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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the questions which are regularly asked. Hence, answering here in Q-A format. 

{updated in RED Color after upgrading the commenting interface on November 1 , 2014}

Link to FAQ's - Updated Post after upgrading the BLOG's Commenting Interface..Nov-1-2014..Must Read..


1. How do i subscribe to this Blog.?.

a. There is a subscription box present on the top right side of all the pages of this blog, on the sidebar. A reminder in red color is also continuously floating on top of blog..Readers are required to enter their E-Mail Id in that box for subscription.
b. After submitting the E-Mail Id, readers will receive a mail from Blog spot Team in their Mailbox..Open that mail, and click on the link in the mail to complete the verification process. And, it's done..Thereafter, readers will receive automatic emails whenever a new post is made on this Blog..In case of new Gmail inbox, the mail comes in the "Social" tab, not in "Primary Inbox" tab.

2. I subscribed to the Blog..But i am not getting mails whenever a new post is made.
a. This is the most asked question..The reason in maximum cases is, not-verifying the link in the mail which is sent to the E-Mail Id, after submitting the E-mail Id in the Blog Subscription Box.. For this, see step 1(b) above.
b. Any other reason. Contact via the Contact Form, present at the end of Blog Page..

3. What are the advantages of Subscribing.?.

Once subscribed to the Blog, then it saves the reader from the UN-necessary hassles of checking out and digging the new posts made on the Blog. Moreover, they have a list of the posts made on the blog, in their Mailbox for ready reference.

4. How to get the notifications of the comments put on the Blog on my E-Mail ID.?.

For Old Commenting Interface
For this, first the readers must be signed into their E-Mail account, in which they want to receive the notification. Then, the notifications can be received by 'checking' the "Notify Me" box, in the comment box of each page on this blog.. Whenever a comment is made on the pages on which this box has been "checked" in comment box, readers get a notification mail, for the same. 

See picture -1 Below : Before Checking the "Notify Me" tab.

See picture -2 Above : After Checking the "Notify Me" tab. It will be notified that Follow Up Comments will be sent to "Your E-Mail Id".

For NEW Commenting Interface 
The main process is same as above.
There is an option saying Subscribe on the bottom LEFT corner of the commenting interface. Just check that box.

5. Is my E-Mail Id's password compromised, when i subscribe.?.

Not at all.. The entire Blog Spot system and subscription process is under the supervision of Google Services Ltd. It is completely safe and secure. The password is NOT compromised anywhere..Signing in on Blog Spot is as good as signing in for Gmail or YahooMail.!

6. How can i make comments on the Blog.?.

For NEW Commenting Interface 

The new interface provides 4 major methods to make comments on the Blog. Comments can be made using 
1. Gmail account, or 
2. Twitter account, or
3. Facebook account, or
4. Disqus account

The first 3 are majorly used.

On the TOP RIGHT side of the NEW commenting interface, you can select any one of the 4 options, and log into your account and then you can post comments.. :)
It's simple..

This interface offers more features. Members can 
a. Share the comments (earlier ONLY posts could be shared) also, on socila media sites like FB and Twitter.
b. There is an option to Like{Upvote} and ALSO an option to DISlike{DownVote} a comment. You can LIKE as a guest also, but to DisLike a comment, one needs to sign in.

For Old Commenting Interface

Blog Spot provides many methods to make comments on the Blog. This blog provides many options..Comments can be made using Gmail account, or Yahoo account, or any other accounts which have provision of providing "open id"..

To Comment if you are using a Gmail account:

I, for one, advice to go for this method, as this one is simplest..

For this, create a Blogger Profile in some simple steps(if you do not have a Google+ Profile.)
a. Enter your username and password to sign in to the Blogger , using the "Sign In" option present on the TopMOST Right Side of the Blog. It is almost same as signing in to your Google account.
b. Click "Edit my Profile" to get started.
c. Add as much or as little information to your profile as you want. You can also decide whether your name/email are displayed to the public.
d. Click "Save Profile" at the bottom to save your changes.

Though, now-a-days, comments can be made without creating Blogger Profile, if you have a Google+ profile . If you have a Google+ profile and you want your name to appear differently on the Blog when you comment, then after logging in from the Blogger follow the same steps as mentioned above, from point b.

Other Method is to Use an Open-Id:

You may already have an OpenID.
If you use any of the following services, you already have your own OpenID. Below are instructions on how to sign in with each of the following providers on an OpenID enabled website. (When you see bold text, you should replace it with your own username or screenname on that service.)

Look for the “Sign in with a Google Account” button or use your Google Profile URL.

Look for the “Sign in with Yahoo” button.

Enter “”

Click the “Sign in with Hyves” button.

Enter your blog URL: “”

Look for the “Sign in with Yahoo” button or use your photostream URL.

Click the “Sign in with Orange” button or enter “”

mixi is a web service that allows users to communicate with their friends and acquaintances.

Look for the “Login with MySpaceID” button or enter “

Enter your URL, for example: “”

Symantec’s Personal Identity Provider is an OpenID provider with support for multi-factor authentication.

Look for a “Sign in with AOL” button or enter “

More queries can be posted in the comment box below. 
Or, use the Contact Box at the End of this Page.

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