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Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 31 2014 Jodha Akbar | 364 NR at it's Worst - Journey Continues

Hi friends,

This is a really short update for yesterday's episode, which was nothing but blatant murder of history.

We had Salim, Daniyal and Qutub going out of the palace, with the motive of returning the ghungru to Anarkali. And after searching a lot, finally they returned the said ornament to her. 

On return, they were confronted by an angry 'looking' Jalal , who surprisingly, explained the basic know how of this materialistic world where the life of the prince of an Empire is very precious, and the conspirators are always keen on utilizing such instances for their benefit. In between all this, Salim falls asleep and we get a short scene focused on Jodha and Jalal ONLY.

Coming to history, we all know that Daniyal was brought up in Amer by wife of Raja Bharmal, but in our show, as per " NR of Balaji", Daniyal is in Agra..!!!

At least, Daniyal is shown close to Salim, in this NR.
Otherwise, I was expecting an experiment of Ekta here also.

Historically, Akbar loved all 3 of his sons, and in this show it seems that Akbar is feeling ONLY for Salim. It was Daniyal who was considered the best person to succeed Akbar, if not for his alcohol addiction in later life. These facts are enough to question the authenticity of facts portrayed in Jodha AKbar show off late..!!!!.

It seems, even the makers of this show are not clear about the mother of Murad.
The CV of Jodha Akbar, present on twitter keeps changing his view. Initially he tweeted the mother to be Salima Begum, later he said she was responsible for only for bringing him up. How come these 2 versions in 2 days.?.

And yesterday,  Manisha Yadav, the lady playing the character of Salima Begum, tweeted from her account that she is the mother of Murad..!!!

This is pathetic..Who is running this show.?. Different answers are coming from different authorities of the same show.  

Have the makers even decided whom to FINALLY show as the mother of Murad.?.

This Qutub of our show is Qutub-ud-din Koka. He was the son of the daughter of Salim Chisti, who was Foster Mother of Salim; and he was a CLOSE childhood friend / foster brother of Salim.I am sorry. I can NOT control my laughter after watching all this MEssed-UP Natkiya Rupanter, which is now blown out of proportion, after i got to know that, Daniyal is in Agra and not in Amer with Mainawati.!!!!.

This Daniyal is close to real one in the sense that, the REAL one also was fond of eating{Link}, and VERY Dear to Salim. And the kid playing the role of Danial is nice enough.

Can any one tell why CV's are messing up SUDDENLY with all the real events.?.
First it was Salim Anarkali and then Murad and now Danial is also in Agra not in Amer, and mother is NOT shown to us , coupled with different answers from different authorities.??.

Last Post:  October 28 29 2014 Jodha Akbar | 361 362 - The Children of the Mughal Sultanate

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 
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history_geek has updated the historical information related to children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani here.>
Children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum

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  1. Nice post Radhika, I am also confused on the ages of the kids shown. Wasn't Daniyal supposed to be the youngest. The Daniyal on the show appears to be older than Murad and maybe even Salim ( may be close to Salim in age). did they get Daniayal and Murad mixed up? Also from what limited amount I have read the three brothers were close to each other but it looks like the CVs are setting the stage for future hostilities between Murad and Salim. Is there any indication of that in history or just another NR?

  2. Preeti,

    The post is by Abhay - you can tell by his trademark style!

    The young kid who wants to eat is Daniyal. He looks younger than or close to Salim's age but older than Murad.

    The taller boy is Qutub.

    As far as I know, all 3 had no problems with each other in their younger days. Though I don't know how their relations were after growing up and vying for the throne and power. Abhay can answer better. :)

  3. Great post, Abhay! :)

    Ya, the blunders continue. And the confusion too.

    The CVs don't know who the mothers are and are therefore keeping this info a secret and trying to throw off viewers by letting them think what they (viewers) think is correct.

    Today again the CV said the mothers of Murad and Daniyal were concubines!

    Can you tell me what happened to Birbal? Is he already dead in the show?

  4. Oops so sorry Abhay, Main sathiya gayi hun! But this is crazy how can they show daniyal older than Murad? nonsensical!!

  5. Abhay, i can understand ur resentment.I hv a suggestion fr CVs of all serials. if u don't hv penchant fr research, then don't venture into historical zone. s-) You can very well be happy doing a saas bahu serial.Why take trouble n twist history to ur convinience n cheat the public?:-O The makers r in a hurry to introduce another love story. Salim-Anarkali They do not want to specify who's whose mother.They just want to garner TRP by setting the shahzaade against one another.

  6. Preeti,

    No issues. ;p

    By the way, Radhika is right. There were no issues between the 3 brothers, especially not possible at such a tender age. The PH has used all this to cash in on the TRP's and add the typical SBS Drama element in this royal story. :(

    Yes, Daniyal looks MUCH older than Murad, which is surprising.

  7. You've summed up nicely Geeta. The CV's are confused to show as to who is who's mother. They don't have an iota of research skills. I am sure they don't even know that Daniyal was brought up in Amer by Bharmal's wife. They have taken leaps after leaps and destroyed this show.

  8. Radhika,

    I seriously doubt their research skills now. About the Birbal issue, only CV's can tell. There is no Bhagwan Das and no Mainawati but the the grandmother of Jodha is present. LOL.

    Birbal died AFTER Salim married Man Bai but here it seems that Salim won't marry any Man Bai..LOL. As he is enchanted by Anarkali since birth. I have given up on this show. I don't expect anything from them. It's better we discuss and debate our points here.

    I am enjoying Maharana Pratap, at least it looks like that there is a King and the show is much MORE ROYAL than the pathetic depiction in JA, where the King and Queen keep roaming in the 4 walls of Harem in their entire life.

  9. Abhay, I agree to what you said.
    My views on why CVs are suddenly messing up the beautiful epic story of Jalal and Jodha because,
    1) They are lazy bones, have no social responsibility and hence do not want to research on Akbar-MUZ despite there being a wealth of information on Akbar/MUZ
    2) The fictional Salim-Anarkali story which has no base to history can be conveniently shown as per their liking and their imagination, with NIL research and interference from any political clout
    3) The tracks can be dragged / halted / short-changed as per their convenience to raise TRPs and churn money for the PH...Be ready to welcome new vamps/villains in show.....we can already see Murad steadily turning into a grey character with Haider as a perfect villain ......There will be a LOT MORE to come and with Ruku still standing rooted to her position, it is not far when Jodha Akbar will FINALLY turn into a typical soap.

  10. Well Said Pallavi.. :)
    What else can be the reasons. Now, i have no faith left in the research skills of the BT. I simply can not believe that they have researched enough. They are telling us to read the autobiography of Jahangir, which contains distorted information, as far as the Kids are considered. Let us see what more is there to come, though i don't expect something more worse..

  11. history-geek. on hindsight I feel why we shud be deprived of real history, because of foolishness of Balaji? Tell me Abhay, fr how many years Daniyal was in Amer? Was there any particular reason fr his bringing up in Amer?
    U said Adham Khan's son Haider is a fictional charecter. But in reality he also must hv had some children.Or was he also childless?
    I hv read that Salim took good care of his siblings till their death. Sibling rivalry started only with Shahjahaan.followed by his sons
    I really didn't hear Daniyal's name in the serial, n I thought at least he will be shown as Jodha's son Btw, who's Qutub?In the absence of CVs explanation, one will think he is also Akbar's child:)
    Actors in the seral maharana Pratap r good. The sets r also grand.There were so many wars! They were realistically portrayed too. But it too suffers frm same faults, distorted facts.Since the protoganist is MP, Akbar has been shown as ruthless n cunning.As u said king is shown as fighting wars, not stuck in the harem.That is really pleasant thing i can say.:).

  12. Geeta,

    Agreed. Even though the show has turned totally fictional, still we can always discuss the REAL events here.

    As far as i know, Daniyal was in Amer for 13 years. The reason said is that - "As a gesture of honor to bring him up in the environs of his Rajputana roots, as his mother was from Amer itself". :)

    Adham Khan had a brother, he had no son. :D

    I mentioned above^^ in my post, about Qutub. Please read it.

    You are right about MP. But still i prefer it from Jodha Akbar, at least these days, as Jodha Akbar has twisted history to worst possible levels.

  13. It has been my experience that every time I think the show cannot get any worse, it ACTUALLY gets even WORSE!!! :(

    We could see Salim fighting his brothers a la Shah Jahan.

    Btw I finally cracked who could have told Haider about his father and grandmother's deaths. It should be Resham. This person could be shown to instigate Haider against Jalal for revenge. We know Resham or someone like her attacker Akbar after Maham's death. This could be a long=drawn Amitabh Bachchan - type revenge drama in which Haider grows up resenting Jalal and then attacks him after growing up. Murad is the wayward son who sides with the vilains before he realises at his death bed that he had wronged his parents.

  14. Saas bahu soap set against a historical backdrop has its own mystique and sets the show apart fro other soaps instantly. :)

  15. Geeta

    You are right - till now, we have not been introduced to the kids formally. Not even a VO telling us who is whose child.

  16. I watched a few episodes and then couldn't get back to MP again. Must see :)

    Salim may be shown to marry Nur Jahan directly, as Shaguni Bai said there were only 2 women in his life and we have already seen one. LOL The CVs don't seem to have even heard of the "Twentieth Wife". Though that would have helped them drag the serial endlessly for years.

    Akbar has also stopped marrying after Jodha. :) Reminds me of something I read today - "Being the first love of someone is great, but to be the last love of someone is beyond perfect." It took me instantly to Akbar and HK. :)

  17. Question to you, Abhay, :)

    I read somewhere that Salim resented Akbar giving importance to Murad and Daniyal after they had grown up and this made him start rebelling against Akbar.

    Another place I read that Murad was passively disobedient to his father (without openly rebelling) after going to the Deccan and refused to take the support of any ataliq sent by Akbar. That he would deliberately send overtures to enemies and undermine Mughal military ventures and not take initiative etc.

    Are these things true?

  18. Radhika,

    I do not have strong reasons to say that these things are true. This is quite hazy. I can not say with assurity as of now. If i get some thing, i will post here soon. :)

  19. Abhay and Radhika, this is in reference to your remarks about Murad's passive resistance : Radhika what you said maybe true actually. I just found this reference in Vincent A Smith's book ( p 269) which describes Murad as a " drunken Scamp filled with overweening pride and Arrogance" Also Badayun also dismisses Murad as being as arrogant as his father. Smith says that Murad's rivalry with Rahim Kane khana was so bad that to appease him Akbar removed Khane khana from Murad's charge in the Deccan. He also states that had Murad lived he would have made a bid for the throne himself.
    On the other hand this weekend I read an account of a fascinating letter exchange from AKbar and Murad regarding Akbar's religious policy. I detected no tension and found Akbar's reply to be awesome. Of course this is a translation from persian and we all know so much gets lost in translations. Abhay what do you think of all this?

  20. Thank u, coolpree. fr that interesting n valuable info.Can u please sum up the letter fr reader's advantage?

  21. A year ago these were the same people who had brought forth some underground facts on MUZ and Akbar that others had not even tried. A year later these are the same people have destroyed the show in the name of NR. They have degraded it to the most low level.

  22. Preeti,

    Like Geeta says, pls do share this letter exchange between Akbar and Murad. :)

    If we see in the show, then already there is tension between Rahim and Murad, right from the latter's childhood. LOL But on a serious note, Abhay, how were relations between Murad and Rahim?

  23. Geeta and Radhika, I will definitely upload tonight. Geeta sorry I just noticed your request. sorry for the late reply. This info was shared with me by a member of the IF. Abhay, I will also send it to you as per your request in the pm. I have been a bit busy at work but plan to spend some time reading tonite...will try to summarize the letter for the blog. Radhika this interface is a bit confusing. where should I post the contents of the letter? under the main page under general comments or as a reply to you or geeta.

  24. Thanks Preeti! I think you can share the complete contents with Abhay and he will post the relevant info along with any inputs he has as a new post. :) That would be the best solution.

    You can also post the parts you think are relevant either as a reply here or as a comment on the Akbar and MUZ History page (see link at the top of the page). :)

  25. Thanks for answering this, Radhika. As i share my readings openly here with you all, so I hope for a 2-way exchange of knowledge also. It will be in best interests of all. :)

    By the way, you are aware of my views on the question asked.

    I have not been able to get the complete Persian letter of Akbar translated. When i am done, then i will be able to answer you in a better manner. :)

  26. Agree Abhay! :) A blog is a wonderful place to share knowledge. Apart from you, I learnt a lot from Priya too about the Cholas.

    No issues about the delay. Pls share when you get the full details. :)

  27. It has been a while since I read your MUZ kids. So please ignore if I don't remember all the facts.
    Wasn't Murad the "slow" child? Started his education much later. One of the reasons we discussed was the possibility that he was born premature and therefore had delayed milestones.

    I have seen the individual pics of kids but not when they are together. Although, the showmakers don't seem to have an eye for detail, but I am willing to be generous and accept that maybe Murad looked younger than his real age.....but what about mental age? He doesn't seem to be slow in that regard? For a child who started his education late, he seems to be quite bright.

  28. nice to know that you are enjoying MP. I didnt watch it fearing that it will be crappy NR focussed on butchering the lead characters. By this time i was regretting my decision to start watching JA. Maybe, I should give MP on sony another chance. Maddy likes it too.

  29. Cleo

    You are right. Murad started his education at 8 years.

    Since Salim is 9 now, Murad must be 8. But he looks quite younger. And he is not only quite bright but pretty shrewd and manipulative. He knows how to plot and trap Salim and how to show him up.

    It's incredible how such a slow child is being shown to be so revengeful at that age. :(

  30. geeta I have posted a small summary of Murad letter exchange in the main post of the blog do read it I think you will enjoy it

  31. Radhika, I suggest, u watch the 12th nov.episode (most prob ) of MP ,i.e entry of Chetak, the horse. He is tall,white n handsome, I bet u will certainly fall in love with's wonderful horse, full white with black dreamy eyes.It's unusaully tall, thus makes me wonder if it's a real one orphotoshopped!?