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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 30 2014 Jodha Akbar | 341 - Finally Jashn for Twins...!!!

Finally Jashn for Twins…Happy Baby, Crying Baby...Zeenat Attacks Hussein…!!!


There is still no development of the story on Ruqaiyya’s front, which makes me wonder how Ruqaiyya can be exposed if she doesn’t do anything wrong..!! Even today, Ruqaiyya was trying hard to be the Good Mother to Hussein on her own, without help from the daima. If she had any intentions to take away Hasan also from Jodha or prove Jodha a bad mother, she is certainly not acting on them right now. May be looking after Hussein alone is proving to be more than a handful to Ruqaiyya and so she is not in the position to think about anything else.   

Nothing excitingly new happened in the episode today except the announcement of a Jashn (read Big Trouble) for the twins. The same stereotype of “a good mommy, happy baby and a bad mommy, crying baby” was rehashed today also. Javeda makes a hue and cry after catching Zeenat feeding something to Hussein.    

The episode opens in the DEK where a section of the riyaya is singing hosannas to Jalal, just as he enters. This is a group of Hindus come to thank Jalal for abolishing the jaziya and to present him with gifts for his waaris. Jalal is touched and promises that henceforth, there will be no discrimination in the Mughal Sultanat on the basis of religion. The riyaya returns this grand gesture with a grander gesture by declaring that they will control prices of commodities so that no one has to suffer in the kingdom. Everyone is suitably happy with this mutual respect and cooperation.

Danger…Jashn Ahead

Later Jalal calls a conference of his close associates from the harem as well as the court. He reveals that he wants to throw a grand Jashn for the twins on the day after the next day, i.e., on Dusshera, where he wants to introduce the waaris to the awaam. Hamida Bano and Ruqaiyya are against taking the twins into the public, as they are still too small. But Mahesh Das aka Birbal feels that Jalal should introduce the twins to the awaam and tells Ruqaiyya that only time will tell if it’s the  correct decision or not. Jalal agrees to go with Birbal’s decision.  

Jalal Learns to Burp the Baby

 In a cute scene, Jalal is petulant that Jodha has no time for him. So he wants to share her responsibilities and spend time with Hasan. Unfortunately, Hasan has no concern that his father is an emperor and wets his clothes. But Jalal refuses to give up. He holds on to Hasan and insists on learning to change the baby. Jodha informs him that she learnt to take care of babies from her bhabhisa. She also teaches him to burp the baby and make him sleep on his left side.    

This crash course in taking care of a baby is immediately useful for Jalal, as he shows Ruqaiyya just how well he has learnt the fine art of being a hands-on father. Note the normalcy in the relationship just a day (?) after Ruqaiyya publicly insulted him and Jodha and insisted on looking after Hussein herself with the help of a daima. Ruqaiyya is suitably impressed. But of course, he cannot tell her that he has learnt it all from Jodha. 

More Help to Ruqaiyya

Though Ruqaiyya had announced that she needed no help from anyone and would manage just fine with a daima, the entire Mughal khandaan seems keen to help her out with the baby. In another scene, Hussein is bawling his lungs out and Ruqaiyya is at her wit’s end, not knowing how to make him sleep. Hamida Bano herself comes to Ruqaiyya’s rescue and puts both Hussein and Ruqaiyya to sleep. But she is a smart grandmother. Instead of staying put to watch over her sleeping grandson, she delegates the duty to Zeenat and goes off, presumably to sleep herself.

Well, good for Hussein that there are so many hands to look after him when Ruqaiyya is unable to cope, which is quite often. But after what happened in the DEK yesterday, somehow I can’t understand how everyone is so normal with Ruqaiyya so soon?    

Oh, She Can Manage

On the other hand, Jodha needs no help from any quarter to take care of her child and keep him happy always. Not that any help is forthcoming from any one. But this is so UNFAIR..!! Why is more concern shown to Ruqaiyya than Jodha?  

There is just a cursory scene of Salima and Rahim playing with Hasan.  

Zeenat is Caught

The Mirza couple is excited that a jashn will allow them a chance to harm Hussein. But an impatient Zeenat cannot wait till then and feeds Hussein a diamond, as soon as she gets a chance. But our dear Javeda sees this and makes a hue and cry about it. This leads to the precap.


A distraught Ruqaiyya wonders if Zeenat has fed a diamond to Hussein, who is apparently not making any sounds now, as per Javeda. Zeenat denies doing anything. Jalal shouts at her to keep quiet (the famous promo of Khamosh..!!).

If Jalal is already shouting at Zeenat for doing something to Hussein, then how is she able to harm both the babies as per the spoiler?   

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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Historical Update - Jodha Akbar - Mirza Qasim, Sharif-ud-din and Twins-Ruqayya Track

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  1. Radhika,

    Nice post for an interesting episode. This episode has opened 2 areas -

    1. Zeenat will escape and will do something later, as per promo she attacks both kids together.
    2. Zeenat will be caught, and then twins will be handed over to Jodha, after holding Ruqayya irresponsible. This will lead to Ruqayya going for an "act against Jodha" to get the kid back..

    I think, it's the first option which will happen. Zeenat will escape..She won't be exposed so soon..

    Rest, let us see what happens... :)

    1. Good one Abhay....
      ur options are just like "Today's forecast....It will either rain or Not rain" :P

    2. Ya Abhay caught n bowled by KDR LOL!! :))

    3. I don't care whether Zeenat is caught or escapes. I don't want Hasan also to be handed over to Ruq / Zeenat. More than that, waiting to see if Ruq escapes again or finally meets her nemesis.

    4. Thanks, Abhay! :)

      If even Zeenat won't be caught so soon, then when will Ruq be caught? :(

      Why didn't Akbar punish Ruq more severely in history? Was he also devoted to Ruq like the reel Jalal?

    5. Radhika,

      It was not Akbar's nature to punish his close family members despite their involvement in worst crimes. You see, he had forgiven Mirza Hakim, even Adham Khan, and Maham Anga.. Though, Ruqs ceased to be a part of his life for considerable time, and out OUT of his close circle, which is itself a big punishment.

  2. Thanks Radhika for the wonderful Post. I loved Jalal and Jodha scenes with Hassan. It was heart breaking to watch Hussein Crying. I am hoping he would be soon handed over to his MOm Jodha and we would be able to see some more Akdha with the twins.

    Why Do I feel Jalal will hand over Hussein to Jodha tomorrow or at least under Jo's observation for negligence but Zeenat will be not be suspected. Furious Ruks will try to Malign Jodha and Zeenat will carry on with her mission and get caught Friday.

    1. Good write up Radhika . It was an ok episode today .

      Unlike yesterday's episode ( that made me angry , thanks to Rukaiyya ) , today's drama left me amused at her inability to deal with the infant Hussein . I am wondering who actually really needs the caretaker , Baby Hussein or Rukaiyya . Did you notice her unnatural possessiveness towards him ? I am quite miffed at the manner in which she handles him .
      The bonding between Jalal/Jodha/Baby Hassan was endearing . Like a good daddy , he learnt to change nappies, and how to burp the infant .He was a willing pupil to instructor Jodha Begum and that was a cute sight . When the royal couple bond with their babies , I'm left wondering whom to affectionately admire , babies or the parents . Both are adorable . Even the thought of the impending death of the twins upsets me .
      Coming to the banter between madam BEK and Jalal, it was a pleasant one where daddy Jalal was showing off his newly acquired baby care skills to the flustered Rukaiyya . I feel that he was indirectly keeping a watch on Hussein to see if he is being properly taken care of .
      I agree with you about no development taking place regarding Rukus involvement with Zeenat . Let us wait patiently . Do you think that the Creatives will bid adieu to a negative character so easily . They will stretch her track like chewing gum , glorify more of her hideous acts and slowly say tata, bye, bye.
      I want Sindhu's predictions to come true . I think Jalal will will give baby Hussein back to Jodha, Ruks will attack her in a fit of rage and get caught on Friday. Let us hope for the best .

    2. Ruq is over-possessive of Hussein because he is her ticket to MUZ status. :(

      Pls don't make me more despondent by mentioning how much the CVs can stretch Ruq's track :( This week will pass without Ruq being caught. If we are lucky, she may be caught and punished towards the end of next week. :)

      Let's hope Hussein is re-united with his mother before he dies.

      Yeah, the JJ and Hasan scenes were beautiful. Much needed, Charu, or we will go crazy if we have to watch the BEK - MUZ all the time. LOL

      Keeping fingers crossed for a logical and entrancing track :)

    3. Thanks, Sindhu :)

      If your predictions come true, then Zeenat may fan Ruq's anger towards Jodha and incite her to harm Hasan / Jodha. Ruq is easily influenced.

      Zeenat may be caught by Friday and RUq only next week. Let's hope for the best :)

  3. radhika,great update.the episode was good.i loved jodha akbar scene with baby hasan.ruqaiya again proved to be ineffective mother.side by side comparison of jodha-ruqaiya was mirrored.zeenat can escape.the child can be returned to jodha.later zeenat and ruqaiya will team up to harm hasan.i am here to see to watch the exciting episodes this week.keep up the great job dear.

    1. Hi

      I didn't like the comparison. :( It was stereotyped and not the kind of image to be perpetuated to the masses.

      1. It belittled Jodha's struggle with an infant.

      2. It reiterates stereotyped thinking that a mother should be able to keep a child happy at all times. Or that a crying baby indicates a bad mother. This was shown in the case of Bakshi also when SD simply asked her to keep the baby quiet.

      I also hope Hussein will be re-united with his mother before he passes away.

      But I don't see how Zeenat and Ruq can team up. They both would be reluctant to reveal their secret mission to the other.

      Enjoy the show - right now, it's poised at an interesting juncture. :)

  4. Thank you for a very nice update. I relived the episode through your eyes.

    As for the episode itself, not much happened. The interesting thing to note, as you have pointed out, is how normal everyone was towards Ruqaiyya after her obnoxious behavior in the previous episode. I really don't know what the hell the CV's are trying to show with Ruqs? Why this prima Donna treatment for a character that does not contribute much to ratings or the story? I still cannot see how Ruqaiya will be unmasked, because she has not done anything wrong till now.

    As for that "diamond scene", I think that is a red herring. The attempt at the baby's life was to be made at the jashn, not right now.

    I think the CV's have a big problem with villains at the moment, especially female villains. Maham and Adham knocked off, and no sign of Mahachuchak. Sharifuddin is a decent enough villain but he does not have the menace of the above mentioned trio. Maybe that is why Ruqs is treated with kid gloves. And what does this lack of villians say of the future of Jodha Akbar? Frankly, I don't know.

    1. Donjas,

      We are on the same page as far as our views about the episode go. :)

      The lack of villains seems to be giving the CVs cold feet in unmasking Ruq completely. Though why this should be so is not clear. There were enough villains in the real Akbar's life to keep the present story moving.
      Why hang on to the tried and tested ones, even if it means deviating from history?

      I am trusting Abhay that Ruqaiyya will or rather should be unmasked in this track. But how is this to be if she does nothing wrong seems to be the question plaguing both of us. :(

      Far too many alibis are being created for Ruqaiyya for my comfort.

  5. Past experience has shown that the best ratings come not when the main villains do something, but by the actions of new villains.

    So, the ratings for Atifa or Benazir track were higher than Maham exposure or death. I think the rule for the future will be, they will introduce these new villains, lead up to their exposure or death for high ratings and then a new villain will be introduced.

    As for episode, there were several scenes to appreciate, especially Jalal trying to be a good father. So, I am still positive, besides there a numerous spoilers to indicate that Ruqs fall is imminent. Abhay has also provided us with historical evidence of the same. Let us see.

  6. Radhika,
    Ur updates are really great...!! :)


    1. Thanks so much, Kamal! :)

      Where are you these days? We miss you here.

    2. I am so caught up in certain issues that do not get time to even watch the epis sometimes..... but for Abhay I try my best to to come here regularly ....:)

  7. Radhika,as usual nice post.g-) I wonder how u note down the smallest detail.:)(
    It was really heartening to see how the parents learn to hold, behold, n 'burp' the infants.:) But I agree with u, how come all of a sudden everything becomes normal in case of Ruquaiyya? This is not the only time, we r enduring her..Why every time she is being forgiven ? I think Mughal khandaan me aisa hi hota hai.:(
    Again I just cannot think of how brazenly, Zeenat is harming the infant! R they really, such a stupid planner?Does she not know any harm done to infants, will point out fingers to her? Btw, what was that thing she was feeding Hussein? What is the importance/harmful effect of that?
    History-geek, though ur second option is more natural n feasible, it is more likely that CVs will follow the first track, as, if Zeenat is caught then uska to sir kalam hoga hi :)) .Since that is not the case in history, more likely the culprit will give some excuse fr her action. (as it happens in all the daily soap :).

    1. Geeta,

      Your guess is as good as mine! Really, which killer would harm the victim so openly? Knowing she would be the first accused in case something happens to the child?

      If Zeenat had to feed the diamond to the child, then she could have done so without being observed in Ruq's hojra after having sent off Hoshiyar. Why did she foolishly come onto the terrace where anyone could have caught her, like Javeda did?

      Actually, if it was really a diamond that Zeenat fed the baby, then there's no harm done. The diamond will pass through the digestive system and be "flushed out".Zeenat may have coated the diamond with some poison or ark that may affect the baby.

      Even if Zeenat is caught, I don't think she will be beheaded, being a woman and Jalal's bhabhi. At most, she may be imprisoned or sent back to where she came from. Qasim may be punished.

      Regarding why Jalal is being normal with Ruq, there can be two reasons:

      1. He is always normal with her, even if she were to strangle him.
      2. He is waiting and watching her moves to catch her off guard.

      Take your pick ^^^. :)

  8. Lovely post Radhika.....I am too late to comment, as I have already checked the next episode :))


    1. I too enjoyed this post. And reading all POV's. :)