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Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 3 2014 Jodha Akbar | Episode 344 Mystery Deepens..!!

AkDha Bond Over Hasan...Who has been Poisoned, Hasan or Hussein…Cat Fight Between Navratnas…!!!


Today's episode was all about AkDha's bonding with Hasan. The amount of time they spent together indicates that the happy times are drawing to a close. Unwritten rule of TV shows - If the lead couple is unduly happy, they are headed for a great fall soon. 
 Catfight between Birbal and Tansen amidst a serious court discussion over how to proceed with Mewar leaves Jalal bemused. 
But the most intriguing part of the episode was the mystery over which child had been poisoned by Zeenat.  

I loved the scenes between Jalal and Jodha today. He was the perfect husband - considerate, supportive and ready to lend his broad shoulders for Jodha to lean on when she got flustered. She was troubled by ominous thoughts of impending catastrophe regarding the twins. Jalal seemed to reassure himself more when he said that he wouldn't allow anything to happen to his children. 
The mystery over which child had been poisoned by Zeenat continued. Early on, it looked as if it might be Hussein, who spit up a bit of curdled milk in his sleep. But the hakima declared him to be quite well. This made Zeenat believe that it must be Hasan who was poisoned. 
The precap seemed to reiterate this point, as it showed Hasan silent in his mother's arms, his  face stained by vomitted milk. Jodha seemed to be trying desperately to wake him up while Jalal looked anguished, as if he didn't know how to reveal the truth to Jodha. 
Let's wait and watch how the precap is actually presented on Monday. Yesterday the precap showed something similar, but nothing happened to Hussein today. Likewise it may be possible that Hasan will be found alright on Monday. 
If it's really Hasan who has been poisoned, then the promo may happen in which Jalal requests Ruq to return Hussein to Jodha and she refuses. At this juncture, Ruq may be aided by Zeenat in trying to create a rift between JJ, so that she becomes the MUZ with ease. 

This tragic overplay of emotions was offset by humor in the form of a faceoff between Tansen and Birbal in front of Jalal himself. Finally Jalal himself had to intervene to put an end to their childish squabbles. He asked the two of them to exchange their court duties the next day so that they would understand just how difficult the other's job was. At the same time, he looked forward to watching their antics as they desperately try to outwit each other.
Jodha was amazed to hear that the two had been thus "punished" / "put in place". Jalal reminded her that the rivalry between Jodha and Ruq was somewhat similar. For he had overheard her laughing at Ruq's plight when Hussein had vomitted at night. But Jodha was also quick to remind him that her rivalry with Ruq was a thing of the past now and she had only been amused by the extent of Ruq's love for Hussein.   

Beautiful Scene of the Day
Loved the scene when Jalal wished his son would grow up to be a great warrior. Jodha simply added that she wished her son to be like Jalal - generous / tolerant, respectful towards all, and treating all religions as one. Jalal couldn't have agreed more. :)

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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  1. Nice Post Radhika.. :)

    I will keep this a short comment..
    I want to write about about the Precap and Promo.

    Acc. to me , nothing is going to happen to Hasan.
    Precaps, and that too, on weekends, are aired to raise the BP of viewers and make them curious. This is a tested "Rambaan" of the Creatives.

    Hasan is also probably under same type of problem like Husain was.
    I think the Precap's scene will be followed by Hakima entering the Hojra and giving some medicines to Hasan, and he will be well.

    About the Promo, it can be dream of Ruqs, when she gets to know that Hasan is not well, and she may think that now she will become MUZ and if Jalal asks then she will refuse giving the Kid back..?..

    Also, How can Jalal ask back the kid from Ruqayya .?.
    According to farman, he can ONLY ask the Kid back when Ruqayya errs a bit..
    Isn't it.?.

    If this scene happens then Jalal would be proved to be a person going back on his words..Which is NOT possible...This man was ready to leave throne during Jodha religion conversion issue..And was also, ready to offer throne to Ruqayya when she asked for ONE Kid of Jodha in DEK...

    Hence i think Promo is misleading..Hasan would be fine.. :)

    PS :: Birbal and Tansen scene was funny. BTW, Birbal was a goof singer, but i fear what will happen to Tansen.?. LOL

    1. In my writeup above, the last line says "goof" . I mean "good." A minor correction.

    2. Thanks for the reassurance ^^^, Abhay. Many friends rely on your words to stay positive. :) I am not worried by the precap, as such.

      Since you have said all that is to be said on the topic of precap / promo, I won't say anything further. :)

      I just want to record my objection to the insinuation that Birbal would prove to be a bad singer. Though the line was meant to be a boast, Birbal was actually quite correct in saying that he could sing and compose music. He was trained in this from childhood, was famous for it, and had in fact joined Akbar's court as a singer/musician. I don't like this kind of NR in which a good artiste, minister and soldier is reduced to just a court jester, which HE WAS NOT.

    3. Aameen!! history-geek, you really think so? I know, the CVs play on the minds of viewers, n plan the end of each epi, with something which will make viewers stick to the serial. But Abhay, my heart is beating fast, I am depressed, it may be real. I don't want Hasan to go first. How I wish it shud be a dream. :-o
      Birbal may surprise everybody with his good singing.The mix up of light moments in DEK somehow doesn't go well with the serious issue of infant's safety .It seems misplaced or mistimed.The viewers r not in a mood to understand the jokes.

    4. I still believe Hasan would not die in this manner. Let us see.
      There is a lot of suspense built up over the weekend. :)

      And, the Birbal-Tansen sequence does not goes up well with the death of Hasan on other side. This also makes me think that Hasan would survive on Monday. Lets wait and watch.

    5. I really feel very bad for you, Abhay, after today's (Monday - Oct 6th) episode. I feel so bad after watching the CVs murder history in cold blood. How terrible it must be for you, after having researched so hard for so long, putting your entire life on hold, and then to find production houses make mockery of history!

      The Birbal Tansen jugalbandi was good but who would remember it after the shock of Hasan's death? I mean, who in their right minds would introduce a comic scene in the same episode as an extremely tragic incident? The CVs are not just pathetic; they are SICK and need urgent psychiatric treatment.

      Btw, Abhay, if they show Birbal as a buffoon in one more episode, I will throw up. I can't believe that after 2 years of research, Ekta hasn't discovered that Birbal was trained in singing and music and writing poetry.I was cringing today when he was made to behave so ridiculously. And to reduce Tansen to the level of a common courtier who is jealous of another courtier is sickening too.

  2. Nice post Radhika & Abhay. It was a good episode today. Could not enjoy the DEK with Birbal and Tansen as my mind was full of worries for Hassan and Hussein. Loved the Bonding between Jalal, Jodha and Hassan. I get to enjoy more of Hassan than Hussein as I always FF Ruks scene. I hope I get to see one scene with Akdha and their twins before they leave to be with God.

    When they were focussing so much on Hassan today I too started think that Hussein might die first and hence todays Precap. I am still hoping that both Hassan and Hussein will be fine on Monday. we may get to see Zeenat caught on Tuesday.

    Regarding New promo, I think it is Ruks dream once she gets to know that Hassan is sick.

    1. Sindhu,

      I know how much you wanted to see HH together with Jodha at least once. I was thinking of you today, as I watched the episode. Feeling very sad. The way the CVs are twisting history just to glorify Ruq and to drag the track.

  3. Episode was Ok, But Precap, Very sad.

    Liked, Tensen +Birbal, funny talks.

    Akdha secne was good, Understanding of couple increasing.

    Today Jalal as a Father, as a Husband was,perfect., Liked, as a husband, he is worried + caring Jodha. He knows, Jodha is a strength full women, but some is breaking her internally . so he is giving, her, emotional strength+mentelly support.
    this is precious movement in episode.

    Mother sick sense indicating, going to wrong some, her child. Emotional secene.

    As A father jalal dreaming, child will become after growing his strength, but destiny, is choosing different, for parents,Cry.

    so hassan not drinking Milk, so is he has coming, poision effect i think, in precap, jodha naming, Hassan also,

    After Birbal + Tensen, is secene will come, Hassan , or promo secene then show Ruk side effects,

    Or promo is misleading.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Ayushi. Yes, today Jodha realized that Hasan had died and then went into shock momentarily, before being brought back to reality by Hamida and finally passing out.

      Now we will have to bear the torture of JJ grieving, Jalal asking Ruq to give Hussein to Jodha to help her come out of the trauma, Ruq refusing...

      I was thinking how difficult it must have been for the real parents to have agreed to let little Hasan play dead on screen. It was heart-breaking today to watch Hasan's death and PS and RT really nailed it with their performances.

  4. I thought the episode was good. There was comedic banter to lighten the mood, but mostly there was dread of what is to follow. We, know history and we are prepared, but that does not protect us from the fact that what is about to occur in the next few episodes will be heart wrenching sad.

    The one hope atleast for the next two days is the supposed switch of Tansen and Birbal. If that scene comes before the promo part then it proves nothing, but if it still pending till the promo scene is aired then it means that the promo is misleading and the kids are fine. Another thing is Ekta is a religious and superstitious person. She won't show evil winning on Dussehra day.

    My take still is that an antidote will be given to the kid poisoned after Zeenat is caught. There will be some happy scenes thereafter, maybe that Birbal-Tansen scene and then sorrow again as the kids fall ill and die.

    1. Think again, Donjas. What is the use of knowing history when the show is anything but history now? :(

  5. Abhay, I tried to be positive after reading your posts.
    However, someone has shared new article that says Hassan will pass away and seeing Jodha sad, Jalal will ask for Hussain to be given back to Jodha but Ruk will refuse (so her thinking in promo now Hussain is waris and she will become MUZ).

    Someone has made horrible prediction that after Jalal makes Ruk give Hussain to Jodha - he will pass away and Ruk will say that Jodha was irresponsible mother and create MU and maybe separation and only later Jalal will come to know it was Zeenat. Also it was pointed that in precap HB SB are with Jodha, they usually hardly bother with Jodha or show care to her and Hassan. So it must be Hassan passed away as they are indicating in precap.

    I saw a pic of Zeenat in new clothes! They only give new clothes for long running roles.
    I am just feeling horrible after reading the new article and somehow this fits Ekta and JA CVs who are more interested in their version of history. They love to show Jodha cry and humiliated and insulted and glorify Ruk

    Feeling low again.

    1. Medha,

      Those new clothes may be for Birbal-Tansen sequence. But Zeenat won't be exposed so early. She has to be here for some more time and the track is a long running one.

      Don't worry. There is not going to be any MU between Jodha and Jalal.

      And, be hopeful, Hasan would be safe.The condition of Akbar(especially) in the precap, was not as if his son is terribly ill or dead. He was quite normal. Lets see.

  6. radhika,i am worried about the twins.i feel hasan will die.i believe history-geek's knowledge but ekta's cv's can do anything.beautiful post dear.waiting for birbal-tansen performance.

    1. You were right - Ekta's CVs can DO ANYTHING for the sake of TRPs/profits. They can even make Ruq the MUZ temporarily at least.

  7. I am badly confused! How can hassan die first?
    And now we are back to square one counting number of new dresses that zeenat is getting!

    1. Zeenat will be around a long time, Rakshitha :( The CVs seem hell bent on dragging the track as long as possible.

  8. Lovely post Radhika though I don't know what to say, as I have not watched Thursday and Friday's episode till now :-ss....I have only seen Wednesday's precap with Zeenat shoving her finger laced with poison towards one of the baby's mouth.....I am actually dreading to watch both these episodes now.....Have also not seen the new promo :-ss......Will directly watch Monday's episode and comment thereafter....

    1. Pallavi, you won't miss anything if you skip the two episodes. Btw, hope you had a great time with your family. That was a better utilisation of time than watching this NR. :)

      Looking forward to hearing from you. Though today's episode was just the worst episode so far in JA history. :(

  9. Replies
    1. welcome, Cleo!

      Looking ahead to read your views on Chittor post :)

  10. Radhika , thank you for a good write-up on Friday's episode .

    I have reached a point where in order to maintain my sanity , I've stopped analyzing the promos, pre-caps, spoilers etc that the Creatives and Zee present us , just with the intention of irritating and winding up the viewers .
    Look at the manner in which Zeenat herself was shown as being confused about which one of the twins she had administered the poison to. This was shown with the purpose of baffling the viewers . Honestly, there is no point in guessing which one of the twins was poisoned and getting worked up about it , because eventually both are going to be embraced by Allah / Kanhaa . By accepting this fact , we will make it easier on ourselves to watch the overt display of tragic emotions that the Creatives will dole out , maybe towards the end of this week and the beginning of next week. I am not at all looking forward to this part .
    We saw baby Hussein throwing up , as a result of the poison administered to him, I assume . Simultaneously , Jodha was also shown having a premonition of impending gloom since the 'diya' lit in front of Kanhaa blew off due to sudden strong winds . These strong winds were also symbolic of her turbulent and fearful state of mind , she was calmed down by the loving and supportive Jalal who subtly hid his own fears while reassuring his wife .
    I look forward to seeing the Tom and Jerry like banter between Ram Tanu Pandey and Mahesh Das . Both have eccentric personalities, them exchanging their skills by stepping into each others shoes, should make a fun watch .

    1. Charu,

      Thanks for liking the writeup and posting your views.

      After today's episode, I fully agree with you that we should not think at all about what could happen next but just go along with whatever is shown to us in the name of NR.

      Both babies will ultimately go to heaven. But to show them going in the wrong order is like playing with our sentiments and expectations.

      Jalal was wonderful in the episode today as he tried to reassure Jodha while hiding his own fears. The same goes for the precap too. I really hope the CVs show Jalal supporting Jodha through this tumultuous phase.

      Now I think Jalal may ask uq to give Hussein back to Jodha to help Jodha come out of her shock and trauma. Then Ruq will show her true colors.

      It was quite callous of the CVs to show comedy in the same episode as an extremely tragic event. :(

  11. Hey Abhay! Thanx for a wonderful write up of episode. I have decided not to watch the. Serial till Hussein is back with jodha as i cannot watch both of them suffer. I do have one doubt, if indeed ruqqaiya was in any way involved int he death of twins directly or indirectly would akbar have let her live? Wasn't a distance of few years a small punishment?

    1. Ruqaiyya may not have been directly involved in the death of the twins. But she may have endangered the lives of the babies somehow in her quest for auda. Hence the punishment meted out may have been deemed sufficient.

  12. Good analysis Radhika and Abhay..

    I still don't know if Hassan will die or not as shown in the precap.. I liked the episode particularly both JJ scene, where JO is so much tensed, worried sensing something going to happen, while Jalaal trying to calm her assure her nothing is going to happen to their kids.. I liked the way Jaalaal told JO to sleep something while he will take care of Hassan.

    The second scene showed JO happy hearing Jalaal switching of Tansen & Birbal job now from next day. I liked the way Jalaal happy and waiting to see his kids walking and making them learn the warrior skills and make him a good warrior like his father. While JO wishing her son to be kind hearted, good emporor who respects all the religions equally.. Both are happy and enjoying with Hassan..

    Liked the small banter between Tansen & Birbal.. Waiting to see what happens next, till now Ruqu take care of Hussein well as a mother.. So why would JJ ask the back Hussein as per promo ? Still Hassan is safe or hassan passed away ? When will Zeenat be caught ?

    1. Thanks, Abhi!

      Jalal may ask Ruq to give Hussein to Jodha to help her overcome her grief.

      Zeenat may not be caught anytime soon, till after Hussein too has been poisoned and passed away.

  13. @All...

    Interesting review... I think Zeenat has a long running role here..
    Hassan won't die now. Either an antidote will work or he will be fine and this may be a normal illness. Let us see. Fingers crossed. :)