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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jagat Gosain and Nur Jahan | Arch Rivals - Anecdotes


For a change, i am posting a fresh topic today. This is about a wife of Jahangir who was an early favorite of his, Jagat Gosain(fondly called Jodh Bai by him). Later, i have added few anecdotes of rivalry between Jodh Bai and his other wife, Nur Jahan Begum.

Jodh Bai was a Hindu princess, the daughter of Mota Raja Udai Singh of Jodhpur(not to be mistaken with the Rana Udai Singh of Mewar). She married a 17 year old Jahangir on 21st January, 1586. She was 13 years old this time (her DOB was 13th May, 1573). Her mother was Rani Mann-Rang, the daughter of Raja Askaran Bhimvrajot, who was the Raja of Gwalior.

Though, this marriage is viewed as a political alliance, but there is an interesting anecdote regarding this marriage. Jahangir, it seems, had fallen in love with her at first sight. The incident goes like this - Jahangir was accompanying his mother Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum, to a function in Rajputana. He happened to see Jodh Bai there. What's next? This clever guy did not go to anyone but his grand mother Hamida Bano Begum, to arrange this marriage. Apparently, his parents were a bit reluctant, but they agreed on Hamida's insistence. The marriage took place with great pomp and show, and the dowry was fixed at a whopping 75 lacs silver coins, among other presents.! 

She bore 3 children to Jahangir. Two daughters and a son. The daughters died early, at an age of 1(1590-91) and 6(1596-1602). The son Khurram(later Shah Jahan) lived long(1592-1666).

She died on 18th April 1619. As per Jahangir, Shah Jahan was inconsolable at death of his mother, and wept continuously to such an extent that the next day after her death, Jahangir had to "personally console him, and took Khurram to his palace for moral support". {Memoirs of Jahangir, Beveridge, II, 84}

Jahangir ordered a fine mausoleum for her. It was a "beautifully carved white colored wonderful edifice" as described by Fergusson. It was pulled down by British authorities around 1850's.

Jodh Bai was known not only for her beauty and charm but for her wit, courage, and spontaneous responses—all of which greatly endeared her to her husband and throughout her life she remained attached to her Hindustani tradition. She was famous for her quick tongue and adroit raillery. Her nature was similar to Aram Banu Begum, the youngest daughter of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani, who was known for her ever-ready answers and sharp tongue.!!

After her death, by an order of Jahangir, she was addressed as Bilqis Makani Sahiba {meaning, The Lady of Pure Abode, as she stayed close to her simple lifestyle and Hindustani roots} in the Mughal records. 

In the Padshah-Nama, The history of Shah Jahan{Persian section-13a/49a}, her son Khurram(Shah Jahan) remembers her by the same reference as mentioned above.

Rivalry with Nur Jahan:

As per historical accounts, namely, Munthakhab-ul-Lubab of Mohammed Qa-'asim Khan, Jodh Bai(Bilqis Makani) and Nur Jahan were arch rivals in the Mughal harem of Jahangir, where the former always out shown the latter, as per the first example below. Nur Jahan, by her want of dominance; and Jodh Bai, by her quick tongue and dexterous repartee, proved to be a match to each other. Though, these records show Jodh Bai getting an upper hand here. I am mentioning 3 such incidents.

Both these ladies were out on an hunt in Jahangir's company, and when the party was confronted by a lion - "Nur Jahan was left perplexed and spell-bound" while Bilqis Makani quickly picked up the gun and struck a bullet/bullets into the chest of the lion. Jahangir, who was sleeping, during this time, woke up and praised Jodh Bai as a brave one, and chastised Nur Jahan as a coward. To handle the situation, Nur Jahan's mother Asmat Begum had to plead on Nur's behalf. Her argument being - "Women are delicate coquettes and bravery in arms was meant for the soldiers on the battlefield."
Apparently, Jodh Bai was rewarded in the court as well. This made Nur Jahan learn the art of shooting and she acquired great skill thereafter.

Following 2 anecdotes describe her other side, different from the one mentioned in the first one.

Both of them were in company of Jahangir. Nur Jahan was dressed in white and Jodh Bai was wearing colored dress. Nur Jahan pointed out to the emperor - "that rustic(simple) Hindu woman was, as usual, clothed in gaudy(bright) rather than the more sophisticated subtle tones" . Jodh Bai replied - "while a married woman could wear clothes of all colors, a widow could wear only white" . This was a quick answer to Nur Jahan, the reference was made not only to Nur Jahan's previous marriage, but also to the rigidly upheld Hindu ban on widow remarriage.

Once Nur Jahan flattered Jahangir by telling him that his breath was sweet. Jahangir mentioned this to Jodh Bai, perhaps to taunt her, she replied him that - "only a woman who had been around other men(perhaps referring to Nur's previous husband) could judge the sweetness or sourness of any one man's breath".

The article has been posted under the Miscellaneous topics section of this history Blog.

The Last Blog Post > Excerpts from JahangirNama - Review | Relations of Jahangir with HIS MOTHER was discussed in great details. It is one of the most discussed topics of the blog till now. Due to some technical problems, the comments of that post did not appear in the "Recent Comments" section of the blog. So, in case missed, readers can go through that post to read the comments.

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  1. Abhay

    Am so happy to read this post! The reason is not far.

    I know we should not be biased against any historical character but I am still not much in favor of Nur Jahan. And reading that there was one more headstrong Mughal queen who could match Nur and take her head on gave me immense satisfaction. *claps*

    Thanks a lot for this post! :)

    Btw, this Jagat Gosain was also called Baiji Lal? Like Ajabde in MP?

  2. LOL Abhay, could not stop grinning at these accounts. Another Theekhi Mirchi for the Mughals to handle? Good for her. I have more questions about Jagat Gosaini. Will post later as rushing off to work

  3. Abhay, enjoyed reading your write-up on Jagat Gosain ( Bilqis Makani ).
    She appears to have been a perceptive, intelligent and sharp-witted personality.

    She stood up for her beliefs fearlessly, maintained her dignity and individuality in Noor Jehan's presence, love her for that.

    The fact that she was also a loving mother, is obvious by the manner in which Prince Khurram mourned her loss.

  4. Wow ! history-geek, after a long tome we had a light hearted post, which left me smiling :) :). He he I instantly became Jodhbai's fan, she reminded me of Birbal! From where did u get these? i am sure Jahangir wouln't hv written in his Nama. Anyway, it's sad that she died early. What do u think, history-geek, had this 'hazir jawab been alive longer, the influence of Nurjahan on Jahangir wud hv been lesser?
    The beautiful post also makes me wonder how all Rajputana Rajkumaris were alike in their, beauty, self-respect, bravery. Ek hi chakki ka atta I suppose:)

  5. interesting post abhay.Tfs.Its good to read that she was a match for nurjahan.Glad to read the respect and love khurram has for his mother.The mughal princes seems to have immense respect for their mothers be it akbar,salim or khurram.This makes me wonder how was aurangazeeb's relation with his own mother? From yours and radhikas i understand he held his sister in high regard.Are there any reference of his mother too?

  6. Hi Abhay!!
    This is such a lively and perky post!! I always had a soft corner for Jodh Bai since I had an impression that after the arrival of Noor Jahan, Jahangir's love for Jodh had considerably decreased and also I was under the impression that neither was Khurram close to his real mother nor gave importance to his mother's traditions.I thought she led a lonely life with no real love from her husband and son.I now know,thanks to your post,that Khurram did love his mom.Beauty+a sharp tongue+quick wit is a lethal combination and no wonder she was dear to Salim. These incidents of rivalry between two beautiful, smart begums of Jahangir are interesting. I've heard Noor was the ultimate favourite of Jahangir and did not exactly apply sincere,just means to gain his attention and power.Was Jodh Jahangir's beloved too and was she politically powerful too since she was the queen mother?Have her records also been played with just like MUZ's?Did Khurram love his mom the most?Did HK have good relations with Jodh or did she prefer Manbai?

  7. Aashrita,

    So many Qs for Abhay!? LOL

    Jodh Bai was close to Jahangir even before she became the queen mother. (Khurram was chosen as the heir at a much later date.) She remained head of the harem and quite influential till the end.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    So we all agree that we like Jodh Bai for being a quick-witted and fearless lady who was able to take on Nur Jahan head on and retain her dignity and her place in her husband's life.

    This post also satisfies us immensely by showing how close Khurram was to his own mother in spite of having spent his formative years under Ruqaiya Sultan's aegis.

    So Jodh Bai proved her calibre against Nur and Ruqaiyya both and managed to create and hold on to her own niche in the harem and the imperial family. Kudos to this spirited lady for her never-say-die spirit!!!

  9. Interesting facts about Jodh Bhai. So happy to see that she indeed did stand up to Nur.

  10. abhay - 'tis post removes uncertainties over various things. 4 me best thing iz khurram loved his mother even aftr being wid ruqaiya. gives me relaxation.
    2 me 'tis is sufficient 2 undrstand her capability. d mor v read d mor v get 2 know abt mughal women - muz, jahanara, zebunisa, nur, salima. indeed rajput women r known 2 b tough 2 'tis day. jodh bai iz same. thnks 4 'tis post.

  11. Hi Radhika :)
    Yes, I've got plenty of questions this time lol !!Poor Abhay!!
    Abhay, please take your time.No hurry :)Jodh Bai is one of the Mughal women about whom so little is known and I would love to know more about her.From Abhay's post,she comes across as a very fascinating woman.
    Thanks for the clarification Radhika.Good to know about her.

  12. Welcome Radhika. I understand what you mean to say. :D

    About " Bai ji Lal " , some clans used to call their daughters as "Lal" (meaning a son), hence called Bai Ji Lal. Marwar(Jodhpur) House called it's daughters so, and also the kingdom of Bijolia. :)

  13. Priya,
    I have not come across references which tell us about Aurangzeb's relations with his mother till now. About the Mughals, when it comes to respect for mothers - Babur and Jahangir stand tall compared to any other Mughal Emperor. And, in this also, Jahangir takes the LEAD - he comes across as most respecting for his mother among all. :)

  14. You can post Preeti. I will answer slowly. While writing this post, even i was having a good laughter. :-P

  15. Well said Charu, & especially no doubt about her sharpness. :)

  16. Geeta,
    Every person has her place in some one's life. Same for Nur Jahan and Jagat Gosain in Salim's life. It is hard to guess what would have happened had she been alive for long, but for sure she was a sharp and a tough competitor for Nur Jahan. I completely agree with your last phrase. :-P

  17. History-geek,somebody had posted under IF the tender feelings of Khurram regarding his mother, Jodhbai. It was in his own words, he was depressed n feeling lonely, n suddenly remembered his own mother, her puja room, how strong n loving she was! It may be frm his own nama.Till then I did not know his mother was also called Jodhbai.

  18. Thanks abhay.

  19. Lovely post Abhay, it's good to read about Jodh Bhai, indeed a beauty with courageous & sharp tonque.. Indeed Theeki Mirchi one head strong Mugal Begum stood against Nur Jahan

  20. Thanks Aashrita.I am glad, you liked the post.

    About Jodh Bai, she was not the one who would suffer any ill-treatment silently. :-P Hence, her position in the harem without doubt was a secured one. :)

    About Khurram, since he was held in high favor by Jahangir throughout the lifetime of Jodh Bai, i do not think she would have been less important(being his mother). Especially Shah Jahan's regard for her is evident, by his uncontrollable outpouring at her demise. In PadshahNama, Shah Jahan speaks VERY HIGH of his maternal relatives of Jodhpur House. :)

    HK was aunt of BOTH Jodh Bai and Man Bai, hence i find it hard to tell who she would have preferred. :-P

  21. This is an interesting point Geeta. Thanks a lot for sharing. :D

  22. Sure Sindhu. I have taken a note of this post.
    Will do when possible for me. :)

  23. Abhay thanks for the interesting information

  24. reminded me of Ruqu-Jodha arguments in initial epis of Jodha used to give back..good old days :(
    Abhay, it seems Jahangir was in love with every wife of his...he was a ladies man no doubt :P and he seemed to enjoy the the arguments his wives used to get involved in ;-)
    Jagat died so early :( was it a natural death?

  25. You are right Tamy. Even i am getting amazed.{ LOL. } , to see his love interests.
    About death of Jodh Bai, i think it was natural, as the information is not present about her death's nature.

  26. Abhay, its Light hearted or Relaxable Post, Clearly indicates, JB, sharpness +Activeness. JB was Which No wife of Salim. in which age Salim Married to MB,
    is Salim have childs from anothers Wifes.

    Abhay Little recalling,Salim ( I read somewhere) was fond of drinking, But Nurjahna, Misused this Habit, Jahangir Movie also shown this,When Nurjaha notice this Salim is so Justful King, so she used his weaknesses,& supported, his drinking habit.

    Is Nurjaha puniishing by Salim you read anywhere ?

  27. Ayushi

    Salim married Man Bai in 1585, when he was around 15 years old.

    Yes, he had children from Man Bai (Khusrau), Jodh Bai (Khurram) and Saliha Banu. I don't know about other wives/concubines. LOL

    I don't think Jahangir ever punished Nur Jahan for anything!! :)

  28. Tamy, I was also thinking the same about Jahangir. Good point

  29. Ayushi,

    Radhika has answered you already. Hope , your query is clear. :)

    About "misusing the habit of drinking" , you can read this post. I mentioned Nur Jahan's power coterie tried taking advantage of this.

  30. Wow what an info about Jagat !!!! Hats off to her .Wish she should have answered in this way to Ruku too.I was always intrigued by her and had always a soft corner for her because of Khurram snatched from here .With such a wife around why Jahangir went to Nur ?

  31. Abhay, I thought u all must hv read it.! It's really beautiful,Khurram telling in his own words, my own motherThis speaks volumes abt his relationship with his mother n shows the muderer king had soft corner fr his mother also. I will try to scan thru IF old postings, though it's a huge task.:)

  32. I was also wondering abt the same thing, Tamy.They say, Jahangir adored Manbai, his first wife, then he also semed to love Jodhbai. Nurjahan was love of his life. He also married the grand daughter of Maansingh, must be a young girl ! There is also a story of Anarkali going around. Must be a person with a BIG heart to accommodate all these women :)

  33. Geeta,
    Anarkali is a fiction. :)

  34. Radhika, I not know its true or Not, But I Read Nurjaha was learning,Art, Of TIRANDAZI, She Showed Jahagir, He adviced, Needed, More, Practice, in this Art, But Cause of Too much confidence,She Used Shahi Arrow, outer of place,Washerman wife suddenely, Dead Or Maybee Her One Hand, .Destroyed, & Poision not spread in body, So Hand seperated from Body.

    Acc to Mughal Rule, Hath kee Badle Hath, Because Washerman wife was dead, so Jahagir, Announced, Nurjaha, Husband will be Punish, It means Own Jahangir, But , Protect Happened In Agra, So punishment decided to Nurjaha, One Hand will be Seperated . But punishing day, Washerman says,
    His Wish is, he, Forgives Nurjaha for this crime, Because King & Queen , After God, also respectful,, so Nurjaha, was forgiven .
    so acc to serial time is coming Salim Marriage

  35. Sindhu, he fell in love with Maan Bai at the first sight of her, then Jagat is also same, and Noor too! bande ka dil kafi bada tha :P :P

  36. Anar is fiction..but haan he was a lover of all ladies no doubt :P

  37. Ayushi,
    Thanks for sharing. Interesting anecdote. :)

  38. Ayushi

    Thanks for sharing this story :)

  39. Geeta, Abhay....this anecdote is from the twentieth wife!! word for word guys. sorry but this is a fictional account. I have read the book and recognized this passage posted in the Idia forum

  40. Abhay these questions are for you or anyone else who can answer:
    1. what does Shah Jehan say about Jagat vs his foster mother Ruq in the Padshah nama? has anyone read this?

    2. I had heard accounts that Manbai was not a favorite of Jehangir but rather it was Jagat who was his favorite until Nur Jehan came along. HOWEVER In the Jehangirnama surprisingly Jehangir noted Jagat's death only to mention how he condoled her death with Khurram. Guys there is not one word of personal grief like he expressed at death of Man Bai and Padshah Saliha banu. Moreover, he had a grand procession on elephant back that SAME day through the streets of Agra celebrating his arrival. Many commentators have expressed surprise over this. Did Jehangir's love for Nur Jehan trump over everything else that he would not even mourn the loss of his wife of many years? I really felt bad for Jagat guys. If you read this in the Jehangirnama u would understand where I am coming from.

    3. Abhay, the mausoleum for Jagat was built by Shah Jehan not Jehangir right?

  41. I agree. Also after reading Preet's post below my opinion about Salim is changing. I am feeling so much for his wives.

  42. The more and more I come to know, I am feeling so much for his wives. I have read that at times he can be unbelievably cruel especially when he is under the influence of Opium and drinks. Abhay will be able to clear this as I can be totally wrong her. I believe by the time he married Nur, he was fully a drug addict only so most of the time he may not be aware of his surroundings.

  43. true Sindhu, I just have not made up my mind about Jehangir yet...this child of many prayers :)

  44. Wonderful post abhay..
    but what was the reason that Akbar gave khurram to rukaiya? Akbar was a justice loving king so how could he seperate a 6days son to his mother while jagat gosain had already lost a daughter, was there any issue related to farmaan as khurram was returned to his real mother when he was 13-14 years old means it may be the year 1605, the same year when Akbar died?
    and is it true that rukaiya never allowed kurram's mother to meet him

  45. Thank u coolpree fr that sahi info.:)

  46. call me Preeti Geeta :) and you are welcome!

  47. Swati,
    Giving kids to childless mothers was a Mughal custom. It may appear cruel but those days it was quite normal. I am not aware of the EXACT "circumstances" which led to the assignment of Khurram to Ruqayya Begum. But, i will make a separate post to explain the possible reasons which would have lead to this episode. It will take some time. :)
    Because that can not be explained in few lines here. :)

    It was not that Ruqayya did not allow Khurram to meet his mother "completely". A restriction of some meeting time/hours/duration was in place. Khurram very much loved his mother.

  48. Preet, i cannot answer any of the above qstns but I want to ask u, Does Salim mentin abt his addiction to opium in his nama or repent the same?
    They say Jahangirnama is to be taken with a pinch of salt, n Akbarnama doen't mention abt the formative years of Salim Is Jahangir also mum on this topic?

  49. Geeta

    Oh yes, Jahangir describes his addictions in great detail. :) You should read those accounts. LOL

    All emperors will try to show themselves in good light. The more self-obsessed and narcissistic they are, the grander their self-eulogies in their (auto)biographies. Though, to his credit, jahangir is more honest about his failings and weaknesses and sometimes his self-candor is quite shocking.

  50. Geeta, Radhika is right. He does talk about his drinking and opium. But he says he started in adulthood. Geeta while AKbar and Shah Jehan's memoirs are very formal....Jehangir is very candid in his memoirs. Particularly since it is supposedly written by him not a chronicler for at least the first 18 yrs or so. BUT several historians claim that some of the things he has said cannot really be from Jehangir himself. So I really do not know

  51. Yes, he says he started drinking at 18, not as a kid, as shown in JA! And he took to opium because his physician told him to cut down on drinking. LOL

  52. Transfering the following question of Preeti from this link.>

    The question.---

    Abhay these questions are for you or anyone else who can answer:
    1. what does Shah Jehan say about Jagat vs his foster mother Ruq in the Padshah nama? has anyone read this?

    I had heard accounts that Manbai was not a favorite of Jehangir but
    rather it was Jagat who was his favorite until Nur Jehan came along.
    HOWEVER In the Jehangirnama surprisingly Jehangir noted Jagat's death
    only to mention how he condoled her death with Khurram. Guys there is
    not one word of personal grief like he expressed at death of Man Bai and
    Padshah Saliha banu. Moreover, he had a grand procession on elephant
    back that SAME day through the streets of Agra celebrating his arrival.
    Many commentators have expressed surprise over this. Did Jehangir's
    love for Nur Jehan trump over everything else that he would not even
    mourn the loss of his wife of many years? I really felt bad for Jagat
    guys. If you read this in the Jehangirnama u would understand where I
    am coming from.

    3. Abhay, the mausoleum for Jagat was built by Shah Jehan not Jehangir right?


    1. I have not seen a single mention of Ruqaiyya Begum in the Padshahnama till now. Shah Jahan has only mentioned his mother in that book, as i mentioned in the main post. :)

    2. Man Bai was an early favorite of Salim. There is no doubt about that. Even Jagat Gosain was a favorite of him. Every fact should/can not be concluded based upon a few lines in the autobiography. Though, we do not know of Saliha Bano in history but Jahangir writes about her in his autobiography. But, we know of Jagat Gosain, though we find less mention about her in the book. Perhaps, he does not wants to mourn her loss so much. The wordings could have been more detailed, but Jahangir, we know, mentions some incidents in great details and some in very less details. :)

    After the death of Jagat Gosain, he enters the capital NOT on same day but on the third day. The next day after the death, he was with Khurram, consoling him. :)

    He says that he enters the capital after taking advices of the astrologers, it was a customary entry. --- " I entered the capital at the auspicious hour chosen by the astrologers and astronomers, I mounted a special elephant of the name of Dilir, and in all prosperity and happiness entered the city. "

    3. This is tricky. I have not found in Shah Jahan's own book, from my readings till now, that he constructed the tomb for his mother. I know it was ordered by Jahangir, and it was her own wish that she be given a resting place there. Also, i don't know if this has to do something with Jagat Gosain or Jahangir, but the place where Jagat Gosain rests was a place which was frequented by Jahangir. :)

  53. Preeti,

    I replied here. :)

  54. Thanks Abhay for the time you take to reply to our constant questions.
    Also, I love the images you have added next to each post.

    ***I find it odd that he would not mention the person who raised him once in his memoirs, since the first part of his memoirs has a chapter of his child-hood ( I have not read it myself)

    *** Also apparently in his memoirs, Khurram praises his mother's hunting skills over Nur Jehan and maintains that it was his mom who always won duels with other begums. I believe it is apparent in hi book that he did not like Nur Jehan at all LOL!

    ** Thanks for clarifying about the tomb. Too bad the british destroyed it.
    I am glad Jehangir visited her tomb often. I was starting to feel really sorry for her.

  55. Thank u Radhika n Preeti, n sorry fr outsourcing my qstns to u :) Someday I will try to read Jahangirnama.!Drinking n opium were not seemed as vices to these kings. Was he also honest with his feelings or relationship with Akbar?

  56. Thanks Abhay its good that Khurram loved his own mother very much but still feeling bad for Jagat Gosain. I have some more questions regarding the topic why Khurram handed over to Rukaiya can I ask? I am eagerly waiting for your post on this topic

  57. Preeti,
    I found the memoirs of Shah Jahan "completely boring to the power infinity" . LOL .

    Hence, i did not read them in details. :)

    It is mentioned that he was given to Ruqayya when he was 6 days old. :)

    But, just like Jahangir , he also NO where mentions about his personal feelings for Ruqayya Begum. Infact, his memoirs are more about his own life, which was not of interest to me as Akbar is enough to read. His history seems never ending. :-P

  58. Swati,
    You can post anything here freely. Many members are present here to discuss. I will try to answer as much as possible when i post on this topic. :)

  59. Geeta

    Pls ask freely. :) It's wonderful to discuss with you.

    The kings felt that wine would become water upon touching their lips.

    Yes, he was honest enough about his relations with his father. If you get your hands on JN, do read it. :)

  60. What an interesting and entertaining post......Thanks for sharing Abhay :) ....
    Jagat Gosain seems to be a theeki mirchi along with being smart, quick on her toes, fiery and proud of her roots kind of lady..... Good to read that....:)....

    Just thinking .....This Jahangir seems to be in love too many times during his life :p ....Maan bai, Jagat Gosain, Noor Jehan....... Are there another ladies to this list???....Would also like to know more about Maan bai and her relationship with Jehangir :)

  61. Pallavi

    You can add Saliha Banu to the list who was Padshah Begum during Jehangir's reign till her death. :)

    Abhay is coming up with an article on Man Bai soon.

  62. Pallavi,
    Yours and Tamy's assessment of Jahangir most interesting. :-P
    Will be posting on Man Bai soon. :)

  63. Just read Tamy's comment :p....And mostly we concur :p...Waiting for Man bai wala post :)

  64. Abhay, very interesting post. I felt glad reading Jagat Gosain held her own in that horrid haram! LOL watching the haram in JA under Ruk, I don't even want to imagine what its worst state would have been!!!

    My heart goes to this mother who had lost her daughters and her only son was taken away harshly from her when just few days old and handed over to such a ***** Ruk:(( She even did not let the mother meet her own child except for few hours. I felt glad to read that Shahjahan loved his mother very much, wish we get to know what views he held about being separated from his mother and given to Ruk to raise.

    I don't know much about Jahangir the Emperor but whatever I have read about his rasleela and various instant loves - I just feel pity for those women - all his supposed 20 wives - religion does not matter - they all would have been treated as per his whims, praised, honored or discarded when some new woman took his fancy :((( What a sordid life for these women.

    Really glad to read Jagat Gosain held her own in haram - she died pretty young - as most others of that era had lived long. Akbar, MUZ, SB, Ruk - it is interesting and somewhat curious that BOTH of Jahangir's Hindu wives Maan Bai committed suicide and Jagat Gosain died young. If this is true, why would Maan Singh let his own grand-daughter marry Jahangir????!!!

    I guess only MUZ was fortunate that Akbar doted on her. Still I cannot imagine having to watch husband's roving eye and his many marriages and just accept it with grace. What is worth of jewelry and luxurious life if it was led this way?!

  65. What you say is completely valid Medha.
    But those were days of polygamy, and the people were used to it. !
    Hence, i guess it was understandable in those times.

    About the issue of Jahangir marrying grand daughter of Maan Singh.
    See these links :


    We had good discussion on blog about this topic. :)

  66. Any idea about Muz & Noor Jahan 's relationship.

  67. Katana,
    Please elaborate a bit. I mean, what you want to know exactly.?. :))
    Nur was not a favorite of MUZ, and Nur was well aware of powers of MUZ, as MUZ was the Queen Mother. Nur was clever & cautious of MUZ, and maintained cordial relations with MUZ. :)

  68. Thanks Abhay. I want to know saas-bahu relationship. Jo & Nur. Did Nur instigate salim against Jo. Hope it would not be like HB-Jo like relationship.

  69. Katana,

    It would not be possible for Nur to instigate Salim against MUZ. He respected his mother too much and gave her preference over Nur. This was clearly seen after the capture of MUZ's ship Rahimi.

    Like Abhay said, they were cordial with each other and avoided stepping into each other's territory.:)

    HB and Jodha had a beautiful relationship in the TV show. Why do you hope MUZ-Nur rel wasn't like that? :)

  70. I so love Jagat. I would prefer this bitchy, sharp woman over that bland Noor any day! I have always loved reading about and her and after seeing Nayani Dixit play Jagat in Epic's Siyaasat, I love this theekhi mirchi more!

    P.S. I've heard that Jagat was a rare beauty, and could entice men half her age. Is it true?

  71. Shivani,
    Even i admire Jagat for her sharp and quick answers, which are visible in the post itself. As far as i know, she was "beautiful and quick" , hence it is not wrong to accept and is infact certain what you say is true. :)