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Friday, January 23, 2015

Jodha Akbar - A Tale of Natkiya RupanterS | NR at it's Worst - III

Hi Friends,

Welcome to the third installment of this series > "NR at it's worst" written in the praise(!?!) of Jodha Akbar show. NR means "Natkiya Rupanter" alias "Dramatization".

JA - NR at it's Worst - I
JA - NR at it's Worst - II

Statutory Warning(Haha..not to be taken seriously:-P) > This post is NOT the usual calm post which i write normally. Truck loads of (hopefully constructive) criticism and complains have been made in this, as viewers do have a right to make their concerns known.

This post has been written with an objective to sum up the recent happenings in the show Jodha Akbar airing on Zee TV. The show was supposed to be a magnum opus, started by the Czarina of Indian Television, Ekta Kapoor. Zee mentioned about > employing historians and researchers for this show which really appeared in the starting. Not many of us were aware of the history of Jodha Akbar, which we began to unearth as we read more and more while watching it. Though, of late, the show has no connection with history. It has hit rock bottom, the TRP's are continuously plummeting and consequently it is out of the list of Top 10 shows. I have stopped watching the show long back, for it is miles away from history and now out on an agenda to tarnish the images of the revered historical characters.

Though, i catched up with some written updates and parts of the show online. I can not believe what is happening in this show. The show is making it's own history, in fact turning history on it's head. Well let me start with myself. To be precise, i was astonished to see the protests against this show, and there started my tryst with the story of Akbar and his Hindu Wife. History always fascinated me but the credit for my quest to know more about this historical couple, "strangely" goes to the protests against the show in 2013. That was the time, i began reading in depth about them. We all have read about Akbar in school books but how many of us decided to read about him in depth before? Due to the protests before launch, the makers even agreed to put up a 30 second disclaimer. It really looked like that the Production House is trying hard to get the show on air. The show started well. Of course, there was dramatization, but within the "acceptable confines". I have a lot of tolerance for the creative liberty taken, and many times gave a slack, but lately the show became totally fictional, and i ran out of patience when it began tampering even with the well known historical events as well.

The viewers were promised a love story of a Mughal Emperor and a Rajput princess. According to the channel, it was supposed to be a story where this lady turns her husband into a better person, or as i put it, she(her love) was supposed to be a catalyst in the transformation of Akbar. Before i elaborate further, i quote the description of this show, below, as given on the website of Zee. Click here to read on Zee's website..

Jodha Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a political marriage of convenience saga between a Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodha. But much more then that it's the marriage of contrasts.

Jalal-ud-din Mohommad (Akbar) who had inherited his father, Humayan's Mughal Empire at the age of 13, after his father's death, had been brought up almost like a trained assassin by Bairam Khan, his father's supreme commander. Hard-nosed, rough, tough and heartless... and priding himself on the each of those facets of his personality, the only thing Akbar had learnt was to expand his empire - at the cost of others lives - at the cost of emotions - at the cost of love - the word he was never familiar with.

Whilst Jodha, the daughter of Raja Bharmal, the Rajput King of Amer (one of the most affluent Rajput Kingdom's of its time) valued each of those emotions - valued the life of even the birds and bees of her kingdom - she only hated the Mughal's whom she felt were intruding upon her land, and wanted to oust them from Rajputana, along with their Emperor Jalal-ud-din, whom she hated with her heart.

Little did Akbar know at the time of his marriage to Jodha, the fiery Rajput princess, in order to expand his empire into Rajputana, the land of the Valiant Rajputs, he would in turn be embarking upon a new journey - the journey of true love - he would discover the heart which he never felt he had - and it would throb for its rightful lover - Jodha.

Well, after reading this, lets come to terms with the reality. The issue is NOT how many of us agree or disagree with the tag line, but the fact that the channel has itself forgotten what it promised to the viewers. The show which was supposed to highlight the Love story of Jodha Akbar(JA), is now thriving on the the romance(!!!) of their son Salim with a commoner girl called Anarkali(a character whose identity is not even "established" in history). Soon, we may see Nur Jahan also, after the departure of Anarkali. The show has reduced Man Bai(alias Manbhavati Bai/Shah Begum) and Manmati(Jagat Gosain/Jodh Bai/Biqlis Makani) to virtually non-existent characters and promoting Anarkali as the main lead. In between all this, the actors playing Jodha and Akbar have been reduced to side characters in a show which is meant for them, which runs in their name, which was to be about THEIR Love, not that of Salim Anarkali(SA) or anyone else, for that matter.

I think this single paragraph(above) is enough to make one think where the show is heading. The story of Jodha and Akbar has been reduced to an irreparable mess, thanks to a lackadaisical script.! I won't be surprised if the show takes another leap(as it keeps taking now a days) to start the story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz also. :-P

From the written updates of the episodes, it's clear that Jodha and Akbar's love story has run its course. The creatives have run out of ideas. The administration is running by itself, as Jodha and Akbar of this show have nothing to do except running after Salim. The Emperor whose name commands authority in history has been reduced to a mere caricature, who cries and begs for the life of his son from a petty tribal chieftain. The otherwise practical and shrewd Shehenshah is shown begging pleading with a tribal chief, screaming, and behaving in the most insensible manner, thereby belittling and insulting himself. A sense of sheer disdain has taken over the hardcore viewers of this show. 

One of my friends put it well > "Since the production house is only capable of showing the love story of a lead pair(which seems to have been already achieved as per the creatives), unlimited plots against Jodha and presence of new girls in Akbar's life in the form of Benazir and Atifa(also achieved), they ran out of ideas and introduced Salim where they can show another love angle(their comfort zone) of Salim and his lady/ies again and again. They aren't capable of showing the political growth of Akbar and Jodha. "

Remember that MUZ was a smart businesswomen carrying out International Trade in 16th Century and the Empress of Mughal Sultanate with great powers, and Akbar was a strong willed-Emperor, who had brought forth reforms which later formed the basis of British edifice in India. But the lament is that > Here we have a helpless MUZ who gets bettered by Ruqayya(her character has been made really pathetic, why can't the writers come up with a simple 'ethical grey shaded' character) in every game, and a non-violence activist in place of the Emperor with a holier-than-thou approach, so much so that, he has to beg, cry and shiver in front of a tribal chief. Even his friend Raja Bhagwan Das was shown with an 'attitude' of a king but not Akbar. Such a presentation is beyond belief. We all have seen how the administration runs. Same way, kings are not saints. In fact, they can not be saints. They need to rule with a certain degree of strong hand.

After seeing the characterization of Salim, i think even Mahachuchak Begum and her teenage husband Haider Qasim was much better. Forget Mahachuchak! Even Khyber was not so "irritating"... Salim reserved so much respect for the elders in his family, especially for his mother, but here he is shown completely opposite of that.!
Post : > Relations of Salim with HIS Relatives & Mother

I think the show has broken all possible records set previously by any other Production House by taking leaps after leaps in this show. Let me sum up in brief. The blunder started with the death of twins - Hasan and Husain. Historically, the death happened in late 1564. See this post, for the details on twins. > The Twins of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani

After this death, Akbar and Jodha went on pilgrimages together, Akbar even took Jodha with him on a war immediately after the death of the twins. But the makers wrongly presented the subsequent events in the show.
So many tracks could have been shown. See here. > Missed Historical Tracks in Jodha Akbar

Let me tell in brief that right now the show should be running around 1585. According to this timeline, Salim is 15-16 years now, and many important events have been missed. :
1. Salim is nearly 15-16 years old.
2. Aram Bano Begum was born on 22 December 1584, the daughter of Akbar and MUZ, but she is shown wrongly as a "grown up" girl.
3. By this time, Akbar had finished conducting the religious debates in his capital Fatehpur Sikri, and moved his court to Lahore. By the way, on a funnier note, the creatives/writers have forgotten to even show us Fatehpur Sikri, a landmark event in the history of Akbar. The Fatehpur Sikri was mentioned at the end of Benazir track but NEVER mentioned after that. Right now, Akbar's court should be in Lahore, but even that is missing.
4. His famous Navratans make a 'guest appearance' in a few episodes and then they also go missing from the Mughal Darbar, that too in order to discuss ONLY and ONLY Salim.!!
5. Tauhid-e-Illahi(called Din-e-Illahi also) was introduced in 1582-83, but according to timeline it has not been shown to us. {Despite conveying to the writers/CV's endlessly to show it.}
6. Well, i can go on and on with the lament, but.............

Coming back to the show, the part where Maan Bai, Jagat Gosain and Anarkali were introduced as friends got me wondering if I'm actually watching a supposed royal, 16th century story of Jodha Akbar and family or a spoof made of the show by a person with a "not so good" sense of humor with a grudge against the show. The show is climbing new heights of ridiculousness.

The story of Jodha and Akbar is magical and, loved by huge masses. I would have liked the show to be centered around them till the end with Salim's story being a "part" of it rather than being the exclusive limelight/focus of the story.

Another point worth mentioning is about an episode where Salim gives an "ultimatum" to Akbar about not allowing him to marry Bela, a tribal princess. Well friends, for those who are aware of the strict degree of mannerism maintained by Akbar must be cursing themselves for watching that non-sensical scene. Had it been ""REAL AKBAR"", Salim would have been given some REAL medicine by Akbar......Well all this was a deliberately created nuisance of the CV's. The tribals in Rajputana live in the Mewar region and they were the allies of Akbar's most famous rival Maharana Pratap, not of Akbar. Infact, they were his rivals. But, in the show, the tribal chief was showed as living under protection of Akbar. Nothing can be farther from the truth. The clothing of the tribals was straight out of some ancient history documentary, and i was getting ready to watch a "Jhinga La La Hu Hu type" marriage ceremony of Akbar. Thankfully, the marriage did not happen.

Com'on! Even tribals had better clothes, it is evident from the paintings in Udaipur, for those who have visited the palace there. So, all that was another piece of "creativity" courtesy - NR. {Tribals lived in Mewar hills in territory of Maharana Pratap(Link1 Link2) NOT in Amer in Raja Bhagwan Das's territory!}

One thing i want to know, how come Anarkali stays out of her home every night to meet Salim.?. Weren't girls supposed to stay in home those days ? How is this possible ? Well, our writers have a track record of creating such scenes, as we saw in the Sujamal-Jodha track.

None of this interests me anymore. The Creatives have messed up the storyline beyond repair, and the new actors have to bear the brunt of a hopeless plot and direction. These newbies are trying to establish themselves in a new project with a 'supposedly' mega PH. They are in no way responsible for a mess which has been created in this show, as they have to act according to what is required of them. A major credit for making this show a success goes the lead pair Rajat and Paridhi, who are adored by a large range of masses across India and abroad. Kudos to the actors for a dhamakedaar performance.! Really wish for a better project for these guys.!

Maharana Pratap show of Sony also does dramatization, but it is sensible, not overly dramatic and blends in with both the situation and history. The characterization of Akbar shown there commands a "class". The court proceedings of Akbar is a treat to watch. Each and every character, induces an interest. But, Jodha Akbar's Agra is a looney house where NO decorum is followed, and anyone can walk into the Diwan-e-Khas/Diwan-e-Aam while the assembly is in session.

If the CV's HAD TO GO for a Big Leap, they could still have retained the charm and quality of the show and retained the importance of JA. The SA story could have been narrated from the JA perspective. This way the focus would have stayed on the leads and the leap could have been effected too (for whatever reason it was needed). 

Secondly, if the CVs go for a leap, they must have the courage to go through with it completely, including aging their popular (former) leads - Akbar and Jodha. It is absolutely silly to make the parents look the same as they did on their wedding day even after they have celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. I don't mind if they show Salim-Anarkali. After all, we have tolerated Atifa / Khyber and what not, in the past. But some quality, some dignity, some maturity isn't too much to ask for. Or is it? The amount of screen space and the importance given to the new characters is making it very hard to carry on with the show. The issue is also that, many tracks in the life of Jodha Akbar have been missed to take this leap. Missed Tracks

Most likely, SA has been introduced to keep pace with a rival show started recently, as the makers ran out of ideas/research material(?). But I would say the destruction had started even before the leap with the Atifa/Khyber track, the Chittor war, deaths of Hasan Hussain...Nothing clicked for JA after Atifa and Khyber entered the show and especially after Maham died. The CVs couldn't drag Maham's role forever. And they couldn't get another villain to replace her successfully. Mahachuchak Begum didn't get anyone's vote. Adham and Atga Khan were dead. The CVs didn't know what to do with Sharif-ud-din beyond showing him as a luster. They tried hard with Ruqayya Begum and they got everyone to hate her and want to see her punished. But a successful villain needs strong positive characters to act as counterfoil and needs to be shown to meet his/her nemesis. Neither of these factors was included by the CVs in the script. 

Looking beyond villains, the CVs needed to develop the relationship between Jodha and Akbar further into a strong bond, which they couldn't. The makers of this show are well capable and know how to handle mature relationships among married people, as this was not the first show they made. But, what the CVs had showed, it looked liked they have absolutely no clue what to do with the hero and heroine once they had confessed their love and had become parents too. Result --> pathetic blame games and Misunderstandings.

Sticking to history required a massive budget both for research and for authentic sets / war scenes etc. Hence the makers refused to move out of the harem or show anything which required a new set or extra money to be spent. Research(which was evident earlier) was replaced by fantasy which was quite easy since they already had a disclaimer. 

A new love story means that they don't need expensive sets, historical research or major villains. The father (Akbar) can be turned into the villain and the mother can be made a typical daily show lead caught up between the husband and son. And the show can go on, riding on the success of the initial product. Rajat and Paridhi are still continuing and that too in silence, they must be aware how the fans feel by the changed storyline. There were reports(i don't know how much true) that Rajat complained about the less, lesser and least screen space given to him now-days. Perhaps, the CVs have become arrogant, flushed with the success of the show. And can issue any statement and dish out anything in the name of JA. The makers are accountable for the show to the audience.

Since the death of Hussein the quality of JA was deteriorating but at least Jodha Akbar were the focus and main leads. One feels cheated by the makers of JA that they decided to focus on SA rather than JA. I read few posts regarding new actors, but the problem is not the actors but the characters they play. It was JA and THEIR journey not SA. Yes, showing Salim was inevitable but they could have showed so many tracks of Jodha Akbar's life before Salim than show Salim growing up and his important parts of life from JA's POV. Why the rush to show SA.? They could have ended it before ruining JA's story. If they had gracefully ended JA and then showed SA as new show, I am pretty sure many viewers would have given chance including hardcore JA viewers.

It's really disheartening to see how CVs have turned a very successful show from gold to garbage. There was a time when many i know, used to spend hours watching JA, even the repeats, waiting for promos, discussing each and everything about JA and the actors, reading all brilliant analysis on the episodes everyday. There was a time when weekends were hated by many, as was was no Jodha Akbar those days.

Now, all that is a thing of past. JA has changed and moved on, so has life.......All the Best to the actors who made this show a success, for their future.....

The article has been posted under the Jodha Akbar section of history_geek's Blog.

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  1. Posting comment of Radhika here....

    '' What an outpouring of heart-felt emotions, Abhay! *applause*

    I agree completely with all you wrote here. Really there is nothing left for me to add to this *complete* and *perfect* post.

    It's a puzzle why the makers first went all out to portray the real love story of JA, taking a year to finally show the epic confession, building up to it in tantalising steps. All the while. Paridhi and Rajat put in their heart and soul into making the screen avatars seem plausible and very real, very human. Kudos to their stellar performances that got even a non-history lover like me get passionately interested in the real story of JA.

    The very same makers are now tarnishing the icons they had built so lovingly and painstakingly. Reminds me of the woodcutter who cuts the branch he is sitting on. Even arrogance or supersuccess doesn't explain this self-destruction mode ; to destroy the very idea of a powerful first couple and their epic romance.

    Whatever is happening behind the scenes, the tragedy that is unfolding on the screen is enough to make one cry - cry for the real legends, cry for the once beautiful reel characters and cry for the leads, Who have been reduced to caricatures.

    So much has been left unshown while entire tracks are filled with fantastical nonsense. And of course, the reduction of two of the most powerful Mughal personalities ever to whimpering fools and of Salim to the antithesis of what he really was, are the gravest crimes committed by the makers in the name of NR.

    I would not recommend this present show to anyone. But I would still thank it for sparking off a life-long love affair with history and especially MUZ.''

  2. Hi Abhay,
    Your post is absolutely perfect and makes a lot of sense. You've said it all and beautifully so.
    Hoping to see JA exclusively is like hoping to learn Trigonometry in an English literature class!Highly impossible!Also,the story of the small part of the episode which is actually dedicated to Jodha and Akbar is directionless,like a small boat stuck in the sea which does not know where to go.
    I just came across a bit of the written update where perhaps Salim was shown not to have an iota of interest in becoming the future king and his parents literally convinced him to reconsider which he eventually did and maybe his parents were then relieved( I may be completely wrong).Wasn't the real Salim extremely passionate about becoming the next emperor to such an extent that he developed pretty unfortunate relations with his rival son Khusrau which was instrumental in getting Maan Bai to commit suicide?Can't the CVs even get 1% of the historical characters right?

    I understand if the CVs run out of ideas due to less thinking time available and more pressure to constantly show 5 episodes a week for than one year without a break.Can be very taxing.They can take a break for a few months,think thoroughly about the storyline including the political growth aspect and return with a season 2 instead of showing Salim's story which is doing nothing for the show other than decreasing the TRPs and quality of the show.
    The CVs forever talk about JA's epic love which,in my opinion,is not even shown properly.Epic love is when they show Akbar trusting and encouraging Jodha to be a powerful businesswoman thus going against the gender bias,some biased people and thinking far ahead of his time for his ladylove and making her personality shine.

  3. Thanks for posting Aashrita.

    I have quoted your old views in this writeup above. :)
    I can not add more to your post, as you have echoed the similar sentiments. This show had "every" potential but look what the mess has been created by the makers/CV's/writers.!
    No balance has been maintained. No character spared from the experimentation process.! And now as you said it is a lost boat which has no destination and the solution is no where in sight. The audience came here to watch JA not SA. And now, th promos, precaps, episodes, every where it is only and only SA. :(

  4. I noticed that Abhay. Thanks for quoting my words :) :)

    TRPs are falling and the viewers are kind of rejecting the content shown but the CVs are not waking up.They are simply hoping that the viewers would warmly accept Salim-Anarkali one day-maybe slowly but eventually.They are delusional.They are also showing the "hate to love journey" of Salim-Anarkali similar to what was shown for Jodha and Akbar.

  5. Aashrita,

    You're welcome. :)

    Many people are complaining about the show to the CV's / writers, but now they have become mum and not replying at all. They are silent on this issue. Initially, they had a pretext that SA will be well received but after the plunge in TRP's now that is also not there. No place to hide.

    The only remedy is to end SA track, give less space to Salim, and bring tracks focused on JA, even if they play with timeline it will work. But other than JA no one can save this show.

  6. Abhay, this time u really deserve a BIG thank u.Because after reading this I felt as if everything boiling inside me has come out in words.:) I am relatively at peace now.I agree with each n every word, it's letters too.:)
    As u rightly said, Rajat n Paridhi were n r the only saving grace of this nearly capsizing serial. I feel bad that makers did not hv enough faith in histoy lovers,they thought if they deviate frm love story, then the TRP will dip. Not a single person thought true history is even more fascinating:( !
    Long time back I was wondering on the Forum where the serial will end? with the birth of Salim or with his coronation? Never in my dream I thought there will be time leap as in daily soap, n show will start SA love story! I am loving MP serial more these days am also waiting fr Jodha's entry there.1

  7. Abhay , This post is the outcome of being a hardcore fan of JA n history ... That's been running in everyone's mind lately !!! Each n every line is 200% Truth , which every fan in the Forum have been Ranting n Revealing their disregards on the show and mainly on the continuous leaps taken n to the extent where AKBAR was shown without any decorum & wit , which even a third level courtier of any smaller kingdom of India would possess those days :(:(:( Eventhough , the makers of the show DELIBERATELY ruined their show ... fans who loved the Royal Pair n Spectacular performances of Rajat n Paridhi still make way for the remaining trp's garnered nowadays that's the main reason why SA story is selled with the tagline of JA's story !!! I dont know wat else to say , as u have brilliantly combined every facts that has been nurtured by all the fans since the track of Atifa n khyber :(:( And who can forget the most horrenduos death track of Hussain n chittor track :(:(:(

    But the fact is that Hindi Serials , do have a great start ... but end it in most clumsy way ( courtesy Jhansi Ki Rani ) as they must have earned the most by THEN !!!! It's been MONEY all the way n nothing else matters on the SUPPOSED SHOW i think :(:(:( Thanks for the post that summed up all the facts on Fan's mind Abhay !!!

    And i have to say this , the Most hilarious thing that i came across in the show was Anar , Maan , Jagat being 'Close Friends' n Anar doing ' Night dates' with Prince of entire sultanate ;-P ;D I had a good hearty , but a painful laugh then !!! And Need less to say , The marriage encounter of Ak n Bela made me fall head over heels with Haider doing all most everything , that a baddie of any screen would do :D:D Over All I m still fascinated with the fact that CV's never dishearten me when it comes to " deterioating PLots" right from Benazir track ... Lolz !!!

  8. Welcome Geeta.

    I was myself feeling much better after writing this post, and i knew i would get many viewers agreeing with this. All came to watch the story of Jodha Akbar, but what the makers are showing is Salim Anarkali. The show is bound for a doom now.

    The show may end, but we can enjoy reading and discussing history here as long as possible. :)

    Yes, Maharana Pratap show is doing well. I am catching up with the written updates. The stow features 2 commanding historical personalities > Akbar and Maharana Pratap. It has its own charm. No doubt, you are loving it. :)

  9. Hi Suganya,

    You have written the same as i was expecting from any loyal viewer of this show. Each word speaks volumes about the show.

    The post which i have written above contains the views of many hardcore fans of Jodha Akbar and hence they are coming across as so effective. :)

    I burst out in laughter remembering Anarkali , Man and Jodh Bai as "friends". It was so much ridiculous to watch, i have no words for that. All in all, the show, once adored by many, is now in dire need to re-surrection(if any) other wise, it's days are numbered. !

  10. Yeah , Right :(:( ... But sadly i doubt whether they will end the show with JA story or with SA being continued or worse i despise the very fact of Shaj -Mumtaz here !!! No one can digest that more NR here :(:(:( ANd this fact is true that they Killed Real History with pathetic NR n this makes me so sad to even digest it , That's y i dont read Wu's too ...

  11. Is it true that Jo will make entry in MP ???
    Cant that be a deviation from MP's story ??? Sorry but i dont watch MP or other any serials now :(:( Can u tell me wat's happening in that show right now ???

  12. Suganya dear,as u must hv already read n realised frm Abhay's posts that MP was also as adorable as Akbar.! Infact if u take Patriot vis a vis invader point of view, then ur heart will go out to MP., the most courageous 'na bhooto na bhavishyati' type, one man army,who never gave in to Akbar's desire to humble him.!
    I I started watching MP to know more abt him. But there were so many conspiracies that I thought it was all dramatization, n stopped watching it. I really started watching it seriously when Akbar came on board there, both the teenagers were pitted against each other. N there was history-geek readily available to answer all my qustns.:)God bless him.:) It's because of his posts that I realised that this guy spent most of his youth on battle field fighting fr Rajputana gaurav.The show has also shown realistic wars, I lost count.! He is not depicted as a romantic hero.:)
    Now to ur qstn. will Jodha enter the scene? Most probably! Firstly that will hike their TRP. Secondly right frm the begining they hv shown MP versus Akbar along with their personal life. In the recent episode, they hv shown Akbar went to meet a saint to ask when will he overpower MP. Wherin the saint says, that can never be the case, n if at all there is one on one battle between the 2, Akbar will be killed.! As Abhay has said they never faced each other in the battle.:) During this visit, Akbar also had a vision of a beautiful lady, ( dressed more like an Apsara than a Rajvanshi) regarding whom the saint says, he will come to know as n when she comes across.
    The makers had shown teenage Akbar falling in fr a Rajput shahzadi, but they left the track there only.:(

  13. Suganya,
    I think the makers are trying hard to get back the TRP's. The show won't end so soon. Still some months are SURELY left. But, for re-resurrection they need to get back to JA only, not to any one else. :)

  14. Suganya,
    I MP serial, we have Akbar also, who is very eager to take Rajputana. Hence, there we can see him getting married to the daughter of Raja BharMal and i am sure they will show that part for sure. Just a matter of time. :)

  15. Thanks Geeta for summing up about MP's struggles. :)

    In MP show, the part where Akbar falls for a Rajput princess in his childhood days, that part was dramatization. I don't think it was true. I did not read it anywhere, till now.

    The show is most definitely interesting. :)

  16. radhika dear - whr r u? u r not posting. dil ki bat likh di tumne. i feel sooo bad 4 jodha akbar. y ekta kapoor made 'tis show lyk 'tis? it ws her dream project. y she did 'tis. i m vry sad 4 wht happened 2 my show. bt m thnkful 2 abhay 4 'tis blog whr v cn meet 2 discuss history freely.

  17. abhay - ryt post at ryt tym. dunno wht 2 write. many members hv written wht i wantd 2 write. i feel bad 4 jodha akbar. nothing left 2 watch. it was soo beautiful show. i knw nothing will b done now.
    i want 2 thnk ekta 4 making 'tis show n helping me knw abt 'tis women muz. i m her fan along wid akbar d great. n thnks 2 u for 'tis hard work n making us knw abt 'tis women n akbar. plz dont stop 2 write evn aftr 'tis show ends.

  18. gud post aashrita - akbar gave soo much space 2 muz in 16th century whn der were many restrictions. 2day also v hv conservative societies. wonder akbar ws giving freedom 450 yrs back.

  19. geeta - i m loving maharana pratap n his best frnd chetak. will b happy 2 c jodha der.

  20. Abhay Perfect Post,But Makers forgetting all this.They are showing, what they want.

    But your"Jhinga, La La, Hu Hu, Recalled me( Late Ragesh Khanna ).24 jan programme on News channel, Salim Character who playing, Interview was, He was saying, Audience appriciating his acting, or liking Salim Anarkai Story.I surprise to Hear this news.
    Why News channel, need to show this news, it cleary means, Audience not liking this story.

    CV thought, people liked Jodha Akbar story, so they will like Salim Anarkali, But they forgot Presentation, Or contactivity, with Audience is Main Part of Serial.They Mold history their Own way. People were interested, to See Akbar & Jodha Life Hidden accepts, but they focused, Salim Anar, Story. In middele they not showed, Fathpur sikri, Main track, Many others.They cheated Loyal Audience.

    Even they presenting, not dignityful manner Jodha Akbar, Feeling not coming, we are seeing Akbar, King or Jodha queen. Even walking steps not feeling, King & Queen is walking..
    But its true, RaJat & Pari, in serial or Ritik, or Ash alived in Audience Heart, Jodha & Akbar Again, Both Pairs did lot of Justice, to the characters.

  21. Abhay, & all friends, after reading this i recalled A story.A famous person, who was Alive but decleared cause of Wrong news Dead.

    Because he was famous so some people try to write, his Autobiography.They met his family members, & wrote his story, But when they are writing, They wrote, Person went to Hill station, or enjoyed a lot, etc, etc.Cause of Person, populartity, Book Sold in Market, Good Price Rate. Writers became very Rich

    After some days person Back, or he said He is Alive,Death News is Wrong. He Listened news Many books written, about his Life.He own Read book, or he was surprised, or Laughing, Because, Which books mentioned, some incidence not happened his Life,Or he not single, time, went, Hill Station.
    He went writers, & try to Clear, But writers not listened his Voice.Atleast He own write a book again, & that book also very popular, in Market.
    Same Happening, in this serial.
    If Akbar realy came, or announce, you are showing Wrong, Writers will not accept.Lol.

  22. Yeah Right :(:( The show cant survive more with new ' So called Jodi ' ...

  23. Abhay ,
    It would be interesting to watch that Pair too ;P But i would Just Pray that , they portray both of them in correct manner unlike in JA show ... If they made NR there , then it would be more n more disgusting to watch :(:(

  24. Thanks for the reply geeta :):) I always wonder the historical legends and MP for sure is one of them !!! Even if i dont know abt him b4 , i m glad that i got to know such a legend from Abhay's posts ... But the thing is i dont watch that serial of MP so dont know wat's going on there !!! From ur reply i got some gist , and will watch for that scene if possible ... And Regarding Teenage akbar falling in love with Phool kanwar , i already know that news n have wondered the NR in that too ;-P but the highlight of that serial is ROyalty n the Royal dresses n sets they portray ( from some scenes i have seen till now in MP ) It's ofcourse Awesome and the makers atleast know to show their leads in good light ;P;P unlike JA

  25. Hi Iqra,
    Radhika will post soon, as she gets time.

    You're welcome buddy. Do keep posting. :)

  26. You should give that show a try, Suganya. It's worth watching. It gives you a feeling of a historical.

  27. Lets hope for the best. Akbar shown there is very authoritative. And the characters depict "royalty".

  28. I share similar views Iqra. The blog will continue, don't worry. I will keep writing, till the time i enjoy it, and right now i am really finding it interesting. :)

  29. Ayushi,
    Completely agree with you. The makers can not take the viewers for granted. Every one came here for Jodha Akbar, but they started Salim Anarkali..! Missed REAL tracks, and invented FICTITIOUS ones. The dose of negativity was appalling.The actors you have named above are and will live forever as Jodha Akbar. They really did the job well. I wish someone makes a show on JA in future. :)

  30. Awesome anecdote. Ayushi, Is this story real.? If it is so, then it completely fits aptly here, even if REAL JA come here, i doubt the makers are doing to listen. LOL.

  31. May be i can catch up with some scenes ... But amidst this work schedule , it will be hard to watch the full serial :(:(

  32. Yeah , wat else can we do other than ' hope' for something good n sensible ... I too watched some scenes of MP grown up " akbar " !!! He is offcourse authoritative , but in " villainy way " ;P Anyhow something is better than nothing ...

  33. Suganya, I agree, initially it's difficult to adjust to new faces especially when we hv always adored Rajat n Paridhi.It happened with me also. The actor who played childhood Pratap was so overwhelming that I thought how the grown up will fit in his shoes ! But the new actor has got into the skin of the charecter so beautifully that I hv forgotten the old one:), though the same thing I cannot say abt grn up Ajebde

  34. Iqra, I am glad that u loved it.I watch the serial on net, as it clashes with the national news.I pray that they cast equally good actrss as Jodha. Whether they will show how she brought abt change in Akbar, we will hv to wait n watch.

  35. Hmmm... I think that Ajabde was the actress in another daily of Zee show n then opted out !!! Anyhow i m eager to know , if Jo's character will be shown in MP ... If they did , then without fail please inform in the blog , so that i can catch up with few scenes !!!

  36. U hv rightly said Abhay, there can be no comparison as far as sets r concerned.:( The king's court, the ettiquets followed, Balaji's shud take lessons frm them. U hv rightly pointed out, that the description of the show on Zee's website how the story now is going away frm the original theme.
    What I am more worried is the fact that youngsters, the uneducated people, senior citizens, who r naive will be misguided by this serial, n they will think everything shown there as really happened.! I seriously feel there shud be some norm fr the historical serial to be followed.Just as films hv censor board, these serials shud pass researcher's test. Just because Jo-Ak cannot come out of their grave to protest, shud not mean anybody can murder the history like this.

  37. I agree with Iqra :) The only good thing that happened with this serial is, this blog n the knowledge we got thru it. Thank u history-geek: :

  38. Thanks Iqra :)
    You are right,even now some families are conservative and do not give much freedom to the girls,let alone making the girls' professional life bright.Some do not even find it important to educate the girls of their families.Akbar,on the other hand,recognized MUZ's capabilities and qualities and made her rise further.This part about Akbar impresses me a lot,also makes his and MUZ's relationship beautiful.

  39. Suganya, I will let u know if something interesting comes up on that show, don't worry.:)

  40. Surely dear, i would do this anyway:)

  41. Suganya,
    Do check this post when you get time. It is about MP show. :)

    Anyways, Geeta is a BIG fan of MP on our blog, she will let you know, when some track which is worth watching, comes. :-P

  42. Completely agree. The makers are using the disclaimer in such a manner that it is going against the interest of this show. Anyways, it is a source of worry, the manner in which they are portraying JA these days.

  43. welcome aashrita. ppl say akbar was ahead of his time. so was muz. akbar must hv been vry open minded person who saw talent in his wife tat tym n encouraged her. really diff man. many ppl restrict girls 2day also. i saw in my village.
    2day i ws happy 2 c girls leading contingent of armed forces in republic day march. pooja thakur led guard of honor 4 president obama. times r slowly changing. 4 dese reasons i find akbar muz bond more special.

  44. geeta - ameen 2 ur words. i want 2 c jodha in tat show 2. akbar iz very powerful dere.

  45. Thanks Abhay, i not know its real or Not, which i read i wrote. I was reading Topic, What is difference Between, Alive Guru, or Dead Guru.
    Where i read this story. If a Guru is Alive, not easy you can add your Own stories, if you are writing, about Guru. but if he is dead or you are adding your own theories,Who will came or clear Points.because, Guru why said that words , only he can Clear.or After death who understand him Right way, he can, Write, But not excat words, but sure he will not add his stories, he will try his best,writing time.

  46. Completely agree with you Iqra. Both Akbar and MUZ,perhaps, brought out the best in each other.Akbar,regarding MUZ's rise,went against the general norms,against the flow and emerged different.This man,many centuries old,can be an inspiration/good example for many.
    Pooja Thakur's example is a very proud moment :) :)

  47. Abhay,
    This is out of topic,but do you know something about King Ashoka too? If so,could you please share something about him somewhere.Always had an interest to know about him :)

  48. In that sense I am a BIG fan of history-geek also,:)who is ever-ready to answer/ reseach our qstns.:)
    Btw, history-geek, how much is the truth behind the story of Akbar had a vision of Jodha before he married her.It was a political alliance na after all?

  49. Dear Iqra

    been busy :)

    Yes, this show brought us together to this blog and we can continue to share our thoughts here :)

  50. radhika dear - welcome back. soo happy 2 c u.

  51. Abhay, your Fan following is increasing, day by day, so i think, we should take your, Autograph now, Because, I can see your popularity, Coming Years.or you deserve this popularity.

    God Bless You Abhay.

  52. aashrita - true. akbar iz still remembered wid jodha in r region which abhay says iz golden triangle. very special was der bonding.

  53. Iqra

    i'm happy to c u 2 :) and happy to know there's at least 1 person who is happy 2 c me ;p

  54. Yes, It was a political alliance Geeta. But this marriage is famous for many reasons. And one of them was the divine sanction associated with it. :)
    Even i am fan of all of you who make this blog's discussions stimulating by interaction among yourselves. :)

  55. Thanks a lot Ayushi. Being humble is the best 'autograph' a person can have in his/her life despite reaching any height. History teaches us this lesson. :)

  56. Ayushi,
    You have made a perfect point here. I think i understood the moral of this story. Please correct me if i am wrong. Here i go > "Till the time, the mortal guru is in front of your eyes, the disciples have no dispute and listens him. But when the guru departs then the interpretations/understandings of the guru's teachings are followed differently, after his death."

    ^^^Am i right.?. Perhaps due to this reason, Buddhism bifurcated after departure of mortal guru(Gautam Buddha).? :)

  57. Aashrita,
    I can discuss him as well. Will make a section for Ashoka in some time. We all can discuss it there. :)

  58. radhika - y r u sayin' at least? all r happy 2 hv u back.

  59. So sweet of u Radhika, to hv come out of ur hibernation to reply.:). But such a small reply won't do. U hv to tell us the full story,n the source supporting it.:)As it is u hvn't posted fr long.!

  60. Very bad, Radhika, u r demeaning all ur fans,:0 Aapko zaroor Saza milegi.Saza ye hai ki aapko JA serial dekhna padega.Aur track hamhe samzaana padhega. !)

  61. Abhay, hv u posted regarding this already? I don't remember to hv read it. ! Pl. give me the link if u hv already.

  62. THank u :):)

  63. Thank u :):) would do it definitely n comment when i hv some leisure time :)

  64. I have become tired of being protesting abt it geeta :( They have spoiled the show completely :(:( Probably our Forum friends would have made hell lot of complaints on this basis but sadly no action has been taken against it n no improvement done :(:(

  65. Here it is Geeta.

  66. Another way of looking at this is that no one can dare to distort the guru's teachings while he is alive because the guru can instantly correct these deviations.

    But after the demise of the guru, everyone is free to interpret and disseminate the guru's teachings, as they like because the guru is not there to defend or clarify his teachings.

  67. Geeta

    Abhay posted about this on the forum a long time back and he's given a link here too :) Anyway he's promised to post on the marriage in detail again. So let's wait for that :)

    Hibernation? Haha...nothing like that...just a bit tied up...anyway, nowadays the discussions are so beautiful, I dare not open my mouth and say anything which doesn't match up to the quality.

    Will post something when my heart makes me...hopefully soon enough :)

  68. Geeta

    OMG!!! What a horrible punishment! that would mean a 1-way ticket to the Agra madhouse :)

    Btw, saw the initial part of MP in mute today - is the lady in white Mahamanga? And who is the khwajasera type character falling at her feet?

  69. radhika - will wait 4 ur post. always stimulating.

  70. Ha ha, kudos to history-geek's blog.! Assuming that everybody heard that dialogue, I am pretty sure that somebody frm JA team is reading this blog chupke-chupke::) They must hv re-researched n realised that whatever history-geek is telling frm the rooftop, was true !. With the result, we hv Jodha mouthing the dialogue of Daniyal being brought up in Amer n telling him how she missed his childhood:).Frm this it's implied that Daniyal was indeed Jodha's son.Otherwise why Akbar would send him to Amer? Only if they had taken this step some months earlier.!! Hoping to see more corrective measures:)

  71. Geeta, good afternoon :)

    great news - u made me really happy - may be finally the show may be brought back to track :)

    they do read the blog - but r not ready to admit it ;p

  72. Agree Abhay, Some New Talant should come, or They should try to show,Right accepts of Akdha Life.Ameen, Directores or writers should be Perfect.Then Hunger of Loyal Audience Will be Satisfied.

  73. Radhika, Iam lagging behind in MP.I hv just finished the mad scene of Jagmaal shooting his mother.:) I will watch n tell u.

  74. Radhika, i hv read this post. I thought there may be elaborate story behind it.Let us wait fr Abhay's post. :)

  75. Geeta, everyone tries to take the blame on themselves to save Pratap and Pratap stays mum to save Jagmaal. Udai Singh and Rawal are trying to find the guy who sold the gun to discover the real culprit. You can watch the show in FF now :)

  76. Abhay the NR has become a joke and you let your feelings well about it.

  77. These days the silly juvenile comments about the characters of the shows derogatory remarks on the choice of viewers trying to hide their deficiency in story telling and tracks is the state of affairs of the show. The show is running because many viewers form a habit of watching the show at that time which is still giving it the TRPs . The empty vessel , some of the actors and CVs, making the silliest comments should be ignored on twitter no one should comment on them it is just a attention getting technique.

  78. Thanks for informing about this Geeta. Hope they take more corrective measures. :D

  79. Thanks Sunram. I badly needed to write this piece and feeling quite relaxed after writing it. :)

  80. I completely agree with you. :)
    I myself advised many to not respond and ignore such tweets. Now they are going to the extent of attacking fans and even not sparing the REAL figures' image.!!

  81. Hi geeta, Abhay, Sunram please elaborate a bit on the comments on twitter you are talking about as I am not on twitter.
    Also geeta I have been avoiding the forum lately as even the wU was annoying me. So I did not realize they are now saying Daniyal is Jodha's son. I don't know why but it really makes me mad instead of happy Geeta. What sloppy, nincompoops !!!! Every attempt was made on this show to degrade MUZ into a silly, gullible doormat. So much that even her own. kids were daan karofied to someone else. The same was done for Akbar. Now at this late stage they have the gall to show Daniya as her son...... Grrr! I am really pissed. Sorry for venting guys.

  82. Preet, it's very recent development, yesterday's episode. n I was shocked, it was unexpected. ! forcibly brought in. What abt the actress they already introduced as his ammijaan? In this scene also it was reffered to indirectly, as if u take it as u want, don't ask us.:0
    Forum I hvn't visited fr long. Last time when I visited, I saw banter betn u n another lady on Ruqs, Don't understand, how people take wiki on oath n dare to argue.
    I feel bad fr the lead pair of JO-AK's become hot ghee/ potato fr them nigal nahi sakte, nikaal nahi sakte. They can't leave the show at this stage,
    Preeti, I am happy that at least one mistake they hv accepted. But ab correction karke kya fayda when chidiya chugh gayi khat?

  83. Nor am I on twitter, so don't know whats happening there.!

  84. Abhay, yes you understood Right.

    Actually True Guru Duty is Big,+Tough Guru Loves,Disciples,Core of his heart.

    But disciples, Learns acc to Own ability, Disciples, How Grasp Guru Words,That,s very important.Then Guru try to clear Disciples Conflicts.

    Conflicts, always different types.But Guru Knows, Disciples,need, Guru knows,Disciple Growth, But that time, Guru Awares,so starting time he takes little Percautions, but teaching, he not stops.i recalling Kabir Doha.

    Guru Kumhar Sikh Kumbh Hai, Gadh Gadh Kadhe Khot
    Antar Hath Sahar De, Bahar Bahe Chot

    Here is Meaning:

    so Alive Guru is Like supportive, system, When need, he will try to clear Conflicts,Dead Guru is like Help Book, Every will understand acc to His capabilty.

    But disputes, Can be Happen. If Guru is Alive, Discliple, is Fast learner, Then Discliple,will close to Guru, Both needed to Learn from eachother, This Point is very Important. Because acc to Guru, why fast Learner will wait, More, Because God give him or her astemena becoming a Big tree, soon, Or Fast learner will also spread, Good teaching;s to others. But Maybee slow Learner, will jealous, or they not accept parallel discliple, close to Guru,
    then Guru own allows, Fast learner, Made their Own way, or Made new discliples, Because Guru knows he is capable , But some choose Own way, they not wait, Guru,s, permisson.But it depends own individual taste. Some interested to Make their own way, Ex Kabir, Osho, Budh, Mahavir. Or some interested, to live with Guru. Some interrested, surrendered type, Meera, Eklavya,etc ,Yes After Guru death Every person will understand Guru teachings, acc to Own, Capabilty, But some will sure Understand Excat, Meaning, or they will Honoured, Their Guru's Name.
    Kabir Osho, Meera, or many if they Made their own way or, Maybee they surrendered, but One Thing is Common, Love for all Universe, They always Honoured Their Guru,If we see Krishna or Rama Even Ravna, they honoured their Guru.

  85. Abhay i wrote after Radhika Reply First pera, ans, acc to my capabilty, Last line, Ans,

    Yes this can be One reason, After Gautam Buddha, Buddhism,Bifurcated, Many more reasons, sure happened, or its not only, Buddhism, After Mahavir , Jainism,same happened, Guru knows how to bind, all or he teaches, others also,,Many others same happened.Surprise is this Everyone Teaches, Love for Humanity, or But this thing is very lacking this Earth.

  86. Nothing important is happening on Twitter, Geeta :) Believe me, you are not missing much :)

  87. Geeta,

    Today I saw the scene from MP where Akbar gets the divine vision of a girl. That girl is not v attractive - I hope she won't be Jodha!

    Even Hamida Bano I saw today only. She is not a patch on Hamida from JA. The latter looks really good. Sigh!

  88. Geeta,

    Some brahmin wants MP's help to save the cows in their region from a powerful guy who is very dangerous. MP has been placed under house arrest by his father yet he goes with that brahmin to save the cows. And he takes Jagmaal with him! Ostensibly to train him in warfare. But Jagmaal takes a gun to shoot MP at teh 1st chance. Dheerbai asks someone to get the gun from Jagmaal before he really kills MP.

    Maan stands upto Dheerbai and Jagmaal in support of MP. Ajabde supports MP. Akbar is depressed because the pir has told him he will not be able to kill /defeat MP in direct battle.

  89. One point of comparison between JA and MP:

    There is no physical intimacy between MP and Ajabde. They behave like royalty and stand apart respectfully at all times. Their love can be seen in their eyes and on their faces and in their words/gestures.

    There was more physical intimacy in JA between the leads yet it was labeled as lacking and much was made of it, even attacking the leads personally.

    Struck me as quite strange.

  90. Radhika, Geeta, and Suganya..
    I replied here, please see and answer. :)
    Link: >

  91. Thanks for the explanation, Ayushi. :)
    Your words possess a deep meaning always, sometimes it is tough for me understand. This post was another such piece. :)

  92. Not only this Preeti,
    They have ALSO shown Jodha arranging a Dastarkhwan(dining/food) for Murad as well along with Danial. LOL.
    The tweets you are asking are given below.>

  93. Radhika,
    Well Said..I replied here.
    Link >

  94. OMG Abhay, these comments are made by an actor on this show???? And he still keeps his job? This saga is getting more bizarre by the day. So what are we to believe Abhay ? That the makers of this show no longer believe in the story of JA? Or these are just personal gripes of an actor that does not get his screen space? I am just blown away by the audacity of this guy. Where does it place the legitimacy of this show now Abhay?
    On IF I replied to your post by saying I am grateful to this show for renewing my interest in history. I changed my mind now ...I wish this show never came into existence. I am afraid it has done a lot of damage to the legacy of MUZ/ Akbar . :(

  95. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!! Abhay. I have seen a lot of sloppy shows on tv. Never seen a circus like this before. Changing the storyline at the drop of a hat and depending on which way the wind blows. unbelievable And this twitter exchange...I just don't know what to say.

  96. radhika - aftr reading these tweets, i think u were ryt. nothing good happening on twitter. we r nt missing nything. better 2 ignore bt my blood iz boiling now.

  97. @Preeti...

    Here are the tweets which Sunram was talking about. These were made by the actor who plays ToderMal from his account. I asked to ignore it.

    Read your self and then you will understand what was being done. It looked like an attempt to nullify the JA story and promoting SA.!

    I ignored them. Here are those tweets. Not worth giving attention.

    1. Fun Facts: JODHA is a fictional character. Harkha Bai was the real one and was not that an important begum

    2. Legend of Ruqaiya Sultan begum: The longest serving Mughal empress with a tenure of over 49 years, Akbar's first wife & only Love of Akbar

    3. Heer Kunwar (Harkha Bai) was honoured with the title Mariam-uz-Zamani ("Mary of the Age") after she gave birth to Jahangir..BIG DEAL!

    4. The best thing about the internet is that you can quote something and totally make up the source -George Washington

    5. History: Akbar had a fling with Anarkali (leaving love of life MUZ) and Salim too was attracted to Anarkali...Thats why the Akbar-Salim war

    6. Do you know guys what this is #AnarkaliTomb #Lahore

    7. If History repeats itself, I am so much getting a Dinosaur :-P

    8. 21st century: Where Deleting History is more important than making it...So go do it :-P

    9. Some MORONS just want to see two beautiful people chit chatting romance..not happening...#GoGetALife

  98. Well put Geeta. But why can't the leads leave? They need to dump this show fast. I feel staying on will harm their careers.

  99. Iqra Meri behena, Bhool ke bhi mat kaho aisi baat. They have already spoiled the reputation of Akbar so much. Please pray we don't see the two fight over a hairdresser! Yes my blod is really boiling. Wish I had not asked abt this stupid twitter thing

  100. preeti abhay n othrs frnds - 'tis is outrageous n shocking. how cn an
    actor do so? does ekta cares nymor ? how cn he call muz was not so imp
    ny othr begum? i bet in united states 'tis guy wud hv been fired by now. such bad publicity wid international audience. i fear they ll show akbar falling 4 anarkali. allah bachaye. :-(

  101. preeti - i dont know wht i wud hv spoken if i meet tat actor. muz n salim ka relation kharab kar dia. ab akbar ko anarkali se fling karte hue dikhaya to i ll blast him on twitter. i m getting very angry. 'tis tweet spoiled my mood.

  102. Yes Iqra, blast him from my end too. I am not planning to join twitter yet. So please do the honors from all of us on the blog

  103. Preeti and Iqra,
    Please don't spoil your mood. The actor got back nicely from many many fans there. It's true what he wrote was shocking. Expecting such a thing from a cast member is something unbelievable. Many people thought his account has been hacked. No one was able to believe it initially. Add to this, SA fans were up in defense of these tweets to promote SA and not JA. !

  104. i cn well imagine the scenario abhay. sa fans must be on 7th heaven at such tweets. bt y mixed signals abhay. dey showed daniyal as jodha's son indirectly. thn also showed jodha sayin' she missed daniyal when he ws in amer. nw ques iz - if daniyal is not jodha's son then y will she miss him?
    also dey showed jodha arranging food 4 murad. both called her ammi jaan 2 ? dont know wht 2 take out 4rm 'tis. cvs r a confused lot.

  105. Abhay this will not promote SA, it will drown the whole show and make a mockery of the legend of JA. I saw your scan from the akbarnama on bhupats death that you posted here on your twitter flash. I was wondering about the context.... Now I understand why you posted that on twitter LOL

  106. preeti - m not active on twitter now. bt nw i m thinking 2 b back der. tm needs sme course correction. good 2 knw he got bck 4rm d fans already.

  107. Iqra,
    They are showing scenes of Murad and Daniyal with Jodha. ROFL
    Also, Aram Bano too. I don't know what is in their mind, but one thing is clear, this blog had some impact on them. I keep sharing your comments on twitter which ultimately reach many people. LOL
    I think this platform is really good to voice our opinions as there is no moral policing by any authority. :D
    It's really nice to have all of you here. At times, this blog is also questioned. LOL

  108. Preeti,
    I did not give credence to the tweets of the actor playing ToderMal, but i was bombarded with messages to PROVE that Jodha had a good status. Fortunately, i had an old scan which was to be used in a future post, but i posted it there, to calm down the people. Otherwise yesterday the temperature was quite high on Twitter.!

  109. yes abhay - ur blog is discussed on facebook also. u hv many fans dere 2. sme r really special fans. hoping u understood me. hehe.
    i am beginning 2 think cvs r taking course correction steps bt slowly.

  110. agree preeti - now i 2 got it. m laughing here. scan on twitter was an indirect answer.

  111. Abhay, so my post, again, made you do a lot of Brain excercise, Ha Ha Ha,Today you should enjoy Almonds,Lol,
    Better luck next time.
    Anyways, Which lines, you feeling, troubling, you can write, i will try, simple writing.

  112. If He tweeted, Harka Bai is not Favourite begum, So they should Made serial, Ruk +Akbar.Or own enjoy.

  113. TRPs are also down showing such tracks what else to accept.

  114. Actually the physical intimacy is only implied and shown in expressions see the old movies you can get the feel of romance just by songs and expressions but the way JA forum some people post is just ridiculous and since when TV media is showing all this except some late night TV shows. No doubt these days show has become a bit liberal but here this show is a historical show a king with many wives/women a polygamous marriage not a modern couple love story lol

  115. Just because some people with no sense of history post something does not make any gr88 people small or less gr88 only the ignorance shows

  116. Radhika, thanks fr that info.:0

  117. Radhika, not even Maham anga, Behram khan, the dialogue delivery is also not at all good.On the contrary, we hv good actors frm MP's side.
    For the serial to be successful we shud hv all actors, including villains' sundry, shud be credible, believable, not over the top, also. In JA we had maximum actors/ actresses who put their jaan into the charecters.
    I am not much hopeful abt how Akbar will be portrayed in MP show:(

  118. Iqra, pls share the link to FB :)

  119. Iqra,

    Abhay's already replied 2 u and replied indirectly on Twitter 2. I just want 2 say don't fret over JA anymore. Just chill like the weather :)

    If I were 2 tweet the sun will rise in the west tmrw, that's not going 2 happen. What any XYZ person says about Akbar or MUZ cannot and will not affect them. It will only make him look like he's desperate for attn, like a li'l kid who says bad words so that ppl will be shocked and look at him. :)

    Sometimes it's better to stay silent and let the world think one is a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. Ekta and team have anyway made fools of themselves thru the show. It would be prudent for them 2 keep mum rather than issue statements that make them look even sillier than their comedy circus show.:)

  120. Ayushi,
    Finally i understood everything after reading and re-reading. I will ask when i am unable to get it. :D

  121. Sunram,
    From all quarters the CV's / actors / writers are getting complains , TRP's are falling as you said. But, still no rectification by the makers. Now what can be said ? Is it adamancy on their part or deliberate suicide. I have seen this situation for the first time.!

  122. radhika - c official zee tv jodha akbar admin shared 'tis 4rm blog.
    'tis blog counts in top 10 ranked sites 4 muz searches internationally. its bcoming popular vry fast. blogs take years 2 b popular. bt 'tis blog is climbing d ladder at vry grt speed. m soo happy 4 'tis.

  123. Iqra

    U r right. :) There r v few sites anyway on MUZ that give authentic information. Most just recycle the myths. This is a niche blog and will always count with those who are seriously interested in knowing about MUZ, Akbar and their contemporaries.

    TFS link :)

  124. RT finally got married - wonder how RT fans r feeling ;p :)

  125. He got success fame and settled at a very young age so all the best to him and his wife. Still he will be having many dreams as an actor and his professional and personal life which he wants fulfilled in his life. All happiness health wealth and success to him.

  126. Just got an idea to salvage the show if the CVs BT or Channel wants it they can give good tracks of JA by going into the FB mode and showing different NR historical events not distorting too much, they need not even incur lot of expanses it can be a voice over + few scenes and also close lot of lose ends left in the show

  127. Thanks for the post Abhay...
    As u all thinking Makers r trying to repair things by mentioning Ameer Daniyel relatinship but i feel they trying to mess it up more n mockery to the history bcz i feel the reason for mentioning Ameer may be to run simultaneous lovetriangle of Daniyel Man n salim along with Man salim Anarkali bcz daniyel is missing Man little bit more in show now a days...........its just my feeling n this thought is disturbing me more...........i hope i am completely wrong

  128. OMG! Abhay, what is going on! This is so disgusting. These tweets r the cheapest way to assert something abt which u yourself r not sure.Better not to read them. grrr--

  129. I shaer similar fear Lakshmi. I too heard that a Love triangle is being planned with Man Bai also. If that happens it will be HIGHLY disgusting thing to have till date. :(
    Lets hope for the best.

  130. Sunram,
    It seems the writer on Twitter is beginning to wake up. Recent TRP's were around 2.9 and JA is no where in race. He said those who are watching to keep watching the show, and not celebrate at the fall in TRP's. Some how, the tweet pointed to some remedy being put in action. Let us see. :)

  131. Geeta,
    It's better to ignore them. You are right. Not worth giving attention and our time. :)

  132. U r right Abhay.....things will be become worse.....Hoping for the best at this point little bit difficult for the show is at peaks of its stupidity.....

  133. Lakshmi

    Hope for the best, (mentally) prepare for the worst :)

  134. Lol i agree with u Radhika
    But what i feel we should thankful to writers for their foolishness bcz today sooo many r saying MUZ is soo powerful she held with great respect n love throughout her life......Cvs is ruining the beautiful lovestory but no one saying there is nothing to show which is actually needed to lovestory of Akdha.....this is all bcz of their foolish script n illogical direction...
    Thanks to u guysss this bcz of ur reasearch which is making sooo many fans to answer to those who r speaking badly about MUZ........
    Pls keep continuing..........All the best for the further reasearch.....

  135. Thanks, Lakshmi for your encouraging words! Abhay started alone but when the cause is right, people keep joining it along the way and a movement grows :)

    Today like you said so correctly, many people are aware of the position of MUZ in the Mughal empire and the love story of Akbar and MUZ.

    The CVs lost a golden opportunity thru their foolishness. They were sitting on a gold mine and they traded it for a coal mine. Money is still there but the allure of gold cannot be found in coal. :)

    Do keep reading and sharing about MUZ and Akbar. :) Are you on Twitter / Forum?

  136. I have a membership on forum but i am active not there bcz forum looks like a war field for me.....but i dont have twitter acc.....

  137. U r welcome Radhika......Truely u people deserves appreciation today soo many people r believe in lovestory of MUZ n Akbar just bcz of two reasons acc to me Parijat ki chemistry n research by Abhay......people who r not believing is just bcz they r not able to accept the truth.....
    The main villain in their lovestory to accept truth is Religion...
    U r right Radhika cvs turned gold to garbage....i feel show has to count its day as Ashoka is gng to air if it gets succeded no one can save show.........
    I am very big fan of Akbar n MUZ........the credit turning me n sooo many into history lovers goes to show.......

  138. True Lakshmi.!
    Latest articles openly mention sidelining of leads and the lack of RT-PS presence as a reason for falling TRP's. At least now the makers should open eyes. Let us see.

  139. Totally agree with you Abhay .....Its disheartening, disappointing, depressing to watch JA nowadays...This really beautiful/promising serial has been a total let down now due to the over-confidence shown by people working for and in JA.......In fact it becomes really boring when we watch characters like Salim, Anarkali, Haider, Bela, her jungli / dominant father, Maanbai, Jagat and many more using more screen space than lead characters Jodha and Akbar (who are only shown with one lollipop scene that actually contributes very little to the growth of the track).....On top of that their natkiya rupantar with actual children of MUZ being given like charity to other begums and whole lot of other stupidity has made this serial not worth to watch now (and remember, this despite several calls, messages, tweets providing feedback on regular basis against leap......and the sliding TRPs speak for itself now)

  140. Agree with you Pallavi, and i share similar thoughts. The NR is getting intolerable day by day. But, happy to see you finally commenting on the blog. :-P

  141. My tomorrow came finally today :-p.....But will be coming here regularly....for sure buddy :-)

  142. Yes it is true Abhay...even i saw the offscreen pic daniyel on tree n down manbahi as i said show is at peaks of its stupid....n it is beyond repar now........anyway i have no more hopes on this show i am hoping for another series frm another PH strictly not from she proved she cant any project more than a year once again.....

  143. Lakshmi

    Imagine if Ashoka aired at 8pm. Then nothing could have saved JA LOL

    The 2 factors u mentioned r awesome - PariJat chemistry and Abhay's research. I also turned into a MUZ fan / history lover after watching JA / reading Abhay's posts. :)

  144. I heard show is gng to take 8 pm slot i hope it is true.....bcz ektha ko pata chale uski galati kya hai.......
    She disppointed me very much Radhika ....i thought show will be masterpiece in Indian Television industry after reading Abhay posts.....but it tured into dummipiece.....

  145. No, Lakshmi, it's at 9 pm and of 1 hour duration initially :)

  146. Today the revolt of Mirza Hakim was discussed in JA effect of TRPs is it

  147. So Sunram,
    Have they planned to bring back Mirza Hakim and introduce his revolt.
    Or was it a mere passing reference ma in the show ?
    Do you think they are trying to resurrect the show ?

  148. Akbar was strategising how to deal with him I dont know if they will show him or not.

  149. Thanks for sharing.
    But according to timeline , this event should have been over by now. LOL
    But anyways, at least they are showing "something" !

  150. Hahaaaa,, i do feel amused of the current serial. When they show us a girl named bela i just couldn't anything else but LoL...

  151. Nia,
    That part dealing with Bela was complete fiction. Please don't think it is true at all.! I was appalled even reading about that track.

  152. Ekta Kappor has warned her writers that she wants good TRP's at any costs. I heard this news on Twitter today.
    I hope some thing good happens now at least. :-P

  153. Next up :

    JA wedding anniversary celebrations - Thank God, they seem to have remembered Feb 6 is the wedding anniversary of JA! Hope a grand jashn is shown without any problems happening :)

    Seems Jalal will sing a song for Jodha ROFL

    And Anarkali will dance for the money to save her ailing father and Salim will be SHOCKED to see her! LOL In all these days, didn't he know who she was?

    And Salim-Man engagement to be announced?? Aren't they married already???

  154. But I read somewhere that Akbar was not a bad singer himself and he used to sing sufi songs

  155. It was also reported in SBS

  156. So Akbar was really a fine musician :)

  157. After seeing currunt story line, feeling coming, Adam was killed by Akbar, Haider Maybee killed by Salim in future.Ekta style

  158. Ayushi,
    Quite possible. LOL
    Not watching the show, hence i don't know what's happening. :)

  159. He was a fine drummer also. He used to play "Naggara".
    TFS Sunram. :)

  160. Radhika,
    It seems in order to bring Jodha-Akbar centric events they are playing all these tactics.
    No, i don't think Man Bai and Salim have got married as of now. It seems announcement will be made in future. :)

  161. Ekta, Warned her writers, so soon she remembered, Lol. When people were doing calls, or writing on forums, everywhere, they not listened, Audience voice,When serial is lacking totally interest, they are wakeing.sometime late waking up is injurious to Serial Health.Serial has took so Many leaps, Audience interest is almost lacked.Lets see, which, trick will back, serial in Good TRP race. i have less hope now.

  162. Abhay,

    Akbar will announce the wedding in the jashn and Salim will leave the jashn...

    Some friends say Salim will marry Man only when Anar is firmly entombed in the wall....

  163. Low TRP,Working, or they recalled, Feb 6, wedding anniversary, Lol.Jodha whose Marries, shown without asking Jodha, or she felt extreem angery, in serial, Now Parents announcing, Salim marriage, without asking him, or Dreaming, salim will be happy.Why they showing, Akdha this type, or imagaining, TRP will be fine
    First they should reconize, downfall cause, or then work on it, Already is late, or doing same mistakes again again.Yesterday they showed, Makabra talks again, or they Making khiddi, Daniyal one side Love.Drowning, ship or Boat always tough to save.

  164. Further fall in TRPs

  165. TFS Sunram,
    This news will give more jitters to the writers/CV's. I really hope Ekta is srious enough this time. They can bring back old villains and limit the role of Salim as a SIDE character. Still the mess can be contained.
    As Radhika said, it seems end of Anarkali is near. She has to be done away with asap and get focus on politics. Audience will love such intelligent tracks.

  166. Hope this walling or end of Anarkali track happens soon, see Sunram's info. TRP's plunged further.

  167. Abhay

    It seems Salim and Anar are not "in love" yet. They have to fall in love, get caught and then only Anar can go into the wall ! A few weeks to go at least :)

    Ekta may introduce a foreign wife for Akbar like Helen in Ashoka :) May be a Portuguese wife LOL

  168. rajat tokas should quit and become adult ashoka-devi.. :P

  169. Not just yet! I want to watch Sid as young Ashoka for sometime :)

  170. Gauri, you are right, but i want to see Ashoka's childhood journey for a long time. :-P

  171. Radhika,
    Do not give such dangerous ideas, it may also become a possibility. Who knows. LOL
    The show is in ICU, lets see how it recuperates. :-P

  172. I think makers have decided to arrest the Further fall in TRP's..
    The new track of Akbar competing with God seems to be an indication. :)
    Lets see, how this turns out to be.