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Friday, November 28, 2014

November 27 2014 Jodha Akbar | 383 Farzand Falls Foul of the Emperor..!!

Hi Friends,

After a long time, I saw JA tonight. It was a mixed bag for me. Sharing my feelings and thoughts about the episode with you.

I missed the initial scenes, including Rahim touching Jodha's feet and begging forgiveness for what his mother had done. Jodha assured him that he didn't need to do that. I started watching from Ruq’s smirk with Resham standing in the background. I don’t really know or care what she was thinking.

The next scene was interesting and poignant. Salima Begum is a sad and lonely figure, shedding silent tears, in her hojra under nazar band. Jodha Begum walks in. with tears glistening in her eyes too. I was touched for a moment. I thought she had come to empathize with Salima Begum, share her sorrow and reassure her that the guilty would be found soon. It was apparent that Salima Begum too felt like me.

She stood up happily and pronounced that she had known that Jodha would come to meet her, even if no one else did. She was happy that at least Jodha believed in her innocence and came to give her a hug of gratitude and love.

But Jodha didn’t return the hug. She said, as if in a daze, that she no longer knew what trust was. She could not believe that Salima would do such a thing, being a mother to Salim. In fact, she elaborated that no mother would harm her child like this. But then, and here Jodha chose her words carefully and said that all the evidence was against Salima.

This broke Salima internally, for she responded by saying that Jodha knew how to wield the sword as well as how to use her words like a sword to hurt others. She said in a hurt voice that Jodha knew well that the injuries inflicted by a sword could heal but not those inflicted by tongue. The latter only brought a gap in relationships and she didn’t want any distance in her relationship with Jodha.

Jodha asked her why then she had accepted Jalal’s accusations silently in court and not offered any tark in her favor. At this Salima said that she was innocent but she could not oppose her husband’s and emperor’s judgment because it would have been wrong. She reminded Jodha that she too had been held in nazar band a few years back, though that didn’t imply that she was guilty. Similarly, Salima too might be in nazar band, but was innocent. In fact, she reasoned that if Jalal really thought her to be guilty of giving afeem to Salim, he would have punished, beheaded or buried her alive in a wall.

Jodha asked her about the evidence and what Salim had told them. Salima didn’t take Ruq’s name even once but she hinted darkly that the glass of milk had passed through the hands of 2 begums. Jodha entreated her to tell her the entire truth but Salima only kept iterating that the truth would be out soon and Salima would then be free.  For good measure, she indirectly told off Jodha too that in the interim period, it would be better to hold her tongue because words are very hurtful.

I love Salima Begum. She is frank and forthright and if someone has hurt her, she doesn’t wring her hands and cry. She tells them to their face, in a matter of fact manner, that they have hurt her and they should not do so again. I so wish everyone would be as direct and plain speaking as her. This world would be a much better place then.

But in spite of her own sorrow, she understands Jodha’s position too, as MUZ and Salim’s mother. She tells her that Jodha should not feel unduly guilty because she had only been trying to protect her son. And she warns Jodha to guard Salim carefully.

Historically, Salima Begum had such a beautiful relationship with Salim. She even went to Allahabad to mediate between him and Akbar, when the former revolted against his father. What a travesty of beautiful, pure relationships!

Today (and hopefully tomorrow), Jodha seemed at least partially awake and in her senses. She felt that Ruq may have framed Salima with a false accusation, but she doesn’t say anything further and the scene ends here.

Now, here is where the CVs really BUG me. The next scene had a pensive looking Jalal and Jodha in private conversation. I was expecting that Jodha had her fears about Ruq framing Salima. But I was way off the mark.

Jodha again goes back to her pet line how she can’t believe that Salima could do it. Hey, she just came away convinced that Salima didn’t do it. Then why is she again asking the same doubt? Did someone knock her on her head between Salima’s and Jalal’s hojras?

Todarmal seeks and is granted audience with Jalal. Jodha is still present. I loved how TM called her MUZ.

He has brought an anonymous letter that states that Salima has given afeem only but someone else who is very close to Jalal wants to kill Salim. My third point of confusion. I thought the letter was about Ruq but now it’s apparent that it was sent by Ruq to Jalal to frame MS. But didn’t Jalal and co wonder how an outsider knew so soon that Salima had given afeem to Salim?

Anyway the letter warned that a fatal attack would be made on the prince the next day as he was going for some ceremony in which he will probably be officially made the wali-ahad.
TM wants to postpone the ceremony but Jalal says that he will not change his plans because of some threats and that they just needed to increase security. After TM leaves, Jalal assures Jodha that nothing will happen to Salim.

Jalal then has a meeting with his navratnas. This is good – at least, in such meetings, we are assured that all are present in the show still. Though Tansen was absent today. MS echoes Jalal’s sentiments that they cannot postpone official engagements because of some threats.
All those present voice their opinions except Birbal. (It was a treat to see Birbal in the first episode I saw after a long time. Missed him!) Jalal asks him what he is thinking. Birbal says the attack would happen the next day, so it would be prudent to move the prince out immediately as a commoner and hide him near the place of the ceremony till required. Jalal agrees with this plan.

But MS expresses his inability to accompany the prince because he has to see the arrangements for the ceremony. Jalal asks the others to dress up as commoners and accompany Salim in a palki to a secret hiding place. He also tells them that no one outside this circle should know about the changed plan to whisk Salim out of the palace that night itself.

Then how did Ruq come to know of the plan? Did she eavesdrop on the discussion or is there a mole of Ruq in the navratnas?

Later MS also receives an anonymous letter as he is getting ready in his hojra. The letter writer asks MS to meet him near a hill for details about a conspiracy to kill Salim. MS makes a huge blunder here. He just leaves such an important letter lying around his hojra and goes out to meet the letter writer.

He meets with a group of armed men whose leader shows his unveiled face and says that that should be enough for MS to trust him and that he is also a Rajvanshi.  (Actually, he’s just another Mughal servant of Ruq.) He says that the conspirators have discovered that Salim is being taken out that night only and have planned to attack him at that time.

MS leaves to warn the others and prevent the attack.

The group of men laugh that they have misguided MS and leave to attack Salim’s convoy.
They attack the convoy and TM, Rahim, etc fight with them. Salim sees the fight from within the palki and is scared. Suddenly, MS comes there and sees the attack. Before he can react, the letter writer - leader of the group welcomes him, as if he was expecting him to come and says that he is glad of MS’ support. Both Rahim and MS are shocked to hear this. Anyway MS joins the fight and sees one of the attackers trying to take away Salim. He saves Salim and holding him with one hand, tries to fight the attackers with his free hand. The leader of the attack again comes there and congratulates him for getting hold of Salim. Rahim is angered by this and snatched Salim away from MS. Suddenly all the soldiers and nobles accompanying Salim surround MS and arrest him for planning the attack on Salim and for treason. MS tries to protest his innocence but to no avail.

The next scene is the DEK. MS is standing as accused in front of a very angry, hurt and shocked Jalal, while Jodha cannot believe what she is witnessing.

MS’ treachery is recounted and Jalal asks him what he has to say for himself. MS states his case. At this point, Birbal comes to MS’ help (I felt so) and says that MS can just produce the letter he received as proof of his innocence. MS says the letter is in his hojra. Jalal sends Rahim to fetch the letter and read it aloud. Obviously, the letter has been changed. It states that the letter writer is very happy to receive support from MS and that MS should meet him near the hill to discuss the details of the attack on Salim. The letter further states that this action of MS would make the Rajvanshis happy because it would erase the bitter memories of the compromise Bharmal had made with Jalal by giving his daughter’s hand in marriage to him.

MS says that now he knows the conspiracy was against him and not Salim. Jalal says that he was giving MS one more chance to prove his innocence but, of course, MS has no proof and just swears on God that he is innocent. Jodha is in tears as Jalal orders him to be sent to prison, pending further investigation. Thankfully, at least, there will be some investigation, instead of just taking MS to be guilty on the basis of concocted circumstantial evidence.
The pained look on Jalal’s face after this spoke volumes of his relationship with MS, the small boy he had brought with him to Agra, wishing to make him a legendary soldier in his own mould.

It was obvious that MS had been trapped because he had taken Ruq’s place next to Jalal in the jashn. And Ruq never forgets or forgives.

Ruq gloats to herself that she has succeeded in eliminating both Salima and MS and next only Jodha remained.


I LOVED Jodha in this scene. I hope it plays out well tomorrow.

Jalal is slightly angry and irritated with her and asks her where she was coming from so late at night.

Jodha replies that she had gone to meet MS. Attagirl! I love people who have the guts to speak the truth to the face.

Jalal grits his teeth and says that she was aware that MS was a traitor and had tried to kill their son. Jodha says that she does not believe this could be possible. Jalal asks her if she had forgotten that she was the MUZ?

Jodha does not turn her gaze away for a second nor does she flinch or need time to collect her thoughts. As soon as the words escape Jalal’s mouth, she boldly cross-questions him. She wants him to tell her what adhikaar(rights/powers) a MUZ has.?

If I could whistle, I would have whistled. This is what I was asking for ever since the CVs turned Jodha into a doormat. I wanted her to assume the position of MUZ and flex her muscles. Show some love for justice and fight for what she believes in.  Initially, Jodha used to flex her position as the Shahenshah’s begum with the likes of Adham to make them fall in line. I hope we get that kind of queen back who knows she is powerful and knows how to use that power to guard justice and the downtrodden. A queen who through her counsels guides the king towards the right decisions.

Tomorrow, I hope we finally see the MUZ assert herself and fight for the causes of Salima Begum and Man Singh. Tomorrow, I hope we finally get to see the MUZ we read about in books. 

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You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 
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  1. Radhika,

    A wonderful update after a lot of days. This is quite exhaustive. I watched the last 10 minutes of today's episode. And, i found it quite engaging.

    From a historical POV, it was not possible for Man Singh to be sent to Jail.
    He was NEVER imprisoned. Akbar used to call him his Farzand, this has been mentioned in many posts earlier. There are many more blunders.

    So, lets forget history for the time being. Overall, the thing i liked was the Precap. It was about the talk between an Emperor and an Empress. The Emperor HIMSELF wanted her to follow the suit of Mariam-Uz-Zamani, and she was quite assertive in asking for the rights. I wish she is shown graceful enough, just like Salima Begum. :)

    Best part was that, there was no Anarkali and Nur Jahan related scene. It takes the essence away from the Jodha Akbar story.

    Hope you continue to update us in future too, provided we get episodes like this. The falling TRP's have forced the CV's to take some measures. The show is out of TOP 5 now. It will be better if the CV's shift the focus back to JA.

  2. Thank you Radhika for the update.

    I have stopped watching the full episode since jalal, jodha and salim came back to agra and only watch Akdha scenes now (bec of Parijat). It was domino effect that made me detached to the show. First strike was when jalal and jodha did not talk for 3 yrs, then even when they came back jalal said go ruq no matter what u will be my frd and on top of that jodha said to ruq that salim will be her child first and then promos of leam esp showing akdha on opp. Side which were misleading but still all the negativity and then final nail in the coffin was ruq drugging salim and saying his mom and dad do not care for him and he will be slave to ruq. I completely lost the atatchment with show but still watch ONLY akdha/PariJat as pair (not their solo but duet scenes- still cannot get detached to these two YET). I am still holding on to the leftover pieces of Akdha's love story.

    I do read WU but I just read for the sake of knowing what's going on with story and to see if the Akdha scenes are worth watching or not. Therefore, I am not active with discussions of show on IF or here. But, today after reading your update, I wanted to comment that how can Jalal and Jodha not believe Salima? She was the one who supported both of them individually and as pair through thick and think and believed them even when no one else did. I knew Jalal and Jodha that I loved are long lost but still this is the limit. Now, MS is also arrested. I don't want Tedha Jalal or Tedhi Jodha at the cost of hurting MS and Salima. If either of them are being Tedha then they should include Salima and MS in the plan before they put them in prison. There is no novelty factor if they repeat Atifa track. Yes, if they show us that Akdha, MS and Salima are working together to catch culprit then I am fine with this track.

    As Salima said that if Jalal believed her to be culprit then she would have been beheaded or punished then I hope IF and WHEN Ruq is revealed as culprit, she is punished publicly by arresting her like BB was and isolating her and taking away all her audhas and powers. (Looks like I am daydreaming lol- I doubt CVS will punish Ruq- will be happy to be proved wrong).

    P.S. how come you and Abhay are not asleep yet?

  3. dear radhika

    thnk u 4 'tis post. my opinion reflects urs. salima begum is an honest lady with loads of dignity. i love her.i reserve my views 4 precap 4 tomorrow.

    i did not see last few episodes. but read IF posts, offline. abhay says he is able 2 understand the dilemma of jodha jalal in salimas' case. abhay could u xplain?

    sending mansingh 2 prison is a blot on his honesty. his tales are sung. abul fazl popularized by books, but man singh known in folklores also. once he saved life of akbar 4rm his own men. he was closest supporter of akbar. i feel bad 4 him in a corner of my heart. such friendship stories of 2 people 4rm historically rival clans r rarest of the rare. but we do not have choice. the writers write anything.

    overall episode was good, ur updates are my strawberry.

    continue please.

  4. Thanks for the post Radhika. I have already posted my views on IF and I apologize for sounding very cynical about the recent events. In their attempt to portray this bizzarre journey of Ruqaiyya Begum into the unbearable carricature that she has become, the CVs have sacrificed some of the most beautiful relationships in this show:
    1. Jalal and Jodha post Hussein death
    2. Jalal / Salim with that ridiculous banishment to a hut instead of to a gurukul/ madarssa to learn some values
    3. Jodha- Salim : the most tragic of all in my opinion
    4. Rahim - Salima
    5. Akbar- Mansingh
    6. AND NOW : Salima and Jodha. I find it hard to believe that their relationship will be the same again. Jodha the excellent judge of character can have instant faith in Anar's Father but doubts the sister like Salima who has always stood by her no matter what the evidence was against her. How does that make any sense????

    In ALL THE ABOVE instances, Ruks has been the main protagonist. We gullible viewers on the other hand were led to believe this is a story of Jodha and Akbar :{

    Yes I am happy that they may show a fiery Jodha again. But unless Ruks is completely removed from the narrative I don't think justice will be served. We all know that cannot happen ( if it does I will phodo nariyals} as I believe they just introduced Nur Jehan so Ruks has to be there for the future I guess. If Salim continues to love Ruq and resent his parents then Ruks exposure is of no consequence as Evil has won over Good yet again. I find that too depressing .....So I am really hoping my take on the future tracks is wrong. BTW keep posting. I am going to rely on your and Abhay's take on the shows for a while. I am scared to start watching this show again until I am convinced the CVs take us back to the original love story. sorry for ranting on your post Radhika

  5. Radhika,

    Very well written and thanks for a detailed update.I too liked salima. She so subtly yet frankly put forward what she felt and what needs to be done. Even putting aside her disappointment she tried to understand jo's mental state.A commendable lady indeed.

    i'm happy with the subtle changes brought to jo's character in the last
    3 episodes.She is slowly becoming more assertive . Just my pov i couldn't completely fault jo in case of salima. It's a question as why she doesn't implicitly trust salima who she knew very well and who is also aware of ruq's deeds,but what i felt is 9 years have passed till salim's birth and all along in front of jo, ruq has taken extreme care of salim , she has shown to be accepting salim's choice of dress and feel it as her happiness etc... and on the outset it would also be seen as ruq has nothing to gain from spoiling a child whom she take care as her own son It would have been wrong of jo if she had blindly trusted ruq and blamed salima ,but she was shown as she is in a daze as how any mother could do this to this to a child and

    completely heartbroken that she doesn't know what to trust anymore and with maan being imprisoned now she knew without a doubt that salima is also framed and a bigger conspiracy is at play and hopefully she will fight for justice and we might get a queen who is more assertive and would exercise her rights.
    But Jalal's behavior is still hazier for me to understand though i feel he has suspicions yet has no proof to ascertain and so i wish they give him some self talks and explain what he feels and why he does so unlike atifa where we got a last 5 minutes saying this has been his plan all along.

  6. Iqra,

    If you watch the episode ONLY and ONLY then you will understand why Jalal and Jodha were putting Salima under scanner. I was thinking the same as you, but after watching the episodes, i could see it clearly, and was convinced about the decision.!!
    It's my POV. :)

    You may think differently. With out watching the episode it looks like Jodha and Jalal are made foolish, but i did not think so after watching it. :D

    Also, if i am not wrong Jalal's eyes were in tears while announcing punishment for Man Singh.

    Yes, historically Man Singh saved Jalal's lives from Jalal's OWN kinsmen, while Jalal was completely drunk. If not for Man Singh, we would lost him LONG back, in his early life. !!!

  7. Hi, Radhika Good Post, You should not Leave seeing serial, Because we Miss your Writing. I think you need a whistle, ,you can use your Son, Lol,
    Atleast, CV waking Up jodha, or He recalled, Jodha is also, a character, ,of this serial, If Jalal brain is working then Good,If he thought this, Suddenely Salima & Ms targetted, What is behind this, Then twist will be interesting,
    which day Ruk, Own did all works, for Own Which done for, Dead person, that day thought came to me, Now she will do more Worse, or she is Doing.worse.
    But ques goes, here, which punishment she gets, if she caught, if Ruk uses Wish, Salima uses also her Wish, but Salima responsiblity, again big, maybee salim will got punish again speaking lie, salima where goes, Because, Salima can reverse Ruk wish,Lets see.

    Abhay someone wrote, Ms will go Amer then jalal will own go & send back MS.

    Jodha doubts, Salima, Here i think, Jodha Confuse, Mind or Heart, Confusing, Heart says, Salima can't do this, But mind says, All witness goes, to against,Salima, Ques is Son 's life,But she awared, Dall mee Kala hee. When MS sweard, Maa Bhavani,Jodha mind i think, noted, Someone is damaging, Rajvancies, Name.

    But Ruk how much thought a big game, But TM BB all is doubting, MS, is this is a Plan, of Jalal which is using for Culprit.

    Or Jalal will sure think, MS will no profit, to Killing a Salim.
    Or he should think, Who is interested more post of MUZ.

    But if CV uses his Brain, Ruk punishment, Rahim or MS marraiage, can help, Backing Jodha Akbar serial in Good List, Ameen,

  8. Thanks everyone for writing in! :)

    Seriously, it's heart-wrenching to see the 2 pillars of Akbar -Salima and Man Singh, in nazarband kaid. Hoping that they will be returned back soon to the main fold with their honor and self-respect intact.

    It's becoming very difficult to see Salim turning away from his mother day by day. Really want the track to be wound up soon and Ruq punished so that mother-son can be reunited.

    Also want the deliberately created MU between Akbar and Jodha to be removed asap. Though this seems least likely. :(

    I feel that Akbar will be dumb till the end and it will be Jodha who cracks the case this time. :) It is wonderful to see Jodha assert herself and fight for justice, and better to see Hamida supporting Jodha and trying to make Akbar see sense.

    Please continue. :)

  9. Radhika, Sometime, i think, When we read Akbar Birbal stories, Akbar, Shown, Dumb King, But yes His Learning capcity Sharp Then, It it means, He wakes Up, When some other Hits, On his . Mind But yes He is warrior, or Lot of Qualties, Actually, Her nearest, cheated Him, Badely or Everyperson has its own style thinking, you always not thinks, your dearest planning against you, but when comes in front of his eyes, he takes decesion,, acc to his ability, or tries, transperent, its a Big quality, Actually Akbar life full of Up-Downs, but that was his capcaity, he, Managed, India, in a Good, Maaner, Or He Own connected, Heartely, a Good Hearted Partner, which effeciencey,changed whole Akbar, completely, or, That was his Quality, Because He can't read,
    but his memory, sharpness, +Own checking Own mistakes, learn from mistakes, made him Akbar the Great. Sometime I think, If he achieved a Lot, Sure everytime, His Mind worked, or he learnt a Lot, surprise, Mind worked A Lot, But Heart connect so much her Partner, Both became Soulmate. Heart or Mind, Such a Great combination, its Great Point of their Life. Teacher teaches Us lot, but One staze comes, We have to become Own teacher, for our betterment. CV not showing this, thats different matter.Actually, childs very innocent, Mother awareness,, vey much count,child Growth, but if Mother, Own place is not safe, or not respected, by Other family members, that indirect effects, Child Growth.Because Everywomen, not so much strong, comparsion, to Jodha, or Everywomen, not have,so much effecient, she can handle all alone, many things, count .but we know, jodha will power was strong,so CV should show, this realtionship, strong +respectful manner.


  10. Lovely Radhika :).....Quite late in replying but I found this particular episode quite engaging and even the next one :p ......I am seeing glimpses of my fiery, strong Jo and I only wish it remains so...... ..Hope like Jodha and HB, Jalal the King puts his thinking cap to test and not go around investigating based on evidences ONLY ............

  11. wonderful, Ayushi! I agree the CVs should show the Akbar-Jodha relationship as a strong and mutually respectful relationship.

  12. Thanks, Pallavi...I concur...But we know from past experience that only one of either Jodha or Akbar can think straight at a time. Perhaps, they share only one brain between them. :(

  13. As per a spoiler Rahim will do investigation about opium. He will zero in on Ruqs. But Ruqs will get him trapped also. This will make "BOTH J-J" think someone is trapping their close confidants. Then Ruqs will be caught. Jalal will break all his relations with
    her (perhaps this is the punishment).

    ^ This is only a spoiler. ;)

  14. radhika - jodha is returning as my izzat dar malika . if writers continue d momentum i hv renewed hope 4 'tis show. spoiler says jodha akbar suspect foul play. bt b4 tat v will c rahim like man singh n salima begum.
    continue ur posts dear. love dem.

  15. Iqra

    Thanks for the info. :) Abhay too shared the spoiler about Rahim being framed too. :(

    It is so sad that a gentle poet like him should be shown in a mess like this. I think the show will end before we hear any of his poetry. :(

    Regarding Jodha's return as the self-respecting malika, I am more than happy. At the same time, the mother in me couldn't bear to see the Friday precap (?) where she is trying to please Salim and he is turning his face away. It was a heart-breaking scene.

  16. Radhika, thank u fr making otherwise dull serial, an interesting one. :)I too am very much confused that when Anarkali's father can be believed, why not Salima begum?And after all Murad is not her son, then why she will try to do that,? I mean baat me dum nahi hai. Did u notice, all the explanation fr this Afeem thing is given by Ruqs n everybody seems to blindly believe in her sayings.
    Felt bad fr Salima.Poets r sensitive by default, n Salima being a poet naturally hurt by Jodha's words more than anything else.I really feel bad fr Jodha n her relationship with her son who has suddenly turned rude with his maasa n Abbujaan whom he was fearing so much.i want Salim to revert to his innocent self as soon as possible :(

  17. radhika - i m ignoring d heartbreaking scenes of salim-jodha. as abhay told - he respected his mother. but writers make their history n mislead people. imagine - people thinking tat salim hated his mother.

  18. dear radhika - please write smthing abt d episode . it was gud. i got tinge of my malika e begum mariam zamani in the episode. she got right 2 issue farman. yay.!
    u cn club n write abt 2 episodes n post it aftr 2day's episode. please consider my request n watch d episode.

  19. Iqra, I loved yesterday's episode for the same reason and in fact, wrote a draft last night. Will finalize and post today. Check it out :)

  20. thanks much radhika.