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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29 2014 Jodha Akbar | 340 - Lahore Conspiracy...!!!

Mirza Hakim and Zeenat Begum Arrive...Conspiracy Against Twins  Afoot...Ignorant Ruqaiyya Prefers Zeenat over Jodha as DaiMa!!!


This track is getting more and more interesting, as we go along. Since yesterday, we have been hearing a lot about the mysterious Zeenat who is appointed as Dai by Ruqaiyya for Hussein and who repeatedly tries to kill the twins. There was a lot of speculation as to who Zeenat might be and who the hand behind her might be. Many of us felt that Zeenat may be a pawn of SD and his father. 

Today, the curtain lifted on Zeenat Begum (not a maid) and her husband, Mirza Qasim. They have arrived all the way from Lahore to congratulate Jalal on the birth of his sons. There's a happy family reunion and Ruqaiyya jumps at the opportunity to request Zeenat Bhabhijaan to be Hussein's Dai Ma. Little does she know that the couple has come to seek revenge against Jalal by killing his sons. Zeenat wastes no time in trying to get rid of Hussein. This is better than the Atifa track, where we had to endure her doing nothing for many days. Zeenat is better looking too.    

The episode opens with Hussein crying. Ruqaiyya is unable to calm him or make him sleep. Some begums tell her that Hussein knows that she is not his real mother; Jodha is. Ruqaiyya is upset with their remarks and shows them out. 

The hakima comes to check the children. Jodha announces in front of everyone that she would prefer to bring her child herself and does not need the services of any dai ma. She notices that Hussein is crying in Ruqaiyya's lap. She takes him into her arms and he stops crying immediately.
 Jodha offers to help in taking care of him also. Ruqaiyya refuses pointblank and takes back Hussein. Without any compunction, she states that she has the sole right to decide about Hussein and that she would never let Jodha have any rights over him as a mother, not even as a dai ma. Ruqaiyya then turns haughtily towards Gulbadan Begum and asks her to arrange for a good dai ma.

Most Shocking Scene

 This was perhaps the most shocking scene so far this week, at least. Not because of Ruqaiyya's behavior. She cannot be expected to behave any better. Today, she just outdid herself. She insulted both Jodha and Jalal. By stating that she wanted a new dai ma for Hussein every six months, she made it clear that she didn't want Hussein to think of any other woman as his mother ever. This was a clear allusion to Jalal's relationship with Maham. 

Though it is good to be careful, it doesn't pay to be haughty, esp towards the emperor in the DEK. No doubt, Maham had misused her position as dai ma to Jalal. But Ruqaiyya could have made her insecurity about the dai ma clearer, without being insulting to Jalal.

No, I was not shocked by Ruqaiyya's behavior at all. I am shocked by the calmness with which Jalal, his mother and aunt and Salima Begum took the affront to Jodha (and Jalal). Surely one of them could have tried to convince her otherwise. No one did. At last, when she swept out of the room with Hussein, someone should have come and consoled Jodha. No one did. She just stood there, rooted to the spot, hurt deeply but unable to say anything to anyone. 

 Being a mother, Jodha cannot help thinking about Hussein and whether Ruqaiyya is taking care of him, as she should. 

Most Beautiful Scene

Jalal walks in and the three of them - Jalal, Jodha and Hasan - seem so happy just to be with each other. :) It was a wonderfully precious moment. 

Mirza Qasim and Wife Arrive

Humayun's step-brother Kamran had apparently fought many a pitched battle against Humayun and even plotted  to kill his own brother. At last, the ever patient Humayun decided to blind him. 

Mirza Qasim is Kamran's son, and, unknown to Jalal, has come to kill his heirs, using his beautiful wife Zeenat.

He is received warmly by Man Singh and later in the court by Jalal and the royal family. His wife Zeenat Begum looks like a beautiful, well-bred woman, who is supposed to look after children extraordinarily well. 

As soon as Ruqaiyya sees Zeenat, she zeroes in on her as the dai ma for Hussein. The other senior ladies of the harem, who are smitten by Zeenat agree at once. Jalal is a bit worried and unsure about Zeenat as the dai ma for his son. But Ruqaiyya prevails as usual. And in the end, Jalal does give his consent, albeit reluctantly. 

Zeenat - The Dai Ma

Zeenat agrees most easily to Ruqaiyya's request to be the dai ma for Hussein. Almost immediately, she tries to kill him by throwing him from the window. She is stopped in just the nick of time by Ruqaiyya, who inquires casually why Zeenat is standing near the window. 

The Conspiracy

The CVs seem to have learnt a good deal from the Atifa track. This time, they are showing everything as clearly as daylight. No suspense or fudging facts. :)

The two conspirators - Mirza Qasim and his wife Zeenat - recount their brief history so that everyone is clear about who they are, from where they have come and what their mission in Agra is. Thank you, CVs.

Mirza Qasim and his wife, Zeenat, elaborate on their mission - they are here to kill Jalal's twins and extract revenge for his father blinding Qasim's father. Zeenat mentions how Ruqaiyya has made her task easier by appointing her as the dai for Hussein. 

This plot does not seem to have anything to do with SD or his father. ??? 

Jodha is also, for once, alert to the possibility of someone attacking the children. And she is, therefore, on her guard.  Like Jalal, she too is not keen on Zeenat acting as the dai for Hussein but keeps her views to herself. Gulbadan Begum apprises her about Mirza Qasim's background and tells her that Mirza Qasim is quite different from his father, Kamran. Jodha remains unconvinced.

Additional Scene 

There was an additional scene of SD and his father grumbling about the abolition of jaziya, leading to reduction in their salary and the increasing clout of Hindus in the court with their coterie. It remains to be seen if this discussion led to SD using Zeenat as a pawn or if this group has nothing to do with Mirza Qasim's conspiracy. 


Zeenat starts to make her move. She tries to poison Hussein by pouring some ark/poison  in his mouth. Javeda sees her and asks her what she is doing. 

Troubling News

Earlier I had thought that this is Ruqaiyya's downfall track. Not sure now. One, they are still harping on Maham's curse. Second and this point is important. The CVs seem to have introduced the Mirza Qasim angle to reduce the gravity of the allegations leveled against Ruqaiya Begum. So she may still get off lightly. :( 

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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history_geek has updated the historical information related to this track here.>
Historical Update - Jodha Akbar - Mirza Qasim, Sharif-ud-din and Twins-Ruqayya Track

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  1. Abhay,

    Will you please give a historical perspective to today's episode? Time permitting, of course. :) Was there really a Mirza Qasim who conspired against Akbar? Was he the one responsible for the twins' demise?

    What about SD? Is he out of Qasim's conspiracy?

    1. Radhika, thank you for a well articulated post .

      I am very disappointed with today's episode for two reasons.

      1) While Rukaiyya was at her insolent , ungrateful best , yelling at Jodha , neither Hamida , Salima ,Gulbadan begums nor Jalal requested her to keep quiet . As the shehenshah , all he needed to do was to look at her angrily , use a firm and stern voice and take her name . That simple warning would have sufficed .
      2) By introducing this Mirza Qasim/Zeenat track , the Creatives are still creating an opportunity for Rukaiyya to go scot free , by getting only Zeenat's intentions exposed . This means that we will still have to tolerate more of Rukaiyya and her wicked behavior .
      I am upset that in spite of making such a huge sacrifice, Jodha was not treated with respect . Shouldn't Jalal or Hamida begum have scolded Rukaiyya for being so rude to Jodha ? Jodha just stood there helplessly, Jalal was not helpless . Without raising the issue of the farmaan etc, he could have warned Rukaiyya to be polite . Where did Jalal's 'dil' which Jodha gave him disappear ? He shares her sadness of the separation from baby Hussein in private , why does he keep quiet when Jodha is insulted in public?
      I know that there are several promos and video links that foretell Rukaiyya's doom . However , from what I saw today , we may have to end up tolerating her a little longer .
      I have no doubt that once her evil and selfish reasons behind asking for the twins is revealed , Jalal will shred her emotionally . However until then , it is Jodha who has to bear the consequences of her good hearted yet foolish decision of giving one baby to Rukaiyya of all people . Baby Hussein is suffering as much as his mother . Look at the manner in which Rukaiyya was handling him today . Instead of holding him snugly in her embrace and rocking him gently , she was marching back and forth with him ,yelling at Hoshiyar while doing so . No wonder the baby was wailing . She is completely unfit to be a mother .
      I am hoping that with the exposure of Zeenat , Rukaiyya's truth also comes out .

  2. Thanks Radhika for the writeup. Abhay looking for a post from you too.

    I was not disappointed much today as I was kind of expecting what was shown today. I was frustrated with everyone for keeping quiet when Jo was called Doosari aurat by Ruks. Looks like everyone accepts Ruks tantrums and seemd to be okay with it.

    Zeenat, how could u hurt suck a cute baby. I feel the third attempt by Zeenat will be caught by Jodha and Jalal will use his reverse farman and Jo will have hussein back. Coming to Ruks, she may after this do something foolish and fall in the eyes of everyone.

    I am bearing this track from the POV to watch Ruks downfall.

    1. Welcome, Sindhu! :)

      Low expectations --> No disappointment :)

      When someone throws a tantrum at the drop of a hat, then everyone around looks away to avoid getting involved. The same happens with Ruqaiyya. No wonder she gets away with atrocious behavior. I was also distressed by that scene. Poor Jodha - just because she is patient and calm, people around her feel she can take anything dished out to her and be fine still. This is so wrong. Those present there should have objected to Ruqaiyya's words and told her clearly to respect Jodha and to allow the natural mother Jodha to nurse Hussein.

  3. Hi all,

    I have given a short Historical Update for the Twins and Zeenat - Ruqayya Track at this Link. Readers can check it here. > Historical Update - Jodha Akbar - Mirza Qasim, Sharif-ud-din and Twins-Ruqayya Track

    1. Thanks! :)

      My response to the update with relation to the show is also there. :)

  4. Thanks for a very well written update. It was an interesting episode in which the story moved forward. The arrival of yet another foster brother named Mirza(this one named Mirza Qasim not Hakim Mirza) and his wife. Their plans to kill the twins was laid bare on the very first day.

    The only jarring thing about the episode was the obnoxious behavior of Ruqaiya. I understand the strategy of the CV's of saving the juicy part of a fitting response by Jalal and Jodha for the future. But, that is a foolish strategy, because in the future the "fitting response" would lose it's value. Just like Maham's exposure or death did not connect as well with viewers as it should have, it came too late.

    One should not forget that Jodha Akbar is a Historical serial. Historicals usually have a limited life, much shorter than ordinary Saas Bahu shows. JA serial span of 350 episodes has already exceeded the life span of the 2nd most successful historical on TV, Jhansi ki Rani Laxmi Bai.

    So, advice to CV's, don't leave too much for the future. It may never come.

    1. Thanks for liking, Donjas!

      About Mirza: It is a Persian term, derived from "amirzada", meaning "son of the amir or ruler". So Mirza refers to royalty or a prince of royal blood. It was used by the imperial families of Turkey, Persia and South Asia. The Mughals also used Mirza as a title. :)

    2. Donjas,

      Thankfully Qasim and wife laid bare their plans and set to work in the first episode itself, instead of wasting our time and making us wonder who they were, from where they had come and why. :)) So much better than Atifa track, where we had no idea for a long time who she was and what she was planning to do.

      I agree with your remarks that Jalal and Jodha should have put Ruqaiyya in her place when she snubbed Jodha rudely by refusing to let her near Hussein.

      The CVs may wish to show them as being noble, but too much nobility in the face of constant humiliation is not nobility - it just becomes a weakness.

  5. Beautiful post Radhika........
    @Troubling News
    That's why I am confused regarding this track....
    I don't trust the CVs....but I trust Abhay,as he firmly says this would be Ruq downfall track....
    Let's see what happens..

    1. Lasya: "I don't trust the CVs....but I trust Abhay"


      I am also still hopeful of the track because of Abhay's pronouncements only. :)

  6. radhika,thank u for update.i did not like ruqaiya yesterday.she did not follow mughal tor tareeke and tehjeeb.she was rude with jodha.i am watching this track in my anticipation for ruqaiya punishment for 7 years.i want promos for this track.the ratings will soar for this week.i am enjoying.zeenat will play the role to hurt twins.the twins are very cute.

  7. Beautiful post Radhika, My points,
    All is waiting Ruk exposure, But Ruk exposure, comes in, solid way, then more interesting, After exposure, Person should feel, what they did Wrong, Maham not accepted her mistakes, its not right way, by CV.

    Good persons always suffereing, or Villains enjoying, not getting tight punishment.

    I surprised yesterday from jalal;Many reasons.

    1,In DEK previous episode he said Two childs Own, so Why he can't talk to Ruk, Agree written pharman, but Why he is keep sielant in front of Ruk,;;;;;;;;;;;Angry

    2,Sometime you feeling sad, you understanding, front is happening wrong, you King, but you sielant, Why;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Or you will speak, some Teda way, Last, Cv idea,LOL LOL

    3, Jalal own cheated by, Maham,so Why he agree Zeenath, can become Dhaymaa of Child, when he knows, HB knows, Hamuan, +kamran realtion was not good, so Why beliving sudden,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Which type of this unconciousness, Which, not wake up jalal,?Angry

    4, Surprise, HB, Salima, not saying anything to Ruk, Ruk has habit of, misbehaving, so Ruk stoping is necessary.

    6, Advice to Akdha,, please Tight Ruk, for your self respect, & safty of your child, If Suppose, that child was not given Ruk, or other child is facing, some problem Jalal & jodha speaked, so they should speak now, if something wrong is going.

    7, Liked jodha awareness+we can't sudden faith Kassim, but GB, Knows realtionship, was not good her brothers, so open eyes necessary this time.

    8, so Kassim & her wife want to take revenge, so came, where is your CID department Jalal,LOL?

    , But when child was crying, more, & jalal has already reverse Pharman, so Why Salima, HB, or main jalal not said to Ruk, Ruk, child responsibilty is your, but it not means, Child will weap, we will not say anything, When Ruk said Jodha, can't become, Dhaymaa, Why jalal not said, because child, feel some comfort, because heart beats attach to Mother, if needed, jodha can sure Picked the child, Jalal should be strong, this decseion,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Ok, All decesion will be take Ruk, but you can't, make child Harsh,doing this.
    we know child will not survive, but, if they survived, Ruk is creating, more more, tough situations to Own others,+jalal +jodha.

    Sharrif back, in True Clour. so more plotting on the floor.

    Zeveda, is showing faithfullness, to, Mughal Kingdom,Clap

    Zeenth, wants to fall down, Child, so she went near Window.Ouch

    Is seeing Ruk is hurry for Muz, zeenath will misuse Ruk desire, & after caughting,
    she speaked, Ruk name in DEK.

    But anyways, unconciousness of Jalal+Igo satisfing, +Power gaining desire of Ruk, totally, Harming Kids, Kids are using, by cunning peoples For their, stupid desires, such a cheap persons, they should sure punish Much Hard. Ameen.