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Thursday, February 5, 2015

453 years of Marriage of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani | Part - II


This is Part-2 of the special post on the occasion of the 453rd marriage anniversary of Mughal Emperor Akbar and the Princess of Amer - Harka Bai/Mariam-Uz-Zamani. The marriage took place in Sambhar (Rajputana) on 6th February, 1562.

So, decided to write a DETAILED post related to this event, which defined the future of this nation. This was not only a marriage of 2 individuals, but also a synthesis of two different cultures, religions and races. Such alliances between different communities happened before also, but this one was different from all of them and the magnitude of its impact was unprecedented. It was to change the course of the history of Hindustan. The beauty lies in the fact that the possibility of such an alliance was very remote but it still happened and left an indelible imprint on the annals of Hindustani history.

Since this is a VERY LONG Post, i am providing an index of the contents to act as a mind map.


This is the first Part. Link to the Post: Click Here

I. Political Events from 1500 to 1562
     - First Battle of Panipat + End of Delhi Sultanate & Estb. of Mughals(1526)
     - Battle of Khanua + Death of Rana Sanga & Prithviraj Kachwaha(1527)
     - Death of Babur(1530), Interruption by Sher Shah Suri's Empire(1540-55)
     - Birth of Maharana Pratap(1540) & Birth of Akbar(1542)
     - Marriage of Akbar and MUZ (1562)

II. Background of this Marriage - Events in Amer till 1562
     - Death of Raja Prithviraj Kachwaha(1527)
     - Father of Kunwar Suja, PuranMal comes to throne(died in 1534)
     - Delicate Political Situation & first contact of Mughals-Rajputs(1534)
     - Uncle of Suja becomes next ruler(till 1537), succeeded by his son(till 1547)
     - Raja BharMal comes to throne(1548-74)
     - Challenge to maintain balance with Mughal-Rajput-Afghan power equation
     - BharMal summoned by Akbar to Delhi(1557)
     - Problems created by Kunwar Suja and Sharif-ud-din(1556-1561)
     - BharMal son/nephews taken hostage by Sharif-ud-din who makes HEAVY demands(1561)
     - Bharmal appeals for peace with Chugtai Khan(1561-62)
     - Chugtai Khan introduces BharMal's nephew to Akbar(1562)
     - Akbar insists on "personal" homage, hence brother of BharMal also meets Akbar
     - At last, Finally, BharMal meets Akbar with Chugtai Khan(1562)
     - Decide to have a marital alliance, Akbar fixes Sambhar as the venue
     - Marriage on 6th February, 1562

III. Account of Raja BharMal and Marriage of Akbar with Raja Bharmal's Daughter, from Maasir
     - clan of Raja BharMal
     - loyalty and valor impresses Akbar
     - marriage on 6th February, 1562
     - appointment to high offices


This is the present post.

IV. Account with minute details of this marriage from Akbarnama
     - Akbar visits Ajmer
     - Meeting with BharMal
     - Sharif-ud-din shows "hesitation" in releasing son/nephews of BharMal despite orders of Akbar
     - Marriage in Sambhar on 6th February, 1562
     - Man Singh and Bhagwan Das taken to Agra
     - BharMal made a mansabdar of 5000

V.  Interesting details from Scanned Horoscope of Akbar from Akbarnama 
     - mentions he WILL marry native princesses from India and more.....
     - mentions about sons from them
     - talks about increasing relish of friendship and love
     - grandchildren

VI. Foundations of this marriage laid down by Humayun before his death
     - paper from the Indian History Congress
     - Humayun advised by King of Iran to conciliate with Rajputs & Afghans
     - Humayun advises Akbar NOT to use force but conciliate with Rajputs

VII. Rajputana records of this marriage
     - wrong date of birth of Harka Bai on Internet
     - Harka Bai was engaged twice before her marriage to Akbar
     - her fiance died in a war

VIII. Views of eminent historian Late Dr. B.P. Saxena about this marriage 
     - no other marriage in medieval history was as happy & fruitful politically
     - new dawn in Indian politics

IX. Views of eminent biographer historian Dr. Lal about this marriage 
     - views about Akbar
     - DETAILED views about Harka Bai & her equation with Akbar


Now, starting with the Main Post | Part-2

IV. Account with minute details of this marriage from Akbarnama..


It is interesting to note that, in the Akbarnama (II), Abu'l Fazl has devoted a complete chapter to describe the marriage of Akbar with the Princess of Amer

We all know, Akbar contracted many marriages which were political in nature, but it is a point worth noting that ONLY his marriage with the Princess of Amer has found mention in Akbarnama in such depth, that too in a separate chapter

Surprisingly, his marriage with Ruqayya Begum has not received even a passing reference in the entire text of Akbarnama.! This point was startling for me, hence i mentioned it here.

I have posted the scans below along with the text in English. The entire text from Akbarnama is present below and is worth reading in entirety. Though, i have highlighted some part.



His Majesty's Visit to Ajmer and Marriage with Raja BharMal's(also called BiharMal) Daughter

" As the Shahinshah's holy soul searches after knowers of the Truth and is inquisitive about reputations founded on reality, he determined on the very hunting-ground to pursue spiritual game, and though his followers urged that he should not go to remote places, and spoke of the dangers of them and the numbers of refractory persons there, he did not give heed to them, for his mind was set upon going, and only became more determined to make the expedition. On the day of Shahriyar 4 Bahman, Divine month, corresponding to Wednesday 9th Jamada-al-awwal (14th January, 1562), he set off to Ajmer with a few attendants who belonged to the hunting-party. An order was also issued that Maham Anaga should convey the seraglio to Ajmer by way of Mewat, and in accordance with it she hastened thither. 

When His Majesty reached the village of Kalavali (Karauli), Chaghatai Khan(remember Chugtai Khan from the show, who was Raja BharMal's well-wisher), who as an intimate courtier had means of speaking to him, represented the facts of the loyalty of Raja Bihari Mal, who was head of the Kachwaha clan, which was a distinguished tribe of Rajputs. The Rajah, he said, was eminent for wisdom and valour and had always been loyal to the sublime family and had done excellent service. He had in Delhi kissed the threshhold and had conducted himself as one of those who were firmly bound to the sublime saddle-straps.   
{From the Part-1 post of this series we already know that Raja BharMal was summoned to Delhi, by Akbar in 1556-57.}

For a long time he had been apprehensive on account of his bad treatment by Sharif-ud-Din Husain Mirza and had taken refuge in the folds of the hills. If a ray from the sun of the Shah were to fall upon him and he were raised from the dust and so freed from the tribulations of the age, perchance his services would be approved of by the holy glance which is an elixir of auspiciousness.



The brief details of the oppression that he had suffered are that when Mewat was made Muhammad Sharifud-Din Husain's fief, he wanted to take possession of the town of Amber which is in Marwar and was the seat of Rajah Bihari Mal's ancestors

At this time the son of Puran Mal, the Rajah's elder brother,(Kunwar Suja) out of wickedness and because he wanted the chiefship for himself, came and paid his respects to the Mirza(Sharif-ud-din) and raised troubles. The Mirza led an army against Rajah Bihari Mal, and as the times were unfavourable and the Rajah had not a large force, he came to terms. A fixed contribution was laid upon him, and his son Jagannath, Raj Singh the son of Askaran, and Khangar Singh the son of Jagmal, who were the Rajah's brothers' sons, were taken as hostages, who in Hindi are called ol . The Mirza then went off to Ajmer and Nagor, and this year it was his fixed intention to collect troops and to extirpate the family.
When the tale of the loyalty of this old family had been communicated to His Majesty he graciously gave permission for the introduction of the Rajah. When the cavalcade reached Deosa, most of the inhabitants fled from fear. His Majesty said, "We have no other intention than to do good to all mankind. What can be the reason of the flight of those people? Apparently these rustics of the valley of desolation have drawn an inference from the oppression they have undergone from Sharifud-Din Husain and so have run away." 

The image of Akbar was such in the minds of the inhabitants of Rajputana that time, the entire village fled when they came to know that Akbar was coming here.! Basically, it was fear of Akbar which drove them away. Though, Abu'l Fazl has put the entire blame on Sharif-ud-din for this, but we have some acts committed by Mughal forces ; for example - in Alwar (Hemu's hometown) after winning the Second Battle of Panipat, which are enough to create fear in anyone's mind. Remember that, this was another shade of Akbar. He was "soft and hard" - "spiritual and cruel" ; at the same time. It is very tough to understand this monarch, completely. Till date, i am trying.  :-)

At the close of the day, Jaimal(do not confuse him with the Jaimal who fought in Chittor Battle against the Mughal forces) the son of Rupsi, Rajah Bihari Mal's brother and the headman of this district, came and was introduced by the courtiers and did homage. {It was insisted that Jaimal's father, Rupsi should come personally, and hence he came later. See below.}
They represented that the son of the advent as a great gift of God and himself come and kiss the threshshold." Of necessity Rupsi came in person and made the dust of fortune's threshhold the antimony of the eye of auspiciousness. He was exalted by royal favours.


Next day when the village of Sanganir(7 miles South-West of Jaipur) was made the camping ground, Chaghatai Khan introduced Rajah Bihari Mal together with many of his relations and leading men of his clan. Rajah Bhagwant Das, the Rajah's eldest son, was excepted, as he had been left in charge of the families. 
^^ The date was 20th January 1562. I made a post on this. Here is the Link: 
When Akbar visited Ajmer for the First Time
His Majesty with his discerning glance read devotion and sincerity in the behaviour of the Rajah and his relatives. He captured his [the Raja's] heart by kindness and exalted his rank. The Rajah, from right thinking and elevated fortune, considered that he should bring himself out of the ruck [crowd] of landholders and make himself one of the distinguished ones of the Court. In order to effect this purpose he thought of a special alliance, to wit, that he should by means of those who had the right of entree introduce his eldest daughter, "in whose forehead shone the lights of chastity and intellect", among the attendants on the glorious pavilion. In as much as graciousness is natural to His Majesty the Shahinshah, his petition was accepted, and His Majesty sent him off from this station along with Chaghatai Khan, in order that he might arrange for this alliance, which is the material of the eternal glory of the family, and quickly bring his daughter.

Now, here is the catch. Though, it is mentioned that Raja Bharmal "thought of an alliance" & decided to get his daughter married, but the idea was not his; it was suggested to him from the Mughal side. The policy was started by Humayun. He formed marital alliance with the Hasat Mewati. Read below. After the end of Akbarnama extract, I have given a paper of Mr. S.Chandra, President of Indian History Congress.

One of the dominion-increasing events of this time, and [one] which was an instance of the daily-increasing distribution of justice by the Shahinshah and a cause of tranquilizing a crowd of the terrified inhabitants of the district, was the punishment of a leopard-keeper. The brief account of this is that as the Shahinshah made the hunting with the leopard one of the veils of his world-adorning beauty, and showed a strong passion for it and often indulged in it, one of the leopard keepers waxed proud in his ignorance, and forcibly took off a man's pair of shoes and appropriated them. The owner was lamenting, and accidentally his cries came to His Majesty's ears and the truth was discovered. The redresser of injustice, as soon as he heard of the tyranny, ordered that the leopard-keeper should be seized and brought to him. An order was issued for cutting off his feet, and this was a warning to men of the world, and a lesson in wisdom to the savages of the fields of heedlessness. It became known in the country, and afterwards no one thought of running away or becoming a vagabond.

Similar incident was shown in the Jodha Akbar show. Akbar ordered the feet of a person to be cut, as he did a crime of stealing shoes. This happened just before his marriage.


Following section talks about the incident where Akbar asks Sharif-ud-din to hand over Raja BharMal's relatives back safely to him(Akbar). But, Sharif makes excuses and returns the hostages back after severe warning of Akbar. It is interesting to see that Sharif was NOT ready to give away the hostages despite the personal insistence of Akbar.

Peace and tranquility appeared in the country. When the standards were pitched at Sambhar, Sharif-ud-Din Mirza had the bliss of doing homage, and brought suitable gifts. 

His Majesty the Shahinshah demanded Jagannath, Raj Singh, and Kangar, whom the Mirza had taken as hostages, in order that Rajah Bihari Mal might be entirely free from apprehensions. 

The Mirza agreed to surrender them, but put off the time of doing so by subterfuges. His Majesty thought the excuses were genuine and waited in expectation of the arrival of the hostages. 

At this stage Adham Khan came from behind and joined the camp. From here the expedition went with all possible speed to Ajmer, and arrived at that bliss-conferring city in an auspicious hour. The visit to the illustrious shrine of his holiness the Khwaja [Mu'in-ud-din Chishti] was performed, and the persons in charge of that sacred city were the recipients of fortune.

Maham Anga brought the ladies by way of Mewat and had the bliss of accomplishing her service. His Majesty decided that the return journey should be quickly undertaken.
Sharif-ud-Din Husain Mirza, to whom the task of taking Mirtha had been entrusted, ignorantly suggested that in order to aid in his accomplishing this work, His Majesty should go thither to hunt. 

When he was convinced that this plan was impracticable, he fell into the notion that His Majesty would remain encamped at Ajmer for some days. But as the holy heart was bent upon returning to the capital, all the officers who held Jagirs [=land-holdings] in the neighborhood... were appointed to assist the Mirza, and His Majesty moved toward Agra.  

A stringent order was issued for the production of the hostages, and when the camps had been pitched at Sambhar, the Mirza brought before His Majesty Jagannath, Raj Singh, and Kangar. 

Rajah Bihari Mal, in the sincerity of his disposition, made the arrangements for the marriage in the most admirable manner, and brought his fortunate daughter to this station and placed her among the ladies of the harem. 

For the purpose of holding the marriage-feast, the imperial cavalcade halted for a day in Sambhar. At the same place leave to depart was given to Sharif-ud-Din Husain, and His Majesty set off rapidly on his march.



When he came near Ratanpur*, Rajah Bihari Mal and all his children and other relatives were exalted by doing homage. Man Singh, the son of Rajah Bhagwant Das, the heir of Rajah Bihari Mal, was then exalted by the auspicious ray of His Majesty's glance, and was made a permanent officer.
* Persian text of Akbarnama says > "Ratanpur". But, the English translator says "Ranthambore". This should be Ratanpur only. That time, Ranthambore was in occupation of Rao Surjan Singh Hada(clan of Chauhan Rajputs), who was an ally of Rana Udai Singh of Mewar.

Rajah Bihari Mal wished that His Majesty the Shahinshah should honor his house by visiting it, so that the promotion of his family's glory might obtain completion. As His Majesty was fixed in his intention of returning to Agra, and was in a great hurry, the fulfillment of this wish was put off to another time. 

^^Akbar promised to visit Amer another time, which he did. 
See this end of this post. Link:
Relations of Akbar with Mariam-Uz-Zamani and Rajputs of Amer Clan

The Rajah was encompassed with favours and given leave to depart. Rajah Bhagwant Singh, Man Singh, and a number of their officers and relatives attached themselves to the stirrup of fortune and proceeded on to the capital. The long distance was accomplished in less than three days, and on the day of Isfandarmaz, Divine month, corresponding to Friday 8 Jamadi-al-Akhiri, His Majesty arrived alone at the capital. 
{^^The distance from Sambhar to Agra was completed in 3 days.}

The city received celestial exaltation by the halo of the advent, and the eyes of the spectators gained the glory of stars from the rays of his. The camp proceeded in his wake, stage by stage, and all, high and low, uttered congratulations and thanks to God for the advent. The Khedive of the age sat on the masnad of rule, and undertook the discharge of the intricacies of administration. As the daily-increasing fortune glorifies the state, every new day confers a special blessing. Wonderful regulations were promulgated. As the principles of the rule of the Lord of the Age were good, the results appeared in the return of a time of auspiciousness. Every class obtained a career suitable to its condition, and worldly aspirants had their desires gratified.


V.  Interesting details from Scanned Horoscope of Akbar from Akbarnama 
I want to share something interesting. While reading Akbarnama, i came across Akbar's horoscope. I am NOT used to astrology but for those who know this science , the information may prove very interesting and they may understand it better. For me, it was quite fascinating.

Akbar's horoscope given in Akbarnama (I;101,113) says something worth noting. I am talking about the Seventh House from his horoscope which represents marriage

Here is the post where i posted horoscope of Akbar:
REAL Date of Birth of Akbar | Was Akbar a Title ?

The horoscope says that:
(a) Akbar will (<- future tense because this horoscope was made sometime after his birth) marry the chaste ladies from indigenous ruling families of India. 
(b) It mentions about the princes from them. 
(c) It also talks about an increasing relish of friendship and love.

If we try to understand these points, it is quite clear that - >

a. Akbar did marry Rajput princesses from the native ruling families of Hindustan. 
b. His first wife was from among those native families - Harka Bai (later MUZ) who DID give birth to his sons (princes). First, the twins Hasan and Husain. Later, Salim who became the next ruler, Murad and Daniyal, who all lived considerably longer. 
c. And lastly, no doubt, MUZ's & Akbar's story is still famous, in the form of the "special bond" they shared, be it from contemporary Hindustani sources (Facts-MUZ Point#1) or from other accounts (MUZ in FS accounts-II)|(MUZ-III).

The scan of the horoscope from Akbarnama is given below. This is what Akbarnama itself says-->

Positions of Stars in Seventh House:

Explanation of the Seventh House:

^^^^ I hope this bit of information was interesting. :-P

Just for information, i want to mention that Akbar's horoscope also indicates that he would have his grandchildren under his care, which was quite true. We saw in the post on Khusrau how much Akbar was attached to Khusrau and kept him under his personal attention. (Khurram was also attached to Akbar). We also saw in that post that Akbar declared that he loved his grandchildren more than his own children.

Khusrau - The Unfortunate Mughal Prince - Struggle for Power - Part-1

Here is another scan from Akbarnama (I, 108), which indicates that Akbar's grandchildren would grow up under his care.


VI. Foundations of this Marriage Laid Down by Humayun Before his Death


According to Mr. S.Chandra, Secretary(1971-73) and General President(1977) of the Indian History Congress and the founder member of Centre for Historical Studies, JNU -> 

"Akbar's marriage with Harka Bai, Princess of Amber was an event, the background of which was laid down by his father at the time of his death. He had asked Akbar to conciliate with the Rajputs because this "Qaum/race" was not used to subjugation and transgression."

He further says - 

" When Sher Shah Suri had defeated Humayun and he was ousted from Hindustan, he took refuge with the King of Iran. There, the king asked Humayun about the reasons for his losses and also the bravest clans in Hindustan as per his opinion. Humayun replied about Rajputs and Afghans. The king advised him to win them by conciliation as force won't work against them. In short, he urged him to win their loyalty to his side. Coming back to Hindustan(1555), Humayun formed an alliance with Hasan Khan of Mewat, by marriage. The alliance with Rajputs was not made possible in the lifetime of Humayun(as he died next year, in 1556) but by his son - Akbar, which formed the roots of Mughal Empire in India. {Afghan power got weakened, Akbar employed Rajputs as his trusted aides.} "

For more details, I have posted here the relevant scans from his research papers. {I have written almost the entire text of these scans in English above, in brief, because some of the readers use the Google Translate option to translate the contents to Russian, Indonesian and Vietnamese, but the scanned pics won't get translated. If these readers require the entire text of the scans to be written in English, then let me know via a comment. I'll do it. }

^^ Note the last few lines of this text, in light of the preceding lines. It was "insisted" that the Raja should submit personally and it was suggested to him that the daughter be married.


VII. Rajputana records of this marriage - Harka Bai was Engaged Twice Before.!!

Harka Bai (HK) was engaged (not married) twice, before her marriage with Akbar. It may seem shocking to readers but the fact is -

1. One of the princes to whom she was engaged died in a war (a border skirmish) while fighting.
2. Another engagement was broken.

I do NOT have the exact chronology of these^^ events with me at present. These engagements happened when she was 11 and 14 years old. {The names of the princes to whom HK was engaged can be found but would need time. }

Also, the Year of Birth of Harka Bai mentioned on the Internet is not correct. The sources i referred to mention her DOB around mid-1546. So she was 15+ at the time of her marriage with Akbar. She got married to Akbar exactly 8 months after her previous engagement.

The official reason for this marriage as given in the Royal Amer accounts > 

"Amer Raja Vanshawali, Jaipur MS, Pg-63", is  -> "Rival claimants to the throne of Amer, with Mughal interference for support to rivals, the settlement of which ultimately lead to this marriage with Akbar.

This clearly refers to the Suja-Sharif-BharMal incident, which we all know from our reading just now. Suja went to Sharif-ud-din. Later BharMal had to go to Akbar to request the release of his son/nephews, the cost of which was paid by Harka Bai. Her mother was DEAD AGAINST this marriage.
 Both the movie and serial Jodha Akbar are 'partially' correct about HK's engagement(s) with Rajput prince(s) before her marriage to Akbar, and it seems they built the story on whatever truth they had come to know. If anyone knows someone who is well-versed in Rajputana history and has access to Imperial records, the person would be able to tell better. I am still searching. Will take time. 


VIII. Views of Eminent Historian Late Dr. B.P. Saxena About This Marriage 

Writing around a 100 years back, in 1920's, eminent historian Prof. B.P. Saxena, Uni. HOD Allahabad & later Jodhpur, says the following about this marriage. 

He died early, in 1945. After his death, his papers were published in the Indian History Congress.

See the text highlighted in yellow color -


IX. Views of Eminent Mughal Biographer / Historian Dr. Lal About This Marriage 

Here is another piece of work from a noted historian of Delhi. He is famous by his pen name Lal. 

{This account has been shared with me by a friend of mine. I do not claim any credit for this scan/work/piece of information.} 

As i have already mentioned - In "old texts" the name is often found as Jodha Bai / but as more research is done and documents dug up, the case becomes clear; recent researches have corrected the name to Harka Bai(as you saw in the paper by Dr. Chandra, Indian History Congress, which i posted above)

Another thing which i would like to clarify - is about Maham Anga. The text says - She became fond of Jodha Bai(means, HK). Yes, it's true, but that happened at the fag end of her life. Otherwise, she was a great political player. Indirectly, she has been blamed for miscarriages in the harem by Abu'l Fazl, who says - "His Majesty was broken, knowing the role of the lady, whom he gave his mother's status, in him remaining childless. ".

Read the following scan, especially the part highlighted in yellow color, which talks about Akbar and the importance of the HK(Heer Kunwari / Harka Bai) in his life. It also talks about Akbar's visit to Ajmer and consequent marriage. Keep emphasis on the highlighted text.



So friends, this was a post on marriage of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani - An event which defined the future of this land. The coming together of these two people was a landmark event in the history of this land. The beauty of their relationship lies in the fact that these 2 were strangers to each other. 

One of them claimed descent from the Mongols and another belonged to the land of Rajputana of Hind. Despite these differences their relationship evolved and there was something so special and mysterious about them, that they are still remembered and praises of them are sung in the Golden Triangle region of India. Their tale survived the ravages for time for 450+ years and will surely survive in future also. Some bonds are made for eternity.

It took a LOT of time to make these 2 posts.  I have tried to give as much details as possible. Still, some accounts have been left due to paucity of time. Will post them in future.

Hope you all enjoyed reading it. 
Including the horoscope of Akbar and the last account which mentioned about the equation of Akbar and MUZ and the place of the latter in the former's life.

The Part-1 can be read here..
453 years of Marriage of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani | Part - I

This article has been posted under the Mughals(Akbar) and Jodha Akbar section of history_geek's BLOG.

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  1. Abhay

    OMG, This is even more awesome than part 1 if that’s possible. :D

    I am mesmerized by the last account of Dr. Lal – it’s the best possible description of MUZ that I have read anywhere barring your posts. :D

    Warm-hearted liberalism!!! Wow, she must have been one magnificent woman to
    have even bowled over Maham Anga with her grace and intellect. So what was
    shown in JA – about Jodha being respectful to Maham Anga till the end was true
    after all :) The real MUZ too must have respected Maham as the foster mother of her husband.

    The cherry on the cake is Akbar’s horoscope! I am going to read his horoscope completely now in Akbarnama. So he had the love of MUZ and lots of kids and grandkids in his horoscope. LOL You know, Abhay, horoscopes are true. But of course they have to be charted accurately by expert astronomers.

    I loved Prof Saksena’s account too. :)

    So Akbar wanted to marry MUZ – wow, it feels good to know that the Mughals asked for her hand and that she was not bartered by her father on his own, as is the general impression. I like to think what if Akbar had known at the time of his 1st meeting with BharMal that the latter had a beautiful daughter who was his (Akbar’s) soul mate. He might have married her then only! Sigh! But of course, everything happens only when it is destined to and Akbar had to reach the stage where he was ready to accept the principled and idealistic HK into his life.

    My heartfelt wishes to Akbar and MUZ on their wedding anniversary! May their love shine bright for ever and ever and inspire countless generations. :)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can’t thank you enough, friend, for this heart-warming and enchanting post!!! God bless you so that you keep writing such articles :D

  2. Thanks Akbar .For this beautiful info from Mr.Lal.The part where he described Jodha ,I read it so many times.A very important thing mentioned it was that she was

  3. Abhay, thank you is an underestimated for the research you have compiled and done.

  4. I read this post of your many many time Abhay. Lately I have been very depressed with JA, how they have portrayed Akbar and Jodha, especially Jodha. Reading your post cheered me up. Thanks a million...

  5. Rashmi , In JA Jodha asked Jalal to sing a song. She did not say to sing for her. Chalo, It was their anniversary so If he showered thoda extra love for her its should be acceptable nah. After all in the serial we always see Jalal always forgiving his bachpan ki dost.

  6. Sindhu ,we can't compare Jodha with selfish and manipulative Ruku.If Ruku likes PDA then we know here she comes from.A lady who asked Jalal's 100 nights only for her or A lady was ready to get a pregnant Fatima being killed ,what can we expect from her.But yes we can expect many things from Jodha.First of all ,Jodha is not a normal woman ,she is queen married to a King who has other queens too.Other thing is that now she is MUZ so she has to be more responsible in her conduct than any other queen .And most important that she is not now a young girl or this wasn't even the first anniversary .We have to assume that she has now matured by now.
    She didn't say "ki aap nausikhi pesh kare." I.e. you sing something but she said that " aap hamare liye gaye " i.e. You sing for me .Another thing is that on anniversary and again when you are singing as a gift to a partner which he or she has exclusively asked it in such a way ,then obviously nobody is going to sing a Bhajan .
    Let us keep our love for Jodha aside and think from the POV of a random begum .How will she feel that the husband is taking efforts to give a gift to only one wife and openly singing a love song for her but she is struggling from so many years to get a single glance from him.
    If Jalal had done this on his own then still I would have understood but Jo asked this as a gift .

  7. Rashmi, Sindhu

    Nice discussion!

    Let me add my "2 pence" to this :)

    1st - a disclaimer - i am not aware of what is happening in JA. Just going by your exchange here.

    It is true Jo is the MUZ with associated responsibilities to carry on her shoulders. It is also true that she should be large-hearted or gracious enough to accept the other women in Akbar's harem / life. After all, she has no choice also.

    Having said this, I would agree with Sindhu that Jo has been a good sport all this while. If she asks for a song from her husband on their anniversary, then I don't see anything wrong in it. After all, there are 364 other days when the other begums can hope to get a glance from Akbar. :) We have not seen AkDha spend any major event in their lives together without some horrible thing happening to them. This must be the first jashn in all their years of married life when they are happily together. So let's not grudge them this ONE DAY :)

    Another thing is that relationships are all mutual. If we expect Jo to be respectful and accommodating towards other begums then the other begums too must give her the respect and stature of being the MUZ. But I have never seen any begum come to Jo, talk to her, ask about her or stand up for Jo when Akbar has unfairly treated Jo in the past on numerous occasions. Where were these women when Jo lost Hasan and Hussain and when Akbar stopped talking to her? Where were these women when Ruq was turning Salim into a drug addict and poisoning him against his own mother? I think despite their indifferent and even negligent attitude towards Jo, she has treated them well enough.

    In any case, in a harem, each woman has to manage on her own. The harem head can provide facilities but not emotional succor.

    Jo, being a woman too, also has emotional needs and she also needs time with her husband. Why should she not get even a single day with her husband just because he has other wives?

    I think we let Ruq get away with a lot just because she is labeled "bad" anyway. This is not right. She is also a chief queen and Akbar's friend. She must also carry her weight instead of throwing it around all the time. We should put enough pressure on the CVs to make sure she is not allowed to turn into an uncontrolled demoness.

    PS: These are my personal views for a married woman on her wedding anniversary. :) No intention to hurt anyone here.

  8. Radhika I agree 100% with you. Rashmi, those days King decides whom he spends time with him. I read that applications need to be put in and it takes in a while before its processed etc. Personally is any begum is in trouble, chalo I can understand Jodha helping out. But all those begums are given allowances and well taken care of. I dont think any wives will be that generous to tell their husbands to go spend time with other women. Akbar gave titles to MUZ, built monuments, should Jodha have told him not to as other begums will feel bad.

    If Jodha said Sing for me, obviously she was not expecting a song praising her. She wanted him to sing , probably she wanted to show off her husbands talents.

    Like Radhika said, all along never have we watched any peaceful Jashan for JJ. this indeed was the very first one that we could watch in peace. All rest were spoiled either in the beginning or mid way. we had to wait almost 26 years to see this.

    so for a change I loved it

  9. Wow Radhika! if I could like your response a 100 times over I would do it. Agree with every single word of yours.
    Fed up of seeing Jodhas needs trampled by the need to be noble. Time she is a little selfish and possessive about her loved ones especially her hubby and most importantly her Son so as to snatch him from the drug peddling step mother. This was Akbar and MUZ's day ONLY. Lets give them this one day to declare their love for each other without worrying about his whole harem

  10. Agree with you Sindhu!

  11. I was so at peace today watching this. After such a long time, felt at peace after watching a JA episode.

  12. Wow Abhay, amazing post. What a wonderful gift you have given to the memory of MUZ and Akbar. Although your blog is full of interesting facts, it is the posts on this couple that touch me the most.

  13. Thanks Radhika ,Sindhu and Preeti for inputs.
    Sindhu ,Akbar built those monuments for MUZ from his own will and he was not asked to do so by her.Why do I feel an intelligent lady like the real MUZ would have hinted him that this might invite jealousy from other women but Akbar being Akbar her would still gone further.Again MUZ was a princess of 16th century and not an ordinary girl.She was used to polygamy and must have seen Bharmal visiting other women other than Mainawati and Maina too would have trained her in handling such delicate issues.
    But when you talk about screen Jodha she had many times talked about "Sabse Adhik" prem to her.If you remember during Aatifa track ,she had even asked Salima that didn't Shehenshah love her the most ? How can one wife ask other wife such question?

  14. Rashmi, Preeti, Radhika and Sindhu.

    Interesting discussion. I have only one thing to add that - The REEL JA should not be compared to the REAL ones, REAL ones were very mature.

    Akbar made all those palaces for her, that is Akbar's "own" doing. I do not think, this in any way relates to MUZ. No one could guide Akbar and no one could oppose him. It was his independent decision. All kings have many wives but some are favorites. HK was the one and that was for her qualities.

    The extra attention given to her should not be seen in other manner. If we do this, then what about other rulers. Every ruler had some method to express fondness/love for his beloved. Akbar did it in his own manner.

    If other queens are not capable of displaying such "intelligence", that is not concern of AKbar and MUZ. :)

  15. Yes I agree with you.

  16. Rashmi, Sindhu, Abhay, Preeti

    Sindhu and Abhay have put fwd very justifiable views and I agree :)

    RAshmi, just like Jo, the other begums too are used to polygamy. And I think they are sensible enough to understand that this is JA's day and they need time with each other. If any begum feels bad because Akbar is spending time with his wife on their anniversary or singing for her then she is dumb and needs no sympathy. Anyway it's Akbar who decides who he spends time with and how. So even if Jo asks him something, ultimately it is his choice to say yes or no to her request.

    In reality also, Akbar was fond of HK and spent a lot of time with her, even discussing her business with her. Even the real HK then didn't tell him not to spend time with her but to take care of his other wives. If she had done that, those kids wouldn't have been born LOL

    Being tactful is one thing and wanting to spend time with one's (much-married) husband another. In fact, in a polygamous setup, it is even more vital for Jo to snatch any moments she can to be with her husband.

    Anyway today is JA's day, so let's forget the other abla begums and the scheming Ruq today and just enjoy the memories of this lovely couple :)

    Everyone, tell me, which is your fav JA moment from the show and what is it about the real couple that you like the MOST. :) Like I tell my son, the one who gives the best reply gets a hug :))

  17. Hi Friends,

    Just about 7000 more views and this blog will cross the 1 lakh views' point. :) Latest by tmrw, I guess :)

  18. Radhika and Sindhu,
    I have no issues with Anniversary jashn or Akbar spending time with Jo.In my first post I have clearly said that I don't think the " Real" HK would have done this .I didn't like she asking for the song part.
    As far as "Reel" Jo's rights are being trampled then she herself many times allowed it to do so.And if we talk about opium part of Salim then I will blame both Jalal and Jodha for their negligence for allowing Ruku to do such things and not even finding it.
    Anyways I rest my case now.

  19. In JA serial, there is one scene I love so much. That is when Jodha Cooks food for Jalal and serves him. It was a very sweet scene. The fact I love the most about the Real couple is , both were from a different religious background, and how they respected each others religion, admire, and finally love each other.

  20. Rashmi, I fully agree with you on this point. It is Jodha and Akbar's fault that her rights were trampled. She is powerful MUZ and could easily stand up for herself and be possessive, watchful and smart but she didn't... with terrible consequences for Salim. But my only point was that we are so fed up of all the negativity of this show that if the CVs show just one episode of these two and their love for each other , then lets give them this one occasion which is theirs alone. Any way no worries as your points were all very valid. BTW I am sure from tomorrow we will resume all the Ruk, SAnar nonsense and this anniversary episode will just remain a beautiful memory LOL

  21. Wow Abhay thanks for such a special treat on the anniversary of the legends and a beautiful description of muz showing how special her position is in the heart of Akbar..
    It was sucha joy reading on the minute details of events that led to their marriage.

  22. Rashmi, Sindhu, Preeti

    Rashmi, your points are valid and so are ours in their respective places. Let's agree to disagree and move on. :)

    Like Preeti says, this is just one episode for JA, again the focus will go back to RSA from Monday. Let's forget everything for now and just enjoy this jashn. And pls do share your fav scenes. Sindhu has already done so - Atta girl! :)

  23. Wow...I don't have enough words to praise this wonderful post Abhay. Just when I thought 1st post was awesome this one is even better.. :)

    The horoscope was interesting to read...though I have very limited knowledge in that field.

    And the two papers from the renowned historians...hats off to you for digging out all this information.

    And I totally agree with you "Some bonds are made for eternity"

    Every time I read about this couple I fall for them head over heels...
    And this post is the best possible tribute to them :)

  24. Abhay, Dr Lal's account of MUZ is heartwarming and is exactly the kind of reading I have been dying to do about HK/MUZ. Is this a book scan or some research paper ( your last scan). Where can we read this in detail?

    Also, you mentioned that the internet has a wrong date of Birth for MUZ.... so was she was 16 yrs when she married Akbar ? OMG thats a big difference Abhay.

    Loved the Horoscope info also. I admit I have read the Akbarnama but completely missed the significance of the Horoscope readings. I will have to go back and re- read now.. You have obviously read it more carefully than me.

  25. Rashmi,sindhu,Radhika,preeti and Abhay very interesting discussion.agree with all.

    Rashmi In addition to all the only point I wanted to add was
    From any other begums pov
    after Jalal himself declared publicly that she is the only one for whom his heart beat and after so many declarations of her special status like she is the only to be allowed in his private chambers without permission ,it wouldn't look very different for any other begum if she ask for a 25 years of time all begums should have been used to this now.I think jealousy will always be there and this event doesn't warrant anything out of the ordinary for them to specially be enraged now .

  26. My two favorite scenes:
    1. Jodha giving arti to Jalal for the first time....amazing expressions with very little spoken words
    2. After the death of Hassan as Akbar clung to Jodha and desperately tried to ease her pain.... Both of them were superb. I felt every bit of their pain and their absolute devotion to each other came through beautifully. I cried buckets that day.
    3. Real couple well simply the fact that their marriage survived and thrived in the bigotry of the 16th century is enough for me. They both made each other a better person.... Akbar became more tolerant and MUZ thrived to carve a niche for herself outside of the petty harem politics

  27. Radhika
    My personal favorites moments are Jalal bowing down before kaalima
    The way he took blame on himself before hamida saving the honor of Jo
    In fake preg tarack
    The day of hassans death when baring his pain stood for Jo giving her a reason to live .the maang fill scene was one of the best scenes of ja
    But till to date my most favourite moment is the climax of sukanyas wedding had everything in it.The dialogs are awesome .what more could a women expect from her husband than him to not only treat her with love and respect but to consider her relations as his own and shower love - a love of truly unconditional in nature . it feels great to learn from Abhay Akbar mentioning hk's sister as his daughter and arranging marriage .so in a way this quality impresses me in both reel and real.

    I mention Jalal's scene for a reason as this is the Jalal I grew to admire and like and he is the one who was irrevocably lost on the day of hussains death.

  28. Abhay!!!
    where did u get all this? :O OMG!!
    read it twice :D so engrossing :)) I can see destiny was playing its role..Akbar could feel the urge to visit Amer inspite of his nobles' advises to dreamy no? ^_^ her soul was calling his..<3 their destiny was going to be sealed together.some radical changes were going to happen. <3
    the way Mr. Lal described Jodha and her influence on!
    accha, that means show mein jo dikhaya about MA praising Jodha was actually true?
    in fact JA the show put light to many small incidents e.g cutting off legs for stealing shoes.
    kahan gaye yeh CVs? where r they who researched so well? :( :(

  29. Simply mesmerizing!,I would say ,Abhay, unparalleled post! It left my eyes moist, I don't know why. It took much time with so much source to support,but at last the reward was heavenly :)

    'No marraige in the medieval Indian history was politically so happy n fruitful as the one contracted by Akbar with the daughter of Raja Bharmal' such a proclamation by eminent historian, what other evidence do we need? I was also startled by the revelation of Maham anga.! The last text was really exalting, stops all the arguements, though I could not get the source of this text whether prof. Lal or Saxena. Thank u so much fr making our day, history-geek.:)
    All n all we can say the show was fairly following the history in the begining. Only if had not given in to the TRp war :(

  30. my my, still trying hard to understand word by word of this post.... especially akbarnama part..

  31. Geeta

    Agree completely on ALL points! Can you expect anything less than this from Abhay? :)

    Last text is by Prof Lal. Isn't it beautiful?

    Akbar, MUZ and his family took good care of Maham Anga till the end. It was good to know that she recognized MUZ's value in the short span she spent with her. :)

    Akbar not only gave MUZ a luxurious lifestyle but also power and authority with him in court matters and independence and trust in her foreign trade. Which other contemporary marriage could equal this kind of a post-modern equal partnership between a husband and wife? :)

  32. Tamy

    I love reading your comments esp about Akbar and MUZ :) Yes, Akbar may have been quite different from the tolerant, inclusive and progressive person we know him to be if he had NOT married HK.

    I too miss those CVs and their knack for presenting minute details from Akbar and MUZ's life. :( Did you read the Sukanya track post?

  33. Preeti

    Abhay had mentioned the DOB of HK on forum too last year. Guess you missed it.

    Regarding last line, nothing misses his eye and he has a great knack for understanding the significance of even seemingly trivial incidents and connecting the dots where we fail to see connections. :)

  34. Rasika

    You said it - these posts are the best tribute to this eternal couple :)

  35. Priya

    I also love those scenes you have mentioned. :)

    The fake pregnancy track where he tried to shield her honor and the initial part of the Sujamal track also where he tried very hard to keep his faith in her are wonderful examples of a man respecting his wife, trusting her even when he doesn't know the truth and guarding her honor in society when others point fingers at her.

    The Sukanya track was everyone's fav. But I liked how he even forgave Shivani and allowed her to marry the person she had chosen.

    I loved Jo's character in the first year because she was willing to die for her husband but like "a blue-blooded Rajputani", she refused to compromise on her honor and self-respect and chose to live with him on HER terms. And I loved Akbar's character because he was willing to give her a chance, trust her and see where that would lead him and accept her on HER terms, even though he was the Shahenshah. :)

  36. Preeti

    Well said!

    I would say the CVs changed after Hasan's death because the Akbar who supported his wife after the first twin's death disappeared and was replaced by a barbarian when Hussain died.:(

    Love the last point - it was extremely difficult for their marriage to survive in those tough times but they pulled thru on the strength of their mutual love, trust, respect and devotion:)

  37. Beautifully put, Sindhu! :)

    The scene where Jo cooked for Akbar was so intimate and touching - she put aside her ego and her hatred for the time being and said thanks in the way she knew and he accepted the significance of that gesture and chose to share veg food with her. It looked like a simple scene but was highly symbolic of their changing equation (though even they didn't know it then). :)

  38. As per my promise, here is a big HUG each to Preeti, Sindhu and Priya :)) Thanks so much for recalling those precious moments that we all loved so much!

  39. I think u are thinking too much Rashmi. Honestly if I were to be one of those wives and if my husband happened to love me more, definitely there is something in me that is pulling him to me. Should I waste my life thinking about other begums, how they will feel or they will plot against me. Its my husbands Job to take care of them and not mine. Yes I need to be compassionate, understanding but I dont think I will be upset or scared that my husband loves me more. Salima's relation with Jodha is more of a sister bonding and so far Akbar married Salima to Protect her. Jodha did not go ask Ruks or any other begums. At any point any wives can be insecure and if Jodha felt it its normal only.
    If none of the other begums are not like Jodha, does that mean its Jodhas fault. I dont think Jodha always has to go out of the way and help everyone else and sacrifice. Even in reel, I would want her to think about herself as well. Enough of taking care of others.

  40. Radhika, frankly it is impossible to track all the historical info on IF as it is a big mess lumped into that single thread. Yes I joined IF late and am sure I have missed a lot of his earlier posts :)

  41. Preeti,

    This info was on his thread, not on history thread. You can still read the history threads of Abhay though they are locked.

  42. Wait....

    A lady who asked Jalal's 100 nights only for her or A lady was ready to get a pregnant Fatima being killed ,what can we expect from her.

    Is that true????? Any source of those statements??

    Abt the show, i agree with radhika. Jashn is very nice scene.

  43. Nia,
    They are talking about the initial episodes of JA show,not the REAL history. :)

  44. Preeti,
    This scan is shared with me by someone, i will let you know what it is as soon as i get to know about the details of it's origin.

    About the DOB of HK i mentioned it before also, as Radhika said. Anyways, most of things are written on blog already. :)

  45. Radhika,
    Tamy commented on that Sukanya Post also. :)
    She was amazed to find it all true. :-P

  46. Nia,
    You will understand it. Read it again, i explained in as much details as possible.

    @All...Radhika, Sindhu, Rashmi, Priya, Preeti, Rasika, Shneha, Geeta, Tamy...Wonderful views everyone. I read all of them. :))

  47. Ooouuch LOL. I just don't remember those both of scene... :)

  48. Abhay

    You should post abt the KS incident also - that also happened na :)

  49. Nia,

    They r not v important scenes :)

  50. Priya, Radhika Thanks fr that short n sweet flash back.:)I too loved the scenes, fake pregs, death of Hassan, the way they were shown sharing their sorrow. It's very difficult to put forth which we liked the most! But I want to add some scenes which were funnily dangerous, as the one the fight with the tiger, where she says she has removed the kartooz:) How she tries fr his recovery. The most cherished scene, which I saw again n again was the scene when Jodha drinks the poison n becomes unconscious. When she was abt to leave this world, how she was stopped by Akbar, when fr the first time he proffeses his love fr her, not letting her to go to the 'other world'. The dialogues were so touchy, tears used to flow unknowingly frm my eyes.
    All i can say, all these scenes may not be true, but the dramatization was really good, taking the story forward. Some amt of NR is always welcome. Otherwise we cud always watch the History channel.:)

  51. Abhay, can u please if possible, tell me each of the planets in different houses starting frm 1 to 12? I hv little bit knowledge of astrology, I will try to interpret the importance of them in each house.

  52. Geeta

    Do you want to know :

    the ruling planet of each house


    the planet(s) in each house in Akbar's horoscope? :)

  53. Geeta

    You are so right- the entire track after Jodha drinks poison including the Kajri Badal track was superb - I really cried when Jodha drank the poison and when Akbar begged for her life in the dargah and then when he brought her back from the doorstep of death.

    NR aesthetically done to progress the story is required to keep us hooked and wanting more. :)

  54. Radhika are you knoweldge of, Horoscope.

  55. Radhika, there is something called 'Lagna kundali' on the basis of which a person's whole life prediction is made.Also 'Lagna Rashi' which is the ascending Rashi at the time of birth, which is also termed as the 1st house.Each house represents a group of things n planet in that house has it's effect good or bad on the life of the subject.e.g. The first house represents personality,his body built-up, his view points, ,ambition n so on. With the help of Rashi n the planet placed in this house we can guess what kind of person she or he might be, whether well built, short, pleasing or otherwise.
    Now speaking of 7th house which represents marraige,relationship between pati-patni, widowhood,marital life,infiedality etc.Frm the above script I presume that Venus is present in Akbar's 7th house. Venus being the planet of love n romance it confers marital bliss steady relationship to the subject. it is also said that Venus in the 7th house implies that the subject's partner will be handsome, or very pretty. I am sure Abhay will run to see his horoscope. :):)
    Radhika, I am not an expert, but my father in law was.! thus I learnt something frm him.I am more interested in knowing how Mars is placed in Akbar' horoscope.Mars is an aggressive planet, important fr the warrior.I am wondering fr Akbar to win the world, what cud be it's placements n what other planets like Jupiter must hv helped Mars.
    Placement of Moon in your star at the time of ur birth i.e Rashi kundali forms the basis of day to day life prediction as we see in weekly prediction section of the news paper.

  56. Preeti, as I revel in the Jashn, I think, CVs were forced to introduce this scene in view of dipping TRP. As Abhay said, only Jo-AK chemistry can save this serial, n not SA love story track.:)

  57. Geeta,
    I don't know so much about horoscopes, but i can write whatever is given in Akbarnama, in case you want to discuss with Radhika and others. :)

  58. Geeta

    It's so wonderful that you are interested in horoscopes and know so much. :) My father and uncle too were very good in astrology. I am not even a novice. :(

    As far as Akbar's horoscope is concerned, Mars is in the 5th house. Jupiter is in the 2nd House. Not only Jupiter but even Saturn, Mercury, the Moon and the Sun seem to favor Akbar as a mighty king of kings whose dominion will be permanent.

    According to Indian astrologers, Akbar's horoscope falls under Leo - simha rashi.

    You are right in saying that Venus is in the 7th House. The horoscope also says like you that Venus would increase beauty in his life - perhaps thru a beautiful wife :)

    You can look at the horoscope on this link: :)

    Btw, Geeta, I think Abhay would be more interested in nature than looks. :) You should give him tips on how to gauge this.

  59. true Geeta, but I dont think a jashn here and there can rescue the show now. They need to make some fundamental changes to their rather insulting story line( insulting to Akbar/MUZ) for people to watch again. For me the serial has sunk. I do not want them to continue till Akbar's death. I don't think the CVs will have the sensitivity to show it well. They will put some sickening twist to it. Better this show goes off the air soon

  60. Wow Abhay What to say....U r too good Thank u soo much for this wonderful post
    U r making me soo happy with ur posts but at the same time you r making me emotional too about MUZ.....OMG wt a lady she was......such a strong women personality......
    I read Akbar gifted a Garden to MUZ which will be useful to her regular activities i mean Worshiping Lord Krishna... is it true?????
    I have been told by some of my frnzz n fanss of show FS shows love of Akbar n MUZ....
    What is special in that place??? Is it true????

  61. Hi Lakshmi,
    You're welcome. You were eagerly waiting for this post. So, finally i think you got what you wanted. :)
    MUZ had her own garden in Agra but i am not sure if that was gifted to her by Akbar or not. ?

    Yes, FS speaks a lot about MUZ as there you see her palaces, temple, the place of Tulsi plant, and many more things associated with her. Those who have visited will be able to tell it better. :)

  62. Hi Abhay
    Yes u r right i eagerly waited for this post bcz i have soo many questions regarding their mrrg n this single post cleared soo many questions in my mind really u made a very detailed post great job history greek...n thank for answering my questions ...
    By the way show is back to top 10 in trps.....n iam feeling makers r trying to wind up SA soo fast bcz track is in a jetspeed motion........I hope for betterment of show......

  63. A very interesting information about Akbar and his wives

    Akbar's wives were Sultana Rajmihal Begum, a daughter of his
    uncle Hindal, by whom he had no children; Sultana Sulimah Begum, a
    daughter of a daughter of Baber, who was a poetess; Nur Jahan; and the
    Rajput Princess Jodh Bai, the mother of Salim.

    His children were Hasan and Husain, who died in infancy; Salim, his
    successor; Murad and Danyal, who died of drink in the lifetime of their
    father, and three daughters.
    Akbar is described by his son Salim as a very tall man, with the
    strength of a lion, which was indicated by the great breadth of his
    chest. His complexion was rather fair (color de trigo is the
    description of a Spanish missionary who knew him), his eyes and
    eyebrows dark, his countenance handsome. His beard was close-shaved.
    His bearing was majestic, and "the qualities of his mind seemed
    to raise him above the denizens of this lower world."21
    The Emperor Akbar combined [xxxi]the thoughtful
    philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, the toleration of Julian, the enterprise
    and daring of his own grandsire Baber, with the administrative genius
    of a Monro or a Thomason. We might search through the dynasties of the
    East and West for many centuries back, and fail to discover so grand
    and noble a character as that of Akbar. No sovereign has come nearer to
    the ideal of a father of his people

  64. Thanks for sharing Sunram.
    Its quite informative. :)

  65. Dear Abhay,

    Greetings from Bali, Indo. I'm so interested in Mughal history because of your
    blog. I'm so curious about Anarkali's story. I know that most of historians
    doubted about the story but....this morning I've visited a
    web....(, they write a story of 2 british travellers who
    visited India during Jahangir's reign (4 years after Akbar's death...1609). One
    of them is William Finch. In his chronicle, it is said that Akbar got
    infatuated with a royal dancer girl (Nadira --- Anarkali) and Salim got fallen
    in love with her also. Father and son loved the same girl. Anarkali was one of
    Akbar's fav concubine (oooh... I don't want to believe it....). So that's
    why Akbar punished the girl. This blog also said there are a tomb in Lahore
    which is believed Anarkali's tomb which Jahangir built for his love, there is
    also Anarkali's bazaar in Lahore. Why does she so famous? The writer said
    historians didn't mention her because it would insulted the emperor.

    What do you think Abbay??? Some say Anarkali is the mother of Daniyal...well I
    don't believe it (thanks to your blog).

    The writer said.....It make sense if Abu Fazl didn't mention her because he was
    loyal to Akbar. Abu Fazl was murdered by Jahangir, right? He said also Akbar
    changed his capital from Fatehpur Sikri to Lahore was not because of lack of
    water..because others reason.

    Last...Rukhaiya, Salima, Nur Jahan and others ...please correct me if I'm
    wrong....they're all have beautiful tomb...why MUZ's tomb is neglected???
    Nobody care for her? Why MUZ didn't burried in the same place as Akbar? Is it
    forbidden for begum to be buried with their husband? Was it only Aram Bano
    buried in the same place with Akbar???

    I wish we have time machine so i can visit India in that time....

  66. Sunram, TFS :) Great description of Akbar - father of his people :)

  67. Mirah

    Welcome to blog :)

    There is no evidence to support the story of Anarkali. The tomb is most likely that of one of Jahangir's wives. Anarkali's bazaar is only around 200 years old. It came up much later and probably named thus after popular folklore. :)

    Daniyal's mother is MUZ only.

    It's not only MUZ's tomb but many historical monuments are in neglected condition.

  68. Hi Mirah,
    Welcome back again to the blog. I remember you were present on the blog, one more time, last year. :)
    As said by Radhika, there is no proof of the story of Akbar and Anarkali. All those things written there are mostly rumors. I will make a post in future. :)

    That tomb in Lahore is Tomb of Sahib Jamal, who was wife of Jahangir. MUZ was mother of Daniyal, not Anarkali. Thanks for trusting the blog. :)

    Abul Fazl has not mentioned Anarkali, but Akbar's fierce critic Badayuni could have mentioned her, if she was present ? But even he did not write about her. :-P

    Nur Jahan's tomb is in Lahore, in Pakistan. MUZ's tomb is in India, which was made by her son Salim. Salima Begum was buried in a garden. Ruqaiyya Begum is buried in Kabul near her grandfather Babur. :)
    MUZ's tomb is in not so good state, due to lack of maintainence by government. Now, slowly things are improving. :)