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Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 26 2014 Jodha Akbar | 339 - Battle of the Begums..!!

Jaziya Abolished...Birbal Proves Himself to AkDha..
Twins  Separated..!!


What a beautiful episode!!! Just saw it and am still feeling dazed by the intensity of the AkDha scenes we got today. Oh My God!!! Yesterday, we were so sad that there were no warm and intimate AkDha family moments with their babies…Today’s episode was filled with this adorable and elegant royal family and what a treat it was!!

The Creatives have introduced the Abolition of Jaziya track, which was a poll tax levied by the state on Non-Muslims. Either they had to pay this tax or convert to Islam. It was not only an economic burden on the poor but also an instrument of humiliation as the people had to pay the tax personally while acknowledging their inferior status. No wonder Jodha referred to herself as “Hare hue Hindu” yesterday, while paying the tax. The Jaziya tax was removed by Akbar in 1564 A.D.

Side Note: Anyone noticed that every time Jodha pays any tax to Ruqaiyya, that tax gets repealed?!  ;)  

The episode opens in the DEK. To me, it appeared as if Akbar and Jodha were both aware of their moves and played their parts perfectly in a staged drama intended to make Ruqaiyya herself accept abolishment of Jaziya. LOL Do you folks remember the Chess metaphor? Today was the game truly played in the DEK and gosh, Ruqaiyya was well and truly checkmated!! Her expression when Akbar made her realize that she was advocating removal of the tax was to die for.

The scene began with Jalal announcing a discussion on the issue of Jaziya. Ruqaiyya rose at once to remind him that he had agreed not to repeal the tax. Jalal agreed with her, which led to Jodha desiring to make a supplication before him. Jodha declared that her children were Hindus as they were born to a Hindu mother and therefore she would pay the tax on their behalf too.

Ruqaiyya was shaken by this and protested that her child would not pay the tax. For the first time, Jalal reminded Ruqaiyya that incidentally, both the children were his. He espoused Jodha’s cause, saying he fully understood and agreed with Jodha that the children were Hindus and would have to pay the tax, as per Mughal law. He went so far as to say that the children were Hindus at present and that he could not accept them as Mughals till they were older and accepted Islam willingly.  

Ruqaiyya was stunned and declared that in such cases, people would unwillingly accept Islam just to escape the tax. Akbar was waiting for just this chance and he wasted no time in seizing it with both hands. He at once declared that this was what he had been saying all along that he could not accept people converting to Islam unwillingly just to escape taxation. And without giving anyone a moment to digest this and object, he announced the abolition of Jaziya throughout the Mughal Sultanat and stated that Muslims and Hindus would henceforth be treated at par.

As expected, the ulema protested saying the two communities could not be treated at par as they were totally different. At this, Mahesh Das / Birbal answered on behalf of Jalal that for God, all humans were the same and that Jalal, being the shadow of God on earth, had to treat everyone equally. JJ beamed in happiness while Ruqaiyya’s face darkened ominously. A storm had started brewing in her mind already looking at the happy face of Jodha.          

I loved how Jodha acknowledged and thanked Birbal through a simple glance and a smile.

First Beautiful Scene:

Jodha was rocking the babies to sleep when Jalal came to her hojra and asked her the reason for her happiness. She thanked him for abolishing the tax and, as usual, Jalal complimented her for helping him in taking another momentous decision. Jodha then began teasing Jalal by praising Birbal for coming up with such a brilliant plan and giving him all the credit for the far-reaching judgment. Jalal was a study in suppressed jealousy. He was driven to such a jealous rage, watching Jodha gushing about Birbal’s intelligence and his ability to keep her happy that he rose to leave immediately. Teasingly, Jodha held him back, professing her love for him and declaring how no one could ever take his place in her life. At this, Jalal drew her closer and told her that he could not even bear the thought of his children coming between him and Jodha.    

Side Note:  Many people felt that there was no scope for Jodha in the Akbar-Birbal interactions. Today’s episode proved them utterly wrong. ;) The three musketeers had the last laugh, as they joined hands to beat Ruqaiyya at her own game.

What followed was a tender scene in which both cuddle a crying baby each, trying to make them calm. Touch wood..what adorable babies..and the scene was pure delight to watch. J As the babies quietened and slept off, JJ prayed that their happiness should never be eclipsed by any negativity.

In the next scene, Ruqaiyya approaches Hamida Bano and argues to be given her baby immediately because she fears that the baby may become too attached to Jodha and Jodha may refuse to part with the child later out of motherly bonding. Hamida tried to make her see sense by stating that the babies had been born prematurely and needed their mother to become strong. But to no avail. Ruqaiyya remained adamant till Hamida gave in.

Second Beautiful Scene:

Jalal, who overheard this conversation, went over to Jodha’s hojra. She was happily enjoying the antics of her babies, as only a mother can, when Jalal asked her, with a catch in his throat, if she remembered that only one of the babies was hers. It was as if a huge bolt of lightning had struck Jodha. She teetered, but being the ever-graceful queen, did not flinch from reality. Jalal was just beginning to console her when Ruqaiyya marched in, oblivious to their need for privacy and demanded her child. Jalal could barely look at Jodha, whilst she had to steel herself to give away a part of her.

How I hated Ruqaiyya at that moment!! How can a woman be so insensitive to the needs of a mother and a new-born baby? For the first time, since the Ruqaiyya Downfall track started, she accepted to herself that she was taking away from Jodha not just  a child, but someone  she loved the most, just the way Jodha had taken Jalal away from her a few months back (in her twisted logic manner).     

Jodha just melted into Jalal’s arms at that moment, beseeching him not to say a word, for words were insufficient to describe just how she felt at that moment.  

I was upset with the Creatives for giving one child away to Ruqaiyya. It was heart-wrenching to see not just a mother-child being separated, but also twins being separated. I feel JJ are beginning to realize the true colors of Ruqaiyya. That why she had insisted on adopting one child of Jodha, instead of just sharing the responsibility of bringing up the twins.


Jodha requests Ruqaiyya to let her be the nursing mother to Hussein. But Ruqaiyya shoots down her request and says that she would not even let the shadow of Jodha fall upon her child, leave alone allow her to nurse him. Jalal is watching silently but with a feeling of embitterment. It seems he cannot believe that Ruqaiyya can stoop so low.

From today’s episode, I felt that Ruqaiyya had 3 reasons to take away Hussein immediately today:

1.       She wanted to hit Jodha where it would hurt the most, by taking away her child and not letting her near him.
2.       She didn’t want the  child to be raised as a Hindu.
3.       She wanted to avenge the insult she felt in the DEK. (Well, she had insulted Jalal in the DEK and now the tables were turned on her!)  

Extra Scene of the Day:

Birbal and his wife! It was funny enough, with Birbal wondering how Jalal managed to keep so many begums happy, while his hands were literally full with just one wife. LOL This scene reminded me of an old post of Abhay. He explained howAkbar had once said that a man should take only as many wives as he could afford to keep happy.

Last Post:  September 25 2014 Jodha Akbar | 338 - Back to State Politics..!! !

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 
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  1. Superb Post Radhika..

    What can i say in praise of this post...I enjoyed reading this...Very well written..It was an awesome episode, though some extra footage could have been given to Jaziya also..But i guess, CV's want to start Ruqayya track asap...So they rushed a bit..

    @all Friends..
    Continue the discussion...I will join when possible, and time permits me..
    Though, i DO read all your views. :)

    1. hi history-geek
      u r busy.unable to write.but u created this blog for people like me who can not stand the negativity and crass comments of that forum.thank u again.till u come back i will write my questions.when u come back please tell me about ruqaiya.i also read focus is rajputana and maratha.i started reading mughals after jodha akbar started.i have read ruqaiya was sidelined by akbar for 7 years.after salim was born she was taken back in royal fold after shifting from agra.i know the reason but it is not crystal clear.please share ur knowledge about ruqaiya.present track of ruqaiya is leading to her sinister plan.this is the same time when she should be sidelined according to time span of 7 years.i shall wait for ur answer to get 100 percent confirmation.thank u.

    2. Hi Buddy,

      Normally, i do not write anything unless i know the complete chain of events.. Right now, i am telling you what i know with "surety", without giving the details.. The Ruqayya track should comprise of > a Maid (baandi), Ruqayya, Jodha and Akbar; and that Maid will be a pawn of Ruqayya. Rest i am still verifying.

    3. history-geek.i know after maid did an act,akbar developed rage for ruqaiya.this point is important to unearth the question of twins-ruqaiya track.thank u.i hope u get more clues soon.

  2. Thanks Abhay!! I am having to step into very big boots :-h

    @Friends: Please bear with me till Abhay is able to post again :)

  3. Beautifully written Radhika. It was a beautiful episode that left me with mixed emotions after watching. I am loving Birbal and his cute wife.

    Jalal emphasizes that all religions were equal and no tax would be levied for their religion. Jodha was beaming with Joy and could see how proud she was of Jalal. It was adorable to watch Akdha with their twins. Cvs showed us the possessive side of Jalal that we all wanted to watch. Here we see a difference between Jodha and ruks. All Jodha needs by her is Jalal and her babies and Ruks is all into her Audha.

    It was heartbreaking for me to watch Jodha hand over the baby to Ruks. Looking at Ruks, I could realize one thing she never understands or understood what true love is. If so she would not have made used of the farman, that her husband gave her with so much of trust and faith. I cried when I saw Jo asking Jalal what she did was right. Rajat and Paridhi were outstanding today.

    Precap again is a big blow especially for Jodha as she will not be allowed anywhere closer to her baby. Both JJ are good hearted pure souls with good intentions. Their faith in God and love for each other will help them get through this hurdle. I hope Jalal wil soon get to know Ruks intentions and solve this matter as soon as possible. Will I be able to watch any more of Akdha with the twins. I don't know how I am going to watch twins death and the devastated parents.

    1. Radhika , your write-ups are a treat to read . I love your thoughts on today's episode .
      Enjoyed watching Rukaiyya being cornered by Birbal/Jodha/Jalal today .
      Birbal's tactics worked . Loved to see Jodha beaming at her husband with pride and love . Enjoyed the spousal bonding between the Shehenshah and Jodha . We saw a possessive Jalal today , who does not want to share his wife's attention even with his babies .
      Coming to the babies , I love their chubby cheeks , bald heads and toothless smile. Enjoyed watching Jodha/jalal bonding with their babies . The entire scene was very naturally enacted .
      Rukaiyya was totally and completely disgusting. She hasn't a clue about what love means . Her revengeful act is going to cost her big time . The fool does not know the love between mother and child is immeasurable and permanent . She can never come in between that emotional bond . The umbilical cord can get cut off , but the emotional cord between mother and child will stay put forever.
      The scene when Jalal consoles the heartbroken Jodha was indeed touching . "No mother or woman would have done what you did today" , he tells her . By behaving with such intense insensitivity , Rukaiyya is pushing Jalal closer to Jodha .
      Mahesh Das and his rotund wife are indeed very cute . I like the camaraderie between the two .
      I cannot wait to see Birbal unfold Rukaiyya's evil plans . Jalal is extremely disgusted and angry with her . After seeing his love and respect for Jodha , I have no doubts that his punishment for Rukkaiyya is going to be severe .

    2. Sindhu,

      Thanks! I agree with your views. :)

      Jodha must never have thought that Ruq would not allow her to go near her baby. What a shock it will be for JJ to realize just how selfish and insensitive Ruq can be!

      Brace yourself for the twins' death episode. I am hoping it will get over in 1 episode instead of dragging on.

    3. Thanks Charu! :)

      It's a huge relief to have a strong, positive character like Birbal after watching only villains for over a year. His wife is the cherry on the cake. :)

      Really hope Birbal is able to do what no one else has been able to do so far - get Jalal to punish Ruq :)

  4. radhika,you write like history-geek and history-geek is a writer of class.i did not think i was reading a different person.very beautiful words written here.i read this 2 times was a thoroughly enjoyable episode.i watched jodha akbar scenes many times.i was reading in forum about lack of motherly feelings for the feelings were shown is natural for a mother to feel for her child.i feel pity for jodha and very angry with ruqaiya for her evil ways.except ruqaiya, the royal tehjeeb was shown by all.birbal and his wife were adorable.this birbal is lovely to watch.i will come back to write later.i do not write more.but this place is so calm.i could not help but write.i love stalking u people and read silently.u all are very good writers.

    1. Hey, May I know your name?

      I consciously wrote in HG's style so that there is no jarring change and readers are able to experience seamless continuity. :) Thanks for appreciating it. :)

      Motherly feelings kick in solidly when we hold a baby for the first time in our hands. Jodha also found to her detriment that her babies in flesh and blood were too precious to be given away. But she might have consoled herself thinking that Hussein will always be in front of her eyes and she would be able to pamper him just as much as if he were with her.

      Little does she know Ruq's plan to keep Hussein firmly away from her.

    2. radhika,u can call me hg's fan.i am fan of his posts and everything he writes.i have read your threads on forum.i enjoy reading it again and again.please keep writing till history-geek comes back.i am very excited to watch next week episodes.according to history, hassan will die first.and then hussain will die.hassan is with jodha and hussain is with ruqaiya.ruqaiya has her hand in this.i am waiting to see what will happen.

    3. That makes two of us - I am also a fan of hg's posts :)

      But I don't know if the twins were separated like this in history. So anything can happen. Let's wait and watch :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Radhika akka , your post is unsurpassed....

    I just loved the JJ scenes and especially, the DEK scene, where a small reverse tactics were used and the result was

    Regarding Ruqaiyya, she is slowly showing her true colours, taking away the mask of goodness, of which she was pretending all these days....

    Have you seen the latest spoilers???
    It seems Birbal would be instrumental in somehow exposing Ruqaiyya..

    As Abhay said, the CVs are rushing the tracks...

    I felt a sting on my heart, seeing how the twins were seperated. How painful it would be for a mother to seperate herself from her child, who had been with her past 9 months. It is difficult to break the bond, after all the child is her JIGAR KA TUKDA

    1. Lasya dear,

      Thanks for liking the post! Good to hear from you :)

      I have not seen any spoilers but I do believe that as per timing, Birbal would be instrumental in exposing Ruqaiyya. Let's keep our fingers crossed - she should be sent far away so that JJ can enjoy a few moments together.

      I agree it is hard to watch twins being separated as well as a mother-son duo being separated.

  7. What to say, Radhika. superb post! It was like reliving the moment.:) It seems CVs hv taken note of ur comments n hv shown some light moments of JO-AK. Still I felt they should hv shown, more of motherly moments like feeding, singing lori,instead of their eagerness to show the vomitting, n blood etc.While we heard lot of lullubys frm Jodha when there were no infants, we heard none when she had her own.:-? There was no need to squeez in Jaziya issue just to bring both the begums face to face. I am feeling sad as I think, the way CVs hv rushed to show the seperation, implies that death scene is also nearby.What to say, abt cute babies wrapped in royal cloths.:)(

    1. Thanks, Geeta! :)

      I have not heard Jodha sing anything in a long time. I had thought after Tansen's entry, we could see Jodha training under him.

      Death scene should be near because the twins lived for just a few days. Let's see how they actually show the scene of death.

  8. Hey Radhika, Fabulous post for a beautiful episode!

    Sorry for not commenting yesterday. I was busy in a host of chores from Navratri preparations to proofreading my FF update

    The starting scene in DEK was just awesome! Jalal, Jodha and Birbal formed a terrific team and Ruqaiyya's face at the end was worth watching! She had been cleverly checkmated by the three! And I also the part when Jalal assertively told Ruqaiyya that both the babies were his! I literally clapped when he said that! Ultimately, the Jizya Tax was abolished and the court was adjourned, with Jalal walking out with his head held high!

    The next scene was a treat was AkDha lovers! It was a truly beautiful scene with the couple and their children! It started out with how Jalal credited taking each of his major decisions to her and in turn her praise of Mahesh Das. This made Jalal jealous in a very cute way, and she sensed it, teasing him further. What struck me here most was that Jalal in his jealousy, said that if he ever tries to come close to you, I would take his life. Any more leching from Shareef's side, and he would have to pay. It is clear now that Jalal doesn't like anyone eyeing his wife and he would be furious once Shareef's truth comes out! I am just waiting for him to get a good beating! Anyhow, it was very touching to see the new parents cuddle their children together. It was very saddening to see Ruqaiyya with them on Wednesday and this scene came as an assurance that Ruqaiyya could never ever become a part of them! They looked like a cute and happy family!

    Ruqaiyya is an evil woman! She only cares for her ambition and her 'majboori' rather than the premature babies. Ammijaan seemed at loss for words to give her any suitable explanation. At one point, I wanted to jump inside the TV and beat her up! Jalal heard their conversation and was obviously saddened. He was sad not only about the fact that she would be getting one baby but at her insensitivity. He came to Jodha, who was looking at both her children with pride and awe, when he reminded her about the farmaan. It struck Jodha like lightening. Tears began to form in her eyes. Then Ruqaiyya came, looking nothing less than what can be described as a 'bhootni'. I don't know why Lavina's eye make-up was taken off here. She looked really horrendous. But Jodha's condition here really broke my heart. The way she cried in Jalal's presence and her pretence in front of Ruqaiyya, spoke volumes. She became so vulnerable after giving away her child to Ruqaiyya. She reluctantly parted with Hussein, kissing and holding it close. The emotions were fabulously potrayed by Paridhi here! And the conforting hug which Jalal gave her after this, was very touching!

    Ruqaiyya, the less spoken about her the better. She has crossed all levels of decency! Her presence is an eye sore and her insensitivity! After seeing the precap, I have no words left for this woman. The less said the better. As per latest news, Birbal will help Jalal and Jodha get the baby back so I am hoping a lot of action from his side in the coming week!

    I am liking this Birbal! He and his wife have great chemistry and yesterday's scene between them was really funny! And I have been told that both of them are husband and wife in real. So that explains the tuning and chemistry! ;)

    Anyways, fabulous write up and hoping for some awesome episodes this week!

    1. Samanika,

      Wow, no wonder you write FF - fab post! I think I should step aside and let you post henceforth g-)

      All of us are hanging on to the hope that Birbal will work wonders and get RUq punished!

      Yeah, I noticed too - Ruq without kajal looks weird! Wonder if they had shot for the scene without completing the makeup due to shortage of time ?

    2. Thanks a lot for the compliment, Radhika. But believe me the improvement has come over time. When I started, it was not as good! :D

      The new promo has baffled and confused everyone! But I am still pining all hopes on Birbal!

      At times, there is just no consistency in the scenes. Maybe it was just a mistake!

    3. What's the new promo? I have been out of touch - do update :)

    4. I never saw it, but here is the written update

      It is a Dussehra special episode. Zeenat, dai employed by Ruqaiyya tries to kill the twins and is caught by Jodha who sees her. She is presented in front of Jalal, who is angry

  9. I have a question for everyone here!

    We have all been watching the show for a year and have seen numerous tracks. Did anyone at any point of time feel, that Jalal was shown as weak and Jodha was shown as mahaan or both were equal? Did anyone feel that only Jalal was right or only Jodha was right? Or both were wrong at some point of time somewhere?

    1. Will think and reply, Samanika :)

    2. samanika,very good question.i did not feel like this.both people had their share of faults and corrections.i did not see them different people.we can not separate them dear.akbar was not superman.he made mistakes.if he was king then also he had wives like a common man where both decide on many issues.she may not decide the political issues but back at home she can help him.badayuni abuses akbar in his book.he says rajput wife of akbar took him away from non vegetarian is a beautiful gesture.we can see how much akbar was influenced by his wives.akbar learnt many things from different people.his wives were among them.history-geek can give more details.

    3. Hey Radhika! Thanks a lot for your reply! I am glad that most of us accept Jalal and Jodha as normal human beings who made mistakes!

    4. Samanika and i-am-your-fan,

      @Samanika: Pls thank i-am-your-fan for the reply. :) But I agree with your conclusion.

      @i-am-your-fan: Absolutely! Both made mistakes, learnt from them and moved on. Both evolved over time into better humans. Q is not who is weak or strong - When one was weak, the other lent their full support. It was a wonderful partnership with equal give and take. :)

    5. @I-am-your-fan I am so sorry I didn't see there properly! But thanks a lot for your reply! I agree with each and every point you have stated there! :)

  10. Lovely Take .. and ofcourse lovely episode way have u noticed wen ever we get good jolal scenes the next min they make us cry by giving another sad scene...cant they give us one happy episode with no rukku or sad scenes...

    rukku has been cornered by all 3 ..Jodha Jalal and birbal.. how they made her to accept to abolish these 3 exchanged thr smiles bet them and made rukku to go mad and these 3 played chess game and made everyone shut thr mouths and gave maat to rukku... rukku ko dek ke i remembered one scene..wo itna confuse hogayi ki bhool gayi ki saans kaha se le ...

    Radhika I am super mad at this Rukku..this is IF..otherwise i wud hv used foul language..but one thing making me to stay calm is soon she il get caught and il be punished..otherwise u no how i scolded her on wats ap.. mann karta hai use maar dalu and kahi door lejakar pekdoon..

    coming to Jalal yes he was too a king as a lover as a husband as a father and as a jealous boy who wanted jo to care and love only him not even his babies..

    when he declared they are my babies in dek

    How broad minded he was and how he accpeted that since babies are born to hindu mother and how he gave first right to mother that babies belong to her religion and once they are grown up and able to decide wat religion to follow till then they wud be considered as hindu's and they are supp to pay the liberal this man akbar is'nt it.. thats y we call him akbar the grt...

    I just loved pocessive and Jealous jalal..he cant see jo praising someone else apart from him..he cant see jo saying someone else will make her laugh..he is so pocessive ki jodha ki khushi aur gham ke peeche jalal hi ho..he should be reason behind her smile and her every one else..he is so pocessive that he said he il kill birbal if he tries to get close to jo.. he is so jealous that he cant even see jo giving all her time love and care to thr kids... vaise he looked so cute wen he was jealous and pocessive.. i just loved him overall today..

    this baby sharing theory il make jodha and jalal learn good lesson..
    both jodha and jalal are wrong here..see both babies are going to brought up in the same palace..when hussain gets to no about this seperation wat he il think his own mother loves his brother more ..his father too loved him..adopted mother can be rukku or salima or anyone..still the kid il develop hatred for his parents and twin brother..since we no kids are hardly going to stay alive for 15 we are relaxed..if not ??? adopted mother koi bi ho par bache ki nazariye se deke to galat hai.. coming to rukku she is just shame on woman hood..soon jodha il realise that giving her flesh to such a woman is not worth and its her biggest mistake and wen it comes to kids or husband we should not show pity for others that too for a woman like rukku...Jalal too il learn that thr are certain things whr he should listen to jodha for family and sultanat betterment..but at the same time he should no that jo is so naive that people will take it as her weakness and try to take it as an advantange... in such cases he should be strong and not to listen to jo and be firm in his decision for jodha's and his kids safety and future..

  11. In contnuation..

    Rukku is such a person for her audha money power only these things matter..nothing else.. god gave her one last chance..thru this child and good upbringing she can get everything everyones love, care, affection power jalal's kid and jodha's friendship.. coz of her greed she wud end up loosing everything..her biggest strength..till now jalal tolerated her but wen this time she il be punished by jalal in dek and il be left with nothing no bek audha nor kid nor jalal nor everybody's love and care...all begums who used to get scared of her il make fun of her..her life il be nothing but old funiture which is of no use

    she is such a selfish .. she thinks she il get everything from jo but wud end up losing everything including bek title power postion and jalal as a cousin friend husband and shehensha..hb as mothers support gulbadan begum and all...

    Radhika wen Rukku became pregnant for the first time soon after jolal's marriage that time also she used her pregnancy as pawn..she said to hoshiyar..any woman can become a mother..but no one can become muz like her even if they take 100 birth's... see the moment she siad next day god made her unfit to become a mother again in her life time..wen she planned to use her own flesh and kid as pawn to get power then wat else can we expect wen it comes to jo and jodha's kid... she was never true or loyal to anyone.. nor to her husband..nor to jalal as a frd nor as a cousin..she is not true to her own baby and flesh wen she became the baby died in the womb itself..and god punished thru maham that she can never give birth to any see still she has not how can we expect her to be good to jodha.. she is not loyal to her own shadow... atleast maham was loyal to adham and did all this for him..MC for mirza hakim..rukku for whom she is doing??

    next week everyone il see jodha's pain she il raise to sky level and all il hate rukku ..coz of her over confidence she il loose everything..i am happy that this track started in a hope we il soon see the ending of this BEK ..Jodha il be hurt and in pain but wont show it to anyone..but jalal knows his jodha more than her so he il do everything to get back his baby using reverse farmaan..

    Just hope he protects jo and his kids from this rukku..he il do something teda with birbal's help and gets back the kid from rukku like he did today and made rukku accept to abolish zijiya...Just hope she il be caught and punished on 3rd oct..if they drag this rukku's track more than that then i wud end up killing rukku go to kajrat and kill this woman

    I just love Birbal's acting from day one..he is too good.. by the way pari nailed the scene wen she was suppose to give away hussain to Greedy BEK

    Radhika we need to have patience to tolerate rukku's torture..downfall to il watch it week is going to be roller coaster for all of us..

    today both RT & PS made me cry.. at the same time wen i read first time about gopal singh doing birbal's role i started cribbing jiya... then she told me that he is a very gud actor who acted in ek haseena thi and also in traffic signal as a beggar.. later wen i saw his entry in dek for the first time how he made jalal and everyone smile and how he was teda ..i liked him so much...he is too good..just hope cv's utilize him properly..otherwise he il also do sirf mundi hilana to jalal like maan singh and TM... birbal is everyone's fav character..hope they utilises him and his talent fully.

    1. Gem,

      I am speechless after reading your post. I don't know what to say - you have covered everything. :)

      I do hope your words come true and Ruq is exposed by end of next week. It would be tough to watch the twins death scenes being extended or Jodha's suffering being stretched.

      Birbal has made his mark on everyone already and we have a lot of expectations also from him. Everyone wants him to first get Ruqaiyya punished. Hope we won't be let down!

      PS: Was missing your messages. This post made up for all that. :)

  12. thankyou, radhika for the excellent writeup. i thoroughly enjoyed the episode. i don't know the details about the ziziya tax and so i enjoyed the way how as you have written 3 muskteers action in dek. i liked thoroughly jodha jalal 1scene and cried along with them the last scene. i hope we need not wait for long time to see the exposure of ruq's ill intentions and the baby reaches back jodha with the planning of jalal and birbal. its pleasure to read your postings in this blog for my minds mental peace.

    1. Hi Mehak,

      Thanks! :) Glad you like the posts here. Do continue to share your views.

      Jaziya was a poll tax levied on every non-muslim and had to be paid in person. This was the most humiliating part of it, apart from being economically burdensome. Akbar abolished it in 1564. It was briefly re-introduced by Akbar himself for a few years and then repealed again.

      Aurangzeb introduced it again.

      Keep reading the historical posts here for updates on the historical references in the show. If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Abhay. :)

  13. Great write-up Radhika! :-h
    loved reading much as I enjoyed the trio at DEK, I cried at the end...what was that actually? though we got a beautiful sight of JJ together in each other's arms, Jalal is consoling his Jodha whereas he was in equal in pain!!
    I cant see my JJ so helpless in front of Ruqaiyya...the woman is showing her true color! now! God, my hatred for her is increasing with each passing day..she didnt even waste any single moment but barged onto JJ's hojra and demanded one baby shamelessly! And Jodha...awww my poor Jo...she looked like as if someone asked to cut her jigar...:(( I hated hated hated the moment!! it made me cry :(( Jalal looked so helpless and angry at the same time..:(( he could feel the pain Jodha was going through and that is why he pulled her to hug just after Ruqu left..:( Jodha was all broken! :(

    I loved the JJ with twins awesome foursome...they look a completely family...I will repeat what Jodha told Jalal that she has him and their kids, nothing more to ask...I have JJ and kids...what can I ask for? I have everything.

    Now I want Ruqu's bhandaphod! watching precap it was clear Ruqu is back to being rude to Jodha and I am glad Jalal witnessed it will be interesting to see how Jalal gets Jodha's baby back to her...yeah, Birbal will be there to help. :))

    Loved Birbal and his wife's was quite funny. :))

    1. Hi Tamy!

      Thanks for liking the post! :)

      Pls don't cry so much - hopefully Birbal and Akbar should be able to unmask Ruq soon.

      Even if Jo gets her baby back, poor babies have to die soon. It will be so much more traumatic than giving the baby to someone then. :(

  14. Radhika fabulous post. I loved the episode. We finally got JodhaJalal and their adorable twins together scene.

    I just HATED Ruk, actually hated is a mild word, despised Ruk.
    When Jodha handed her baby to Ruk with so much love and pain, only fso that Ruk can also become a mother - Ruk's first thought on having the baby in her hand who is going to be her son was of revenge and hatred.

    I hope that baby is soon back to Jodha.

    I loved how Jalal Jodha and Birbal trapped Ruk! Her face was priceless.

    Fabulous acting by Paridhi and Rajat in last scene. Loved jealous possessive Jalal and I hope Jalal learns of SD's eye on Jodha. There will be fireworks in Agra for sure!

    PS - new promo update. Someone saw it - both the babies are in one hojara and Zeenat goes there, it seems Jodha watches - now not sure if Jodha watches before or after Zeenat harms the baby. Zeenat is brought before Jalal and he is in rage - shouts at Zeenat khamoosh.

    I wonder if they will show Jalal using farman take baby back from Ruk and then in rage Ruk might try to kill Jodha giving poison but Jodha will be saved in time but twins could not be saved.

    1. Thanks for sharing new promo, Medha. :) In the first place, how did both the babies land in one hojra?

      Do you think Jalal already took back the baby from Ruq and gave it to Jodha? This may have angered Ruq and then she sent that maid to kill the babies. And Jodha catches the maid.

      It was said that Jodha would discover Ruq's intentions. May be after seeing the maid trying to harm the babies, Jodha discovers Ruq's intentions. In order to protect herself, Ruq decides to kill Jodha. Jodha may escape while the twins die.

      Jalal may hush up the matter because the BEK is involved. Like Abhay said, may be the twins die just to safeguard Akbar's prestige / image.

      Whatever happens, Medha, I do not want another MU between Jalal and Jodha. And I hope the actual death episodes are wrapped up fast.

  15. Abhay as usal good post, Yes, Zaziya, abloished, +Twins seperated, or new promo, has came, so lets see.

  16. Abhay, 24 sep episode
    Episode was little better Yesterday.Yesterday i liked, Jodha Braveness, she is Own facing,

    as, a Hindu,second class treatment. If she not raised this Voice, Yesterday, She + All Hindhu People, suffered a Lot; previous, & present;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;& Akbar Not becomes, Akbar The Great.

    Two regliions, Combinding, is not a Easy Job.& Broadness always takes its Cost. But Sometime, Mirror, showing is Necessary;

    1, Jodha Own started, To Pay Tax;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;I will Pay Tax. Naturally, as a Husband, Jalal will feel pressurise,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;But ques is Not Jodha will pay or Not, Ques is You want to Expand your kingdom, You can marry Hindhu Girl, But You

    You Can't give her freedom. This is troubling, Jalal. Because In Hindustan, Jalal Own knows Power of Ragvancies, His Poicey, is United All, & Rule, But All Is spreading. If He not abloishes, this Tax,Hinduies, internal, goes against, jalal, that is Not Good for Kingdom. If He Abloishes, Muslim, Go Against, Jalal;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;So This Line is Very, Delicate, Cross For Jalal.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Naturally he will cross this line,

    Ruk Wants to become Muz, Heir, has Come, If Jalal Now listen, again Jodha, This Is Defeat for, Ruk,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;So she is, Creating Problem.

    1, Is Bigger, journey is Easy, No, i liked, Jodha Show indirectely, Jalal, The Next Way, Now You where standing you Choose;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;your Path. own, way.

    2 ,liked, Jalal words, Jodha Begum, you Can't defeat.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Its feels, Jalal knows, Jodha

    Talk is not Light Mooded Its Weight. or He not see Now, her Jodha begum Defeated,Clap Clap

    3,Birbal, Moto is, Slouate these thing, By, Brain, +way Which needed this time Jalal.

    4, Sharrif, +father, Ulama, all knows, if this Tax, Abloishes, Jalal will become, Wide King, then there power will be More Less.

    5,But this faith of Jodha, Will give her, Title of, Muz, or others which she deserves. Only Rule we can't do, Power in hands, but, Useing of Brain also be needed.jodha showed it.

    6, In this Way, Two relgion, will come clousear, from Heart, Jodha is thinking, Wide, But Others narrow thinking, is a Obstacle.

    7, Now Jodha Sons will pay tax, How this effect, Jalal seeing Point is This.?LOL LOL

    8, Tensen +Birbal, Nok Zhonk was Light Hearted.Star Star No Body is Less.

    9, Tarjoou, secene, Targoou, is Famous for Justice, Jalal is standing confusing, state of Mind,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Not listening Jodha, Also, So Birbal Will do Some slouation.LOL LOL

    10, Now Intercaste marriage will going to Expand staze, Physically to Parents Parents to King Queen, journey, & King & Queen always, Honest, Hardworking, ( transperent ) likeable.

    11, Jodha Involved, Shanti Matter shows, Queens Feels pain for Others, & When Birbal,
    Shows, Thousands Hindus, Jalal also felt Pain,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Its a King +queen pain
    is Ruk feeled that,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;So Broadness is choosing their Own way.

    12, In ths way, Monoply, of One relgion will be finish, others will feel respect, in Mughual Era,Respect of jalal will be increase. Credit goes to Our Jodhu.

    1. Ayushi,

      As usual valid points and arguments...
      The episode was a good one after ages, only thing is that they should have given some more importance to Jaziya abolition track..

      By the way, this post is written by Radhika. :)

  17. Radhika I don't have enough words to praise your posts now... They are beyond any words...

    Abhay I am sorry for not being able to comment on your blog regularly as I am busy with Durga Puja preparations... But as soon as Durga Puja is over I will regularly comment on this blog..

    1. Thanks for the high praise! :)

      Enjoy the Puja and Subho Bijoya to you, Surochita!

      Looking forward to longer, more insightful posts from you in a few days :)

    2. Radhika happy Durga Puja to you too.... Yaar abhi toh Durga Maa ayi bhi nehi aur tum unke janeki baat kar rahe ho :-( , ;-)

      Pakka I will be back next week... Tab take I will give small comments if I get time..

  18. Hello Abhay !
    Finally i joined u here Lol..
    Give me some time to read the stuff.....this is new place for me

    1. Welcome, Soni! :)

      Take your time to explore around here! And then do share your observations. :)

  19. Awesome post abhay...
    Mast post banayi hai...

    Hope ruqqu ka sach jaldi saamne aaye
    Mujhey dekhna hai akbar iska kya haal karta hai

    1. Hi Sonia,

      The new promo is out. If all goes as planned, Jalal should know Ruq's reality soon. And then no one can save her from his wrath!

    2. Hey radhika
      New article bhi aaya hai jiske according ruqqu ka sach sabko pata chal jaayega...
      Hope is baar usko punishment zarur miley

  20. I was busy and have only now watched the episode, hence the late response.

    I enjoyed the episode, it was a masala mix, with a touch of romance, drama and tragedy. The story is moving at a fast clip, but fine with me as long as it is told properly.

    You have already given a vivid description of the events in the episode, so instead I will touch on one or two points that I find interesting-
    1 Birbal is the best new addition to the story in a long while. It helps that the actor is good. A touch of humor from Birbal is necessary because a majority of the episodes of this serial have a lot of drama and often tragic drama.

    2 The tragic death of the twins will come sooner rather than later. Not only do the CV's want to move over quickly over this tragic phase but there is also the problem of logistics. Very few mothers today, would be willing to lend their babies for a role which will have them die onscreen. It is a very pleasant sight to see and it can make even the non superstitious very queasy.
    A child to play the role of Salim, no problem, but the tragic twins.

    I want this tragic phase to end quickly with some sort of punishment for Ruqs. The track after this will be very interesting, it will give a clear hint of the way Ekta and team are going to proceed with the story over the next few months.

    1. The only problem here is the inability to edit your post. So, "It is not a very pleasant sight" in you mind becomes "It is a very pleasant sight" when typed. A tragic misprint.

    2. Hi Donjas,

      Not possible to edit a post after publishing it. Only option is to delete it and then post again. I understood what you meant. Glad you posted a correction.

      Birbal is perhaps one of the few characters who is universally liked in the show and lends a much-needed touch of lightness to the otherwise heavy proceedings. Yet he is not the standard comedian - he is equally deep, insightful and philosophical as any other intellectual in Akbar's court. He is a great inspiration to us to be able to express our most serious thoughts in a witty and humorous manner so that no one is offended and yet the message is conveyed. :)

      About the babies - I think there are now strict rules about how to treat babies / children on sets. This is in addition to what you have rightly said that not many parents would like to see their babies die and be mourned on screen.

      So the track may be wound up fast and we may also not actually see the babies dying on screen - it may just be alluded to - which would be a relief to us too.

      There are spoilers and promos that say that Ruqaiyya will step too far this time and be punished by Akbar. Let's see if it really happens. I also want this track to be closed soon and Ruq at least symbolically punished - symbolically in case the CVs are not able to bring themselves to punish her hard.

      Even Maham had been glorified in her death and made to appear like a true wafadar of the Mughal sultanat. Ruq has already been put on a pedestal by making her deliver Jodha's babies.:(

    3. I just liked JJ with Birbal as a team checkmated Ruku and made her utter how unfair is the Jaziya tax is.. Happy to see both JJ with the kids teasing, enjoying and praying to GOD to keep their family save from any evil..

      There is no need for Ruku to take away the kid now especially few day old that too pre delivery kid.. She wants to to the revenge to DEK on JO, she can't see JO happy and the fact that Jalaal did abolish the tax listening to her.. Ruqu also wants to implement her next plan MUZ soon that's why she has taken the kid from JO... Infact she felt happy seeing JO tears and also taking his Jalaal from her.. But Ruqu fail to see that it's Jalaal who is after JO even before marriage or after marriage...

      It's so painful to see JO giving away her kid, while Jalaal understood and comfort her.. Overall good episode and waiting for next...

    4. Abhi,

      This Birbal is emerging as the right hand of Jalal. I am looking forward to an increase in his role in the Sultanate.