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Friday, October 3, 2014

October 2 2014 Jodha Akbar | Episode 343 Thank God For Birbal, TE Can Retire :)

Birbal Shows His Resourcefulness...One Baby Poisoned…Maham's Curse Looming Like Damocles' Sword…!!!


Today's episode was Birbal all the way. His stamp could be seen everywhere. He has quietly, without any fanfare, replaced Atga as the right-hand man and constant companion of Akbar. He has quite rapidly become the man Jalal listens to most often.  His cleverness and ingenuity was reflected today in the way he used dummies to make it appear as if the kids were at the jashn. He couldn't have come at a better time. Now that Birbal is here, the TE can retire and allow Birbal to think for him. LOL

Birbal vs Tansen
The scene opens at the jashn. Birbal and Tansen, playing eternal rivals, taunt each other while entering the jashn. Birbal has the last laugh and walks off. It was a good, humorous scene. But one thing that troubles me is that Birbal is being portrayed as someone who is ignorant of music and singing. (Not just in today's episode but generally.) I wish Ekta would correct this mistake asap. It is an insult to an admirable person like Birbal.
I was wonderstruck by the cleverness of the trick employed by Birbal. It had not struck me at all. He simply made Jalal take dummies of the real babies while the real princes were safely in the palace with Hamida and her gang.  Of course, this was done. Royals often had many dupes who could take their place anywhere needed.

Zeenat Strikes in Most Surprising Manner
Zeenat tries various ways to take the baby from Ruq. But Ruq refuses. It is then that Zeenat discovers quite serendipitously that Hamida has not come to the jashn. She puts 2 and 2 together and decides  that it might be because the real babies are with Hamida.
Zeenat is quite sharp and resourceful. She causes a small fire in Hamida's hojra and in the confusion that follows, she poisons one child. Later, we learn from her convo with her husband that the poison takes 5 days to be effective. The child would appear to take ill the next day and die of illness.  
Today it became clear that Zeenat plans to kill both kids.

Accident or Plot Against Princes
Man Singh and Aziz Koka feel the fire was an accident. Again Birbal refuses to buy this notion and says that the fire was deliberately started in the chamber in which the princes were present, while the king was at the jashn. Jalal is convinced by Birbal's logic and orders an inquiry immediately.  

Jodha is standing in the balcony of her hojra, looking at the moon. She is remembering Mahamanga's curse. In another scene, Ruqaiyya is distraught that something has happened to Hussein. He is spitting up something.

My views
I think Zeenat succeeded in poisoning Hussein today. Tomorrow he will fall sick. Jodha will be worried. Esp if the hakima says that Hussein has very little time to live. Jodha  may ask Jalal to give her Hussein back to her. But Ruq will refuse to do so.

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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Historical Update - Jodha Akbar - Mirza Qasim, Sharif-ud-din and Twins-Ruqayya Track

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  1. Radhika,

    Thanks for this update...I could not see the epi...
    But your writeup made the happenings quite clear...

    So, Hussain has been poisoned...And now Jalal can use reverse farman/or otherwise also, ask Ruqayya to give Hussain back to Jodha..She will refuse but Hussain will HAVE TO BE given...

    And then the Real Track will play out... ;p
    Ruqs and her obsession for power will take her DOWN...!!!!

    Note :
    I feel Zeenat is NOT going to be exposed on Friday...
    And, as i said yesterday, Ruqs and Zeenat are going to team up...I think so...Let us see...

    PPS :
    Till now the track, is being played out on MY expected lines...
    And track is turning out to be a LONG one...

    About the New Promo :
    Ruqs downfall CLEARLY SHOWN...

    It is not Hasan.. It has to be Hussain.. Hussain was the first to depart to heaven.. Hasan followed his brother after 7 days..Their death was NOT described as Natural due to ANY normal illness , as we have discussed on the historical update post.!!!.

    The real EPIC Story starts NOW..
    J and J are going to support each other after the twins demise..
    No doubt Ja will take Jo with him on war which will come just after the twins death...He won't leave her alone even going for a war...
    I can not imagine the amount of trauma REAL J-J had to bear.!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update Radhika! I have been waiting for rukaiyya's downfall since ages! Hopefully, i wont be disappointed this time!!
    As for the kids, we knew they would die someday:'(, which is played out here with over-dramatization of things.....
    I feel so bad for JJ! Its hard to see their plight! :'(
    Rukaiyya(ekta's) is a shame to womanhood!

  3. Yesterday was the unfolding of tragedy and it has just begun.

    What struck me was the military efficiency with which Zeenat struck. First stage, reduce suspicion by getting caught for an innocuous thing, make the target embarrassed and get their trust.

    Second stage, identify where the target is, get close to it with camouflage. Create confusion to distract and then strike in such a manner that the attack is undetectable. All perfect textbook.

    As for the promo. My reading is, the kid with Ruqaiya gets ill. Jodha wants it back, gets it with the reverse Farman or some cleverness by Birbal. The antidote for poison is given after Zeenat is caught and later the kids die of disease.

    The next week will be all tears. I wonder where this spoiler fits in- Birbal and Tansen exchange places. This scene can only be if the kids are not in imminent danger or is this another leap after the deaths..

  4. Radika birbal was too good ..and his tu tu main main with tansen was he told jalal that thr are some people who dont like tansens music and showed rukku who is half asleep.

    coming to zeenat she is very bold and succeeded in her mission..tatasky spoiler is true..she tried to drug one of the twin i think its hussain..and he il fall il blame herslef coz of her and her decision hussain is suffering..this il make jalal to use reverse farmaan and gives hussain back to jo..wen jalal asks to give back rukku il refuse..then with birbal's help jalal il use reverse farmaan and gets back his kid..

    good birbal made jalal realise that its a tmw zeenat il be caught and punished.. next week ruku and her downfall track il start...

    Jo is more worried about hussain these days.. its good only... she should realise that kids are not commodities or some property to share..or not some food whr some one who is hungry or any begger comes and asks i am hungry give me one child as i cant bare any kid ... jab baat bache aur pati ki ati to kisi tarah ki sacrifice nahi karni hai..they are most important than vachan... now she il see rukku's real face and then she il repent ..that she made a wrong decision and a grave mistake..

    aur jalal ko bhi ek learning lesson hogi..har cheez main biwiyo ki zid ke saamne jhukna nahi hai.har rishtedaar ko ache nazron se nahi dekna.. har kisi ko baar baar mauf nahi karna bhi ek badi bewakoofi hai..jodha is so naive..other il take is as an that case he should stand firm and protect jo from evil.. instead of accpeting wat ever jo says..he knows about rukku..still he accepted jo's wish and rukku ke haato main fool bangaya..wo use aasani se rukku ko fool let him repent..

    ab dono ko yehsaas hoga ki bache ko jaydaad ki tara baant nahi sakte.. bache bache hoti hai..aur unhe wo pyar aur ache parvarish sirf aur sirf uski asli maata pita desakte hai koi aur nahi..they il learn this lesson in a painful way.. wen they loose thr kids then they il repent and realise thr mistake..

    precap i think jodha's instinct is saying something wrong is going to happen... she remembers maham's words..after seeing hussain sick jo il ask her baby back..jalal il do everything to get back his kid to week rukku downfall track more week we need to tolerate this rukku

    vaise bhi ab tak sab se shaatir negative character zeenat hai..she took such a big risk and succeeded also...

    wen i read the wu of new promo i thought hassan is history its hussain who died first..ekta il not change the truth and history...i still feel that hassan is promo jalal looks irritated and frustrated and jodha too was not shattterd..her face shows she is worried about hussain and his health ...i think zeenat il be caught today or by monday with birbal's help .. then jodha il be more worried seeing this and jodha in pain jalal il ask rukku to give back the kid..but rukku il refuse as she thinks throught hussain she can get muz title..but wen rukku refuses jalal with birbal's help use reverse farmaan and gives back the kid..this il enrage rukku and tries to eliminate jo...if not she il end up doing something foolish and gets caught and punished... in promo neither jalal nor jodha look shattered..wen atga khan died we had seen how shattered jalal was..coming to kids death both il be left heart broken.. here in promo both are worried about hussain...we il get to no today its hussain or hassan who is sick and given poison.. still i feel its hussain who is sick and il die soon.. but before that they il make the kid to be back to his real family and mother.. defenitely rukku's downfall track is going to start next week..but i still feel hassan is is misleading..and so the precap..par its hussain who il die first after 7 days hassan il die..and rukku il become the reason behind hassan's death..thus she il be punished and exposed in dek

  5. or zeenat may be get caught soon but wen the kid is given back to jo this il enrage rukku and zeenat il instigate rukku and this foolish rukku as usual ends up joining hands with assasins to hurt jo but this time to eliminate jo to get kids and muz title..but zeenat has her own agenda..thru this zeenat il poison hassan also but get caught and blurt out the truth sayign rukku is the master mind behind this as she is just her pawn thus both il be punished but soon with birbal's help they il find out that zeenat and qasim were in agra to kill thr kids and both il be executed..rukku unknowingly helped assasin's for her selfish motive and became the reason behind kids death..thus she il be punished severly...with no bek title and the end of this track she il be left with nothing..just old furniture..

  6. Zeenat is successful this time.. How foolish is HB & GB could taken the kids in their hands instead of leaving them ? Who is poisoned it's Hassan or Hussain ? JO is feeling something wrong is going to happen ? Will today Zeenat will be caught or will she use Ruqu to get back on JO and kids... If it's Hussain who is ill, JO will get back her kid now ? or it's JO baby who is ill ?

  7. Abhay,

    Was Birbal present in Mughal court when the twins died? The timelines do seem to match. Pls confirm. :)

    1. Birbal was present long before that Radhika. :)

  8. Mujhey samajh nahi aa raha ye show ke creatives ruqqu ko itna importance kyun de rahey hain jabki reality mein akbar ne usey kabhi itni khaas nahi mana jitna ye cvs dikha rahey hain....

    History mein hussain pehle mara tha lekin jaisa hum sab jaantey hain cvs ka koi bharosa nahi history ka h bhi nahi pata cvs ko to main confused hoon ki show mein pehle death kiski dikhayi jaayegi??..
    Or new promo dekhke mujhey sirf babies ke liye bura laga bas jodha ke nahi...
    Kyunki usey hi shoq ka apne baby ko diwali ke gift hamper samajh ke ruqqu ko dene ka to ab bhugtey..
    Bura sirf babies ke liye lag raha hai..
    Or ye cvs inki kya problem hai yaar...sach bataun to ye show start honey se pehle mujhey pata hi nahi tha ki akbar ki koi ruqqu naam ki bhi biwi thi..mujhey to show aane ke baad pata chala...jab history ne...akbar ne koi importance nahi di to bina matlab ye cvs kyun ruqqaiyya bhakt huey jaa rahey hain?? Vo sab dikha rahey hain jo kabhi hua hi nahi

  9. Or mujhey ye lagta hai shayad hussan jinda hoga...or hussain ki tabiyat kharab hui hogi shayad isiliye jodha maang rahi thi hussain ko.....
    Lekin vo selfish lady audhey ki bhooki usey abhi bhi audhey ki padi hai baby ki nahi yuucck..

  10. @All...

    Interesting views... I would say, we should wait for the precap/promo to play out. I think nothing wrong has happened with the twins. It's a ploy to create suspense over the weekend.. :)

  11. Thanks for the update Radhika....I cannot add anything here as I could not watch the episode till now..:-ss

  12. Thanks for this wonderful update.