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Friday, October 17, 2014

October 16 2014 Jodha Akbar | 353 Rewriting History, JA Style..

Hi Friends,

My apologies - no written update about the episode. It was pathetic. Suffice it to say that we are back to square one today - ruthless Jalal, selfish, shameless Ruq and at the mercy of all Jodha. What a pity - what a turnaround for the EPIC love story...

Men...find it so easy to blame women for everything... After Jalal accused Jodha of being responsible for killing Hussein through negligence by being with him (her husband) instead of being with her son, she should have asked him if she had forced him to spend the night with her...he only made a half protest that she should go back while he actually held her back himself when she proffered to stay with him. If he was so worried, why didn't he go to Hussein that night...what steps did he take to protect Hussein after Hasan's death...why did he allow Ruq to appoint Zeenat as the dai for Hussein...why did Ruq send Zeenat to her hojra when Jodha was fully capable of feeding Hussein herself...why was he absolving himself and Ruq of all guilt and pinning it all on Jodha?

The whole idea behind the intimate encounter between AkDha seemed to be to pin the blame entirely on Jodha, make her feel guilty, glorify Ruq, and give an excuse to Jalal to wage a cruel war. 

Even if it really was Jodha who wanted to spend time with her husband and seek comfort from him after her son's passing away, what was wrong with that? Is it any rule that a woman cannot wish to spend time with her husband after she becomes a mother, that her job is only to give a waris and take care of that waris?

If Jodha has any shame / self-respect still remaining, she SHOULD NOT try to reform Jalal this time around. Let him realise his mistake and come begging to her himself. Let her give him the cold shoulder and maintain her dignity. She DOESN'T NEED him. He needs her.

Man Singh ... another man...with no sense of where his loyalties should be...He is in Agra because of Jodha...But he is ready to stick to Jalal even if Jalal walks all over Jodha.

Hamida...a woman who has no idea who needs support and when. Instead of asking Jodha to take care of Jalal, she should have asked Jalal to take care of Jodha...Instead of consoling Ruq, she should have gone to console Jodha...Does she think Jodha has no feelings and her only task is to take care of JAlal, even if he humiliates her instead of supporting her? 

What was Hamida thinking of when she forced Jodha to apply tilak to Jalal? 

The problem is that I will blame Jodha only for bringing this situation on to herself. She has been too noble so far, adjusting and going out of her way and putting her feelings on hold and pandering to everyone's whims and fancies. The day she turns a ruthless warrior herself, then both Jalal and Ruq will come to their senses. 

Would Jalal have dared to behave like this with Ruq if Hussein had died in her custody? Just because it is Jodha, he is being so abusive. 

Personally I feel he is feeling guilty about that night and trying to justify to himself that he was not in any way responsible for Hussein's death. He is looking for a scapegoat and he found one in Jodha. All the anger he is projecting on the outside world is basically anger with himself. For somewhere having failed to protect his babies. The war - it is an outlet for him to divert his guilt-ridden mind and be able to live with himself. 

The reason why he is not able to be normal with Jodha is because she is a reminder of that night . Looking at her, he remembers how he failed as a father. Which irritates him because he has always prided himself on being successful and he doesn't know how to handle failure. 

What he doesn't realise is that anger cannot remove the guilt from his heart.  Only accepting the guilt can remove it. And why should he feel guilty or make Jodha feel guilty? It is perfectly alright for a couple to find comfort with each other after a shared grief. If not then, Hussein would have died some other time. Since he was destined to die. 

The most ridiculous aspect of the episode was that Akbar was supposed to have ignored MUZ for 3 years, blaming her for Hussein's death. If anything, Akbar became closer to MUZ after the twins died. He kept her with him always. They even went for a pilgrimage to Salim Chisti after the war. 

Also the reasons for the Chittor war were different. Akbar didn't wage this war because his twins had died 3 years back. 

As far as sidelining anyone goes, Akbar never sidelined her for a single day, leave alone for more than 3 years. Whereas he did actually sideline Ruq. But strangely, just as the CVs mixed up the names of the twins, they may have got mixed up about the names of Ruq and Jodha. 

What a travesty in the name of NR! The epic love story has been killed and legends mutilated.   

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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  1. Hi Abhay... g-)

    I accept and empathize with your exasperation which is mine too, its ridiculous and an affront to historical characters. You have questioned Jallu angrily and given an answer yourself of why he was behaving like this.

    Anyway, am really confused as to what this 3 years leap is all about, coz, there was just a mention by Jalal in DEK that its been 3 years since Maharana was giving assylum to some 'bhagawats'. Its never mentioned that its exactly 3 years since the twins died. :-?

    I do accept that there was a time difference of when the kids died and the Chittor war after 3 years. If you see, in all these NRs :-SS by the CVs, they have often confused the time lines as usual.

    Regarding, JA coming closer again, I think, again its the NR route as like in all serials, I have seen. The leads are kept apart for sometime before they come closer again, its a TRP measure, a ruse to keep the interest alive and show more passion when they come together again. So, when they do come together, its going to be Salim y-) hehehe :D

    As for Ruqqaiyya khulasa and all, I think, there is no other vamp to carry forward after Maham anga, so they will keep her as much as possible.

    Abhay, you are there to give us the real story :-h, so I dont' get carried away with the NR. Just enjoying the show for some of the actors i like.



    1. Thanks Viji.. :)
      I am now back to history discussions as the show has turned bland now. And making mockery of history.

  2. Radhika,

    I share similar views... I am very miffed at the portrayal yesterday..

    You have written a lot and i agree totally....


    I am very much miffed at the wrong reasons being shown for attack on Chittor..

    Ekta has again not shown the real reasons...She can not..!!!!

    I will write more, as soon as i get time..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I read your info about Chittore war.I want to know did Ameris really join him in the war

    1. Yes Rashmi,

      Bhagwan Das was present with Akbar in the battlefield in Chittor War.

  5. Radhika, I totally agree with u. Men always blame women fr all their worries n it is sad that Jalal is no exception.s-) It is possible both of them feel guilty, n cannot be together as it will remind them of their folly.In this case, ideally both shud hv repented together, instead of one blaming the other.:(
    But I hv not heard of this three year gap in their soul talking.By making vague sentences like teen saal se panah de rakhi hai, we cannot assume anything.Ekta herself doesn't follow the timeline n makes us also confused.If it is really 3years then I am really aghast, dissapointed. Who is he punishing? himself or Jodha?I thought the love scene was to show Jodha pregnant, but it seems they want to blame Jodha fr twins death. Then why make a serial at all? s-)

    1. Hi Geeta,

      First, you may be right about the 3 year leap issue. It may or may not be 3 years since the twins died.

      Still I do not accept Jalal blaming Jodha for what they did jointly. I can understand if they drift apart due to guilt and repentance. But this playing blame games and slipping back into ghrina mode is totally ridiculous.

      The real Akbar and MUZ came closer after the twins' demise.

      The love scene was only to put the entire blame on Jodha, glorify Ruq as an aggrieved mother and give an excuse to Jalal to wage a war against Chittor.

  6. Radhika, we don't hv much choice but to wait n watch.:( I don't know if they intend to show birth of daughter. :-? 3 yaers is too long a time fr the couple to make up.:-O It's too long a time to say mauf kar dijiye.:( .words lose their meaning .As Viji said they r just applying daily soap formula, to gain TRP.
    But Radhika we missed ur beautiful writeup fr the 17th.:D

  7. Geeta

    Sorry, it seems there was no 3 year leap. The 3 years were mentioned only in context of the time the rebels had been given shelter by Rana Udai Singh.

    Still, Jalal should not have blamed Jodha completely :(

    Let's wait and watch. :)

    Haven't you seen my writeup for the 17th?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.