobiography of ONE person exist ? Just ponder over this point. Jahangir's memoirs are the ONLY ones which are heavily debated among Mughal Emperors.

    Read these links also.:


    PS : By the way, you should believe what you feel is correct. I have written what i was given after many of friends searched from sources as per their readings. Jahangirnama also states that, the twins were born of "Bibi Aram" and not of MUZ. :-P

  32. Dear, I am sharing my readings which i have found, and this is one of those posts for which i have taken lot of time to first find and then write here. I do not claim 100% authencity in ANY of the posts. You are most welcome to post confilcting points. I welcome debates. But, do try to search more, apart from these Jahangirnamas also. According to these namas, even mother of Jahangir is also not mentioned. It is strange irony that, everyone is mentioned in these namas, except the mother of the Emperor itself. :)

  33. hello. mother of dese 2 daughtrs iz muz . i hv read mogul archive released by prsnt mughal descendant javed shah whr shukrunisa begam aram begam iz told muz daughtr. i no u hv read 'tis in memoirs of jahangir. it iz not only src bt 1 of src. read mor dear.