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Monday, March 2, 2015

Re-Entry of Sharif-ud-din in Jodha Akbar | 2nd March 2015 with History Update about Akbar's Divine Experience


Today's was a nice episode, i must say quite improved one. Tell me what was not present in this today. Giving a detailed update.! Ignore the grammatical  errors, as i am writing this at a great speed, as i have to rush back to some work again.!

1. Our Bad man Sharif-ud-din came back in Jodha Akbar today.
2. Salim touched feet of his mother - MUZ and even hugged his father.! Some respect shown atleast.!
3. Man Singh and Sharif-ud-din's confrontation, though short was worth watching.!!!

At the end of this update, I have mentioned the history part related to the divine experience which Akbar had during that time.

Today's update


People are protesting against Akbar openly. Salima Begum, HB and Jodha present. Danial, Murad, Navratans and Mansoor present. Akbar tries to explain to people that those fields were burnt for their benefit only. People become calm and start listening to Akbar.
Some one throws knife on him. But Akbar stops his soldiers from attacking the people. People say what good will happen by burning the fields.

Then people again stop, and say ->
"un sikkon par Khuda ka naam likhaya apne naam ke saath. Hum aapki baat nahi sunenge..."

People do not listen to AKbar and protest continues. Birbal and others take Akbar inside.

A Hakim(doctor) operates on Jalal. HB and Jodha present.

Jalal tries to leave as he has much work to do. Salim also present. But they all stop Akbar as he is not well. Akbar instructs Birbal to work for betterment of people.

Salima and Jodha tell Akbar to take care of his health.

Jalal is instructed to take rest. But Jalal insists on taking care of welfare works, but since he is stopped from working. So, Finally, he instructs Birbal to take care of welfare works.

Birbal tells -> Wheat and other ration are not in sufficient quantity, We need to import it.! Also, there are reports that the neighbors have stopped providing any ration to Sultanate. Birbal offers to go to import ration from overseas but Akbar says he needs Birbal, hence someone else will go. Salim agrees to go for this assignment.
Jalal asks Salim -> Do this work carefully, my son. Salim nods his head and leaves.

Next Scene
Salim decides to go to some place via ocean route to get necessary ration for the aawam. Salim instructs Qutub to remain at palace and take care of the aawam in his absence.

Scene between MUZ and Salim.
MUZ gives her wishes to Salim and bless' him.
Then, Ruqs kisses Salim on forehead. HB also gives her blessing to Salim.
Salim leaves.

Man Singh and Mirza Hakim scene..

Man Singh tries to know how big is the force of Mirza Hakim. Hakim says its quite large and there is no need to worry about it. Hakim also tells that his people are creating situation of revolt in Agra.

OMG.!! What did i see?
Entry of Sharif-ud-din in Jodha Akbar.! This is a surprise package from the creatives.!
Much appreciated entry.!

Man Singh gets very angry seeing him but controls himself. Even Sharif gets angry seeing Man Singh. Sharif tries to kill Man Singh. Both were ready for a fight.!

He shouts to Hakim->"Man Singh can never betray Jalal no matter what happens."
Hakim cools down Sharif-ud-din but still Sharif says that he won't believe Man Singh can ever betray Akbar.!
Then, Hakim and Sharif tell Man Singh that Shah Mansoor is giving all the internal info from palace to them.

As i said in my earlier updates, Mansoor is hand in glove with the conspirators!
So today that thing became clear.!!

Scene of Anar and Salim
Salim comes to meet Anar. Anar refuses to see him. Anar's mom goes to meet Salim. She says Anar is not well and is sleeping. Salim leaves and asks her to take care of Anar, and incase of any need they can contact the royal palace. Then, Salim leaves.

Next scene

MUZ applies tilak on Salim forehead.
Salim EVEN touches feet of MUZ and then hugs Akbar.
What a poignant scene.!!


Scene of Akbar and MUZ
Jodha and Akbar sitting before Kanha. Akbar consoles Jodha who got emotional thinking about change in Salim. MUZ asks Akbar to sleep.
Akbar replies -> "He will sleep only when his aawaam sleeps well". He asks Jodha to sleep.

Dream of Jodha
"Akbar sees a Brahmin who gives him a shawl to cover himself . Dead people are lying every where." This was Jodha's dream. Jodha thinks of informing Akbar about his dream, but she stops as Akbar wont believe it.!

Today, I did not find this supernatural premonition of Jodha to be OTT. Akbar is also shown to be having a divine vision in 2 episodes now. Hence, this dream also looks fine to me in this serial!

Scene of DEK
Murad asks about health of Akbar.
Akbar replies first he has to think about the welfare of his people not about his own health.

Birbal informs there are lots of probelms in Sultanate:
1. The insects/worms are infecting people.
2. North West Provinces and Bengal area are in serious condition. Chances of revolt.

(I mentioned this in my history updates. Link : Click here to read about God Track..)

Pir Sahab asks Akbar to visit Ajmer. Akbar could not go as he has to take care of his aawaam who is like his children to him. Birbal also supports AKbar in this decision.

Mariam Makani says she will go to Ajmer Sharif instead of Akbar and ask for well being of the Sultanate.!

The same kid who came earlier in dream, speaks to Akbar again, and warns him not to think of himself as God. The kid asks Akbar to mend his ways. ""Next 3 months can be bad for him. ""
Soldiers arrive and Akbar asks them to search his room for some intruder but no one is found. MUZ arrives and asks what happened. Akbar says that same kid who appeared earlier before him came today also. MUZ remembers the words of Pir Baba that this kid is some divine soul. Akbar faints.!

Poison of the insect spreads in Akbar's body, hence he can not work now. To stay on Bed, perhaps he is brain-dead. This is "Natkiya Rupanter/Drama" Version of CV's. :-P. 

As i am more interested in REAL history, so I am updating the history related information related to Akbar's Vision. :)

Akbar had a major "issue" happened to him around 1578. 

Though, modern texts call it, "epilepsy attack" not a divine experience.

But, Abul Fazl, Badayuni, Kandhari, have recorded this was a DIVINE intervention and for some time it appeared that the Emperor "would leave this world". No one knew(could understand) what had happened to the emperor, and there were rumors that the Emperor was under a STRANGE-DISorder and the panic spread like wild fire. 

In Kandhari's words ->"A divine intervention had fallen on the emperor which hazed him."
Abul Fazl says --> "A sublime divinity took possession of his body."
Badayuni says --> "A strange state fell upon the Emperor and the precedence was unaccounted for."

I will post a separate history article on this.
Right now, i have this much information. :)

This article has been posted under the Jodha Akbar section of history_geek's blog.

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  1. Abhay

    Wonderful update! :)

    It is quite thrilling to see many details from history being adapted for NR in JA. Akbar's divine vision experience is being shown elaborately. Now even the "loss of senses".

    I would say Akbar would be shown to be in "coma" for a few days (screen time). That was the whole point of the insect bite.

    In the meanwhile, Salim has gone far away from the kingdom. MM will be going away too. So may be at least now, Jodha may be able to reverse the policy decisions of Akbar and bring things back to normal.

    On the other hand, Shah Mansoor may be able to instigate revolt against Akbar and forces may be brought against Agra from inside and outside (Mirza Hakim and co.) According to TV tradition, things have to be very bad before they get better.

    Frankly I did not like Sharif's entry and I had no desire to see him back. If he is again shown to be lusting after Jo, I swear I will NEVER watch JA again, NEVER AGAIN. Let's see what he is upto now.

    At least, the fact that MS is responsible for exposing the link between MH and Shah Mansoor is happening.

    I quite liked Salim's scenes today. His arti scene with Jo and AKbar and even before when Jo says she would not stop him were quite good. I just wish he would call his parents ammijaan and abba huzoor. :(

    Salim's friendship with Qutub was shown well. :)

    All in all, the track is being developed well and is reminiscent of earlier tracks that were so well made :) Hope things continue in this vein in future too. :))

  2. Abhay

    You described Akbar's divine experience beautifully in the post. It is really amazing that the makers are showing this depth of detail in their narrative. Truly, when the CVs are inspired, there is no stopping them and they open the floodgates of history generously. :))

    Let me share something in this regard:
    Abul Fazl recorded how in 1578, Akbar "experienced the sublime joy, attraction of the cognition of God". He further said about padshahi that it was " a refulgence from the Incomparable Distributor of justice ... a ray from the sun, the illuminator of the universe, and the receptacle of all virtues. The contemporary language calls it farr-i izidi {the divine effulgence}, and the tongue of antiquity calls it Kiyan Khura {the sublime halo}...Without a mediator, it appears as a holy form to the holders of power and at the sight of it everyone bends the forehead of praise to the ground of submission."

    Such status is bestowed upon the King as a spiritual gift from God. Humayun also believed that he received his "inspiration and intuition directly from God"

    In other words, Abul Fazl feels that the divine experience was a gift from God and bestowed "divinity" on earth on the king. After this experience only, I think Akbar started prescribing philosophical enquiry and critical scrutiny of religious rules and regulations. According to him, " that the light of Truth has taken possession of our soul, it has become clear that ... not a single step can be taken without the torch of proof, and that that creed is profitable which is adopted with the approval of wisdom."

    Such an approach, felt Abul Fazl, meant that one could learn something from all religions. And that people of all faiths, "once they adopt the searching spirit - the best among the creations of reason", can communicate and learn from each other.

    Akbar assumed "infallible monarchical authority" after this experience and projected himself as a source of light. He assumed supreme power because of his personal illumination. He thought himself to be "insan-i-kamil" - one who has achieved perfection. This concept was promoted by Abul Fazl and was appreciated by both Hindus and Muslims. Akbar combined the responsibilities of a king with those of a spiritual teacher.

  3. It's also mentioned in some places that Akbar experienced a "spiritual ecstasy similar to what the Sufis speak of", while hunting in Punjab.

    Somewhere it is written that Akbar saw flashes of divine lights upon hearing 2 "heart-ravishing stanzas" of qawwali in 1578. In the same year, he had another mystic experience that Abul Fazl called "the ecstasy of vision".

    In any case, Akbar seems to have used this experience to project himself as a king who is like a father to his subjects and one who is the perfect man / king because he has experienced divine revelation.

    Looking fwd to reading your insight on this fascinating topic. :)

  4. Abhay,

    Tks for your info update. I'm so excited watching this serials again..hope it will reach 1000 episodes. Tks to provided many history facts about Akbar. I think the JA makers have visited your blog already. Wish the best for your success...

    Did akbar have personal relation with Shah Mansoor?

  5. Abhay ,
    Will it be possible for us to see jodha handling her army for sultanate ?? As of now , Akbar is shown brain dead and waliyahad out of town ... Can they show Jo handling the army when MH will organize revolt/ war against mughal sultanate ?? Did army of Jo participated in any war ? If so can u tell abt the timeline ?? And is it possible that MM with other navrathans can handle the issues of sultanate if Akbar doesn't get off from his bed for more time ?? Sorry to ask so many questions to u ... But I m just intrigued to know more on historical facts ;):)

  6. Radhika,
    You have captured the most fine incidents from the episode. Salim's change
    in behavior made this episode much better. Though he called Jodha as MUZ
    only but still he was bearable and he touched her feet, and thankfully CV's showed Ruqs away. Akbar was shown in positive light caring for his aawaam. Many feared he will be shown villain in this track, at least till now it's not happening.:)

  7. Radhika,
    You have already shared beautiful details of this incident. I am going to post these only, with some "minor minute" additions, if time permits. :D

  8. Welcome Mirah. :)
    No Akbar did not have "personal family relation" with Mansoor.
    I am working on many posts , your post on Anarkali is also among them. Will post when finished. Till then, i hope you and all are enjoying interaction with Radhika. :)

  9. Suganya,
    I have not read of MUZ's cavalry participating in any war till now. :)
    Yes, but they can show MM and MUZ managing the kingdom is the "serial". It is quite possible. :)
    Hope i answered your queries.?. :))

  10. Ohh I see :(:( she didn't command her army in any war :(:( yet I will be happy to see her involvement in political issues actively in serial at least ;):))

  11. Thank you for the written update Abhay and for the accompanying Akdha picture :p....I have nearly stopped watching JA at 8 pm though I catch the repeats regularly.....It was a good episode I felt and Maan Singh is in his element trying to fool Mirza and lip-biter but smart Sharif :p.....Out of the many complaints to CVs....My main grouse is that they didn't show how coconut fibre (hope you remember him :)) )went to jannat along with watermelon eater (Mahachuchak :D).....

  12. Dear Abhay,

    I've visited some posts about Jodha Akbar serials by Shyamala
    B.Cowsik. It was some review posts about the actors of Jodha Akbar and others. Some guest mentioned your name (history geek) many opinions and controversy regarding life of Akbar and his begums. Most of them believed Rukhaiya was the most beloved and powerful queen throughout Akbar's reign. Thanks to you again, If i haven't visited your blog...I'll believe them...

  13. Radhika, i read many books, if a person, conscious, travells mostely times, god indicates, spiritual ecstacy. sometime person own not knows what is he hinting. from divine lights.
    But when he or she finds, or then he recalls that movement, then he or she understands, What was he or she hinting that time, from Divine sprits.

    once little recalling, Ram krishna pramhans, was seeing, after rain Sky,
    a pegion group was flying seeing white clour of pegion, Paramhans, feeled
    thoughtless or feeled, some divine lights enter in his Heart, or indicating, you have to do lot of works this Earth.
    After searching lot he found his energy only concerated, spiritual, type works, but when he reached extremed, level of spritualism, he recalled when he saw first time white pegions this feeling was then came which coming now. but that time i was not aware, but this time i aware, then divine sprits giving me message, or i realaxed in life followed them.same maybee happened Akbar in life many times.

  14. Thanks Abhay.

    Episode was good.

    liked, jodha secene, she knows now,jalal will not listen to her, so she will handle things, own.

    Salim is showing understanding his duties, or he wants to do for some Awam, so some parents qualities enterning him.

    Liked HB, also taking up her duty, going Azmer for devine blessings.

    Now MS, knows truth of Hakkim, Manssor+sharrif, sharrif should be punish i think, if we want Ruk should be punish Sharrif should also;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;punish;;;;but MUZ, dignity should not be Touch.

    Jalal is going to coma, MUM or Salim not Agra;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Hinting jodha will now, handle
    Agra responsibilties.

    Liked alone jodha is worring as a mother for salim, but in front of salim she boosted up salim.or feeling prouding Mother.

    If CV is showing Historical tracks, so Most of viewers, liking Real history tracks, Its a Great
    bonus for that type of veiwers.

    if CV putting energy to serial, serial is coming, good TRP race its good news for who loves this serial.

    If CV did mistake past, or now they wants to cure that mistake, or in future, they follow this
    its a good deal.

    One thing jalal conscious hinting, he is doing some wrong. jodha knows jalal is doing wrong
    but she knows jalal needs her company,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;so both is one point aware, or standing One place so internal travelling, both sides, working & binding both One conscious level.

    if someone learn from mistakes, or tries that mistake will not repeat, maybee reason, Good TRP,;;;;;;;;;;;atleast they making serial for good TRP. but if CV presents in Good Manner, its a good package for audience.

    If good episodes comes, its better for Audience. Mistakes should be given time to improve. Everybody learn from his or her Mistakes.Mistake is a ladder, to improve everyone, but need to climb up that ladder.How can everybody be perfect, in this Earth.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  15. Mirah

    Every person has their own opinion about historical characters. All I can say is that there is no proof to show that Ruqaiyya was powerful or the most beloved queen of Akbar. But there is ample proof to show that Jodha was the beloved wife of Akbar. :)

  16. Pallavi

    In this show, it is being projected that Mirza Hakim believes that Akbar killed Mahachuchak Begum.

    Abul Mali may still return to haunt us in some episode :(

  17. Suganya

    MM did handle the sultanat for some time when Akbar was away at war once. :)

  18. Abhay,

    That's true, now that you mention it. Akbar could have been projected negatively but thankfully, his character has been kept positive so far and whatever he is doing is being given some valid justification. :)

  19. Pallavi,
    I hope you are watching JA regularly. ? :))
    The present track got interesting now.
    BTW, I think Abul Maali has died, they announced or i am wrong. ?

  20. Ayushi,
    Nice review. The serial is going in the right direction.
    Hoping for revival. :)

  21. Pallavi,
    I don't know if i am correct but i heard perhaps for someone that Abul Maali died. Not sure. Please keep sharing your wonderful comments. :D
    Yes, they have announced a new entry, let's see what his role is. :)

  22. I am watching Abhay....but not 8 day in repeat....but yes, this track is interesting and more so because it is centred around Akdha :)).....and in the coming days, we will have one more entry who will fall in love with Jodha it seems :p..........Oh no....don't tell me my one-eyed coconut fibre died without a dhamaka :(( (though I don't remember his death being announced in the serial ....not sure though)....

  23. Abhay,

    Thank u fr ur elaborate update. I was out of town, n unfortunately missed some of the imp. episodes of JO-AK. Can anybody tell me how Maan singh is shown cilluding with Mirza Hakim? He was arrested na? did he escape frm prison? Now a days JO-AK episodes r not updated immediately,on the net.
    I am happy that at least now they r following history. I am also happy to see many new members of blog!. history-geek, ur blog has gone global ! Congrats!

  24. Abhay,n Pallavi,
    The 'Ekaksha', the one eyed one has died to everybody's surprise.:) There was a passing remark by Akbar about his death, n death of Mahachuchak. while talking abt Mirza hakim's revolt.

  25. Geeta.
    Mirza Hakim initially thought Man Singh is against Akbar. So, dushman ka dushman is dost. :-P
    Hence Mirza included Man with him but Sharif discovered that Man is still loyal to Akbar and told this to Mirza. But, Mirza did not do anything, they are still with Man Singh but telling him any of his plans and have decided to punish Man at right time. :)
    Thank you for the wishes. :D
    If possible please watch them at 8 PM. We need TRp's. :)

  26. Geeta

    Yes, MS escaped from prison and was captured by Mirza Hakim. Abhay has explained rest of the situation. :)

    Yes, the present track is based on history loosely and is such a relief to watch :)

  27. I am readed same history book's ruqaiya sultan begum powerful Queen in Mogul saltanat Akbar range as well jhangir range she also issue farmans .because she Akbar first queen as well as Akbar beloved wife ruqaiya have trading ship to take oversea .I never readed some kind name jodha bai are jodha in history .jodha Akbar serial or movie whole dublicate story and bogus and also jodha Akbar between romance also whole story bogus

  28. hey dear. cn u tell me history book name 4rm vich u made tall claims. sea trade was done by mariam uz zamani. 'tis blog has research papers scans 4 tat sea trade. farman of mariam zamani iz also present here.
    4rm my child days, i hv heard abt akbar n his hindu begum.
    giv proof 4 ur claims abt ruqaiya sultan begum, as dey r completely wrong. 'tis blog thrives on proofs.

  29. Hi

    Pls share the name of the book. I'd like to read for myself before discussing the same.

  30. Its the first time I am hearing Rukaiya did trading and issued farmans. hmm. shocking.

    I have only read about MUZ and not Rukaiya.