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Friday, February 27, 2015

Jodha Akbar | 26th Feb 2015..God Track Part-3 Brief Update

Hi all,

I watched the episode of Jodha Akbar just now, as i could not catch it at 8 PM today. !

By now, you all must have read updates of what happened in the show. I watched the episode to see if there was any political development amidst the dramatization, in this God Track.!

Previous Updates :

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I got some thing in this episode. So thought of posting. 
I will post a separate update on Mansoor later.

The grace by CV's is NO Ruqayya scenes and no Salim Anarkali(SA) story. That is a major reason i want this track to succeed as i can not watch SA back and grabbing the screen space.

Damage of 2-3 months can not be undone in 2-3 days, makers know this thing. It s a bit long process. I am not able to get the significance of this insect theory completely. Yesterday i thought this means that Jalal's enemies are popping up one after another.

Credit for Pic from Episode -> @JodhaAkbarTeam

But today Jalal getting infected by it was unrealistic..Though, in opinion of a friend, this is a symbolic twist to the story to show that human is helpless before Almighty, no matter how strong one is, he/she can not confront the wrath of that supreme soul who watches all of us. The CV's could have thought of a better "symbolism" if that was their motive, but anyways i am not talking about that.

The motive of this post is BASICALLY to mention a political development, as i try to keep track of such minute happenings -> Jalal announced in the DEK that the forces in Gujarat & Bengal are getting weakened(?) and they need re-enforcements. This is TRUE...

What happened was -> Akbar had won Gujarat in 1571-72, but rebels of Gujarat rose in revolt later; to counter them Akbar sent TodarMal. But an unfortunate development was that -> Shah Mansoor was given the position of TodarMal ; and made the Wazir-e-Sultanate(Prime Minister) by Akbar. Mansoor rose in prominence during this time. TodarMal and Mansoor did not see eye to eye to each other.

Since, Akbar also mentioned the revolt in Bengal in the episode. This happened at the same time, and here Daud Khan was the ruler. To counter him a Large contingent was sent, under Munim Khan, who died in Bengal in 1575 due to spread of a mysterious "epidemic". Cream of this army was wiped off by these deadly epidemic.! Later, Akbar himself proceeded and routed the ruler of this place.

In an earlier post, i mentioned that while proceeding on this war, Akbar took his select wives and his young sons Murad and Salim also with him to the war. Special attention was given to the flotilla of boats designed for the ladies.!

This was mentioned in my old post. See point 25 in this Link: Historical Tracks for Jodha Akbar
The point 26 of this Historical Tracks Post mentions that Salima Begum was away from Agra and gone on a Haj Journey from 1575-76 to 1581-82, hence she was not present in Agra.! A separate beautiful detailed post about the Haj of Gulbadan Begum was made by Radhika here. Link: The Haj of Royal Women - An Unusual Haraman Initiative

The point 27 of this Historical Track post mentions , Mirza Aziz Koka was put under house arrest by Akbar around 1576, because he showed "signs of dissent" against administrative measures which were introduced by Akbar. 
Personally, I support Akbar in this decision, his method was strict but aimed at reducing the corruption by Imperial Officers and breaking the monopoly of some nobles, but his execution was harsh and strict.! 

So, in the show we should be ready for some harsh treatment given to Mirza Aziz Koka also. :-P
The years of these revolts are between 1575 to 1576. In my update of God Track,{Akbar Trying to be God} you have seen that serious revolt happened in Bihar and Bengal, but the dates of those revolts is around 1580. Hence, i think the revolts which Jalal mentioned in the episode today are of earlier timeline, i mean before the major revolt mentioned in God Track Update.!
As i said earlier, CV's are doing some digging from history books, but they have botched up the timelines, while taking this "back leap" .!

Motive of this post is only to tell the political development amidst some "supernatural happenings" going on in the show.! The track is fine and important also but if the CV's tone down this melodrama and supernatural premonitions "a bit", the track can be enjoyed more. Only thing i want is a sensible and balanced portrayal of both Jodha and Akbar.
Barring the "insect theory" it was ok today.!

So, what are your thoughts ? The track is interesting, just needs a bit of course correction.

This article has been posted under the Jodha Akbar section of history_geek's blog.

Important Note:
Today, I have added the Language Translation option. It is visible on TOP of the blog. Readers , especially from Indonesia, Vietnam, and Russia can use it to view the posts in their language, as many have asked me for the same. This eliminates the need of lifting the updates from the blog for translation purposes, as now the translation can be done here itself easily by a single click, and the posts can be read too, here only. :)

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  1. Thanks Much Abhay...

  2. Abhay, i tried to use translate tool. But it failed miserably... :(
    The result almost difficult to understand altough the language is indonesia but difficult to understand.
    But, about this post, awesome post. I'll keep reading every update from you.

  3. Abhay,
    I myself wanted to ask regarding the timeline of Gujarat n Bengal war ;) Thanks for clarifying it beforehand :);) So Todarmal was sent to suppress that revolt n meanwhile Mansoor executed his plans with MH ... Now the track is moving really good , with major historical developments n I m liking this a lot!!! Hope to see other political developments in that time :):)

  4. yup I do agree with you on the over melodramatic depictions. I guess they decided to take this route to up the ante. They need something to boost the plummet.

  5. Nia,
    I got some other feedback from some readers of Indonesia. They said they are finding it very comfortable reading the blog now, as they can read the contents in their own language - Bahasa(Indonesian). It is for them only, i tried this. :) You're welcome.

  6. Suganya,
    This track will develop slowly, it is quite interesting to watch, once these "supernatural occurrences" stop happening. :-P

  7. Well Said Kembang.! Just to raise the drama quotient, the makers tried this route. Welcome to the blog. Reading you for the first time. :)

  8. Thanks history-geek, fr that interesting info.Makers hv not only botched up the timeline, they hv confused us also.But one qstn. forget the insects, is there any fort which was constructed n left halfway fr any reason as referred to in the serial?

  9. Thanks Abhay. I've just started reading your blog today. Great to know that there are many people interested about both the history as well as JA the tv drama. It was an acquaintance of mine Nia who introduce me to your blog. I had the opportunity to visit India for the first time during my X'mas holiday last year. I went straight to Agra off course. Personally for me Fatehpur Sikri was magnificent. It is a hidden gem under the shadow of Taj. It was a short visit and I am planning to go back and spend more time in Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort.

  10. The way I see it JA screen writers have been making a frantic disaster recovery. They are making so many "quantum leaps" if may use that term. It make people whom have read some of the historical back ground annoyed.
    Fyi I have been sort of "helping" or perhaps participating would be the correct word, my fellow Indonesia Jodha Akbar Lover's writing down the recap of latest JA episode on Zee TV. It was easy for me to translate the English recap from both Desi-Tashan and Zee TV official website. But their recap was way too short. Not enough detail. Sometimes they didn't include some important scenes. That is why before I translate the English recap I first watch the complete episode on line. even though I didn't speak Hindi, but the some of the lead actors delivers their lines so a clear and great body language + mimics, that it was easier for me to get the "mood" of every scene. And through that I pick up some Hindi words. I then search the word or rather Google it. Such a tedious process. But it was fun and made my fellow JA fans happy.

  11. Hi Kembang

    Yes, it is disturbing to see the dramatization in JA after having read the historical background. But we have to accept some amount of dramatization as being necessary to make the show watchable.

    So you enjoy watching and translating JA episodes for fellow Indonesians, that's great :) JA is so popular in Indonesia - I wonder why you folks don't ask for English/Indonesian subtitles? Do you know in India, JA is dubbed and shown in regional languages? :)

  12. Geeta

    Just watch the events without linking them with the timeline. That's what I am doing for my sanity. :)

    Are you still following MP? The NR there these days is atrocious!

  13. Welcome, Kembang! So you are Nia's friend :)

    We hope you will introduce many more of your readers to this blog so that they can learn more about JA (the real people) and discuss them freely. The Translate tool can help those who prefer to read in Indonesian :)

    It's so wonderful that you visited and are planning to revisit Agra. Do check out MUZ's tomb and Sikandra this time as well as Jaipur. :)

  14. Awesome post, Abhay :)

  15. Abhay

    I feel Mansoor is deliberately using sycophancy to win over Akbar's trust and then manipulate him into taking wrong and unpopular decisions. He did this while getting the land vacated for building the fort and he did it again by getting fields burnt, ostensibly to get rid of the insects.

    He is playing up to Akbar so much that Akbar is now doubting the others who are trying to oppose his wrong decisions. Mansoor's sole aim is to instigate popular revolt against Akbar so that he can be deposed easily and MH installed in his place.

    Now here Akbar's intelligence network is again lacking. Their purpose is not only to catch criminals but also to find out what is in the hearts and minds of people - both the awaam and the nobility.

    If Todarmal and Munim Khan are sent away, then there will be 2 less allies of Akbar near him when Mirza Hakim attacks.

  16. Hi all,

    Radikha, Jodha Akbar is already dubbed in Bahasa by our local TV but for me, watching it with subtitles English is more interesting because we can still enjoy Rajat's sexy voice and Paridhi's beautiful voice. I love them. he he he he...Abhay, I'm still waiting your post about name list of Akbar wifes and post about Anarkali.....

  17. Kembang TanjoengMarch 1, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    Hello Radhika thanks. For sure I'll go and visit MUZ tomb & Jalal's too. We are planning to go to Jaipur & Udaipur as well. In December'14 we were facing some very dense fog on our flight to Delhi. So much so that our flight had to RT to BKK (return back to Bangkok) after refueling in Calcutta. But were flown back to DEL directly after we landed in BKK. So what month will be the perfect time for me to re-visit India?

  18. Yes they do air the dubbbed episodes on local TV station (in Bahasa Indonesia). But the episodes are around 7-8 months behind Zee TV. I much prefer to listen to the original Hindi lines and read the subtitle. So I watched either on line.

  19. Kembang TanjoengMarch 2, 2015 at 6:20 PM

    I just couldn't comprehend why in some scenes of the God Tracks, Akbar's commonsense seems to be all over the place. In the episode 441 Zee TV, he made both an extremely wise and sympathetic decision and a mind boggling one. He exonerate Anarkali from the accusation of stealing a necklace. Next out of the blue he did a 180 degree turn. He was pictured being a bit delusional. He arrogantly proclaimed himself as god to his people.

  20. Hi Mirah,

    Enjoy the show and the beautiful voices :)

    Abhay is busy at the moment. He will surely post on the wives of Akbar and Anarkali, but it will take some time. Meanwhile read his historic updates about the current God track - most interesting! :)

  21. Kembang,

    Akbar was a man of great common sense. The bit about exonerating Anarkali of theft is a dramatization and not real. But it shows how he was a fair man and tried to be just to all.

    The part about Akbar trying to project himself as being next to God on earth for his people is inspired from history. There was an important but controversial period in Akbar's life when he tried to project himself as the supreme authority in all matters and even as a spiritual master.

    Akbar was a complex man of many shades. Sometimes, he was very good with some people and sometimes, he could be just the opposite with others. Read more about him and you will realise that it is difficult to slot him. :)

  22. Hi Kembang,

    Seems more Indonesians prefer the Hindi version with subtitles. And it might just teach you Hindi too :)

  23. Hi Kembang,

    Since you are planning to visit the north, avoid the hot summer/rainy months of April-August. And avoid the fog period from Christmas till mid-January. Feb-March and Sept-Dec would be quite pleasant to travel in the north. :)

    Jaipur and Udaipur have beautiful forts, palaces and lakes. You can pack in Delhi too if you have time to spare. :))

    Have a pleasant and safe trip and do share your experience with us!

  24. At first glance Hindi is as complicated as French are. I've learned a tiny bit of French way back many years ago. Yes Radhika I am trying to read as much as possible about the history. Thanks so much.

  25. Geeta,
    Akbarnama writes about Shah Mansoor ->"He destroyed houses of men to
    improve his own. For his own advantage he destroyed a number of poor people."

  26. Thanks Radhika. :)
    And, also thanks for answering all the queries / comments here. :D
    Hope you are enjoying the interaction with members. :)
    @All...I do read all the comments but not able to reply to all. You all continue discussion with Radhika. :)

  27. Kembang TanjoengMarch 4, 2015 at 6:16 PM

    I guess like all geniuses his mind is just way ahead of us. Perhaps a bit "out there"