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Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25 2014 Jodha Akbar | 338 - Back to State Politics..!!

Twins take a backseat for an Episode..
It's time for Abolition of Jaziya...Birbal to prove his worth..!!


This was a nice episode. The Creatives have introduced the abolition of Jaziya track, which was levied by the state. This tax was levied on Non-Muslims. Either they had to pay this tax, or convert to Islam. This was removed by Akbar in 1564 A.D. I will try to make a historical update on Jaziya in detail, soon.!!.

The lady in yesterday's episode was immolating herself in fire, because she was not able to pay the Jaziya tax, and hence her husband was taken into custody. Man Singh safely rescues her from the hut. Jodha promises the Hindu lady that she will ask Jalal about this tax + ask for release of her husband, and henceforth her family won't suffer. 

Back in palace, we see brief light moments, where Birbal and Tansen tease each other. Tansen was flattering his ability of singing before a courtesan, that he could make the flowers bloom through his singing/raagas. Birbal arrives. Tansen and Birbal, both were from the court of Raja of Panna. Birbal teases Tansen, saying he is a cheater/flatterer, and his raagas can create any haphazard effect, thus creating trouble. Like: Deepak Raaga can cause fire, Malhar Raaga can cause torrential rains without seasons. And, then it was upto Birbal to re-settle and normalize everything. Tansen teases Birbal hearing the reason for the latter's appointment in the court, Birbal leaves. I liked this scene.

Next scene, Jodha asks Jalal about the Jaziya tax. Even here we had Ruqayya, who was against the abolition of this tax/or any change in the state laws..!! I think Ruqayya was present here deliberately(by CV's), to show the difference in opinion of Jodha and Ruqayya. Akbar consults his officers, viz. Man Singh, ToderMal, Sharif-ud-din, etc and Maulvis + Sharif-ud-din's father, and comes to a conclusion that Jaziya can not be removed now, as a large part of tax in state treasury comes from Jaziya.Here we hear a brief mention about Mewar's ruler, Maharana Udai Singh, who had given shelter to someone, and assigns Man Singh with the task to handle the matter. 

Jodha decides to pay Jaziya as she is also a HINDU and hence she should also follow the rules of Sultanate. Despite Akbar's resistance, she pays the tax to Ruqayya and finally Akbar accepts this payment.. 

Next scene, Jodha meets Birbal and he assures her that he will help her in solving this problem. Birbal brings the awaam of Agra with him to the fort, and tells Jalal that all of them want to convert to Islam, against their wish. Jalal says that this is against Islam, if someone is converted against his/her wish, and retires to his Insan-Ka-Tarazu at night, weighing the options available to him, about Jaziya..Birbal comes here also, and asks him to gather everyone in the Diwan-e-Khas, the next day, and leave the rest to him..

Well..I have said before also, and i say again, i am LIKING this Birbal..He DID his work quite cleverly, if anyone of you understood it..!!.
The episode was nice, you all should watch it..This track is important also for the reason because we are seeing elevation of Birbal here in the ranks of Mughal nobility.


Ruqayya is back to SQUARE ONE..!!! {Yes, again.!!} In the Diwan-e-Khas, both Ruqayya and Jodha are before each other, while Jodha 'seems' to insist that, her twins will also pay the Jaziya tax, Ruqayya refutes her and says, SINCE ONE THE TWIN is HERS, hence that baby won't pay Jaziya.. Interesting...Isn't it.?. Birbal to the Rescue...

Thanks for making the discussions on the last post wonderful..Till now, 61+ comments and still on..
September 24 2014 Jodha Akbar | Episode 337 - Birth of Twins, Intro to Birbal's Wife, Glimpse of the Beginning of Ruqayya's Track..!!

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 
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  1. Thanks a lot Abhay, for this positive review.. I was relieved after reading ur brilliant review.. I don't know somewhere I was disappointed by the fact of cv's inconsistent way of writing and inserting tracks.. Within 3 days so many things happened.. Is cv's after MA's exit nothing can be done? Well so much things listed out to show based on historical events.. Because the reason I couldn't find why cv's rushing like a jet speed.. Specially I disappointed from leads side...I would have been enjoyed much if they supposed to give some beautiful and lovely happy family moments from akdha.. Rather than I loved a scene between Tansen and BB.. His body language and his unique way of expressing dialogues made himself differs much.. Its a funny when both tansen and BB taunting each other.. He too overheard begum ki fighting.. I agree with Jodha whatever she never backed off fighting for a good cause overcoming difficult times.. I couldn't understand Ruku's intention, why she wants to preach or insist Jalal to do this or that.. Because all these years she doesn't tried out helping or advised or approached him for a right cause or good path... Today she is taking all over responsibility in pulling him out in. bewildered moment.. As BEK her thoughts worked out for a moment. JO as usual stands up for a good cause, righteous nature cutting of this special Jaziya tax for Hindus.. Whatever she is doing it's a final reward goes to Jalal.. This is a good task by cv's by intruding BB's involvement in solving out issues, engaged with the lead characters looks good.. But definitely I can't deny the fact missing quality of episodes. Technical issues also visible.. What happened to kids they showed yesterday? How it looks yesterday precious happening, today it's a totally contrast script?? All way I could see some positive signs from BB character..

    1. Hi Archana,

      May be the CVs just want to wind up this twins track fast and are therefore rushing thru it. We have to accept it the way we are served. :(

      Jodha never gives up on a good cause. She is polite and respectful towards Jalal, yet firm in sticking to her stand. She and Birbal reminded me of the civil disobedience / noncooperation movements from our freedom struggle. :)

      I was afraid that Birbal might be reduced to a clown. But his character is shaping up well and he is slowly building bridges with the important people - Jalal and Jodha. He seems like a very self-assured person with great presence of mind and quick thinking on his feet. At least, I am relieved on this front! :)

  2. Seems like an interesting episode! Will comment in detail after watching. :)

    But one thing I want to say is that I do not like this aspect of pushing Jodha into social issues and active politics within days of a very difficult childbirth. Any woman in her position needs lots of rest and care. Highly insensitive CVs. Disgusting!

    Birbal coming into his own? Will he be able to hold his own against Ruqaiyya? LOL The real Birbal had to deal with only Akbar. The reel one has to deal with BEK too.

    Poor babies - hardly a few days to live and even then pushed into the background. :( Where was the need to introduce Jaziya issue so soon? It could have waited a couple of episodes?

  3. Abhay, u know I would be honest..till yesterday I wasn't liking Birbal at all..I felt the actor is not convincing..but today I take my words back..:P I was enjoying his scenes to the T!! :D probably bcz today he got solid dialogues and meaningful scenes..:)
    And once again proved, Ekta's casting never goes wrong..g-)
    today the whole Jodha-Jalal-Ruqaiyya argument was purposely brought so that Birbal could play his part and we the audience get to to see the first sight of his witticism.
    and Birbal did eavesdrop in the trio convo so yes he to the rescue :))
    I liked today's episode and the scripting of it...special mention Birbal's way of solving issues was commendable. :-h looking forward to it.

    ek sawal, did Tansen and Birbal share such teasing equation?

    P.S. maafi...couldnt reply to your last post...too busy these days :(

    1. Tamy, I also started liking Birbal from yesterday only. :) His character is being shaped up well.

      One thing I must say about the show. Most of the characters fit their roles well. Even people like Maham, Ruq or SD. No wonder, they are able to evoke the appropriate sentiments in us.

    2. Exactly...casting is really good..that is why JA is mostly praised for its casting. :)

  4. Thanks for this review Abhay! :D

    loved today's episode! It was good because of its simplicity! We saw different characters in different lights today.

    The first aspect of today's episode was Jodha's want for Jaziya to be abolished, as that was when there would be true equality. She was true and justified in this want, and fought saying that she should pay it too. We saw a strong Jodha today, who acted as a messenger to convey to Jalal the shortcomings of this unfair tax.

    Second aspect was we go to see a Jalal who actually contemplated over the matter. it was not just blind listening and acting. In a majority hinu empire a majority of his income would be through this tax. So that contemplation added some reality to the matter.

    Third was Birbal's spunk. Man that guy has got something in him. He is very appealing and you do really get that comical-intellectual feel from him. He has that zazz in him which is pefect for his character.

    And last was the precap, finally a sign that Jodha is repenting for her decesion of giving one baby to Rukaiiya. She has now realized the possibilty of Relegious Indoctrination that Rukaiiya will be nurturing if she completely ignored the part hindu origins of the child. Jodha's eyes will finally be opened abour Ruk's upbringing of the child.

    My only wish was that we got some Akdha scenes right now, since Jo has just given birth. :p

    I have the same question: Did Birbal and Tansen share any connection like this? And what brought about the real Akbar to abolish Jaziya?

    1. Nice review Aadhya....Glad to find you here.
      Agree with all points..Will post on Jaziya soon..Right now stuck up in work. :)

  5. hey, Abhay. nice review.
    in class 6/7's social science books many times i had read this zajiya tax revoking by Akbar n as much as i have remembered that i read it was 1 of the best decisions of Akbar as a great administrator. very much famous name it is from the part of Mughal history according to my little knowledge on history. well, i definitely would like to know detail about it.
    Now come to the episode... episode was hundred times better than yesterday's episode. but why did episode rotate to opposite direction abruptly that i virtually didn't get? why suddenly this jaziya tax has been introduced? is it for establishing jalal's special attention on mahesh daas who will be titled as birbal?
    2 characters were salient in 2 nite's episode to me. 1 was Jodha n another was Mahesh daas. I liked ample to see Jodha had given over turn answer to Ruq n this influential Jodha before Ruq i always want to see.

    I m also starting to like mahesh daas's character as i think for the 1st time any navratna is utilized properly in JA show. in tonight episode Mahesh daas was entertainer in his every scene from taunting each other b/w raam tanu n mahesh daas to mahesh's mocking expression on baaduddin till erecting his tactic suggestion before Jalal.
    Yet ruq's real filthy plan against jodha n for being MUZ is rested to come but when will it come, when will be ruq eliminated from JJ's life, when will she get punishment from Jalal eagerly waiting to see these all on my Tv screen.

    BTW, how can use emotion icons here?

    1. @Nabiijaan --- To use emoticon icons....Click to 'Show emoticons' above all the comments....After every emoticon picture there is a code for it like : - ) ....Type that code and the emoticon will automatically appear after you have published your comment....Hope it helped h-(

  6. Thanks Abhay for this wonderful and positive review. I too loved today's episode. I could see positivity all over and it indeed was a change from the usual.

    Tansen Birbal taunting scene was awesome. I started to watch Birbal since yesterday and I am loving him.

    I know Ruks is BEK but too tired of seeing her where ever my Akdha are. Loved JO's reply to Ruks though. It was much needed. Now we need to see what this BEK is up to.

    Missed my adorable Hassan and Hussein. Hoping to see them tomorrow. More than anything I am waiting for Ruks to be punished and I hope I do not get disappointed.

    1. Sindhu,

      Didn't Abhay say so from the beginning that this Birbal is one to watch out for? :)

      The episode in itself was fine with focus on jizya tax, which was eventually abolished by Akbar in 1564.

      I liked Jodha. She was amazingly tenacious, polite at all times, but FIRM in her resolve to make Akbar realize the injustice of such a tax on the vast majority of his subjects.

      Only thing is that as much as I understand it, women were not required to pay this tax. The CVs were perhaps adding their NR to spice the issue.

      The manner in which Birbal eavesdrops on the royals, learns about the problem and then takes it upon himself to do something about it (because he must also be affected by it) was classic Birbal style behavior, as we know it from the folk stories. :)

      Ruqaiyya will always be the same - conservative, unwilling to upset status quo. The scene was intended to highlight the contrast between Jodha who is willing to change traditions (a la AKbar himself) for the greater good and Ruqaiyya who will always stick to the tried and tested customs and is unwilling to accept change because it always brings uncertainty in its wake.

  7. The jaziya tax were to be only paid by Hindus? No other religions?

  8. Rashmi,

    As far as I know and understand it, jizya was a poll tax to be paid by all non-Muslims to Muslims as a reminder of their "lower status".

  9. Nice post, Abhay,u shud hv been a film critic.:) May I know how many taxes were there fr Hindus? I was really touched by Jodha's dialogue ' haari hui Hindu' that sums up the condition of Hindus visavis Muslims in that era.:( I also started liking Mahesh Das. I was wondering u had posted in IF he was frm the court of raja Ramchandra frm MP. Now that is resolved.I think CVs r reading ur posts chupke- chupke:) Jokes apart, I just want Birbal to hv his rightful place in the serial. i agree with Radhika, that CVs hv shpwn immaturity in showing Jodha wandering here n there leaving the feeding babies.

    1. Hi Geeta,

      Both Tansen and Birbal were from the court of Raja Ramchandra of Rewa/Panna. While everyone knows that Tansen was an extraordinary singer/musician, even Birbal was a well-known singer/poet /musician and author.

      Both artistes knew each other since their time together in Rewa.

  10. Lovely review Abhay :)

    Episode was nice...although I was expecting a bit more family scenes between Ja-Jo and the twins but still it was a welcome change.

    I liked the banter between Tansen and Birbal.

    The scene where Jodha was putting her argument in front of Jalal was good too minus ruks. I guess there was no need to include ruks in that scene. But then she was there everywhere in the episode ;)
    And now Birbal becomes the official eavesdropper in Agra... :D

    I liked DEK scene where they discussed the pros and cons of Jaziya tax.
    And I guess by bringing a lot of hindu people who want to convert, Birbal implied that if everyone starts converting or doing suicide coz they couldn't pay the tax then this also would lessen the revenue.

    Precap: looks like another tactic of Birbal.

    1. Thanks Rasika..
      Precap was indeed Birbal's brain child. The epi was awesome today.. :)

  11. @all friends....

    Interesting views by all..Could not reply individually...But enjoyed reading them..
    keep up the discussions. I'll join when possible. :)