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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 14 2014 Jodha Akbar | 351 Hussein Dies, Jodha Crucified

Hi Friends,

I will not dwell too much on the details today. Just a quick recap because I saw most of the episode in mute. Besides which I do not wish to remember the negativity right now. 

The episode began where it left on Monday. The warm intimacy between Jodha and Jalal was beautiful. It suffused the atmosphere with tenderness and a deep, protective love that wanted to shield the lovers from the harsh world surrounding them. This was the first time JJ were coming together since Hasan passed away and they were both grieving and trying to heal each other at the same time. The way they wiped each other's tears and the tenderness with which they caressed each other as if to wipe out any last vestiges of hurt and pain from their hearts was bewitching. 

Some might feel they should not have spent the night together, leaving Hussein alone with Zeenat and the others. And that they would be filled with guilt always for not being with Hussein that night. But in a way, it was good that they spent the night with each other. They were able to at least partially heal from Hasan's loss. 

Jodha  wonders at the sensibility of her son for sleeping through the night without waking up his mother. (I also wondered here, if it was possible for a few days old baby to sleep through the night without seeking feed. Or even without being disturbed on account of getting wet, considering there were no diapers.) 

The calm, serene scene changes soon into a mournful one. Everyone rushes to Jodha's hojra, hearing her piercing screams early in the morning. Hamida Bano, Gulbadan begum, Salima Begum were silently crying. Jodha was shattered and crying her life out. Bharmal was distressed. (I thought Bharmal had gone back after Ruq's insults but he still appears to be here. Then where is dadisa? 

Jalal is in a trance-like state, unable to believe what has happened. His eyes wear a far-away look, full of anguish and anger and shock and unanswered questions. 

Only Ruq seems animated enough for all those assembled there. She raves and rants against Jodha, as expected, and I won't go into the details- they are really non-repeatable. Dead  

And as usual, not one single soul comes forth to stop her from insulting Jodha. Ouch

It is then that the hakima makes a stunning announcement. That Hussein hadn't died of Jodha's negligence but of being fed poison. It is only when this news trickles into Jalal's mind does he ask Moti who had spent the night with Hussein and immediately starts investigating Zeenat's whereabouts. 


Jalal asks his men to search for Qasim and Zeenat. Qasim is hiding behind a pillar, thinking to himself that he may be caught anytime soon. 

Zeenat is caught and surrounded by KS soldiers. Ruq, holding the corpse  of Hussein, tells Zeenat that she believes in  "an eye for an eye". I really hope that Ruq doesn't seek the life of Qasim's baby. 

What Next: 

I cannot see how Ruq is going to be punished in this whole scheme of things. 

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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  1. I muted Ruq but still I could feel her venomous anger against Jodha. I was quite upset to see Jodha being battered by Fate on one side and Ruq on the other.

    First, Jodha lost both babies - one to Ruq and the other passed away. Thankfully she got to spend time with Hussein before he passed away. Just as she was beginning to heal from Hasan's demise, she had to go through the pain of loss, as the second child too was snapped by death. As if this was not enough, she had to bear the brunt of Ruq's accusations and insults.

    True the royal ladies rushed to her first to console her. But they remained mute spectators to the drama that unfolded. I can relate to their silence because the elders in my family would remain in dignified silence too, if someone was going overboard in throwing a tantrum. But it still doesn't reduce my irritation with them, especially Hamida Bano. She should have asked Ruq to control herself, as Jodha too was suffering the loss, may be much more than Ruq. Hamida should have firmly told Ruq that Jodha was the natural mother and she would never harm her kids. One cannot reason with a deranged woman but that doesn't mean that one doesn't even try.

    Bharmal's position is awkward and as the father of the accused daughter-in-law of the house, he can hardly be expected to say anything.

    I know Jalal is in a tough spot. He is also going through the pain of loss of much-awaited babies. I sympathize with him and can understand how much he must have been shocked, anguished and felt guilt-ridden (not just for spending the night with Jodha but for failing to protect his babies from conspiracy) to become numb and freeze.

    Yet, as the scene was playing in front of my eyes, I will admit, I was irritated by his NOT coming to Jodha's aid and asking Ruq to hold her tongue. Many may not agree with me. But tough times call for tough people. It was a moment for Jalal to be tough and control Ruq.

  2. After all, can Jodha or any woman in her place admit publicly she had gone to spend time with her husband? Just a word from Jalal that Jodha was with him would have made a difference.

    Tomorrow Jalal may capture and punish the accused. He may turn into a jallad again and go to fight wars and expand his kingdom, thus diverting his mind. Ruq may go back to her world for future scheming. But who will pick up the broken pieces that Jodha is today? Who will help her heal from not only the loss of her new born twins, her first born babies but also from the vitriolic accusations leveled at her?

    Tomorrow Jalal may support her and take her with him everywhere. But if I were in Jodha's place, I would never be able to forget that First Moment when the world shattered around me and I was struggling to accept my child had died and hear accusations that I had killed my baby out of jealousy.

    I can understand any argument put forth by any one in defense of Jalal, his mother, even Ruqaiyya as an aggrieved "mother". But I still cannot accept what Jodha went through last night.

    She, who had made the supreme sacrifice of her first born child so that another woman could feel the joys of motherhood, is today labeled a jealous woman who can "eat" her own child. This is witch hunting at its worst. Even the witch hunters of medieval Europe may not have been so cruel. She was surrounded by "FAMILY", none of whom came to her defense. What worse humiliation can there be for a woman?

    I have said this before and I repeat again - If Jalal cannot support Jodha when she NEEDS his support, all his platitudes, his support in private, his delayed reactions against those who hurt her are meaningless.

    If it could enter his mind that Hussein had been poisoned, it should have entered his head that his innocent wife was being abused heinously and needed him. Hussein is dead. Nothing Jalal can do now will bring him back to life. But Jodha is still alive, and she can slip into insanity or the jaws of death, if he doesn't act immediately.

    It is all very well to welcome the return of the ruthless king who can punish the conspirators without any compunction. It is all very well to appreciate the beginning of the transformation of Jalal to a spiritual ruler. It is wonderful to see the unspoken love between Jalal and Jodha.

    But none of these touched me yesterday. The only haunting image I carry from yesterday's episode is of a lonely Jodha crying for her child, whilst being whipped verbally by a woman she had pitied and shared her child with, as the First Family of Agra stood by and watched.

  3. Radhika,

    Nice Post.

    I Did not watch the episode. But after reading you all, and after seeing some pics, it seems that the episode was a mixed bag. The first half was good and second one was dedicated to the LEAD of this show -> Ruqayya Begum. LOL

    JJ came quite close today. That scene was well enacted by PS and RT. Though, this is good for PariJat fans, but I feel that, showing this scene was not required at the moment. I mean, the timing was not so good. One of the child has died, and at this moment showing this sequence was out of place. : (

    There is a custom according to which one needs to follow the mourning period of 40 days. Hence after Hasan's death, that sequence was not realistically possible.

    1. Abhay,

      Wonderful post! I will comment about the rest of your post later. :)

      But please do not talk about customs wrt JA. They have no idea about customs. :(

      Forget about Hasan's death. When the twins were born, Jodha should have been confined to her hojra along with the twins for 30-40 days. She should not have been seen going out to the temple or anywhere. In fact, at least in our community, except the day when the child is named, we cannot even light a diya for God, during this period, at home.

      No one is allowed to go near the mother and child for the first 10 days, till a ceremonial bath is given to them on the 11th day. Similarly, Ruq could not have been given the baby til after the period of 30-40 days is over.

      When Hasan died, anyway Jodha would have been in a period of mourning and no diya should have been lit near Kanha for 11 days. Moti should have known this.

      There are many other instances when no custom has been followed. Or customs have been followed in any manner to suit the script.


  4. Don't draw Conclusions. Watch the Present.

    Why did they{CV's} become so much meherbaan on us today.?. I think that, i should not draw any conclusions at the moment. JA CV's have defied all logics many times. Hence, i won't say that this is the prequel to the separation track or Amer track. It may be possible that CV's are planning to show the baby girl (born after Twins to MUZ, i mentioned the details in my Children of AKbar and MUZ post), but for that we still have time. Pata nahi which way CV's will turn to.

    Expected JJ Equation

    Jo and Ja came closer after this twins demise incident. I wrote in my Long Post on New Promo(those who have read it), that this Jalal will be as Ruthless and heartless while dealing with the territorial expansion of Empire BUT his equations with Jodha would not change. Though the CV's are capable of dishing up anything. Hence, let's see what happens.


  5. About Ruqayya

    I am hopeful. She has done something, i feel, i am expecting flashbacks for many deeds. The manner in which Ruqayya was shown dominant in this track is something which is ABNORMAL. This was DONE deliberately to make her fall a cherry on cake.

    She has to be shown her position. Lets wait and watch. CV's can NOT change the REALITY even if they LOVE her so much.


    For me, No separation should happen. JJ are expected to go on wars together. Next track in pipeline, as per timeline, is flight of Sharif-ud-din and his consequent war with Jalal, and i am expecting Sujamal also.

    Before that(if CV's are meherbaan), then we are also expected to see Jalal getting hurt by an arrow, this scene was shown in the Jodha Akbar movie. TLC expected.

  6. Wow Radhika your post is so insightful and sensitive. Unfortunately your thinking is too sophisticated for the CVs of this show who have cheapened the death of the twins to abysmal levels. Jodha's public humiliation at the worst phase of her life is just impossible to watch...

  7. Thank you for having the courage to give such a nice analysis. The episode had a romantic start and tragic end. Hopefully, this is the last of the child deaths in this show. History or not, I don't know how many people enjoy watching this.

    The extra passionate romance at the start of the episode surely had a purpose. The CV's won't waste something this special for something minor. As a distraction, for Jalal and Jodha, they would have thought of something else, not a SR.

    My interpretation is, in a few episodes they will show Jodha pregnant with Salim. This is the only distortion of history they may plan, for everything else they may follow the historical timeline. I really think, little Salim will make an appearance soon.

  8. Radhika, thank u fr venting anger on our behalf.:) I agree with Donjas that the passionate scene might hv been created to show Jodha becoming pregnant with her daughter. May be this will happen when Jalal will go out fr war.Actually Cvs are not clear with their timeline. If they don't want to waste time, then at least they should introduce some dialogue saying so many days hv passed. I don't see what was the point in making hurry in showing the love scene .If they wanted to facilitate Hussain's death, then there were many ways of doing this. By creating such a scene, they hv done injustice to Jodha- Jalal.s-) The poor couple will be guilty fr lifetime.:-O
    As fr the precap, I think, the baby in Ruqs hand is Zeenat's n not Hussain's corpse. That is why she is planning to kill that baby as an eye fr an eye.I think only Ruqs can do that.:D