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Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7 2014 Jodha Akbar | Meandering Musings on Mughal Relations

Hi Friends,

I haven't seen the last 3 episodes; just read the WUs shared by a good friend. :) Based on these WUs, I have been wondering about the changing relations and emerging key players in Agra. It makes for some interesting observations and predictions!

1. The SA Relation

Thankfully, the two are shown to be at loggerheads with each other and we are spared scenes of childhood romance. 

It is also apparent that so far at least, Anar's family lives outside the palace and has not yet benefited from Jodha's largesse after gifting a taviz to Salim. Things may change if Anar is invited to join Tansen's troupe of singers and dancers. 

2. The Murad - Rahim Khan-e-khana Relation 

As we discussed in comments here, there's tension in the air with Rahim not being happy with Murad's jealousy of Salim. And Murad feeling that Rahim is partial to Salim. 

I don't know how much, IF ANY, is true. But this is one relation to watch out for. I am sure that this troublesome relation between the siblings (sort of) will be shown getting only worse.As Murad grows older, we will see him openly challenging the authority of Rahim.

It's amazing how differently the two are growing up under the care of the same "mother". Rahim was such a sweet child and Murad, though outwardly cute, is born with a devious mind. Rahim had (and still does not have) none of his father's (BK's) craftiness, whereas, Murad seems to have inherited the shrewdness of Akbar. Just goes to show that parenting cannot change the destiny and the mindset a child is born with. 

3. The Salim - Ruqaiyya Relation

I have deliberately left out the cutesy Jodha and Salim relation and even the impish Salim and Jalal relation. I am more interested in the relation Salim has with Ruqaiyya. Or rather Ruqaiyya has with Salim. It is a given that she wishes to control Salim, the wali ahad, exclusively so that she cane be the real power behind the throne when he ascends it.   

She has tried the "being nice" and the "good old badi ammijaan" routines with no success in luring Salim away from Jodha. Ruqaiyya has seen that Salim is more interested in girls and dancing than shamsheer and fighting ( in spite of the unwavering concentration he showed during Jalal's jugalbandi.) Salim Chisti's prophecy is also an indicator that Salim lets his heart rule him. Ruqaiyya is therefore confident that she can easily manipulate him, if not emotionally, then through the lure of a "good life". And what could the good life entail for a prince who has everything? Why, the pleasure of being on a "high", forgetting his cares for a while. 

The takht seems to be heavy and full of thorns for the young crown prince, who would rather be out enjoying life, stealing mangoes from the royal orchards and teasing nubile girls like Anar.

Ruqaiyya probably wishes to control him like a puppet on a string by making him so addicted to opium that he would listen to anything she says just to get his next "fix". But how she can succeed in this plan without arousing any suspicions in the minds of JJ remains to be seen.

Historically, I think, Jahangir's addiction to opium started at a much later date. But this is a very small NR compared to what else has been shown so far. :)

4. The Daniyal - Ruqsar Relation

Frankly, I do not remember if this begum used to be Ruqaiyya's friend or Jodha's. Someone please remind me. :)

But she seems to be an ambitious mother, stuck with a son who would rather think of food than subahs. She seems keen to prod her son to take more interest in his political fortunes. Again a relation to watch out for.

I have a feeling that Ruqaiyya will sense this and "use" Ruqsar's begum's ambitions to her own benefit in the future. 

5. The Emerging Camps

There are clearly two camps emerging - Salim and Haider's. The Salim camp has Daniyal and Qutub. The Haider camp has Murad. 

How far will these camps carry their loyalties and rivalries to adulthood, post leap? 

Qutub is historically Salim's childhood friend. He is not being given much importance in the present setup. We don't know who his parents are in the show, though he should be shown as being Salim Chisti's grandson. Abhay should be able to throw more light on his parents. :)

6. The R Factor

No, I don't mean Ruqaiyya, Ruqsar or Rahim. This time, the R factor is Resham Khan. :)

Like I mentioned in a comment here, Resham could be playing a big game of her own. She may be the one who has poisoned Haider's mind against Jalal. It also appears that she is trying to  influence Ruqaiyya too, just like her former mistress, Mahamanga. 

What could Resham's plan be? Is it just to make life difficult for Jalal or something more sinister? We need to watch out for this. 

When so much is evident about the emerging power equations in Agra even to a casual observer like me, why are the chief players like Jalal, Jodha, Hamida, Salima and Jalal's nav ratnas woefully ignorant and living in their own idyllic ivory towers? I guess they are just being themselves - always the last to know. 

Do share your views about these relations and any others that I may have missed. :)                
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You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 
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history_geek has updated the historical information related to children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani here.>
Children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani Begum

*Latest News* 
The CV of Jodha Akbar on Twitter has CONFIRMED that Salima Begum is NOT the biological mother of Murad. At least, this much, they have agreed. But, even then, they have made enough blunders, which we can count in the subsequent comments. 
For instance, we know the mothers of kids have been shown quite wrongly. Daniyal should have been present in Amer with the wife of Raja Bharmal, but here he is present in Agra..!!!!!!.. That too, with Ruqsar Begum.!!

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  1. Radhika, happy to see, a very different post,Camps in mughal harem.;)
    I think u hv done it right way. After posting the episode, we shud go in fr what exactly happened in history, regardless of NR.
    U know Radhika, the writers in the begining were not sure whom they shud assign Danial to. Then they tossed the coin n assigned to Ruqsar.:)
    Btw, Ruqsar was shown to be Jodha's friend/ camp.
    It's a secret why was Akbar childless fr so many years,n now suddenly he is having all Boys team y-)

  2. Geeta,

    The disconnect between history and the show is glaring day by day. :(

    I agree with you about the last line. Akbar has suddenly hit pay dirt ;p An all-boys team LOL Wonder when the girls will come, if at all.
    Salim Chisti may have worked the magic!

  3. Radhika

    Hats off for this post. You have analyzed the intriguing
    relationships in an amazing manner, without even watching the episodes.

    I can not write much, as i am not watching the episodes. Just reading WU's when possible.
    Now, the CV's are not shying away from showing anything.

    You have written about Salim-Ruqayya.

    want to touch upon the new promo. What kind of epic love story is
    this.?. The leads always have MU, Since the starting of this show, there
    is nothing but MU. Jashans are meant for "arranging" conspiracies, and
    no celebrations for kids birth.?.

    When Zeenat poisoned one of
    the kids, an elaborate jashan was shown and when Salim was born nothing
    happened.?. And rather, they skipped every positive event in the life of

    Coming to latest promo, i don't know what to say. Both J-J have been turned into confused beings, none behaving in a manner expected. More than this what to say.?. The Creatives of Jodha Akbar have decided to ruin this show, and they have succeeded in doing so to a great extent.

    As per new Promo, Salim is practicing music / doing riyaas with Jodha .

    Jalal arrives and says he wants to take Salim for Sword practice..
    Jodha holds
    Salim's hand and deliberates that riyaas is also important.

    Jalal says - Inhe behtar
    Shehenshah ban na hai ...
    Jodha replies - Inhe nekdil insaan bhi ban na hai ...

    Normally, kids bring happiness, but here, it's the other way round.

    In a show named Jodha Akbar, they are showing Salim-Anarkali.?. Why not change the title of this show then.?.

    As expected Ruqayya got away even after drugging the kid Salim. And i
    am not at all, enjoying this storyline. Young minds are very
    impressionable and curious, they are KEEN on experimenting on such
    things, after watching it.

    Mughal Harem had it's vices, but there are many positive things, to be shown.
    Why to focus on such negative activities.. They could have shown it in VO, if they had to show this only. They skip the best parts for VO's and focus on plots and plots in details .!!

  4. Abhay,

    Thanks and agree with you on all points.

    Just want to say, parents do have different ideas of parenting and do fight over the best way to bring up a child. And JA creatives love fights and MUs and exploit them to the fullest.

    I don't think there will be any MU between JJ. The promos have all turned out to be not the ones we actually get to see since the SA track started. This one too shall be shown as a simple scene with everyone laughing.

    Don't worry about this. :)

  5. Radhika,
    Plz check the draft asap. Thanks.