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Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 10 2014 Jodha Akbar | 349 Hussein Finally Goes to Jodha


Ruqaiyya is going rapidly downhill. Everyday, her behavior is becoming even more difficult to bear. So is her downfall imminent? Hopefully by next Friday, Zeenat will be caught and her involvement in the poisoning of the twins will be exposed. 

Zeenat was not able to poison Hussein, as Jalal arrived just then to take the child from her. Gathering that Ruqaiyya would be busy for sometime, Jalal happily took Hussein to the waiting Jodha. She was so thrilled to hold Hussein in her arms and shower all her maternal love on him. Jalal knew he had done the right thing by bringing Hussein to her. 

But Ruqaiyya was not one to give in so easily. She immediately marched upto Jodha and took away Hussein on the pretext that he was to be fed. (What is laughable here is that Ruqaiyya seems to go by the clock to decide when Hussein should be fed and how much or rather how long. I mean doesn't Hussein ever get to decide anything - whether he wants to be fed or whether he's had enough? Poor baby is extremely cooperative with his mother's military regime.)

Jalal was burning in anger while Jodha turned away slightly, holding Hussein more tightly, unwilling to let him go. No matter what Jodha says, she cannot help her love from bursting forth and seeking release. Jalal too saw this and was greatly irritated by Ruqaiyya's cheap antics.

Ruqaiyya telling Zeenat that she trusted only her was laughable. What will be Ruq's reaction when she learns of Zeenat's plan? 

I liked the Jalal-Jodha talk. Jodha was unwilling to make Ruqaiyya suffer, as she was suffering. Jodha felt that Ruqaiyya truly loved Hussein and wanted him to be safe. But, deep within, her heart did crave for little Hussein. Jalal, who knows Ruqaiyya and Jodha inside out, was ready to break his promise but unwilling to keep Hussein away from Jodha. He was most keen to din it into Ruqaiyya's head that Hussein was Jodha's son, that she had sacrificed a lot so that Ruqaiyya could be happy and therefore Ruqaiyya must appreciate and value Jodha. 

I am glad he stopped short of slapping Ruqaiyya but am equally glad that he gave her a good dose today. You were right in your assessment of Jalal and Ruqaiyya and also guessed correctly that Ruqaiyya was given some medicine to make her temporarily ill. 

Jalal was angry that Ruqaiyya could trust Zeenat and Khwaja Sheras but not Jodha. Thankfully, Hamida and Salima also piped in. Jalal took the decision himself and promptly walked off with Hussein before Ruqaiyya could say anything further on the topic.

Side note: I didn't see anything resembling a hug when Jalal rushed to Ruqaiyya's side, as she fainted. He was just holding her from falling down. Nor did Jalal grace Ruqaiyya with any "get well soon" hug or forehead kiss today. This should make everyone happy. :)

I didn't see the precap. So can't comment. :(

What Next:

Zeenat would likely succeed in poisoning Hussein and Ruqaiyya would blame Jodha for Hussein's death. One spoiler says that Jalal too will blame Jodha for Hussein's death. Let's see what is shown next week.  

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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  1. Radhika,
    Nice Post..

    Jalal is already simmering. And, he gave it back to Ruqaiyya.
    In Vain, all were coming after Jalal. He very much understands Jodha.
    Actually, he is restraining himself.

    I am not able to get Ruqs logic. She can give the Kid to Khwaja Shera and Zeenat but not to Jodha. Also, we were right in thinking that Ruqs has been drugged. Now, Kid goes to Jodha, and Zeenat is here also...

    Hussain with Jodha, Jodha comes to know Jalal has been hurt badly in head. She is about to leave to go to Jalal, but stops. Zeenat is present in Jodha's Hojra as well.

    Will Ruqs again blame Jodha.?. That is obvious. One thing which is clear is that, Salima Begum also saw Zeenat's burnt finger. That is for a specific reason. We know anyways, Jalal is present with her. And Zeenat would be caught. We all know that Hussain won't survive, so let us NOT spoil the weekend thinking what will happen to Jodha. Enjoy your coming festival. Best Wishes.

    1. Abhay,

      I have been v supportive of Jalal so far. :)

      But I feel Magnificent Jalal failed in 2 instances:

      When Ruqaiyya insulted Raja Bharmal and Dadisa.
      When Ruqaiyya insulted Jodha by taking the baby from her (Friday episode).

      It is fine he showed his displeasure to Ruqaiyya later in private. But in public also, he should have been firm about Ruqaiyya showing respect to Dadisa, Raja Bharmal and Jodha. I know some men prefer to avoid making a scene in public and speak to their wives in private, if they don't like something about their behavior. But the people insulted here are royalty and Hussein's blood relations. Jalal has to uphold their respect and his by being firm in public.

      When Ruqaiyya shouted at Jalal for bringing Hussein outside and snatched Hussein from Jodha, many servants were watching, including Zeenat, who is no better than a maid nowadays. What will they think of Jodha and Jalal when they see Ruqaiyya humiliating them publicly?

      I feel Ruqaiyya's arrogant attitude was responsible for encouraging Zeenat to brainwash Ruqaiyya against letting Hussein go to Amer. Would Zenat have dared to speak against Jalal and his decision in front of Jodha? No. She was able to talk cheaply about Jalal, Jodha and the Ameris because Ruqaiyya treats them cheaply in public. When Zeenat was speaking against them, Ruqaiyya should have shut her up instead of letting her go on and then believing her.

      Coming back to Jalal, he has to move to the next stage now and uphold Jodha's rights and respect publicly.

    2. I am not surprised at all that Ruqaiyya would rather let Zeenat and some servants take care of Hussein rather than Jodha. After all, she faces no threat from the former. But she fears that Hussein may become more attached to Jodha if he were to stay with her. She is also fearful that Jodha may become attached to the child and refuse to return him to Ruqaiyya.

      We feel others would behave the way we would behave. Since Ruq snatched Hussein from Jodha, she feels Jodha would do the same. (Similarly, Jodha feels that Ruqaiyya would be as pained by Hussein's absence as she herself is by Hasan's loss.) So it is all a matter of transposing our world view to everyone else. Like they say, a person with a jaundiced eye sees everything as yellow. :)

    3. A friend raised an interesting Q, Abhay. Did Zeenat drug Ruqaiyya unknown to the latter? Or was it a joint plan by the two to prevent Jalal from taking away Hussein? Did Ruqaiyya feel that if she were to act sick, Jalal would feel pity for her and let her keep Hussein?

    4. How does Jalal get injured in the head? Is it Jalal's plan to take Jodha away from Hussein and try to catch the culprit in action? But this would mean that Jalal already suspects that Hasan was poisoned and didn't die naturally. But we have not seen any such signs.

      Did he get injured naturally, without any planning on his or someone else's part?

      Or did someone deliberately injure Jalal, knowing that Jodha would rush to him, so that they can harm Hussein easily?

    5. Radhika,

      It may happen that, people may get to know, that the twins(or Hasan) died due to poison. This may raise suspicion on Zeenat as >>
      a. Salima Begum may tell her finger was burnt (Hakima may examine it and may tell this finger got burnt due to poison.)
      b. She may get that "pseudo-finger" from the garden, and may get it examined as well.


      a. This can be a Plan of Jalal also to catch Zeenat. BUT i have LEAST belief in this theory. He has NO reason to have suspicion on Zeenat right now. As she proved herself innocent when Javeda suspected her.

      b. This may be a PSEUDO ploy of Zeenat and her husband TO >>
      Spread a "rumor" FOR Jodha ONLY. ;p , that Jalal got hurt so that she leaves the Hojra for sometime, and in that time Zeenat may administer some poison to Hussain..

      c. In reality Jalal might have had got some injury, i mean some plan hatched in reality by Sharifuddin to hurt Jalal , and this mught be like sone pe suhaaga for Zeenat...

      d. Some plan By Mirza Qasim to distract everyone's attention, so that all are diverted towards Jalal and he may have got him hurt via someone's help.

      e. This may be a coincidence. CV's might try to show that Jodha was in dilemma and she chose to go to see Jalal {} . But this would be NONsense, if CV's again show Jodha on crossroads. Stern Smile
      I think as per Precap , Jodha will NOT leave Hussain alone, or that precap itself is misleading.

      f. This may be a dream of someone. LOL

      PS ::
      That Promo which we got Last Week has NOT been played still. It seemed to be symbolic, and we all had started to think so many things on that basis..

      PPS ::
      About the Precap, Why do i think that Ruqayya has sent Zeenat to Jodha's Hojra.?.{To take care of Hussain.?}


    There is a spoiler that Jalal will blame Jodha after demise of twins.
    But i think this is a speculation..

    That spoiler should NOT come true, because then there would NOT be any Justification for this LOVE STORY. Agar itne saare MU's ke baad bhi kuch nahi sikha to kya sikha.?.

    I can predict massive fall in TRP's.. Also, we know after twins demise, Jodha Akbar were together for war + Pilgrimage to Sikri. From any angle, i do not think this spoiler is true.

    Separation at this phase of life would be a big blow to Jodha. How can he blame Jodha now.?. It is Jalal who has held the Fort, and i do NOT BELIEVE this spoiler. He is very much laying his trust on Jodha, and I do not think something like this will happen..

    1. The CVs are strange people. They take pleasure in shocking and disgusting us. If they have their way, they can show a temporary rift between JJ the way they showed in the Atifa track.

      It may be possible that after Hussein dies, Jalal is shown to grow distant from Jodha and tell Ruqaiyya that she was right about Jodha being a careless woman and causing the deaths of the twins. He may start being closer with Ruqaiyya, and cold and distant with Jodha. Jodha may be hurt but keep quiet.

      At the end of the track, we may learn this was Jalal's way to expose Ruqaiyya and catch Zeenat. JJ get together again.

      Pls share your views about this scenario. :)

    2. Another possible scenario. Suppose Jalal believes that Jodha, being her usual trusting self, did not protect the twins enough or was really careless with them and caused their death. This MU may be temporary to stretch the track. Later Zeenat may be caught and Jodha redeemed by a guilt-stricken Jalal.

      Would this be possible?

      I know Jalal has unshakable faith in Jodha and after all that happened between them till date, how can he still doubt her? But husbands are strange, esp if there is someone to poison their mind. And the CVs are stranger. They can show anything to further their track.

      What say? :)

    3. Radhika if jalal is shown distant to jodha and he acts like suspecting jo for being careless then radhika jo wud end up taking her atifa case also jo tried to take her life but stopped coz of her pregnancy and her kids..this time she is already heart broken and totally wrong move from jalal's side will make to lose jodha for ever in his life... and this time no one wud be able to save jodha ..not even jalal's so called i dont think they il show mu or this reason behind seperation...more over atifa track was shown only 10-15 epsiodes..zeenat has already completed more than 10 episodes...they cant drag this track like fevicol...they hav to come up with new track and twist..they hav been dragging it since long..zeenat has to get caught before hussain's death..coz after that they il escape and leave she needs to be caught before that..other wise zeenat il go scot free..and jalal ki acting ko jhel ne ki takat jodha main nahi hai..kyun ki wo pehle se hi marchuki hai hogi jab hussain ki death wrong move il make everyone to lose jo for going back to amer is impossible..she wud love to take her life and love to go to her children for ever...

    4. Your points are valid, Gem. Jodha will never go to Amer. Hope you are right and there is no MU.

  3. Thank you for a great write up. I agree with Abhay regarding spoiler. Firstly, it would not make sense at this stage. Jalal has already seen how good a mother Jodha is. Secondly, Zeenat is a child murderer. She cannot escape, her truth has to come out. If the truth comes out, they how can Jodha be blamed.

    I just want the next week to pass through quickly. I am sick of the tragedy overdose.

    1. Donjas,

      The truth never came out in Ruqaiyya MC case. Though historically I believe Jalal did learn in the end that Mahamanga had been responsible for him remaining childless for a long time.

      Do you think the truth will come out this time?

  4. Thanks Radhika...after reading maddy's and abhay's post .. i was @ peace and watched the episode ...after long time epi was jalal was good this shows how much he loves jo and how he feels disgusted with rukku..thk god jalal once again was about fall in her trap hakima saved him saying rukku is just having fever...again jalal is back to his rage mode..jalal is finding every oppurtunity to get hussain back to jodha.. he wanted to see his jo happy..Radhika lets not worry about rukku ...coz from now hussain il be with jo till next one then zeenat il succeed in giving poison and kid ill die in jodha's arms...rukku il blame jo ..but before that some how zeenat il get caught and thus rukku too il get caught and all il no her truth..then jalal il sideline her forver..if not zeenat il get caught and jalal il use reverse farmaan saying coz of rukku and her zid hassan passed away and risked hussain's life kid il be back to jo..and then rukku il do something and gets caught and this process hussain too il die.. i just loved jalal today...he was more worried about jodha and her happiness..he wanted to see jo happy at any cost...Radhika jo has such a big heart..others il encash her innocence and goodness and uses it in a wrong how rukku used her..she is insulting jo and not only that jodha's family dadisa and and disgusting women..any how atleast for some time kid il be with jo and away from rukku..hussain il be with his real family...real parents.. and beore hussain follows his brother atleast he il have some time to spend with his mother and dad... i am happy now..and can watch d episodes..coz hussain is back to jodha and rukku's downfall started... wen she il no that zeenat was the one behind this then she il realise how foolish she was..she digged her own grave very deeply... in this process she not only lost jalal but hb gulbadan and her biggest supporter jodha..wen she il get to no she took her kid for muz one il be thr...she il be left all alone..

  5. Abhay its not spoiler but just speculation i think..this is not posted on anysite..i hv checked it..more over zee is not stupid to leak future track......yaar..after showing this much torture if they show seperation then trp's il fall badly..and u no already thr is a huge dip in trp's..adn this week thr il be more..coz of rukku no seperation..more over jalal il never suspect jo...if jalal suspects jo next min jo il take her life..coz she has already lost two kids..with out suspecting itself jo il try to take her life..if jalal suspects then jo wont go back to amer..but il die that moment no seperation...if thr is seperation means zeenat going scot not possible..she is here for only few episodes and she il get caught and die how il jallu suspect jo...poison was given to hassan in jashan... whr its hamida and gulbadan's carelessness.. no seperation..zeenat is not here for long duration...more over so many tracks to be closed... shenaz chand begum MC abumali sharif..MP war..sikri track.. i dont think jalal il suspect jo..if he suspects jo he il lose jo il die the next min..amer jana to na mumkin hai..and jo ko suspect karna to rukku and zeenat ko jitana..itna sab kuch dikake ye dikayenge to JA trp's ki dajiya udjayenge... zeenat aur kasim pakde kaise doubt..rukku il blame jalal hb salima all that they forced her to give d baby to jo..and she killed her baby...but jalal il give her back..but after listening to these accusations jo herself il try to take her life..but jalal il save her

  6. Gem,

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed analysis. :)

    I am only waiting and watching. Right now, I am neither upset that Ruq has not been punished yet nor angry with Jalal for not putting Ruq in her place. JJ's togetherness is appealing, Jodha's bonding with Hussein cute, Jalal pleading Jodha's case with Ruq interesting.

    I am, in short, neither ecstatic nor pessimistic. LOL Watching with a neutral mind and leaving my heart far away. :)

  7. Hey Radhika!

    Fabulous post again. I just loved Jalal yesterday. His disgust for Ruqaiyya has become irreversible now! Absolutely nothing can be done that will raise her level in his eyes. He was firm about getting the baby back to Jodha! And he will do it no matter what!

    Ruqu is just inexcusable. She doesn't even want the baby's father to hold him! What has she come down to? I don't have any more words left for this woman, she has crossed all levels of decency and disrespect. If she doesn't even respect Jalal or HB, I have no hopes that she would even try to be courteous with Jodha. Jodha and Jalal proved how large and kind-hearted they are, while Ruqu has exactly proved how small hearted and uncompassionate she is. She has a mental disorder with regards to her audha. I was not surprised that she was so easily brainwashed by Zeenat; Maham had done so in the past as well. And I certainly don't get her trusting Zeenat more than Jalal or Jodha. This woman needs to be treated!

    Jalal was enraged at her behaviour and it finally spilled out! I loved the way he took the baby with him, not caring about Ruqu's reaction! And the way he dosed her in the room was awesome as well!

    I don't trust the spoiler. I saw the original picture of it and it looked highly unreliable with grammatical errors. Plus none of the big sites have published it. So it just remains as speculation to me. Also, Jalal was defending Jodha's mothering skills yesterday. Why would he change his mind again? Zeenat would definitely caught and be revealed before all this so it makes no sense.

    Thanks for this amazing post for an awesome episode! :)

  8. Samanika,

    Was missing you - good to hear from you again! :)

    Thanks for liking the post and your post is equally amazing. :)

    I also don't believe in the spoiler. The MU, real or faked, will hardly last for 1-2 days and all will be fine again. :)

  9. Everyone seems to be losing their mind over the new promo. The spoiler must have been up a few hours back but when I checked the link again, it says blog does not exist. Does this mean that the spoiler was wrongly put up :))

    1. Even i am on same terms, Samanika.
      The spoiler does not looks genuine at all. :)

  10. Two important questions -

    1. Do all of you believe that Ruks has a hand in this along with Zeenat? If so what has prompted this thought?

    2. Hope this will not lead to a distance in Jodha and JALAL's relationship coz we don't want to see more gloom and brooding (after hussain's death). Hope Zeenat n gang are caught asap

    1. Hi,

      Replying late to you... : (

      Historically, this track was supposed to mean downfall of Ruqayya, but the Creatives have not shown it happening this way.

      Also, after the death of twins, Jo and Ja became each other's strength , but this show has shown the opposite and now taken history for granted. They are busy moulding the facts as per their convenience. : (