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Friday, October 10, 2014

October 9 2014 Jodha Akbar | 348 Ruqaiyya's Obsession with Hussein

Friends, cool down! The episode wasn't so bad. Why be shocked by Ruq's behavior - she's always been like this onlySmile Let's face it. If she wasn't bad, why would she be punished? 

What good is a vamp who isn't bad, selfish, insensitive, apathetic, disgusting and repulsive? I would say Lavina is doing a good job of being a vamp since she has succeeded in making us Hate her so much and wishing to see her nemesis.  


As we thought on Wednesday, Dadisa and Bharmal want to take Jodha and Hussein to Amer to protect him from Maham's curse. They are shocked to learn that Hussein has been given away to Ruqaiyya. 

Qasim, who is privy to this discussion, informs Zeenat that Hussein may soon be sent away. 

Zeenat realizes that she has to  buy time to be able to finish off her work of killing Hussein. She brainwashes Ruqaiya that the Ameris will take away Hussein to Amer on the pretext of nurturing him. There they would spread the news that Hussein was Jodha's son and Jodha had given him to Ruqaiyya as charity. She further insinuates that the Ameris would ultimately hand Hussein back to Jodha and Ruqaiyya would be left empty-handed. Zeenat urges Ruqaiyya to be careful so as not to lose Hussein

Ruqaiyya is easily influenced by anyone and this time is no exception. Her own fear of losing her audha by losing Hussein to Jodha makes her succumb to Zeenat's brainwashing easily. 

Ruqaiyya is summoned to the meeting by Jalal. She is mentally prepared to refuse to hand over Hussein. 

When dadisa comes forward to bless the child, Ruqaiyya flinches back. She "doesn't want / trust anyone to touch Hussein". She clearly states that she doesn't trust the Ameris (or anyone for that matter). She declares stubbornly that she would not allow anyone to take Hussein out of even her hojra and walks out. 

Jalal is downcast throughout the meeting, weighed down by his own grief and his concern for the emotionally broken Jodha. He is barely able to mumble that the Ameris had come to visit their grandson and Ruqaiyya must allow them to hold the baby. He is brushed off like a speck of dirt by a rude (not haughty) Ruqaiyya, who is impervious to the humiliation she is causing Jalal in front of those assembled as well as the disrespect she is showing to the royal guests, much senior to her in age and rank. The shocking bit here is that the senior royal ladies just stand quietly, mutely witnessing this shameful scene, without a word to Ruqaiyya. Such tolerance may be fine within the family, but didn't Hamida and co think of Jalal's and the Mughal Sultanat's honor in front of the Ameris

Jalal is unable to even apologize to Raja Bharmal and his mother, so shamed is he. They leave, clearly feeling hurt, insulted and disgusted by the proceedings.  

Later, Ruqaiyya appoints a small brigade of bandis and khwaja sheras to guard Hussein, which becomes a point of mockery with the servants who snigger at her growing obsession with Hussein's safety and well-being.

Ruqaiyya leaves Hussein in Zeenat's and Hoshiyar's care while going for a bath. Zeenat sends Hoshiyar out on a pretext so that she can do her job easily. Why she waited all these days while she had easier access to Hussein and the poison readily with her is something I don't understand. Was she enjoying the comforts of Agra for as long as she could before heading back home? 

Meanwhile Jodha is in a daze. She is constantly flooded by images of Mahamanga cursing her children and laughing at her. She feels extremely restless and anxious for Hussein's life

Jalal sees her condition and suggests that they go out in the garden for some fresh air. It's the one saving grace of the episodes these days that Jalal takes extremely good care of Jodha, who is emotionally devastated, physically wearied and mentally living in her own world full of punishing thoughts. In the garden, Jodha again gets a premonition that Hussein is in danger. She urges Jalal to go and take a look at him.

Jalal goes to Ruqaiyya's hojra to check on Hussein, just as Zeenat is about to make Hussein lick the poison. There, the episode ends on a suspenseful note, as Jalal and Zeenat exchange looks.


Ruq blames Jodha for her carelessness in losing Hasan and says that she will not allow anyone to touch her Hussein. Jalal raises his hand to stop her from saying anything against Jodha. 

Ruqaiyya starts choking. Jalal catches hold of her and calls for a hakima.

What Next:

Zeenat would likely succeed in poisoning Hussein and Ruqaiyya would blame Jodha for Hussein's death. Jalal may suspect Zeenat, remembering that she had been putting her finger in Hussein's mouth, as he entered Ruqaiyya's hojra. 

Jodha may be further driven to suicidal depression by Hussein's death. 

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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  1. Radhika,

    Nice Post..I agree with you...And trying to elaborate your points...
    I am using some contents of an Old Post of mine today, here, i think 99% members must not have read this one..

    Lets try to see the Change in Ruqayya Begum, and analyze how she will do in future. I view her in two phases - Pre JJ marriage and Post JJ marriage. She DID NOT change overnight but took some time. I would attribute these changes in her NOT ONLY due to the "INSECURITY", BUT ALSO due to the reason that she Ceased to "EvOLvE". If Beagle was instrumental in leading to the Darwinism, then here Ruqayya's inability to tackle the "evolution" in Jalal OR to Evolve herself, is the mirror view of why she is - what she is at present, i mean 'insecure.?. or unassertive.?.'.!!.

    She is at times uncertain and lacks confidence in discovering and feeling her own value(.?.!.?.!.), and one or more of her capabilities, lacks trust in herself and NOW even in Jalal .!!. Because , since starting ALL she cared was her BEK Auhda, the power, and Jalal ALWAYS assured her that her Auhda would remain INTACT...In her 10 years of marriage, didn't she understand the meaning of THE WORD of Jalal.?. Her insecurity is nothing BUT a difference in her level of awareness, regarding Jalal.(though she says she understands HIM, and she is his Bachpan ki Dost.!!.)

    Deep in her heart of hearts (if she has one.?.), she knows that "truth" about Jalal(that his DIL is functional and beats for Jodha) but she refuses to acknowledge it as she fears that the present 'gala' time will last for a few days only. And when she faces reality, then will feel let down and cause them agony, by going the wrong way in the future,(For Sure.!.) as this is a normal personality attribute, and this only differs in magnitude from person to person depending on the LEVEL of insecurity and the degree upto which they can manipulate their fears from overtaking their inner conscience, and here Ruqayya seems very weak.

    Jalal has changed a lot but the same SHOULD also have occured with Ruqayya also. But, as she remains in her OWN world of "Bachpan Ki Dosti" , this clause has categorically DEPLETED Ruqayya, and disallowed her to develop her relation with Jalal. Her diffidence, her fears, her anxiety, have taken a toll on many of her personal qualities which she HAD EARLIER, and now have disappeared. The regal-neSS in her SEEMS LOST. One can analyze this by keeping many dimensions in our mind. I won't quote any single event.

    Many would say that her vulnerability / instabilty / fragility / insecurity, has it's roots in her bachpan years, as she lost everything in her childhood..., though i differ here, 'Coz she has BEEN Jalal's WIFE and a Queen for the last 11 years, and hence was EXPECTED to shrug off any such rickety-ness, because all these years Jalal was present with her...She said she RULED the Harem all these years, then where is the insecurity.. She wanted to be BEK, and Jalal gave her that title...She wanted to be Khaas and she remained so...

    I would say, the yardstick one sets should not be to feel secure, but to be able to overcome insecurity(if it is PRESENT) or atleast EvolvE. And, the one who fails, for them Darwin has given the answer -> Survival of the Fittest, Rest are Eliminated..!!

  2. Is she so fragile that she can be instigated.?. No. She was already nursing that ambition in her inner conscience...I can NOT forget the act where she took away Hussain from Jodha to put her in the cradle.

    Though she still has TIME which is FAST running OUT, more or less like Bolt passing through the finish line on the sprints, in the Jamaican ''Heats''. She can change, and if NOT change, adjust herself, and can put a hold on her ever increasing shaky feelings and thereby that "FEAR" can be overcome. Yes, it always gonna take time, and she NeedS a good deal of patience and a slow realization that her own worth is purely a matter of her OWN interpretation, NOT ANY AUHDA or POWER..She was Jalal's BEST FRIEND before the Title of MUZ...Isn't it.?.." .

    It is true(in her case) that "her" insecurity follows NOT due to her own acts "BUT" from concerns relating to "others" , because Everything, she wants is in comparison to Jodha. She took away the child NOT for fulfilling her ambition to LIVE motherhood, BUT >>

    1. To separate Jodha from that Kid,
    2. Become MUZ...

    Hence, her dialogues yesterday were totally over my head, and i was in NO MOOD to sympathize with her, because (as per promo, which NOW seems true) she is NOT GOING TO GIVE the Kid , ONLY BECAUSE SHE WANTS THE AUHDA of MUZ...!!!!!.. I am totally disconnected from Ruqayya..!!

    I can not understand her, as she NEVER ever understood motherhood..
    Had she understood it, she would not have asked for the Kid at the first place, FOR HER trying to become MUZ..!!!... SHe FAILS to understand that SHE CAN NOT get EVERY thing she wants..!!. She can not become MUZ but adopted this ROUTE to GET THE POWER Equivalent to that of MUZ through this Kid..!!!..


  3. About the rest of the Episode you^^ have written very nicely , i want to write something on the Precap. I know i am stirring up a hornet's nest, by what i have written here.

    But, i want to put forward my views as i think, as i can do it safely here,

    Ruqayya was Blaming Jodha for the death of Hasan, which is an act i deplore. Her VOLUME(screech) was not at all bearable. And, no doubt, it was enough to raise the temper of Jalal, as she went non stop. He was about to give it back to Ruqayya, but stopped.

    He stopped...Now here, what can be said.?.

    Did Jalal do the right thing here, by stopping himself, OR he should have gone ahead and manhandled her.?.

    Note that, i am in NO MOOD to support Ruqayya and neither i sympathize with her NOW.

    But, at this moment i am discussing Jalal and i agree with what Jalal did. ;p I do not think he should have slapped his wife..He was angry but he stopped seeing her state(faint/cough).
    ( Now, this can be her Naatak or a result of Zeenat giving her some sedative drugs, but this is NOT known to Jalal. )

    I(and many) condemned Jalal's action when he pushed/shoved/pinned Jodha against the wall, and many of US had thought that 29 March(?) Promo to be a dream, as NONE of us HAD imagined that it would happen in reality..!!

    Right now, many of us are extremely miffed with Ruqayya(i am also one of them), hence wanted her to get this "treatment" , but if we think from Jalal's POV then i still feel, he was right. It is we, the viewers who know that Ruqs has taken the Kid for fulfilling her MUZ's title obsession, but Jalal does NOT know this.

    In front of Jalal, Ruqs has always PRETENDED that , She is a good mother and she took the kid to LIVE her Dream of Motherhood, though her FIRST THOUGHT was MUZ's title. Remember, when she came to take Hussain from Jodha, what was her Self-Talk.?.

    I have one thing to say, all this pent up anger and follies will come out at a specified time and then there won't be any escape for her. What say.?. Do i make sense.?. All this is being deliberately made too much extreme that the end will be equally bombastic..

    Please separate the anger on Ruqayya and then read this post. I think Jalal was right in stopping himself that moment. I have one thing to say, though, about tomorrow, that the CV's "award" us such scenes which are enough to raise the BP..

  4. Radhika, good post as usual;). As fr Ruq's over possessivness, on one hand, she is happy that she is the MUZ now, on the other hand, she must be dreadful lest the some thing will happen to hussain, n her audha will slip away.Can only sympathise with Jalal, sandwitched between 2 begums.
    Abhay, never in the show they hv shown Akbar hitting any of his begum, rather any aurat fr that matter.It might be his principle, teaching of his mazhab, n I agree with that.In the past many times he has pinned down Jodha against the wall in anger, but never hit her.His raising hand on Ruq shows that he is losing patience now.
    As fr the relationship between Jalal n Ruquaiyya, I think it's peculiar in a way that they hv been knowing n playing with each other frm the childhood.That cannot be called as love/ attraction.Marraige has been thrust upon them even before they realised what is love.This is what used to happen in child marraiges.:( This can be well understood if u imagine ur cousin brother/sister in place of ur lover.You will immediately realise u don't hv that 'feeling fr them.While Ruqauiyya had all other things in the world to dwell upon, like jewellary, audha etc. Jalal always remaind hungry fr true love.Now that his new Rajput queen did not bow down to his wishes, not harp fr audhas, cared damn fr his glances, threw upon challenge in front of him. A challenge, which was new to him, as he did not know what love is. There were so many, wives, baandhis ready to sleep with him, but this queen not only refused, but fought back his overtures. He could not even blame her becuase she was always right,fighting fr justice, loving everybody, every creature but him.Deep down he loved her so much thet he started seeing reason behind her thoughts, thus gradually changing himself.Actually within his heart he also believed in the same principles as hers, but the circumstances had made him tough/ruthless. so the change was only coming of age, it was long overdue.After this it might hv been possible fr him to clearly see the difference between nature of Ruquaiyya n Jodha.:)

  5. Thanks Abhay,Radhika for that beautiful post. I too couldn't agree on manhandling even in places it looks like deserving .So like Radhika said I too believe that jalal would have left the place in disgust rather than slapping her even if she hasn't done that cough act.
    On a different note i had this nagging feeling for the last two days which i haven't put forth before as it sounds far stretched even to me.But especially after writing yesterday's write up i wanted to ask you both that do you think the given below theory is in anyway possible?
    I find ruqs behavior after and before hasan's death very curious. The overt concern displayed by ruk in the dek and the following scenes doesn't fit with the ruq we used to and see her sudden change in demeanor after the demise of hasan which is more like real ruq who doesn't really care for anyone's feeling and live in her own selfish world.Add to this the sudden fear she gets on zeenat saying"The child will be only be remembered as jos in amer" and her all acts of extreme possessiveness she display on not even allowing hussain outside the hojra or to allow even jo to hold the child for a moment and add to this the all already shattered jo pleading jalal to bring hussain back to her. It looked like a blooper at that time and still could be .These all very well could just be red herrings and simply to show us that ruq is heartless or a way to give her out .But l i also strongly believe that for ruqs punishment to be severe she has to do really something legally very wrong .
    So my guess is still there is a possibility that the kids are exchanged knowingly by ruq.I'm sure she only took hussain and went to her hojra ,but after that when he develop symptoms like may be continuous vomiting later in the night and with hakima saying nothing to worry before she in her obsession could have somehow exchanged the children before dek scene and hence it would match with her first noticing the child and her overt concert and her extreme possessiveness in not even allowing anyone to touch the child in fear of discovery.. But if it is true only ruq could say that .May be when hussain (???) is dead she might blurt out that even after exchanging i lost the child and then jalal's anger would knew no bounds .Hereby she would have done something exceedingly wrong yet wouldn't have directly involved in the killing of a child.

    I know as far as now its too far stretched but the cvs may even surprise us...
    would the cvs really change a very well recorded fact with dates as hussain and hasans death and show us hasan died first? By this theory they can get all the drama they intended and finally could very well say they maintained the facts
    as by this theory it would have been hussain only who died first.

    1. Hats off to u priya, for that very interesting story.:-h. I am sure if Cvs read this, they r sure to copy this as it will maintain the sanctity of the historical facts n also the drama needed fr TRP.Uptill now its very unpredictable except fr the fact that both the kids die.If the serial follows ur story line then u r sure to get the job of script writer in Balaji Telefilms :D

    2. Geeta Thanks. The reason i still hold to this is though we see many NRs this serial at least try to follow history .Fingers Crossed. I also thought jalal had a plan in mirchi,todarmal track and expected a completely different execution of atifa track. Cvs have always proved me wrong . so this time my hopes are way low only ...

  6. Frankly speaking I don't have any desire left to watch this anymore. Not even the hope of ruqqaiya's bhandaphod is now tempting enough to watch this torture day in day out. I have no problem with her being a ill mannered vamp coz I don't expect anything from her but it is painful to watch everyone keep quite in front of her as if she is above all. Jalal is still her husband n king. Y he never tells her to stop being so insulting to everyone. The ameris were their guests and it was an insult to the Mughal family to treat them in that manner. Y couldn't Jalal tell her that she doesn't have a right to cross limits of decency and has to behave like his queen is supposed to. He has been reduced to acting like a helpless puppet and to think of such a mighty king reduced to this is whats painful to watch. I much prefer the heartless Jalal we had in the beginning whom even ruqqaiya was careful of while talking to.

  7. Hi all,
    somehow, here I don't blame Ruqaiyya...because she is just acting like her own self...!! After what she saw with her " Bachpan ka Dost" Jalaal, and all other relatives becoming enchanted by Jodha , it is only natural for her to feel insecure in Jodha's presence....all the more when the Child she holds is given birth by Jodha herself...!!
    True that she might have some traces of the "MUZ" Audha in her mind even now, but that is not the sole driving factor in her behavior...!!
    She sees Hussain as her lifeline and is genuinely attached to the child , of course in her own "Ruqqu-special" way...!! :D


  8. Thanks for the interesting views, Geeta, Kamal, Priya, Vinita and Abhay! Will try to respond tomorrow. :)