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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jodha Akbar 4th March 2015..CV's Roll the DICE | Ball in Viewers Court...Many Tracks Opened Today

Today's update:

Episode starts with the same scene as the Precap.
Ruqs managed to send the infected person out of palace.
Her argument was right and FOR once i liked that.

Later MUZ calls meeting of Begums and Akbar. She asks permission to go out of palace to attend to the infected people in order to deliver her duties as MUZ.
Akbar agrees though Ruqs opposes.

Salim is drinking because he is happy for his father Akbar has come back to senses after 2 months.
Qutub stops him from drinking. Later, Salim went to the Rakasa Quarters and orders Anar to dance but she refuses. :-P
Minor altercation follows.

Ruqs and Jodha scene.
Ruqs pleads Jodha not to go out of palace because if Jodha leaves then no one will take care of Jalal. :-P
She says she used to hate Jodha for being close to Jalal but today she wants her to be close to Akbar. Jodha agrees that she won't leave.

Mirza Hakim and Sharif dicuss some plans. Sharif decides to go to Agra to get some info. But both decide to be careful of Man Singh. Sharif says he would take revenge from Bakshi Bano also.

Jodha is sleeping. Aram Bano comes there.
She informs Akbar has called Jodha to the terrace. :-P
Jodha leaves for the terrace after making Aram Bano sleep.

Jalal tells Jodha -> I know Ruqs has stopped you from going out of the palace, but i want you to go out and exercise your rights of MUZ, just like i exercise my rights as an Emperor. Jodha reverts -> "You heart is quite large and considerate that you think so high of me(?) and want me to work and assist for the welfare of OUR subjects".
Both hug.

Akbar does a brief Aarti of Jodha. :-P
Jodha leaves with tears in her eyes along with Zakira. Ishq hai wo ahsas tune plays followed and the nostalgic Ameri Music also.

There was a scene of Haider and his mother. They have changed his mother i guess.
Two new "comical" characters have entered the show. A lady and his daughter have arrived in Agra with an intention to get her daughter married to Haider in Agra.

Salim in commoner dress asks Akbar why he allowed MUZ to go out among the commoners. I think, this incidence is beginning of Salim's realization and his concern towards his mother. :D


CV's have played their cards. The dice has been rolled. Many tracks opened today and the back bone is still the God Track. The entry of 2 new comical characters means CV's are attempting the same which they did with Adham Khan and Javeda. :-P

I get an hint that this show is NOT going any where soon. It is there to continue.

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  1. Thanks Abhay....Well said and agree with you. Looking forward to JA coming back in form and hope TRPS go up as well.

  2. Abhay

    Good update!

    Want to point out one line you left out accidentally but which made me very happy esp after all the discussions about Akbar vs MUZ today. When Akbar tells Jodha that she must go among the people and carry out her farz as the Empress, he says that

    "sometimes what the husband cannot do, the wife has to do."

    He knows that he is tied to the empire and cannot go out and help the awaam even if he wants to. But Jodha can go and take care of his awaam on their (Akbar + Jodha) behalf and this is what he wants her to do.

    Jodha calls him a nek-dil insaan. Why? Because she recognizes that he may be disillusioned with God and trudging down the wrong path, but his heart is still in the right place - with his awaam - and as long as his heart is in the right place, Akbar can NEVER be LOST. She knows he will find his way back now. Besides she is happy that instead of trying to shackle her in the palace as a veiled queen, Akbar is taking a courageous step in sending her out among the masses so that she can truly serve them like a Queen Mother.

    Does Akbar feel threatened by her "mahanta"? Does he feel she is taking over his duties and stealing his glory? No!!! A thousand times NO! He is a confident husband and king who knows that his people need medical services and right now, there are very few people able and willing to do so. So, if Jodha is willing to treat his subjects, he is more than happy to encourage her in this bold venture and be her moral support.

    As Akbar told Jodha - "generally, wives wait for husbands to return from war but I shall wait for my wife's successful return from the mission she has undertaken".

    I simply LOVED this maturity of relationship between the two - how much they think alike for their empire, how much empathy they have with each other, how much they are willing to sacrifice so that others, esp the public, may be happy. Sometimes the CVs surprise us - this was one such beautiful surprise.

    Regarding the precap, I think Salim too wants to go and serve the awaam. After all, he had given his crown and jewelry to Murad to be distributed among the poor and told him that he was going to serve the public as the wali-ahad. Akbar stops him from going, probably citing his young age and the danger to him. It is then that Salim will ask if the MUZ could go to serve the public, why can't he be allowed.

    I don't know why but this action of Salim reminded me of something - earlier in Europe, a heartbroken lover would join the Foreign Legion and go off to shoot lions in Africa. This Salim, heartbroken by Anar's apparent rejection, seems keen to go and drown his wounds among the larger woes of the public.

  3. Hope for the best Sindhu. :)
    Fingers crossed. You are welcome. :)

  4. Completely agree Radhika.
    Beautiful review. Nothing left for me to be said. :)

  5. Haha, Abhay, you already had your say ;p

  6. Welcome Pallavi. :)
    I also found the scenes fine which you mentioned, but i think Ruqs had some other intentions ALSO of stopping Jodha . :-P

  7. Thanks for the written episode update buddy :)....I watched the episode this morning and found it to be really good.....I especially loved Akdha scene (really good) and one Ruq-Jodha scene were she truly wanted Jodha to be with Jalal seeing how much Jalal loves and needs ONLY Jodha :p.....

  8. Kembang TanjoengMarch 5, 2015 at 5:11 PM

    Dear Radhika wow Jalal said that? ("sometimes what the husband cannot do, the wife has to do.") I do agree that only a strong and confident man can do that. It takes a huge amount of courage for a a King like Shahenshah Akbar to share the lime light with his better half. I didn't get that line in the written English recap on Desi-Tashan or anywhere. That is the problem when trying to understand a scene just by reading thorough a recap. Even the dubbed version didn't really get it right. I have seen happened in many English movies and TV Drama dubbed in Bahasa Indonesia. They absolutely mess up the whole scene.

  9. Kembang TanjoengMarch 5, 2015 at 5:15 PM

    For personally it was such a touching episode. Not in terms of a " sobbing tear fest". The story line and wording are deep in meaning.

  10. Hi Kembang

    I remember that line very well and it will always stay with me - it is so deeply symbolic and significant :)

    you are right - a lot of things get lost in translation :(

  11. Wow, I haven't watched the episode yet. Very busy. Can't wait to watch it. Does the TRP get better? Hope so.

  12. TRP's did not rise Mirah. It will take some time i guess, to woo back the viewers. Lets be hopeful. :)

  13. Completely agree Kembang. :)