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Friday, February 13, 2015

Congrats!!! Blog Achieves a Major Milestone: One Lakh+ Views..!!


Our blog has garnered over one lakh views till date, in just around 5 months. This is stupendous by any standards. Especially for a niche blog that initially started only with purely historical posts on Mughal and Rajput history.

As it started getting popular, and, based on readers’ demand, sections were slowly opened for discussing popular historical dramas on TV, including Jodha Akbar, Maharana Pratap and, most recently, Chakravartin Ashok Samrat.

Today it has around 130 subscribers and 97 Twitter followers. Fabulous, isn’t it?
The main reason for the amazing magnetic pull of this blog is indubitably Abhay. He pursues research diligently, has an easy, flowing style of narrative that instantly conjures images of what is written in the minds of readers, and is extremely patient in answering the most inane doubts over and over again.

 I met Abhay just about a year back via his posts, to this month. At that point in time, I had little interest in history and was primarily watching the show Jodha Akbar for entertainment. But he is a persuasive and persistent guy and he doesn’t rest till he has converted everyone he comes across into a history aficionado. It didn’t take me long to believe in the magical love story of Akbar and Harka Bai, after reading his painstakingly but lovingly compiled history posts. And my own love affair with history and esp the strong women who played their roles in a sterling manner, continues to this day.

There’s a very interesting story behind how this blog was born. A chance decision, that disallowed him from posting on historical themes on the erstwhile platform, planted the seeds of this blog in Abhay’s mind.  And the support he got was unbelievable! It won’t be an understatement to say that all of you, each one of you has contributed in the birth and growth of this blog through your unstinted support, encouragement, selfless sharing of information, and invigorating discussions. This blog is not just Abhay’s baby but it’s ours too.  

I have been witness to Abhay’s journey as a historical researcher and writer over the past year. As a friend pointed recently, there’s been a sea change in Abhay’s writing and discussions during this period. He is more professional, calmer and more sure of himself now. Yet he is only in his early 20's! It never ceases to amaze me that such a wise and mature head should rest on such young shoulders. He will cross many such milestones in the future, with the help of beautiful friends like you. Hoping you will continue to support him the way you have done so far and take this blog to newer heights and global audiences.  

All the best to Abhay and this scintillating blog for the future!      

Feel free to share your thoughts about the blog and suggestions for the future road you feel the blog should take.

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  1. Radhika,

    Thanks for this post, i was not even aware that you are going to post it. IT was a complete surprise. I just want to thank all the friends who made history discussion interesting by participating with me.

    I made this blog ONLY and ONLY to share my historical readings because i had faced a problem sometime back when i began to search Internet for history.

    So much of mis information is present, at many places. Internet is a very powerful medium and it can make or break anyone's image. And the same info is recycled always at different sites. It puts me off, and just for that reason i made this blog to write something which has not been brought to the notice on Internet.. :)

    Thanks again, and Thanks to all the wonderful friends and readers who participate and make this blog successful. :)

  2. This post was the brainchild of a blog reader and dear friend, Ayushi. If you like this post, do remember to thank her!

    It is Ayushi's wish to give Abhay the honorific title of Precious Gem!!!

    And truly he is a rare and precious gem, which reminds me of a comment I once made about Abhay being a gem on the forum and which he made me edit for reasons that cannot be disclosed here. :)

    Please do remember to address Abhay with this title: Precious Gem Abhay !!!

  3. radhika dear - thnks 4 'tis post. i did not comment 4 many days due 2 job. m not getting time. bt i keep reading blog during travelling 2. i ve not missed single comment or post here.
    absolutely well timed post. d efforts of abhay r laudable. all d best dear 4 ur future.
    u keep going. v r dere wid u. aftab ki roshni ko samandar bhi fana nhi kar sakta , aisa ye afsana hai.

  4. congratulations Abhay for this major achievements.This proved that Nobody can stop the rising sun. through this blog i learnt a lot and enjoyed history material and discussions by many friends. Wish you all the best Abhay and hope we get lot of further info which you provide with all authentic references.once again thanks a lot for this great blog

  5. This is a stupendous achievement. In such a short amount of time this blog has attracted the kind of readership that takes other media years to achieve.

    Abhay, indeeds deserves our thanks. His prose is precise and he buttresses his arguments with clear cut facts.

    Radhika too deserves a big Thank You. She has always supported Abhay in his writing endeavors, besides she has a knack for delving into the metaphysical side that I find absolutely fascinating to read.

  6. Congrats Abhay,You Deserve this Title, Precious Gem Abhay.

    I am waiting your accepting comment. Its a Honour to you From behav of all friends.

    Writing a Poem, Meaning will write Later, I have to go somewhere.Radhika Lot of thanks to You, also, reading us sufi or Taj or many other treats.

    Ekk Lahar Utthi Sumandra Mee,

    Dekhena Chathti, Thee Asmman,

    Udd Gayi Akassh Mee,

    Tanik see Parshhan,

    Mousam kee Rang thee Hazar,

    Par Sager Abb Nazr atta Naa thaa,

    Ekk din Takra Gayi, Badal see,

    Mil gaya, Apaar sakkon,

    Barrish ban kee Barsi,

    Bhigo Gayi Lakho, Dilo koo (Heart )

    Par Ekk Katra Joo Gira Thaa, Nadi Mee,

    Precious Gem Hoo Gaya,

    Badd Raha hee Sagar kee Aur,

    Bahna hee Iss Kaa Kamm,

    Ruk Sakta Nahi, Ruk sakta Nahi, Kyokee

    Rukta Pani, (water ), Karta hee Man Ashant, Man Ashant. (Unhappy )

  7. wow!!! its definitely a milestone abhay and my hearty wiahes

  8. Congratulations Abhay... y-) This is amazing, 1 lac views in 5 months :) and you really deserve it and much much more than this for the efforts you are taking to keep us posted about the historical facts.

    Thanks Radhika for making this post and Ayushi for suggesting...and all the readers of the blog who made ongoing discussions interesting...

  9. Radhika many thanks for this post!
    Abhay congratssss.....1 lakh views within a very short period!! u deserve it friend! *claps* *claps* *claps* your hard work is paid off...:))) many more success to taste.
    I just pray and hope that this views keep increasing with each passing day and people esp. the youth gets to know the truth n stop being ignorant.
    feeling so proud for being one of the initial members :D :D

  10. Congratulations Abhay. When ever I come to read your blog, I do make sure to check the viewership as well. I was waiting for this day...SO proud and Happy for you. Thank you for everything.

    Radhika what a beautiful post and you have said it so accurately about Abhay. I totally , completely agree with you.

    I still remember those days when all of us would wait so earnestly for your posts in the forum, You were so willing to patiently answer everything but then it had to be stopped. That said I am happy that you started this blog, we can freely share and talk. Thanks Once again..

  11. awesome Ayushi.Beautiful Poem.

  12. Iqra,

    It's so good to hear from you!! Missed you so much!!

    You have said everything so well. Beautiful last line :)

  13. Well said regarding Abhay, Donjas, and thanks for your kind words :)

  14. Beautiful poem, Ayushi! :)

  15. Thanks to you too, Rasika, for your lovely comments from time to time :)

  16. Tamy,

    No need to thank me - this post was needed so that all of Abhay's precious friends like you can share their sentiments freely :)

  17. Sindhu,

    Abhay's blog and your thread are the two places where we can talk freely about history. :)

  18. Thank you every one here for your wishes and support throughout.
    Big thanks to Radhika as well, as Donjas has well explained about you. :)

    Ayushi - I loved your poem, its an honor to read them. And i understood the complete meaning this time. It is really beautiful. :D

    Rasika, Iqra, Sindhu, Donjas, Tamy, Ayushi - Thank you all buddies. My laptop is giving me tough time, so a common reply. :)

  19. Congratulations Abhay for achieving this milestone!

    Thank you very much for providing us with such amazing and beautiful historical information! Its all because of your efforts that we can access authentic from within the confines of our homes :)

    We are very grateful to you for sharing this information with us and I wish you all the best for whatever you plan to do in life! May you achieve success :)

  20. Well Said Mehak. Finally, so glad to see your comment on the blog. Thank you for the wishes. :)

  21. Thanks Suganya. It's the discussion which keep the interest in the history alive. :)

  22. Wow! Abhay Congratulations for a stupendous achievement. What can I say except that I am so grateful to your blog for rekindling my love for history especially for this special couple our very own MUZ/Akbar. You have faced some unkind and unfair criticism but despite that you soldiered on.....I am personally grateful for that.
    Radhika is right , your posts have matured and become more focused over time. Keep up the good work and may you receive one million views soon.

    PS. Kudos to you Radhika for supporting Abhay. Thanks for the pm or I would have missed this important event

  23. Beautiful poem and lovely thoughts...Ayushi :)

  24. Hey abhay Congrats my dear friend ...u deserve this title precious gem abhay and we all are so proud of u..thk u for giving us info abt akbar and muz ...

    radhika dear thk u so much for this post..

  25. Congratulations Abhay :-h.....And also a big pat to Radhika for her very earnest and continuous dedication to this blog and also for putting up this post :)

    This blog had to reach this figure and I had no doubt about it.......Sincere efforts cannot go in vain, especially when you are backing up with solid references in your blogpost and comments.......Also a very big thanks for post informative and interesting posts on a regular basis taking time from your busy studies and exams...For a majority of people like me who either do not have the time, dedication or resources to find referenced facts, this blog is like a very valuable treasure.....
    My heartfelt wishes & prayers that this blog and also you attain more success.......Always there to support you buddy....:)

  26. Pallavi,

    You picked all the right reasons - regular posts, solid references, sincere efforts - behind the success of this blog.

    You have always been a great support to Abhay and this blog :) A big hug to you :)

  27. Preeti,

    It's always a pleasure to hear from you - you have been an integral part of many discussions here, how can you be left out of anything related with the blog? :)

    1 million views - Amen to that :)

  28. Sam,

    Truly, Abhay works very hard to bring authentic and cross-verified information to this blog. This blog is a treasure house of info on MUZ, Akbar and other Mughals/Rajputs.:)

  29. Abhay ..hearty Congratulations and Radhika thanks to you and all friends who made the discussions informative and enjoyable.Thanks a lot for this blog.Learnt a lot from you all and best wishes to reach more milestones..

  30. Congratulations Abhay a very interesting well researched and good posts
    which also give us information about the historical reality of the
    current tracks of different historical shows which are basically NRs .
    Crossed one lakh views in such a short time shows the blogs popularity

  31. Points/sayings on history for this great blog's milestone

    The great eventful Present hides the Past; but through the din Of its loud life hints and echoes from the life behind steal in.
    ~John Greenleaf Whittier

    Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters. ~African Proverb

    if you didn't know history, you didn't know anything. You were a leaf that
    didn't know it was part of a tree. ~Michael Crichton,

    We used to root for the Indians against the cavalry, because we didn't
    think it was fair in the history books that when the cavalry won it was a
    great victory, and when the Indians won it was a massacre. ~Dick

    If an historian were to relate truthfully all the crimes, weaknesses and
    disorders of mankind, his readers would take his work for satire rather
    than for history. ~Pierre Bayle, Historical and Critical Dictionary

    History with its flickering lamp stumbles along the trail of the past, trying
    to reconstruct its scenes, to revive its echoes, and kindle with pale
    gleams the passion of former days. ~Winston Churchill

    History is a mighty dramas, enacted upon the theatre of times, with suns
    for lamps and eternity for a background. ~Thomas Carlyle

  32. Congrats To everyone here for making this such a success.....!!

  33. Abhay!!
    Congrats and a much deserved applause!From a simple reason behind the origin of this blog to this blog winning many,many admirers is phenomenal and interesting.And all this in a short span of time is something rare.Well,it's not surprising after seeing your range of knowledge and your style of writing/writing skills because these two make a brilliant combination.

    Radhika, you too need to be congratulated for your major contribution to this blog.Your posts are very beautiful too.

  34. Geeta, can't stop writing, well said, Last line, Face to face with ur, MUZ,

    Fantastic.Abhay if she spended, lot of time also your blog,or Forum,i am imagaining that secene, lol

  35. Very apt post Radhika, Don't know I shud thank u or Abhay :) congratulations Abhay, may ur blog become the most searched one ! May God keep u healthy n energetic to dig the treasure whose name is history. And in the process may u come face to face with ur MUZ.:)

  36. Abhay...

    Even i,
    Who live at very long long distance from your country,
    Who never heard about a king named Jalaluddin Akbar,
    Who watch the show only for entertainment (even i had so little interest of this show until it reached episode 50s),
    Who visited india forum just for hunting pictures *lol,
    But when i had found your post there... i then just forgot what my first purpose was.
    I read and read and became so fascinated about the real history behind the show.
    I think that's all because of your narrative style, your honest and open-minded nature, and your every effort to give most sources-based information.

    Again, thanks to u Abhay. For your effort, your knowledge-sharing, and your patience answering my questions.

    Also to Radhika and all of the follower of this blogs, for many superb discussions.

    And Abhay's baby??? Seems i missed a big news???

  37. Hugs to you too dear!

  38. OMG.!
    Who told you about this Nia ? Baby ?

    By the way, glad to hear about your interest in the history of Akbar and MUZ.
    It's fascinating. Isn't it ?
    You're welcome. :D

  39. LOL LOL LOL :D

    Stupid that i make a misunderstanding when read this sentence "This blog is not just Abhay’s baby but it’s ours too."

    But now I understand. Baby means "ladly"???

  40. Nia,

    Baby here means creation. This blog is like Abhay's baby because he created it. :) Sorry for causing confusion here :(

    Liked what you wrote in the first comment above. :)

  41. Geeta

    If you have to thank anyone, thank Abhay :) But you are also a part of the success story thru your active participation in discussions here. So Abhay should also thank you ;p

  42. Thanks, Aashrita :)

  43. Congratulations Abhay for reaching 100k views. Well deserved. Keep up the good work. Also want to thank Radhika for her amazing episode analyses as well.

  44. And yes,
    I recommend this blog to my fanspage member. I with my friends, manage a facebook fanspage about jodha akbar and now we have 34.000 members. I made some article about MUZ based on this blog's posts and discussions. And just like me, they thought even akbar-muz real story is far more interesting than the show...

  45. Thanks, Sindhu, Radhika, Rasika, or All liking the Poem.

  46. It's okay radhika. That's not your fault. It's me whose english skill is poor... sorry abhay, radhika..

    Feel so stupid. lol

  47. Nia, I feel proud of you for being able to communicate in a foreign language, which is more than what I can do. :)

  48. congrats Abhay you deserve it.keep going all the best to your future and big thanks to Radhika also i love your posts radhika they are awesome.i love reading blog posts and comments they are very informative i didn't miss single post or comment in this blog.i am a regular reader keep up the good work

  49. Abi

    Thanks, it's good to know you follow the blog avidly :) Your support really counts to keep this going.

  50. Dear Ayushi' even i am excited with that thought ! :)

  51. @All. Friends...
    I can not say much but only a thank you in the most humble manner to all of you for so much support. :)

  52. Congratulations and Wishing Abhay for wonderful achievement. I still couldn't understand why IF has ban your posts. But it did lead to a wonderful post of your's where I got to learn & enjoy the history relating Akbar & MUZ relations with solid proofs which couldn't be find anywhere where some ready to argue it as fake. My hearty congrates & wishes this BLOG & you get much more sucess which you deserve. Thanks to you too Radhika for sending me the link.

  53. Thanks Abhi,
    A rule was made that no one can write history on open threads and hence any "single post of mine related to history" was closed. :(
    But this issue was much deeper than what it appears. If needed, i can PM you.! :)

  54. Preeti,
    You are also one of the most consistent buddies here, along with all other friends. :)

    It was all possible only because of the support you all gave me that this blog was possible, despite all the unfair criticism and treatment. :)
    I am finding hard to respond individually to all. But, i am not able to express myself seeing the congregation of friends here. :)

  55. Ayushi,
    Thank you for this beautiful poem and the tile as well. :)

  56. The number of Twitter followers is > 100 now. :)

  57. Nia

    This is wonderful news! :)

    Pls continue to share the story of the real Akbar and MUZ thru your Facebook page. And pls share the link of your Facebook page here. There are many Jodha Akbar fans here who would love to visit your page. :)

    May your fan page grow in popularity! Good luck :)

  58. Nia,
    Do share the link of the FB Page, along with Radhika, I would also like to see it. :)

  59. Sunram,
    These are some very wise words said by these eminent people.
    Thanks for sharing here. :))

  60. Congratulations Abhay, for this awesome achievement. These wishes even though late, are sincere. I am tardy with my replies these days but enjoy reading every post written by Radhika and yourself. Abhay, you have educated me with your awesome research work and dedication. Please continue with this commendable feat. Proud to be a reader of your blog.

  61. Thank you Charu. These words mean to lot me and Radhika.
    A special mention about all the people who made this blog so successful. :)

  62. Charu,

    Thanks and so happy to see you after a long time :)