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Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 1 2014 Jodha Akbar | 342 - Zeenat Prepares to Strike in Jashn..!!

Hussein Escapes Murder Attempt…Zeenat Escapes Suspicion, Prepares for Final Attempt on Dusshehra…!!!


Zeenat had a providential escape from Jalal’s wrath. What’s more, Jalal was so embarrassed at suspecting her that he’d probably not believe any allegations against her now. Ruqaiyya has still not received any scolding from Jalal; rather she gained everyone’s sympathy today. Though she has apologized to Zeenat, she is wary now and prefers to handle Hussein herself. Jodha is concerned about Hussein being bereft of certain things that only a mother can provide. Jalal promises her that Hussein will get everything that Hasan gets.

Poor Javeda got caught in the crossfire today. Though she was only concerned about Hussein’s safety, the shadow of her mother-in-law brought her into the circle of those who cannot be trusted. She got the typical Ruqaiyya treatment, in spite of Jodha’s efforts to defend her actions. Jodha herself got snubbed once more with regard to concern for Hussein.   

On the political front, Todarmal met Rana Udai Singh of Mewar and requested him to not provide refuge to those who had rebelled against the Mughal sultanat and to meet Jalal.   

The episode opened from where it left off yesterday. Javeda made a hue and cry about Zeenat giving something to Hussein. The baby was fast asleep and not waking up or crying.

Jalal and Ruq were distraught, wondering what to do. Jalal, in his characteristic sten gun style, started blasting Zeenat. It was then that Javeda, perpetually dismissed as a dim-wit, wisely suggested to Jalal that he’d better take the baby to the doctor first and investigate later.  

The hakima gave an ark to Hussein and he was soon pretty fine. Apparently Zeenat had only given some “medicine” to clear the baby’s throat and chest and to help him sleep more peacefully. Or so we were informed. Later Zeenat told Qasim that someone was observing her and therefore she had to abandon her plan to kill the baby then.

The entire Jalal team of Jodha, Ruqaiyya and Javeda apologized to Zeenat and pleaded with her to extend her services. She agreed in a while after pretending to be hurt.    

Jalal Promises Parity for Hasan and Hussein in Treatment

 Jodha is lost in thought about Hussein when Jalal comes. She feels that Hussein may be losing out on benefits that a mother’s closeness can bring. She is feeling guilty that she may be doing more for Hasan than what she can get done for Hussein. Jalal promises that he would ensure that Hasan and Hussein remain at par always.

Jodha knew that Jalal would apply everything that he learned from her on Hussein too. And rewarded him with the title of the best father in the world. Really? Which father would give away his child so completely?    

Zeenat plots to kill Hussein on the Dusshehra

Zeenat and Qasim conspire in their room. Zeenat informs him how she had to change her plans because someone was observing her and then Javeda came there and created a hullabaloo.  She shows him a fake finger like pouch that apparently contains a special type of poison. This poison makes the person fall sick and eventually kills him, without anyone suspecting anything because the death appears natural.

So is this the mystery behind the twins falling ill and dying? Did Zeenat poison them and escape detection?       

Todarmal Meets Rana Udai Singh of Mewar

On the political front, Jalal sends Todarmal to the court of Mewar King, Rana Udai Singh, father of Rana Pratap. Todarmal informs Udai Singh that some Mughal rebels had taken refuge in Mewar and as a gesture of friendliness; he should repatriate them to Agra or face war trouble.

Udai Singh informs TM that his relations were already strained with the Mughals. And that he would never hand over the rebels under his care. On advice from Rana Pratap, Udai Singh, however, decides to meet Jalal once and learn what is on his mind.


The jashn is in full swing. Jalal is watching a musical concert by Tansen. Zeenat, now in  a maid’s dress, has brought along her poison pouch and is about to kill Hussein. It is obvious she will fail once more because she has to harm both kids simultaneously as per spoiler. ..

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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history_geek has updated the historical information related to this track here.>
Historical Update - Jodha Akbar - Mirza Qasim, Sharif-ud-din and Twins-Ruqayya Track

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  1. Radhika,

    Nice post.. :)
    The episode was fine, and i am looking forward to the plot now..
    It's getting more interesting..
    On political front we had TodarMal being sent to Rana Udai Singh..

    All in all, a not-so-bad episode...Only thing was TOO MUCH of screen space for Ruqayya..

    Are you sure, that Hussain won't be harmed as per the precap.?.

  2. Thank you so much for this endearing post, Radhika! :X

    The episode was okay. Too much Ruqaiyya. It wasn't a very bad episode. I don't know everyone is getting all jasbaati and losing it. Some even made statements like we will quit JA. What the hell! I was laughing like crazy! :))

    Todarmal's scene with Rana Uday Singh was good. I am hoping some garma-garmi between Jalal and Pratap when he comes to Agra

    The AkDha scene was marvellous as well! Loved the bonding that this couple has formed over a long journey of a year! And I loved how Jalal assured Jodha that he will watch over Hussein always :)

    As for the rest of it, I felt terrible when Ruqaiyya insulted Javeda here. SHe had no right whatsoever to make all those statements about Maham and Adham. She is also pregnant. Doesn't she realise that Javeda needs to be spoken to kindly.

    Tomorrow's episode seems interesting, with the Jashn and all. I guess Jalal will be forced to use his Farmaan on Ruqaiyya to return the baby to Jodha.

    I can't thank you enough here! I felt so good after reading this. I know for sure that Ruqaiyya will be exposed here. I can't wait!

    @Abhay I wanted to know the exact story of how Jalal saw Jodha for the first time. Could you please tell me?

    1. Hi Samanika,

      The epsiode was fine..I also found it OK...Yes , Ruqayya was too much in presence but i think this is just the calm before the storm..I won't react to this at present..In fact, i am looking forward..

      About the first meeting of J-J, the story is not known exactly to me. But acc. to certain tales, Akbar saw Jodha at some marriage/ritual ceremony. :)

      In Ekta Kapoor's Jodha Akbar show, this first meeting was shown in the form of Gangaur Festival's Ceremony... :)

      In the Old Serial of "Akbar - The Great", it was Akbar who asked for Jodha's hand for marriage, he was mesmerized by her, EVEN before marriage...!!!!!

      BTW, Do not forget to read the history update on Ruqayya's track.. It's interesting....

    2. Thanks for the reply!

      OMG, this tale is beautiful! Her first look must have struck him! She was known as Registaan ka Gulaab after all! ;)

      The show had Ghangaur Festival as the back-drop for the first 'much darshan' which was equally beautiful!

      I read a beautiful write-up, about how decked up she was in jewellery. She was nervous, yet looked fragile and beautiful! But I must say, this woman had something in her! He was pulled to her even after marriage, which is unusual for kings. This was also shown in the show during the Benazir track, when he found himself incredibly pulled her inspite of the fact that she insulted him.

      Will read that for sure! Thanks! :)

      By the way, in all this confusion we totally forgot that 1st October was MUZ's birthday! Wishing her a very happy birthday! :)

    3. Thanks for reminding Samanika...A very happy birthday to MUZ /HK...though Abhay has to confirm if this is the real date :)

  3. Thanks, Abhay...But I do believe people are thoroughly getting fed up now with my posts and waiting eagerly for your return...It's like they paid for Gucci and got stuff from Janpath instead....LOL

    Pls at least give us an update on this meeting between Todarmal and Udai Singh when you can...Did Udai Singh ever meet Akbar in reality?

    I liked the episode....Jodha is beginning to get concerned about Hussein ...I got the distinct impression she feels Ruq is not looking after him properly like a good mother...She is happy to hear that Jalal will take care of the kids.

    As per promo, Zeenat can be seen harming 2 kids in a hojra. So how can she harm only Hussein here in jashn? Either she will fail tomorrow in her attempt or the spoiler was wrong.

    At least Ruq is wary now of Zeenat. :)

    1. No Radhika...

      Udai Singh did not meet Akbar in reality..I am waiting to see what happens now... Then i will give the update to separate the facts and fictional aspects of show.. :)

      BTW, You are writing well..Readers are enjoying your writeups...
      It's not like getting fed up. :)

      And, i think Zeenat will harm Hussai tomorrow..Lets see. Anything can happen in a telly show. :)

    2. Radhika dear, ur posts r as interesting as Abhay's difference only in using emoticons :). love ur Dhamakedaar headings which is missing in Abhay's posts :D That prepares us fr the thriller ahead. History -geek plans to hand over this mision to u permanantly as this job is more suitable fr ladies who r more patient n imaginative.:) :-h
      Now that jashn has become equivalent fr Danger, i feel we should hv proper jashn at least at the birth of Salim, if creative Directors r listening.
      In the movie, jodha Akbar, they meet as strangers only at the time of marraige, their love blooming gradually.In the serial Maharana Pratap, they hv shown Akbar falling fr one Rajput princess, head over heels before his marraige.
      Since the track is showing Ruqaiyya really loves Hussain,I am doubtful that she will hv any role in the deah of the infants:(. That makes me think, there is no punishment in near future.

    3. Thanks, Geeta! I know, Abhay uses e-icons wonderfully. And you also. LOL

      But the titles I picked from Abhay only...The template for this post has been designed by him only :P I will run away if I have to do this permanently and he knows that ROFL Though it's a good idea if one person handles writeups so that Abhay is free to do his research and make historical posts.

      Ialso share your sentiments about Ruq escaping punishment this time too. But Abhay assures that this is her DOWNFALL track. So staying positive. :)

      But I don't think Ruq really loves Hussein. She just loves him for what he can get her - the MUZ title.

  4. Hi, thanks for a beautiful write up. It was an OK episode. I liked the Todar Mal-Pratap interaction. A little bit of political drama every day, along with the other stuff is the right ingredient for the show.

    The Ruqaiya glorification that is going on for the week is very hard to swallow. Today Javeda too was shown her place. The abusing and disrespect of Jodha continues. Jalal's promises to Jodha about taking care of the child were empty words, which king has the time to concern himself with day to day care of his family.

    I am still hopeful that a Ruqs exposure is coming soon. That will open up many interesting avenues for the story to progress.

    1. Donjas,


      Yeah, the political sideshow is a good foil to the palace intrigue. :) But Abhay says Akbar never met Udai Singh. So let's see where this NR of Akbar-MP meeting heads.

      Everyone is getting fed up of Ruq's glorification. The CVs better pay heed to the growing discontent and show her downfall fast. I know they can't show that she was punished but at least they can show she was ignored and sidelined for many years.

      Javeda was doing a favor to Ruq and Jalal -Jodha by reporting a suspicious activity.But Ruq doesn't have the decency to recognize a good turn when she sees one. :(

      This whole pregnancy, childbirth and giving away the child and the aftereffects have been extremely tough on Jodha. And no one has come fwd to ask her if she is OK. Not even:

      When Ruq refused to let her nurse Hussein,
      When Ruq refused to let Jodha touch Hussein yesterday
      When Hamida could go and check on Ruq and Hussein but not Jodha and Hasan
      When the royal ladies felt Ruq could not cope without a dai but didn't bother to see if Jodha could cope without a maid
      When no one consoled Jodha about Hussein being OK yesterday

      I hope Jodha stands up for herself and her babies' safety soon. How can we expect Jalal to take care of his kids when he cannot take care of his wife, Jodha also?

      Keeping fingers crossed and trusting people like Abhay and you who are positive about Ruq's exposure soon. :)

  5. Thanks for this post Radhika.. ya episode was good... looking fwd for Jashna... :)

    and Soo much excited how cv's will expose ruqqu.. Just fed up of Cv's giving her extra space.. actually m pissed off when she insulted Javeeda... Poor Javeda.. :(

    Actually jalal's behavior was irritating me more yesterday.. :( he should at least asked Ruqqu where was she at the time of incident.. but instead of questioning ruqqu he was consoling and assuring her.. Not at all Expected this from Jalal...

    Poor Jodha she is really worried for Hussian now.. Stupid Ruqqu.. :( Haat bhi nahi lagane deti use .. :'(

    1. Welcome, Rutuja! :)

      When RUq can insult Jalal and Jodha publicly then Javeda is nothing for her :(

      Jalal never questions Ruq or stops her from insulting himself and Jodha. He should have consoled Jodha also and allowed her to hug Hussein. Doesn't he understand what she must be feeling to see Hussein like that? In fact, no one consoled Jodha about Hussein yesterday. As if she has no relation with him. :(

  6. Hey... a lovely writeup there Radhika... me loves your style too... easy n lucid... paras with headings are something that i love... so thank you...
    The episode was okie... politics makes for interesting viewing for moi n a lot of conspiracies lurk behind the scene too... Ruqaiyaa well just hope her downfall is on the way... thats make me tolerate her nowadays... Javeda was at the receiving end for no fault of hers... Jodha jalaj convo had me thinking... cause jalal's assurance seemed so empty to me... not just cause i know whats gonna happen but also because of his behaviour... he does not take a stand when it comes to ruqaiyya... lets see whats on the cards next.. the jashn promises Danger n m actually scared to two newborns neing subjected to such barbarity...
    Keep writing dear... Abhay's research n your episodic takes.. both make a very gopd read... insightful n informing...

    1. Hi Neha,

      Nice writeup..I also found it an Ok episode. The story moved on well.
      Looking forward to better episodes..

      It seems all of us are of same opinion when it comes to Jalal's treatment of Ruqayya. :)

      @Radhika...Look another reader found your writeup very nice. :)

  7. Lovely write up Radhika.
    This track on baby sharing, suffering and eventual death in detail is a new low for the sadistic writers of JA.
    I hope they stay away from Mewar track and leave Uday Singh and Maharana Pratap alone. They just do not have the intellect, acumen, sensitivity, astuteness or talent to handle a subject as sensitive as this. MP is seen as one of the greatest heroes in Indian history ( unlike Bharmal family) and JA fans should not complain if the serial is shut down because of a poorly handled NR version of Mewar track. Just because people are putting up with the massacare of HK's character does not mean that they will show the same tolerance for MP.

    1. Cleo,

      Thanks! :)

      The Mewar track is in nascent stage now. Todarmal has approached Rana Udai Singh and Maharana Pratap for talks with Akbar, as they have apparently given refuge to some Mughal rebels. And a meeting will apparently take place. :)

      Abhay tells me that Rana Udai Singh and Akbar never met. So I am curious to see how this track will proceed - pure NR of course.

      I can understand the sentiments of those who hail MP as a hero, for he stood against the might of the Mughal empire and fought hard to retain the independence of Mewar.

      The insensitivity towards women and children in the show is very painful at times and distressing at others. I just hope they wind up the twins' track fast and do not linger on the demise too much.:(