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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22 2014 Jodha Akbar | 335 - Birbal and Twins of Jodha Akbar

CountDown to the arrival of Birbal and Twins of Jodha Akbar


This episode, was a precursor to many future events of our show. Lets use this post to discuss the future episodes, which are supposed to focus on -
a. Birth of Twins
b. The supposed punishing of Ruqayya. { Courtesy: Zee's feedback }
c. Introduction of Birbal

To start with, the narrator informed us about the happenings being fast forwarded by a few months(approx. 4), means a mini leap of few months was taken.

In the flashbacks, it was shown to us - Jodha and Akbar had few seconds of husband-wife tenderly moments. Ruqayya was shown taking care of Jodha(or, i must say, taking care of the kid which was to be given to her after the birth). A good news greeted the royal house, that Javeda Begum was also pregnant, hence fulfilling Maham Anga's(MA) wish after her death..

Next scene, Jodha , Ruqayya and a caravan of ladies and soldiers travels to visit a famous Hakima Sahiba to gauge Jodha's state, outside Agra.. Ruqayya Begum had arranged for this visit, after consulting the Shahenshah..On inspection, Hakima Sahiba informs that "ALL IZZ Well" , and the twins are expected to see the light of the day, in a month..

Next scene, shifts to events unfolding on political front. Akbar is seen in consultation with TodarMal, Mirza Aziz Koka, among others where they were discussing about the malpractices being 'practiced' by the traders in the local bazaars, with the help of government officials. They decide to visit the bazaar and tried to learn about the culprits and modus operandi of the traders. They learn that initially Adham Khan was the perpetrator of these acts resulting in black marketing and hoarding, leading to expensive goods. But, after his death, there were Adham's henchmen who had taken this position now..

For one, i liked this scene as it focused on the trips which Akbar used to make in his Sultanate in REALITY..Also, this was a Welcome change as our Emperor marched outside Agra's Palace.

It starts to rain suddenly and here two events happen..

a. Jodha almost falls down from her palki, and is supported by Ruqayya.
b. An almost drunk Birbal is shown to act, while Jalal and his associates appear to be in a bar.

There was a powerful scene in between all this, where Jalal is shown doing martial cum weapons training, a Rajput soldier Surjit Singh, distinguishes himself in the fight with Jalal. Akbar makes him a part of his Special regiment for the province of Nagore.

 In Amer, Dadisa is worried about MA's curse to Jodha, and she visits Shaguni Bai, who further reinforces that MA's curse will have it's bearing.

I found Shaguni Bai's prophecy and logic associated with MA's curse as flawed. It is the Karma, which leads to anything and everything in one's life. MA was not a Sufi saint of the ranks of Salim Chisti Sahab, neither she had the Tapobal of Gandhari, for her curse to work.. This is an un-necessary logic used by the Creatives to raise the drama cum emotional quotient.. I choose to ignore this part.!!.

All in all, it was a fine episode for me, barring one thing, which i can NOT ignore. It was quite unrealistic to see a Queen, about to deliver twins to be taken in her 8th month of pregnancy to a Hakima outside Agra. The Hakima could have been called in the palace itself. Stern Smile

One historical point i would like to mention here. While the Begums DID travel outside, but then, ALWAYS a MALE member used to accompany the entourage. This is a recorded fact in Akbarnama that Raja Bhagwan Das of Amer, escorted Akbar's Begums, at times, as his Loyalty and Bravery was held in HIGH regard by Akbar.. It came to my mind, when i saw NO Royal Male Member accompanying Jodha and Ruqayya's entourage while they were out..The safety of Royal Queens can NOT be taken for granted, just by providing a single regiment.!!.

It appears that, Jodha will deliver twins in the midst of a jungle, at night.
But wait..!!!!.
Here is a NEW Promo(click to watch), which shows Jodha in Agra's palace, with their twins in Jalal's arms. We see a happy Jalal, and Ruqayya in the BG claiming one kid to be hers.!!

I think the entourage will reach Agra safely, and there the delivery will happen.Let's wait and watch..

You all are welcome to share your views...

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  1. Wonderful writeup!

    The episode was a mixed bag. It was good to see Jalal being concerned about black-marketing and inflation affecting the common man.

    It's always good to see Akbar in disguise, trying to find out how the system works and what can be done to change it. He was ably supported by Todarmal.

    So that was Birbal in the sarai, pulling out a drunken act?!

    I agree - it was a highly ridiculous scene showing the queens going alone outside the city through the countryside, to visit a hakima. That too, in the last stages, after a highly stressful twin pregnancy. Which hakima would refuse to visit a queen?

    Protocol is unheard of by the Creatives. Besides, in bad weather, when the men took refuge in a sarai, why did the ladies continue to travel, instead of stopping somewhere, till the storm abated? In such conditions, what could a guy have done?

    Regarding the Curse. I feel we can safely ignore the curse and if anything untoward happens, it can be safely attributed to human error / conspiracy. But generally speaking, we may be made to say some things that are destined to happen. In other words, a person may be used as an instrument by Destiny to say or do something to set the future course of events. It is also a common belief that the words of any person, good or bad, carry a certain energy that may impact us. Which is why elders say it is important to ensure that no one "curses" us and why we seek "blessings" from people we respect. A third point is that there are "Tathastu Deva" who fulfill a person's pronouncements. This is not difficult to believe because even today, we believe in the power of the mind and a strong will. If a person wills something strongly, it can happen, even if the person is not a "highly evolved spiritual person". Why, even ordinary people are asked to will something strongly to make it happen in their lives.

    So, Maham's curse may or may not have the power to impact the birth and safety of the twins.

    The precap shows perhaps that Jodha is forced into delivering the babies well before time, due to the physical trauma of being thrown about by the turbulent weather. Whether she delivers them in the countryside or in the palace will be seen tonight. Generally, babies who are born in the 8th month are considered to be high-risk babies and this may have been the real reason for the babies to die so early.

    Of course, Fazl's words keep ringing in our ears, making us wonder whether the twins will die naturally or be killed. The problem is that we cannot completely believe the version of events shown in JA. So this mystery will continue till some concrete evidence is found in some royal documents.

    The Promo indicates that at least there will be no miscarriage and the twins be definitely be born. Then there is the spoiler that says that Ruqaiyya Begum will try to harm the baby with Jodha so that she can become the MUZ. Lots of twists and turns left in the plot.

    What I found highly unbelievable was the narrator mentioning that Ruqaiyya and Jodha begums had become good friends in the last 4 months. Something is fishy, as it is highly unlikely that Ruqaiyya would befriend Jodha after going to such lengths to get her baby for the sake of the MUZ title.

    3 tracks are running concurrently now:

    1. Jodha's delivery and the subsequent tragedy
    2. Entry of Birbal
    3. Shareefuddin conspiring against Akbar

    The last point reminds me of the soldier who is selected to be sent to Nagaur, the same place whose subedari has been given to Shareefuddin. Why would the Creatives show a soldier in such an important manner? Is this soldier tied in any way with Shareefuddin? Either with him or against him and loyal to Akbar? My curiosity is aroused in this regard. : ) The fight was good and the dialogs were good too.

    All in all, the story is proceeding in a thrilling manner.

    1. Brilliant writeup Radhika..

      I have nothing to add here.. :)
      The creatives always run multiple tracks simultaneously..

      Your last point intrigues me. Nagore is supposed to be Sharif's province. He will revolt from there only. Perhaps, the presence of this soldier will be utilized later.

  2. Abhay, I completly agree with u.Creative team has done big blunder, showing, not calling hakima to the palace, Akbar not accompanying them, after all it is long awaited child! I mean, this is pure commonsense.:) Btw, who is this Surjeet singh? Any historical reference?Or may be just an imaginary charecter to be used in future?
    Again, does Abu'l Fazl mention of this curse by any chance?T here isn't any weightage in that Baddua as maham herself was not a pure soul.I completly believe in our Karmic theory , which controls every incident.

    1. Agree with what you say Geeta..

      About Surjit Singh, i do not have any information. At present this appears to be a fictitious creation. In case there is some reality, then i will surely let all know here.

      Abu'l Fazl has not mentioned any curse. He has only written a confusing LINE, which we were discussing in the other post. :)

  3. Your write up is a welcome change from the negative crap I have to take at the India Forums. I appreciate your style, you give your take on the episode, you appreciate the good parts, criticize the bad parts but you never make wild speculations. You don't take the flimsiest of rumors as your building material and construct a building with it.

    There are members in that forum who post one huge write up every day but they have no faith in their show, they indulge in indiscriminate negative speculation about leaps. I ask, why waste your time writing such a big post if you don't have any enthusiasm left for the show.

    Truth be told, I am starting to hate India Forums. I dislike the moderators and the negativity. I wish we could all find another forum.

    Regarding the episode, it was a bit disjointed. My viewpoint is clear. This "Child Batwara" track is crappy, ratings fell quite a lot when it was introduced. The CV's know this, so they are in a hurry to finish this track. When ratings have not been upto expectation, they have always closed the tracks quickly.

    Jalal's fighting part was good, I have a lot of hopes from Birbal. Let's see.

    1. Hi Donjasjit,

      As a friend, I will say forget about other discussion forums here. This blog is new, fresh, positive, made specially for like-minded people to discuss the show and its historical perspective freely WITHOUT moderation. : )

      I am absolutely loving this blog. : )

      Coming to episode, the track is not good. May be the CVs felt that the emotional quotient will bring in the audience. But they got it all wrong. No one likes to see a mother and child or twins being separated. The fact is the CVs have no emotional sensitivity. That's why they have shown Jodha suffering so much during her pregnancy and the precap yesterday was gruesome!

      Hopefully, like you and Abhay said, the track will be wound up soon and the more positive track of Birbal will start. Before that, of course, we also have to deal with SD track.

      I do not believe we will have a long term leap anytime soon. There's so much story left.: )

    2. Hello Radhika,

      I am so glad that my two favorite people of the forum can be found here. You with your philosophical viewpoint and Abhay with his historical knowledge, make every minute spent here a treat.

      I wish others like Maddy, Sindhu and more could join us too. Here we can discuss and speculate to our hearts content without worrying about Moderators and their nonsensical rules.

      I really want to see the story that you and Abhay had painted a little while back, of a journey just starting, of shared adventures and sorrows, of great pain and unimaginable joys. So much to see. I hope Ekta and the CV's keep faith.

    3. You will see the story - have faith! All of us here are optimistic about seeing the love story bloom. A little hiccup here and there doesn't matter. : )

    4. Thanks Donjas.. I can understand what you mean to say. I would advise that we should leave the adverse opinions which we do not agree with back at their place of origin. And discuss what we all like and enjoy.

      Personally, i like exploring the bright jewels in an episode. :)
      This way i am able to enjoy a lot.
      I too, hope that the Creatives carry on with Birbal, in a respectable and dignified manner. :)

      Thanks Radhika for the inputs. Let's have faith on the Creatives. Birbal has entered just now.