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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jodha Akbar | 3rd March 2015 Update - Is it pointing to Rise of Status of Jodha and Pre-cursor to Din-e-Illahi ?

Today's episode was also good.  

Many things happened. I am listing point wise. :)

Short Update::

As we know already from the God Track update, same thing happened...>>>

Sharif ud din intercepts the letter which Man Singh sends to TodarMal in Agra and kills the spy of Man Singh. Man Singh wanted to send the letter to TodarMal and not to Akbar as Akbar thinks Man Singh is a "gaddar". 

He also informs Mirza Hakim about Man Singh that he is still loyal to Akbar. Hakim and Sharif plan to use Man Singh as much as possible and to eliminate him later...

Voiceover says Salim has returned to Sultanate after taking the necessary provisions, but he was not shown in the episode today.

Akbar is on bed for 2 months. No one knows what has happened to him. HB goes to Ajmer Sharif to pray for Akbar. Jodha and all Hakims are tending to Akbar . Akbar regains consciousness suddenly, and despite pleadings of Jodha and Hakims decide to first meet his aawam.

Jodha takes Akbar outside to the aawaam. But he sees that no one is happy and prices of items are sky rocketing. Also, the aawaam expresses displeasure after seeing Akbar.!

Akbar holds DEK and talks that he has to do some necessary arrangements for control the situation.

Jodha prays to Kanha and cries before him to help Akbar and the Sultanate. Akbar comes from behind and says that there is no need to pray to Kanha as there is no God, no Kanha, no Allah, because if God exists then how can a God see his people dying ?

Akbar leaves.Another scene before Kanha. Aram Bano comes to meet Jodha. A tender scene. :) Jodha decides to use her position of MUZ now for the betterment of her people of Sultanate.

Ruqs decides to sent a women who was suffering from a disease out of palace. Jodha intervenes and says she can be sent to the Shifa Khana(hospital) also. Why to throw her out ? Ruqs says, ok i agree with you, but what if other catch this disease. ?. :-P

This was a nice confrontation. There was a major improvement in the interaction of Jodha and Ruqs. Both were fine. :))

I am sure this track is a LONG one. Jodha's position in Sultanate may rise now in this track. Akbar is set to introduce Din e Illahi at the end of this track. I could feel this today. I think in coming episodes we might see Akbar calling people from different religions where he will debate about religions and existence of God.
And this will be used by the conspirators as another pretext to prove that Akbar is "insulting" their religion and instigate revolt.

Lets see how much of this happens.
The episodes these days are really reminiscent of the Old Days. :)
Complete focus on JA only.!

Ignore errors. :)

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  1. Nice post if this all will happen in ja then its trp will incd and this is awesome full of history y-)

  2. Abhay

    Lovely WU! I missed the first half of the episode but your WU made up for it :)

    So you think Akbar's disillusionment with God will lead him to look for answers in other religions and from there, it will be a short step to Din-i-ilahi? I would love to see the inter-religious debates, though I feel they won't be shown.

    According to my hunch, Akbar is disillusioned with God. He will project himself as a spiritual master (pir) and seek to show the right path to those who accept him as their master. The debates will be skipped. Let's see what Ekta has in store for us. :))

    Akbar may face revolts in this regard (^^^) and have a tough time getting back his lost standing among the public.

    Do you remember the dream of Jodha where she saw Akbar in tattered clothes and a sadhu helps him cover up with a blanket? I think the dream means that Akbar's image will be in tatters and then some spiritual person will help him rebuild the image.

    I would be EXTREMELY happy to see rise of MUZ. God knows I have been WAITING for this day ever since she got the title of MUZ and the crown.

    And if she achieves some growth in her personality on HER OWN without any push from Akbar, then that would be the cherry on the cake.

    She may go out among the masses and help them rebuild their lives and in the process, turn their hatred for Akbar into respect again. She may open a hospital for the really sick people after Ruq challenges her about the lady with the infectious diseases (leprosy?).

  3. Image showing Akbar participating in an inter-religious debate. Hope we get to see this soon in our show. :)

  4. I am not being able to watch epis due to timing change issue :(

  5. Radhika di ,
    I would be more than happy n satisfied to see MUZ executing her powers :):)
    After we all wanted to see fiery Rajput princess of initial episodes , ever since Muz crown was given to her :););-p

  6. Kembang TanjoengMarch 4, 2015 at 6:12 PM

    It is nice to know that they are getting back to the historical facts. I think it is unlikely they will show the inter religion debate. It will ruffed some feathers here and there. Some might deem it as blasphemy.

  7. Suganya, totally agree with you :)

  8. Oh Kamal, may be you can catch up on net? Pls try because the episodes are really good, just like old times :)

  9. Abhay,

    It was an amazing episode with some amazing acting. Even Shareef, Mirza and Maan's side of the story is shaping up very well.

    There is an article come out regarding a new entry in the show. The person will help out the Mughal family, but will eventually fall in love with Jodha.

    I can sense major NR here :P, but I don't mind watching till the focus is on MUZ-Akbar. And I can guarantee that this NR will be better than watching Sanar :)

  10. Thanks Soni. This will happen slowly. :)

    Today's episode gave this indication makers are serious enough. :)

  11. Radhika,
    I completely agree with this assessment of yours.

    Remember Akbar assumed supreme powers to interpret the
    "Personal Law" in cases of dispute and that was the FINAL trigger to the
    revolt. :)

    Akbar i want Jodha also to be shown as self-realizing of her role in the
    Sultanate. When we have read farmans issued by Hamida Begum and MUZ ,
    then why can not these ladies be shown issuing them in the show at least

    Totally agreed with your second comment. It was Akbar's
    greatness also that he ensured she had those rights and powers, no doubt
    MUZ also ATTAINED all that by her qualities.How many 16th Century
    monarchs did so other than Akbar ? He was confident of the qualities of
    his harem folks.! After defeat of Hakim he gave the throne to his
    I am yet to see a King treating a woman at par with him that he even gave throne to a lady in THAT AGE !!!

    I would prefer to call MUZ talented rather than powerful. Infact, Her talent earned that power to her. She got all those positions due to her distinguished qualities. :)

  12. You are right Kembang. The debates if presented in the show may look like blasphemy and can result in unnecessary brawl. !

  13. Completely agree Samanika. With dramatization if we get some entertainment within "certain limits" , nothing wrong in it.! :D

  14. Repeat timings have changed.
    Zee Tv hd timings are 12.30 am,3.30 am,6.30 am, 8.30 am, 9.30 am,5 pm.
    Zee Tv normal timings are 2.00 am, 9.30 am, 5pm.
    If the timings have not changed back to normal, then these are the new timings..Try to watch, episodes are quite improved now. :)

  15. Kembang TanjoengMarch 5, 2015 at 5:21 PM

    Yup do agree with you Abhay our MUZ is a multi talent lady. She must have been a very smart one too.

  16. Kembang,

    He was just trying to showcase the Salim Anar love story by downplaying the love story of Jodha and Akbar.

    Anyway, it seems the actress playing Jodha said in an interview that the Salim-Anar track was an experiment only and since viewers didn't like it, so focus would again be on JA only. :)

  17. Yup I did listen to her interview with Sabras on DriveTime UK Radio. She had mentioned that it was an experiment introducing Sanarkali story line. But a very expensive one. Since it cost them a significant drop on their rating.

  18. Show lost on audience and still struggling with TRPs