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Saturday, November 1, 2014

FAQ's - Updated Post after Upgrading the Commenting Interface of Blog

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying this weekend..
Today, i have changed and upgraded the commenting interface of the Blog, in order to make it MORE user-friendly and make it easy for the readers to comment here, using various options like - their FB and Twitter accounts along with the google account earlier..

There may be one small inconvenience, and that is - the OLD comments and replies posted on the blog before this up gradation, might have been jumbled up a bit, BUT all those comments/replies, are retained on the blog.

I am updating the earlier post of FAQ(Frequently asked Questions) to make all of you aware of this change. 

{updated changes in this FAQ's Post are in RED Color after upgrading the commenting interface on November 1 , 2014}


1. How do i subscribe to this Blog.?.

a. There is a subscription box present on the top right side of all the pages of this blog, on the sidebar. A reminder in red color is also continuously floating on top of blog..Readers are required to enter their E-Mail Id in that box for subscription.
b. After submitting the E-Mail Id, readers will receive a mail from Blog spot Team in their Mailbox..Open that mail, and click on the link in the mail to complete the verification process. And, it's done..Thereafter, readers will receive automatic emails whenever a new post is made on this Blog..In case of new Gmail inbox, the mail comes in the "Social" tab, not in "Primary Inbox" tab.

2. I subscribed to the Blog..But i am not getting mails whenever a new post is made.
a. This is the most asked question..The reason in maximum cases is, not-verifying the link in the mail which is sent to the E-Mail Id, after submitting the E-mail Id in the Blog Subscription Box.. For this, see step 1(b) above.
b. Any other reason. Contact via the Contact Form, present at the end of Blog Page..

3. What are the advantages of Subscribing.?.

Once subscribed to the Blog, then it saves the reader from the UN-necessary hassles of checking out and digging the new posts made on the Blog. Moreover, they have a list of the posts made on the blog, in their Mailbox for ready reference.

4. How to get the notifications of the comments put on the Blog on my E-Mail ID.?.

The main process is same as the one with the earlier interface.Now, there is an option saying "Subscribe" on the bottom LEFT corner of the commenting interface. Just check(click) that dialog box.

history_geek's BLOG- Commenting Interface - 1

5. Is my E-Mail Id's password compromised, when i subscribe.?.

Not at all.. The entire Blog Spot system and subscription process is under the supervision of Google Services Ltd. It is completely safe and secure. The password is NOT compromised anywhere..Signing in on Blog Spot is as good as signing in for Gmail or YahooMail.!

6. How can i make comments on the Blog.?.

For NEW Commenting Interface 

The new interface provides 4 major methods to make comments on the Blog. Comments can be made using 
1. Gmail account, or 
2. Twitter account, or
3. Facebook account, or
4. Disqus account

The first 3 are majorly used.

On the TOP RIGHT side of the NEW commenting interface, you can select any one of the 4 options, and log into your account and then you can post comments.. :)
It's simple..

history_geek's BLOG - Commenting Interface-2

This interface offers more features. Now, Members can ::

a. Share the comments (earlier ONLY posts could be shared) also, on social media sites like FB and Twitter.
b. There is an option to Like{Upvote} and ALSO an option to DISlike{DownVote} a comment. You can put a LIKE as a guest also, but to DisLike a comment, one needs to sign in.
c. The comments can also be "sorted" on the basis of - Best, Newest and Oldest; depending on the order you wish. The option is present on the Top Left Corner.

history_geek's BLOG - Commenting Interface-3's

For the OLD FAQ's Post - Click Here

For suggestions Page - Click Here

Readers can Post comments below, if any query still persists. 
Have a Nice time. :)

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  1. Yes....I figured that out while going thru' the blog....Best part is the voting option..... Good work..Keep it up!! :D

  2. Thanks. :D
    But you were missing for long. Hope to see you more often here. :)

    Especially when the show has taken a u-turn from the history.

    Don't know which researcher told the makers of Jodha Akbar that, Anarkali - Salim love story is so much epic that they are showing it in Jodha AKbar. And many more blunders.!!!

  3. Yeah, was not getting time to comment...but I read all the posts....I think I did warn u before this LEAP happened...that some ominous thing is going to be shown...and see that's what is happening...!! :-/
    But SA aside, what the hell is being shown for the brood of Akbar here??? They are carefully avoiding the parentage of all other children...hoping that no one will notice.... LOLZ

  4. That's what i mentioned in one of my posts too that the CVs are avoiding disclosing the mothers' names and hoping no one will ask anything LOL but the more they are trying to hide the more people are asking them about it. ROFL

  5. I think you should start a bloopers and blunders page. There you and rest of us can record the historical gaffes the CVs are making and fwd them to the CVs on Twitter LOL. What do you say? :)

  6. The notifications icon is damn good! And we can even see if someone is typing a reply! This interface is really cool. :) g-)

    Btw I didn't have to login thru Disqus now. So seems that was just the first time I had to do it. :)

  7. Yes Radhika...this is so cool now...Just like Quora..... :D
    Hope this is going to keep us more connected and updated on the going-ons....

  8. @KDR and Radhika

    Agree with you both. They are telling the viewers to read the autobiography of Jahangir, which is itself contradicting their show, because according to that, there are no kids born to Jodha, not even the twins. For the same reason only i posted this series of multiple Jahangirnamas. Hope you remember. ;p




    That CV tweeted that Jodha will have one more daughter after Salim. ;p

    But if we follow Jahangirnama then even that daughter is also "assigned" to a concubine. :(

    I simply do not understand why don't they consider other accounts by hitting the libraries rather than mentioning Jahangirnama which is NOT reliable source at all, as far as kids are considered. It seems their research is limited to Wikipedia and Jahangirnamas..!!!

  9. Thanks for informing Abhay..

  10. JN seems very popular among those uninitiated in history, next to Wikipedia. You have seen how many swear by it even on the forum. LOL Very few, like you and KDR, know that these are unreliable. Or that they have multiple versions and their source is vague and unreliable. :)

    I can see your getting increasingly frustrated with this show. But you can always keep counteracting what is shown with facts here. That's why I suggested you should start a Myths Busted page :)

  11. Kamal

    I don't know about Quora :(

    But yes, agree with you here about staying more connected with this :)

  12. It is a very nice Discussion forum where people from all over can opne a discussion and anyone from anywhere who is a member can comment. :)

  13. hey this is suganya
    And abhay sorry for subscribing this late , would catch up with all the posts when possible ... But i just loved this post of mosque and it's lovely pictures

  14. Abhay ,Thanks for all the hardwork you are putting in .The site is super cool to use now ,Loved the upvote ,the popular posts and the recent comments at the end of the page .It's very easy to move there directly to some posts and comments that might have been missed earlier.

  15. Hi, Abhay from yesterday epic Akbar has given a word to marr a cabila girl will he marr her is their any history to that u can tell us .