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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Curious Case of Multiple JahangirNamas Part-1

This article throws light on the Mutiple Versions of memoirs of Mughal Emperor Jahangir.
It is quite surprising that there are various versions of memoirs of a same person. There are variations in the available versions of memoirs. In this post, few snaps of those multiple Jahangirnamas are made available.

Let us see for ourselves and try to analyze, how genuine(?) are these translated memoirs. These versions contradict each other ; though, they are 'supposed' to be written by the same person, i.e., Mughal Emperor Jahangir!. I find it interesting that one person can write conflicting and contradictory memoirs.

Following is Version-1 of memoirs of Mughal Emperor Jahangir

This is called Tarikh-i-Salim Shahi. The author of this so-called memoir is not known. This work was translated into English around late 1820's. The orientalist historians after going through the English translation of this work were confused. 

Below are some pictures. Let us analyze them CAREFULLY.


1. Cover Page of this Version.

The author of the work is UNKNOWN.
This Version has been translated from an anonymous manuscript.


2. Preface/Advertisement of this particular Version.


3. I have taken the following snap from this Version, from Page-46.




In this particular account, the name of mother of the twins is given as Bibi Aram Baksh. However, historical authorities agree about the mother of the twins being the Princess of Amer, the daughter of Raja Bharmal.

It has been mentioned in the earlier post on Children of Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani(MUZ), about the  name of the actual mother(i.e. Mariam-Uz-Zamani).

Here is a video of the Old Serial, "Akbar - The Great" of 1980's which aired on DoorDarshan, and was made by Akbar Khan.....Here is the Video of the Episode which shows, the Birth/Demise of Twins to Akbar and his Hindu Queen, the Princess of Amer..

Also, read this post :
The TWINS of Mariam-Uz-Zamani and Akbar | An Assessment

Also, note that the name of mother of Khannum Sultan is also given as one "Bibi Salima Begum" . At some places this name is confused with Salima Sultan Begum. Though, she was childless. She was NOT the mother of any of Akbar's Kids. Akbar married her for providing safe sanctuary to her and Bairam Khan's son, Rahim.

For a moment, keeping these points in mind. Let's move to another version of the memoirs of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, in another post.!.



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