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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Historical Tracks for Jodha Akbar Show

Hi all,

This is a different post from the ones normally made on this blog. Neither this is completely historical, nor this is an episode related post. Here, I am listing some 'possible' tracks which could have been and which can be depicted in the show Jodha Akbar.

Since, the show is not following timelines in complete regard, i am listing some historical events, dealing with Jodha and Akbar ONLY, along with the actual timeline, where it is possible. The tracks which are considered better can prove to be a good bet.

Please note that in this post, Jodha means Harka Bai. 
Here we go:

1. Marriage of Jodha and Akbar > 6th February 1562 in Sambhar in Rajputana. 

2. Same year , the Battle of Paronkh happened in October 1562, in which Raja Bhagwan Das saved Akbar’s life by taking an arrow shot on Akbar on his own chest, and offered water from his own supply to Akbar, while the latter was looking for water in the war-field.

3. Adham Khan, Atga Khan and Maham Anga died in 1562. Though, some Mughal records put these incidents in 1563. 

4. Abolition of Pilgrim Tax > 1562-63. Abolition of Jaziya > 1564

5. Birth and Death of Twins > 19th October 1564 and 27th October/5th November 1564

6. Sharif-ud-din's Dad arrives in Agra, and is welcomed by Akbar > 1563-64

7. Flight of Sharif-ud-din > 1564

8. War with Sharif-ud-din > 1564

9. Sujamal dies in this war. Jodha accompanies Akbar in the war.

10. On returning, they went to Dargah of Sheikh Salim Chisti in Agra in 1564.

Historically, Akbar did NOT FALL out with Harka Bai, after the demise of twins. He supported her, and took her with him to the war and pilgrimage just after the twins demise. This speaks VOLUMES about her and Akbar's relation.

11. Mahachuchak Begum is stabbed by Abu'l Maali in Kabul, and later, Mirza Hakim, orders for his hanging. This also happened in 1564. It was a series of murders which started at the behest of Mahachuchak Begum, and she was the ultimate victim of it. A separate topic will be posted soon on Mahachuchak Begum.

12. Mirza Hakim, son of Mahachuchak Begum invaded Lahore, Punjab in 1566 during the Uzbek rebellion. But retreated back when Akbar personally advanced and a face-off was avoided.

13. Birth of a daughter, in 1566-67 to Akbar and Harka Bai, who passed away. BOTH, went to Ajmer Sharif BAREFOOT, for pilgrimage. 

This pilgrimage was VERY different from the ones, which Akbar did earlier, or the ones which he did earlier with his wife. It is special for some special reasons, and that would require a separate post, for the details are too big to be mentioned in this post itself..!!

14. The war of Chittor, from 23rd October 1567 to 23rd Februray, 1568.

Historically, this war happened after 3 years after the demise of Kids. As shown in the serial, Jodha Akbar, Akbar NEVER stopped talking to Harka Bai, till this period. The show did a blunder in the name of 'Natkiya Rupanter' , during this period. They have destroyed the essence of their relationship. During the time, in which the creatives should have shown these trips to Dargahs, they gave a strong blow by showing that Akbar was not on good terms with Harka Bai. They skipped showing their daughter also. The CORE events of history were massacred.!!.
Post : Why did Akbar attack Chittor ? | Marathon Series Part-1

15. Akbar had vowed that if he wins this war, he will pay a trip to Ajmer Sharif. Hence, after the war he went straight to Ajmer Sharif. 

Note that, by now the Navratans - Birbal, Tansen, TodarMal, Raja Man Singh, Faizi and Abdul Rahim Khan-e-Khana were already present in Agra Court. Faizi joined the court just before the beginning of Battle of Chittor.


 16. Harka Bai is sent to Dargah of Sheikh Salim Chisti in Sikri, by Akbar, after it is found that she is pregnant. She stays in the Rang Mahal(a separate palace for her) during her pregnancy. At the time of delivery, she is sent to the modest dwelling of Salim Chisti. Here Salim is born on 30th August 1569.  Akbar used to visit her from Agra during the period of her stay in Sikri.  Post : Children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum


17. Akbar gifts her "Naulakha", valuing over one lakh gold coins. !!!! And a pat on her head. She comes back to Agra.


18. Birth of his second son Murad to Harka Bai quite soon in 1570. Again she is sent to Sikri. The kid born was weak and is said to be premature, he started his formal learning at the age of 8, while his siblings started it by the age of 5. The verses in the Akbarnama, the Persian chronogram present in the Munthakhab-ut-Tawarikh, and another historical account of Akbar's chronicler, clearly mention the origin womb of Salim and Murad to be same. Along with this, the treatises written on Fathepur Sikri, clearly mention her as the mother of both the princes of Akbar, born in Fatehpur Sikri. Post : Children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum


19. Since Akbar considered Sikri auspicious, Akbar moved his capital to Sikri by 1571. The palace of Mariam-Uz-Zamani(today it is called Jodh Bai palace, locally) was built there. The construction had already started earlier. This palace was originally connected to the palace of Akbar, i.e., his Khwabgah.

20. The birth of a daughter Shakrunissa Begum, took place in 1571.

21. Birth of a son, Daniyal to her in 1572. He was born in Ajmer, in the house of a saint, Sheikh Daniyal, hence the name. He was sent to be brought up by the wife of Raja Bharmal in Amer.

But, in the serial Jodha Akbar, this fact has been distorted. The makers have shown Daniyal staying in Agra, and that too, as a son of some other wife of Akbar.!!. This was plain distortion of history. He should have been present in Amer with the Rajput relatives of Akbar, but this aspect of history has been changed. This act depicted his closeness with the Royal Family of Amer.

22. In the same year, while proceeding on a war towards Gujarat in 1572-73, the Imperial Harem of Agra, where all the Royal Mughal Ladies were residing, was placed under the charge of Raja Bharmal for protection. This was a RARE honor, of which I have not heard, to be given to someone else by Akbar.  In this war, Bhagwan Das and Raja Man Singh were his close associates.

23. In the war in Gujarat in 1572, a brother of Mariam-Uz-Zamani, Bhopat was killed, while fighting on side of Akbar. To offer the condolences, Akbar sent Mariam-Uz-Zamani to Amer. This FREEDOM which Akbar gave to his wife was bitterly opposed by the orthodox clergy, and denounced this move, but Akbar allowed her to go to Amer.
Guys, note that, this was a very important step. The significance of this event is that it shows the freedom assigned to his wife despite the opposition of clergy.

24. Death of Raja Bharmal on 27th January, 1574. He passed away in Agra.

25. Around mid-1570's, when Akbar marched for war towards Bengal, he took the young kids Salim and Murad and the selected ladies of his Harem with him. Obviously, his wife Mariam-Uz-Zamani, might also have been there. Till now, I have not been able to find out the names of ladies present there. Special flotillas were arranged for the ladies. This was a journey via river through the area of present day Bihar towards Bengal.
Shortly before this journey, Abu’l Fazl had joined Mughal Court. His brother Faizi joined the court earlier in 1567.

26. Gulbadan Begum and Salima Begum, and other ladies left for Haj pilgrimage to Mecca in 1575, and returned to Agra in 1582, after a span of 7 years..!!!!

Some sources mention that, Hamida Bano Begum also went for Haj pilgrimage, but the year is not clear. It is uncertain that she went with the above mentioned ladies as she was present in Agra in 1577-78. Hence, this claim is uncertain. One of the texts encountered, mentioned that she went to pilgrimage in 1571 and returned around 1575, though I am NOT sure about this claim.

An interesting fact, which can be seen here is that -. Murad was ONLY given for initial upbringing to Salima Begum, as he was very weak at the time of his birth, and required special dedicated attention, because Salim was born recently to Mariam-Uz-Zamani. It is not possible that, Salima Begum would have left Murad in Agra, away from her, that too for a period of 7 years, had he been her biological son. A point to ponder upon..!!. Which mother would leave her 5 year old son for 7 years in a place like Harem which was full of palace conspiracies ?

27. Shortly afterwards, Mirza Aziz Koka, who had been showing ‘signs of rebellion’ was put under ‘veiled house arrest’ in Agra(not Fatehpur Sikri) for some time.

The readers who wanted some historical track ideas can get some of them from here. Since, the show is not following chronology correctly, hence some of the tracks can be taken from among these..
More events will be updated soon…Keep reading... 


A painting shared on the blog by Radhika.

This is a famous Mughal miniature painting made in the 17th century by the court painter of Jahangir, Bichitr. It shows the Emperor (Jahangir), a Sufi sheikh, an Ottoman Sultan, an English king, and the artist himself. The painting is candidly titled "Jehangir preferring a Sufi Sheikh to Kings". It is presently in the Smithsonian's Museum of Asian Art in Washington DC. (All US friends can view it. :) )

The Sufi Sheikh in the painting is Sheikh Hussein, a descendant of Shaikh Salim Chisti and the keeper of his shrine. The English King is King James I of England.

Last Post:  November 9 2014  | Jodha Akbar - The Miasmatic {Step} Mother

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the topic... 
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  1. Abhay, Awesome...very interesting post...will revert after thinking over this post :)

  2. awesomeeee!!!! great info Abhay..very very interesting..hope CVs open their eyes and show some truth to us instead of showing non sense in the name of NR!

  3. Abhay, you have presented a very good collection of historical details in chronological order. Unfortunately the TV serial is based on 95% dreadful, regressive, oppressive, exasperating unbelievable natakiya roopantar and 5% concocted, inaccurate, disfigured historical facts. I've started making it a routine to read your blog regularly, since a week. It is heartening to read authentic information that has been compiled with love and respect for history, after thorough research and hard work.
    Thank you :)

  4. This post of yours gave a pinch in my heart.... the show would have been a classic if it showed history with a ting of Natakiya Rupantar....

    changing the parentage of Murad and Danial is too big a distortion to be accepted....

    By the way nice post Abhay.... will be waiting for the update of Ajmer barefoot journey... please update soon if possible......

  5. WOW! Abhay you have a great blog but I have to say this is easily your best post so far. It really lays the timeline of their lives so well. The Salima Begum Hajj timeline is so revealing. I of course have loads of questions but especially about #13. Gosh when are we going to hear more about this special Pilgrimage Abhay? Our curiosity has been aroused :)

  6. Awesome post Abhay... Loved it . Thanks for presenting a chrological order , I was surprised reading about the signs of rebellion of Aziz koka ..Could you provide us more details on why so?

  7. Thank u very much, history - geek,this exactly was the kind of post we were waiting impatiently fr. Especially fr bhulakkad like me it's ready reckner. I used to get confused as the serial started twisting history, as n when they wanted. So I had to either search ur blog or ask u abt the chronology. Thans again. With the help of this post, we can simply brush aside the historical blunder n take whatever we want.
    As usual I still hv some qstns. U hv said Sujamal died in the war with Shariffudin. Frm whose side was he fighting? When did he join Akbar?
    Did Shariffudin also die in this war or later?
    Who is Mirza Koka?
    I hv read thet Sharifuddin's father had a sufi lineage, was he also a conspirator like him?

  8. By not showing the beautiful city of Fatehpur Sikri, makers hv insulted the history as well as the city.They simply don't want to go out of four walls of harem:( Ekta ka bas chalta, to chittor war bhi harem me hi dikhati s-)

  9. A very wise decision, Charu! I myself prefer this blog much more than the forum because I get to learn so much, discuss what I don't understand with Abhay who always explains the most inane queries with patience, and, most of all, all the posts of Abhay here are so positive! When I get depressed reading the forum posts, I come here to rejuvenate myself. :)

  10. Preeti

    And we are still waiting for that letter from Akbar to Murad you promised to share :) Please share soon!

  11. I was also most shocked by this news about Aziz Koka's rebellion. I always thought he was most loyal to Akbar, just like his father! Would like to know more, Abhay, when you have time.

  12. geeta

    Yes, this post is great to refer to for chronology of imp events. :)

    Aziz Koka is the son of Atga. You can see him with Maan Singh these days.

    Abhay had given the lineage of SD in one of his history posts on IF.

    SD did not die in this battle. He was killed by Akbar later.

  13. Ekta has just one set, which she reuses for every location. :) And the jungle location is also the same always, whichever area it may be supposed to be.

  14. Radhika so sorry please see above I have posted a response

  15. Radhika u hv rightly poited out Patience n Positivity r 2 imp. qualities (along with others) in Abhay, which makes him more endearing to us.:)( ( how i wish emoticons were working ). Answering, n explaining each one of us the same thing, again n again, not an easy one. If I were in his place, I would hv got irritated.:)

  16. Thank You everyone. I will post next part, as soon as possible.
    Till then, i can see, you all have many queries.
    We can discuss them here. :)

  17. Radhika,
    Thanks for answering the queries.

  18. Can't wait to go on a tour with Abhay, to 'Jo-Ak's pilgrimagge Ajmer' on barefoot. It will be lovely, n interesting.

  19. Faithful Atga's son became rebellion,is it? OMG!

  20. Geeta,
    I hope you are enjoying this new interface.
    Now, you can "LIKE" comments, as you it was present in IF, as you always wanted. :)
    Only thing is - Emoticons won't work now, but i can understand what you mean to convey, by checking your emoticons with the index present above. :D

  21. Friends,

    Posting a collective response to all your questions till now.

    1. About Mirza Aziz Koka.

    He was the son of Atga Khan, and almost rebelled. Various reasons are given for this. Most prominent is the one that - some of his "benefits" and those of some other nobles suffered after the measures undertaken by a senior official of Akbar, aimed at regulating the state expenses and regulation of administration. This incident is NOT described in depth anywhere. Hence, i skipped the details.

    Later also, Mirza Aziz Koka protested against the introduction of Din-e-Illahi.

    He had also accused Jahangir during his reign, of giving more weightage to the foreign nobles in Mughal administration.

    2. About Sharif-ud-din.

    His father had a Sufi BG. But he described in history as a "rich-greedy-miserly" person. I wanted to write about his family in good details but i stopped as Ekta skipped all those events in the show.

    It was Sujamal who died in 1564, while saving Akbar, in the war b/w Akbar - Sharif-ud-din.

    It seems that Akbar had initially tried to "catch" Sujamal, because accounts mention that Sujamal escaped Mughal armies using Guerilla tactics. We know that he had captured Mewat earlier. This was shown in Jodha Akbar serial.

    Sharif-ud-din died much later, in early 1580's.

  22. abhay, I can't see the 'Like' buton. anywhere

  23. Geeta,

    The "LIKE" button appears as >>> " ^ ". It is called "Upvote" in this interface. Along with this, you have a DISlike button also. That is called DownVote. ;p

    Both these buttons are present on the "left" side of "Reply" option.

    Read this post. You will understand. :)

    The Like button is present below all the comments you see here.

  24. A much needed summary.....Thanks Abhay.

  25. Forum has become a habit now. I love visiting this blog...bookmarked it today.
    Love the adjectives u hv used to describe the show....agree with your views

  26. And thanks for adding the 'like' feature Abhay.

  27. Cleo,
    This "Like" feature is very useful. Esp. in the times when we are unable to post detailed comments. That time, liking is very beneficial. :))
    Hope you are enjoying this interface. It appears much better now. :D

  28. Thanks a ton for this precious post Radhika! This helps us relate to the serial story line untill twins death!

  29. Rakshitha, welcome to the blog :)

    This post is by Abhay - pls thank him for such a wonderful post! :)

  30. Did Mirza Aziz Koka continue into the reign of Jahangir despite almost rebelling during Akbar's time? That's amazing! Was it a good move on the part of Akbar/Jahangir to allow him in the court after his misdemeanor?

  31. Would you like that to be for real, Geeta? :)

    I am also looking fwd to that post however. :)

  32. Really shocking! Atga was faithful to Humayun also, I think. Often, children do not inherit their parents' values. :(

  33. Thanks so much Preeti :)

  34. I would have blasted off someone for sure or gone crazy LOL

    I will add his tenacity in finding out the details we ask for and generosity in sharing knowledge to the list, Geeta. :)

  35. Thanks a lot Abhay . Very interesting informations. Abhay a request if time permits if u can could you please give more details on the ideology created by Akbar the din-I-lahi on how he got that idea ,how he managed to convince people etc.. I remember u mentioning even maansigh doesn't like that .Akbar should have faced some revolts right? It could have been hard to convince both hindus and muslims to follow a new ideology .

  36. How I wish it could be for real radhika anyway i'm also looking forward to that post eagerly

  37. True Radhika, we all thank abhay for sharing his indepth research with us generously .. but Radhika ,I have also found you too patiently explaining to even repeated questions or views and always gracefully putting forward your thoughts without hurting others .

  38. Priya

    This reminds me that Abhay had shared the list of people who had joined his new faith on one of his history threads.

  39. Thanks, Priya :) Have learned it after coming to forum. :)

  40. Hi Everyone, Coolpree has shared some letters exchanged between Akbar and Murad in 1595 on the main blog page. Please take a look and we can discuss them further. :)

  41. Oh, Please! No thanks needed. We all try to answer each other's queries the best we can in your absence. :)

  42. Radhika,
    Mirza Aziz Koka was quite 'spontaneous' , i must say a fascinating figure. :)
    He used to burst out quite suddenly. So much so that, he even went against Akbar's order at times.

    But, he continued as he was considered "loyal" by Akbar.

    Though, he was rebellious, but those actions were NOT directed for his lust of power.
    It was more about not being able to READILY accept the new reforms of Akbar, which he saw as an "interference". :)

  43. Priya and Radhika,

    I will post on Din-e-Illahi, but please remind me in case i forget. :)

  44. Awesome Abhay. Thanks much for this wonderful informative post.

  45. Any idea about these reforms that Aziz Koka was not able to accept?

    Did his children also join the Mughal service?

  46. Sure, Radhika, as it is, Abhay takes us to that era thru his enigmatic posts, so much so that his posts become more attractive n interesting than the serial.
    i had been to Rajasthan tour thrice in the past, as the state is very huge n we cannot completely see it at one go. But what i am repenting now, is that each time , we chukked off Chittodgadh as it was out of the way n ' not interesting n enchanting 'as the other places. But I must add that there is huge difference between first time we went n the recent one as one cud sense their deteriorating condition due to govt apathy.

  47. Lucky girl! :)

    We planned to go to Jaipur 3 times and each time, something would happen at the last minute and we could not go. :(

    It's easier to see Rajputana thru Abhay's eyes. :)

  48. Interesting and informative post as usual Abhay.:) Hope CVs have a peep into this post and try to churn a short track based on these points. They can show a lot on points that you mentioned and that they have not touched till now while keeping their NR in mind (not their senseless NR though).
    The last point of Mirza Aziz Koka's rebellion was quite surprising. I would also like to know more about point 13 i.e. barefoot Ajmer Sharif - special pilgrimage for special reasons by Akbar-MUZ :) ...Will wait till you write more on this topic and thank you as always.

  49. The reforms were mostly related to the upkeep of the horses. The newly introduced required the Imperial horses to be marked with special "signs" which made them recognizable and differentiated from the "normal" horses. This was done to stop the corrupt practices in trading/maintenance of horses. Hope you got it.?. :)

    Yes, Mirza Aziz Koka's sons joined Mughal service. As far as i know, minimum 4 sons of him were in service of Jahangir.

  50. Radhika and Priya,

    I answered this above. Please see. :)
    It was mostly related to the maintenance of horses.

  51. Pallavi,
    I posted about Mirza Aziz Koka above. Please check there. About the pilgrimage, will be posting as soon as possible.

  52. I read that Abhay...Thank you :)....But still I was a bit surprised, maybe because he was one of the Navratnas :))...Will wait for the pilgrimage wala post....

  53. Hey everyone!
    I am sorry for being away for so long, as I was busy with a host of things.
    Abhay, Thank you so much for putting this up. I stopped watching the show during my exams and I doubt that I will resume. Its just too disgusting and disturbing to watch. I tried watching one episode, but it was highly boring and I couldn't watch the kid get shot by an arrow.
    The show is not even following history anymore, the PH is just keeping it afloat due to the high TRPs. And I heard that there was increase in them. So this NR will continue irrespective. I have lost all attachment with this show.
    I was watching the old episodes and the recent ones. There is a lot of deterioration in quality of content and also the direction, make-up, costumes etc. I presume the old team for the show has resigned and the new team is doing a terrible job at it.
    I am glad that we know through you about the real history. Otherwise, we would be misled by the show into believing their 'Wikipedia-inspired' historical tracks.
    Thank you once again!

  54. Samanika,
    Hope your exams were well. I have also stopped watching the show.

    There has been an overall deterioration in the overall quality.

    The show is NOT even following Wikipedia now. ;p
    At least Wikipedia also mentions the Daniyal was sent to Amer, and Salim respected his mother a lot.

    But see, the show is spreading nonsense in the name of NR.

    Reading history is better now, till things improve, if at all !

  55. Abhay, thanks! :) Sorry, seeing your response just now.

    Was Aziz Koka involved in any corrupt practices in the trading and maintenance of horses? Why else would he object to these reforms?

  56. Yes Radhika, you are completely right. Many nobles, were involved in "those" practices. Hence, the objection. Akbar deprived Aziz Koka of his rank for some time due to his opposition.

  57. And to think it was Atga who discovered evidence of financial embezzlement in Akbar's administration earlier. What an irony! Atga would have been so shocked to see his son involved in such malpractices and actually going against Akbar.

    Was Aziz Koka in Salim or Khusrau's favor as the next ruler? Any idea?

  58. So True Radhika,
    Mirza Aziz Koka, was completely not in favor of Salim's accession to the throne. These rivalries are very interesting. :)

  59. Hi Abhay,

    Is it true that Mirza Aziz Koka did marry a rajput princess like in the show? Also is it true that his daughter married Prince Murad? I read this somewhere but I am not sure it is true.....

    Are the foreign nobles you are referring to Rajputs or Nur's Persian family?



  60. Hi Abhay,

    I also wanted to ask about the Humayunama, did you find info on the missing parts of the biography, since it has an abrupt ending? Plus is it true that the English translations of the book are all based on a copy made in the 1700s. Was this document tampered with just like the multiple Jahangirnamas, or was it just lost over time? Is it true MUZ is not mentioned in the text?

    I have always said that you should publish this wealth of knowledge in a book. Bravo for all your efforts!

    P.S. I wanted to know if you know someone can translate Persian, because I wanted to know the translation of a folio from an Akbarnama. Can I post the folio here?



  61. Ika,

    It is said Humayun-Nama was lost over the time, and found later in 19th Century. Then it was translated. Yes, it is true that most of these Persian sources were copied from the original and then translated.

    Also, about Humayun-Nama, since that is history of Humayun, so it would not contain mention of Mariam-Uz-Zamani. :)

    You can post the picture here, i will try to get the translation, as the person who helped me usually, has shifted somewhere else, though i will try. You can post the picture. :)

  62. Ika,

    I have no information about Aziz Koka marrying a Rajput princess.

    Yes, Prince Murad(son of Akbar) married Aziz Koka's daughter and had at least 2 sons also with her.

    The foreign nobles were not the Rajputs or Nur Jahan's family. They were the Shias of Iran. :)
    In fact, Rajputs were not foreign. ;p

  63. Hey Radhika, wasn't Mirza Aziz Koka (Atga's Son), one of the navratnas?? :-ss....(I don't know why I have been having this thought since long) :(....Thanks for clearly though :)

  64. No, Pallavi, he wasn't. The nine gems were:

    Todarmal, Tansen, Birbal, Rahim, Fazl, Faizi, Man Singh, Mullah Do Piaza (i think) and the last person was some Fakir Aziao Din. Abhay will confirm the last 2 names but I am sure of the first 7. :)

  65. Samanika,

    Welcome :) Hope your exams went off well!

    I also stopped watching sometime back. I read WUs when possible.:)

  66. Yes. You are right about all 9 of them Radhika.....I just googled :-p regarding Akbar's Navratnas and found them to be matching with yours...:)....Abhay, seekka lago do please.... :D

  67. Pallavi, What was that msg again? :)

  68. No message :-p....Just confirmed from google about the 9 Navratnas you mentioned....You are right :)....Thanks again.....

  69. oh, i understood that part LOL. I meant what you said to Abhay but understood that also after a while :D

  70. Hi Abhay,

    I meant to ask if the Rajputs were considered outsiders by Aziz Koka, lol. I also thought Nur's family was from Persia, I thought I read that she was from a Shia family....I'm not sure though.....

    Thanks for replying so soon!


  71. Hi Abhay,

    Thanks a bunch for the clarifications about the Humayun-Nama. I just wanted to know more about Rahim, was he influenced by his mom's family (I read on wiki that his mom's family was Muslim but claimed decent from Krishna. I don't know how valid this info is! ) or MUZ, that lead him to write Hindu religious poetry? Was he close to MUZ like in the show?

    I'm sorry I keep badgering you with questions, but this period of Indian history interests me!

    I also found the folio of Akbar...could you please see if you could get it translated? Take your time. I would really like to know what the Persian inscriptions say. Thanks!

    Thank You,

  72. Ika,

    Interesting questions. :)

    Rahim's mother was daughter of Jamal Khan of Mewat. Their ancestors were Rajputs of Jaduan Clan and were the rulers of Mewat. They were converted to Islam quite early, much before arrival of Mughals.

    Rajputs derive normally 2 types of origins -
    a. Suryavanshi
    b. Chandravanshi

    These "Jadauns" of Mewat were Chandravanshis. And, their ancestors ruling family derive their descent from Lord Krishna.

    On main page of this blog, in the comments section i discussed a lot with Radhika about these Rajputs clans. I am mentioning one such comment's link, where you can see, it was mentioned that Mewat was a Rajput principality. :)

    You can check more comments there.

    2. Since, Rahim's mother died when he was very young, i can not say that Rahim was influenced by her in his devotion to Lord Krishna.

    Also, her ancestors were claimed descendants of Krishna not she herself in the present generation. Right now, she was a Muslim.

    3. Considering the above issues in mind, Rahim can not learn Krishna bhakti from his mother, surely the hand of MUZ might have been there. As he also stayed in the harem in his younger years, and that time, the main Hindu Queen was MUZ only, and perhaps the only Hindu / Krishna devotee / influence.!!

    4. I will try my best to get this picture translated. :)

  73. Ika,

    Rajputs were not considered outsiders by Aziz Koka. LOL. Man Singh was his good friend. I mean your friendship, it all depends on various factors.

    Yes, Nur Jahan was a Shia from Persian family.

  74. Hi Abhay,

    Thanks for the explanation about Rahim's maternal family. I guess it is safe to assume that MUZ was at least one of the influences that lead Rahim to become a devotee of Lord Krishna. Soon I will read the post on the Rajputs that you included.

    Also, thanks for your efforts in getting a translation for the folio, I really appreciate it.


  75. Abhay,

    Thanks for the info, and I had no idea that Aziz Koka was Man Singh's good friend!



  76. Pallavi,

    Aziz Koka was not a navratana :) But, yes, considering his lineage and the fact that he was Murad's father-in-law too, his rebellion is surprising. The fear of loss of power does make people behave strangely. :)

  77. ~~~Persian Translation of this painting ~~~

    Hi Ika,

    I tried getting the translation for this painting. I asked my friend who helps me normally in Persian translations, but was unable to do so, because the words are not readable in between in this painting. I took Tamy's help here, but that she was also finding it difficult to read this. :)

    Still tried finding. As per what could be understood, i am telling you, after consulting my Persian/Farsi dictionary -

    It is something like a order/proclamation and mentions the name of "baba khurram" and is addressed to him mainly, it further says - shame on these criminals(mulazimaat) for this sharmindagi(shameful) act.
    It seems an order has been given by the king to "make an example (naamud) " of those involved in this act.

    *text unreadable*

    The text is not understandable and there is mention of something "rupa nazar", perhaps this means the "eye being fixed on money".

    *text unreadable*

    There is a description of some thing related to "secret money(kabal uz umdan)" , perhaps it relates to corruption.

    *text unreadable*

    Next, it says "wapa(s?) nasd sawar" {means go back on camels to drive them while crying.?} < perhaps this is a punishment announced{?}. complete the duty(faraz kardeedo choo).

    *text unreadable*

    Again it takes the name of "khurram" and says with a prefix - "amad oo bood". This means "he WAS a praised one ". This is in pure Farsi language. Amad is one of the many names of the Prophet.

    Perhaps this means Khurram "WAS" a praised one before this.

    *text unreadable*

    It says to be strict with them(khud saktha).

    *text unreadable*

    In the end, the last line is completely missing , but before that, it says khebat/kehbat e kham , meaning something like from the "lips of unknown".

    Hope this was helpful. I tried my best. :)
    Please feel free to improve/correct me, because many words were not readable in this portrait. I have given an estimated translation. :)

  78. Ika,
    Here is your probable translation of the portrait. :)

  79. Abhay, Tamy, and the unknown friend,

    Great job! Probably some people may have been caught taking a bribe and have been ordered to be punished by dragging them behind camels, even as they may cry for mercy during such punishment.

    Such punishment was common then though it may appear as inhuman to us now.

  80. Hi Abhay,

    Thanks so much for getting the folio translated, I really appreciate it! Sorry about how small the picture I posted was, I should have given you the URL for the website I got it from. I am so surprised that it talks about Khurram and not Akbar, because I thought the figure in the folio was Akbar. Please thank Tamy on my behalf, for all her efforts!

    Thank You,


    P.S. I found this folio online at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

  81. Well Said Rashmi. There was no need for a leap, history itself gives us enough tracks. This is a classic case of throwing one's own feet on the axe.!

  82. Thank you Abhay and Tamy for the translation of the folio, I really appreciate it!

  83. it's always a pleasure to help u out Abhay :) it is u who does all the hard work :)

  84. so Aziz Koka is also going to turn against Akbar? :O
    u managed to translate the language? kabil-e-tareef! :) only a person who has passion in history can show effort to do this.
    amazing info....thank u :)))

  85. Yes Tamy, Aziz Koka can show signs of resentment, though i doubt they will show all that in the serial or not. :)
    BTW, I thank you also for giving me the required help in translations. :)

  86. Wow Abhay ,In one page you have given the entire storyline for almost 500 episodes for this serial without taking major leap .If only the makers had brains to understand that this serial can be watched by viewers for entertainment as well as knowledge too.

  87. Abhay

    Found something related to the branding of horses issue we discussed 4 months back. :) Better late than never.

    "Branding of horses is very interesting. Lands were granted to Jagirdars and Amirs for keeping regular horses and soldiers in different parts of the empire. Instead of keeping soldiers and horses, they often
    produced, when required, untrained and stray horses as loyal horses and low class street men as royal soldiers.

    In order to stop this fraud, regular registers of soldiers, with their fathers' names and addresses, were introduced. Horses were branded with the royal mark on the forehead. This caused a good deal of discontent amongst those whose fraud was thus stopped. "

    Ain-i-Akbari, Blochmann, p. 269.