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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6 2014 Jodha Akbar | Episode 345 Murder of History..!!


Today I officially give up any hope for JA. Till today's episode, I kept my hopes alive that despite all forms of NR and all means to milk the TRPs, EK would not actually play around with history. But today, she proved me wrong, totally wrong! Today she proved that to a business house, all that matters at the end of the day is PROFIT and neither history nor viewer sentiments hold any value.

What a mockery of viewers' emotions and sentiments! When the whole world knows that Hussein died first, how can the CVs show the opposite? Angry

Just so that they can drag this track on and on? 
Just so that they can show Jodha crying over the fact that despite giving birth to twins, today she is bereft of both - having given one away and lost the other? 
Just so that the CVs can show Ruq gloating that her son is now the waaris and she the future MUZ? 
Just so that the CVs can show Zeenat gloating that she was able to kill the waaris so easily despite JJ's constant attendance on him?

More than anything else, the track seems designed to GLORIFY Ruq to the extent that Ekta wants to make her the MUZ, at least temporarily. Dead If Ekta has her way, most likely Hussein will never die and will go on to become the next emperor and RUq the next Queen Mother. Truly, this show is now ALL FICTION and nothing but FICTION. Dead

On a smaller scale, Mahesh Das was shown to be a buffoon who didn't know one note from another. Sheer abysmal depths of NR - I was shaking at this mockery of a great artist, as till then I didn't know that worse was in store in the second half of the episode. 


The Preamble

The episode opened with Jalal walking with Mahesh Das in the garden and asking the latter if he was nervous about the switchover in court that day. Mahesh Das, in his inimitable style, narrated a joke about a "great singer" who was requested by his patron king to sing the same song again and again. Apparently, the king used to ask for an encore because he could not understand the song, while the singer felt flattered by the repeated requests for an encore.

Jalal was pleased by Mahesh Das' ability to laugh in any situation. 

The Switchover

More banter followed between Mahesh Das and Tansen, as they proceeded to the DEK for a special "mehfil" organized for the occasion. Interestingly, a sub-plot is running between Tansen and a "courtesan" (?) since the last episode. This courtesan helpfully shared the joke Mahesh Das had narrated to the king that morning with Tansen, who happily shared the same with the mehfil, much to Jalal's surprise and Mahesh Das' consternation. 

When his turn came, Mahesh Das was reduced to a clown a la Mehmood in Padosan and made to do a ridiculous jig to a kind of rap song, which seemed to leave everyone in splits. Ouch If Ekta researched for 2 years, didn't she discover that Mahesh Das was a trained singer-musician and poet laureate who also wrote books? 

Jalal was impressed by both. Specially as Tansen admitted that the joke was not his original one, while Mahesh Das had rendered an original song that had connected with the audience and could therefore be considered a form of music. And Mahesh Das admitted that singing was not his forte while it was most modest on the part of Tansen to joke about a singer. 

Hasan is Sick

The atmosphere was suitably light when suddenly dark clouds gathered over. Hasan who was in Jodha's arms so far suddenly started to throw up. Ruqaiyya immediately shouted for the Hakima and Jalal was alerted. 

The scene shifted to Jodha's hojra, where the Hakima was unable to detect the exact cause of constant vomiting by Hasan. Jodha was concerned, the entire royal family was watching with increasing worry, while Jalal was driven to an emotional rage at the Hakima for being unable to even diagnose the problem. He literally shouted at Man Singh to fetch a battery of hakims to check Hasan. 

Ruqaiyya was equally worried in her hojra, as Hussein was being nursed by Zeenat. Hoshiyar informed Ruqaiyya with tears that Hasan's condition was slipping. Hearing this, Ruqaiyya rushed with Hussein in arms to Jodha's side. Zeenat was shown smirking that one child was about to die and soon both of Jalal's kids would be dead and her revenge complete.  

Hasan Flings His Life Away

Paridhi was PERFECT as Jodha today. As the mother who is swaying between hope and despair at her son slipping away in front of her eyes, while Hindustan's Shahenshah and his team of hakims could do nothing, except watch helplessly. 

She did everything that struck her mind in that darkest of hour. She prayed to her lifeline, her Kanha. As the hakima announced that the breathing was slowing down, she rushed to Jalal's side and pleaded with him to save her son. She took the child in her arms and tried to talk to him. Briefly it registered in her fuzzy mind that something had happened. Jalal tried to inform her but she refused to let him speak the words, as if afraid that if said, the words might turn true. Then slowly she went numb with shock and got cut off from reality. 

Jodha carried the child to his jhoola and kept talking to him, asking everyone to be silent as her son could hear her and would soon reply to her. Hamida took the difficult step of breaking the news gently to Jodha that Hasan was no more. Jodha momentarily came to her senses and then passed out. 

Jalal, who could take it no more, broke down himself.


Jodha slowly wakes up in her bed and sees the shroud-covered body of her Hasan laid out in front of her. A grief-stricken Jalal is trying hard to control his emotions in front of Jodha to lend her courage. It was such a poignant moment to see Jalal fighting his own emotions so that he could support and console his Jodha.

I so hope to see Jalal being the rock in Jodha's life this time round. 

What Next

Will Jalal ask Ruq to give Hussein back to Jodha to bring her out of her grief? And will Ruq finally show her true colors by refusing to part with Hussein? 

Even today, she was shown to be a wonderfully concerned woman who was the first to call the hakima, was worried stiff about Hasan and equally grieved by his passing away. Will she continue to be painted as the SAINT who could do no wrong? Will Ruq be glorified by the CVs till the end of the show, as an exceptionally noble woman?

If the CVs could turn things upside down today, they can show just about anything in future. Dead     
Will Zeenat get away with cold-blooded murder of two innocent babies, with none of the hakims suspecting any foul play? 

Will we be left banging our heads in despair, as JJ keep getting buffeted by the strong winds of Fate, while the guilty laugh their way to glory?   

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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history_geek has updated the historical information related to this track here.>

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  1. Excellent writeup about today's episode Radhika .

    I have not watched it as yet . I cannot bear to see a grieving Jodha and Jalal.

    From all the posts that I've read so far , I can figure out that baby Hassan's death has disturbed everybody.
    Do you think that since the Creatives have distorted history so well ( both in the past and today by killing the wrong twin first) , they might take a totally different route and not expose Rukaiyya at all ? Just in order to spice up the story line , they may retain her character for some more time. I have lost faith in the story telling prowess of the Creative team . I watch this show only because it is a historical . Now it is turning out to be like a regular tv soap .
    I was eagerly looking forward to the Tansen , Birbal face off, but from what I read , that part was a damp squib .
    Do you think Rukaiya will be exposed at all ?

    1. Charu,

      Pls watch the episode. It's been my experience that reading other accounts paints a far more miserable picture than watching it. When you watch, you get carried away by the pure emotions in that moment, without the additional coloring of other people's views or sentiments.

      It was a very tragic episode but a not to be missed one. The acting by the leads was superb. As a mother, I felt something tug at my heart strings when Jodha was calling out to Hasan to wake up and was hugging him to her bosom. The refusal of her heart to give up on her son, to give up on her love for her son, the sheer helplessness in the face of Destiny was shown exquisitely without degenerating into a melodrama.

      I am hoping that Jodha's mother comes to at least console her daughter in this moment of despair. Like you have said so many times, Jodha is barely 20. Jalal is not much older. It is devastating to be given a precious bundle of love for a brief interlude and then to see it whisked away forcibly.

      So far, Ruqaiyya has been sheltered from any exposure. May be Hasan's death will be the trigger that causes a Domino effect leading to her exposure. I am hoping this is so.

      The Tansen-Birbal faceoff was a damp squib, I agree. They would have come better prepared, which they did not. I expected Birbal to put up a decent performance, even if not ion the same class as Tansen. But it was clear that the faceoff was intended to make the audience laugh before making them cry with Hasan's death. It was pretty crass to have both a comic caper and a tragic event in the same episode.


  2. Radhika,

    I totally agree with your post..!.

    Watched the episode, and i still can not believe that Hasan is no more..!!.
    Yes, Hussain should have been the one to reach the abode of heaven, first ...

    Before i start with my sermon(LOL) , i would like to say that, Birbal's act was a new LOW today.
    I was NOT able to watch that, i muted and also took off my eyes from the screen...
    It was Total NONsense..!!.

    The man was a GEM. He knew very well, how to sing (you have listed his qualities in your posts) and here he is reduced to a caricature by the CV's. Stern Smile I was expecting him to sing well and defeat Tansen. I was taken for a toss. LOL .

    But, i would say that the episode was NOT assassination of history.
    Let me explain you the Logic of CV's.. ;p

    The assassination happened LONG back, here, when >>
    {I am mentioning major BLUNDERS i remember..}

    1. When Jalal got Abdul freed from the Amer Jail. { CV's made a Mockery of Rajput defenders. }

    2. When Abul Maali tortured Jalal in captivity. Jalal getting captured, that too by Abul Maali.!!. ..Sheer disgust..!!!!!. {Absolute NONsense..!!!..} May i ask the CV's what was the need for Jalal to fight the battle personally.?. Where was his "ARMY of Generals" ? CV's have made him resourceless as if he has to fight every battle.

    3. When Khyber kidnapped Jodha from Mughal harem. {Ridiculous..Capture of a Queen from the Royal Residence..!!!.} . May i ask the CV's where were the Mughal Archers with the arrows.?. { CV's made a a mockery of this LADY along with the LEGENDARY WARRIORS who were thrown right and left by some XYZ Person..!!!!..The LADY whose shadow could not be touched was Kidnapped..!!!!..No one was spared, neither the lady nor those Men.. }

    Now, if we keep ONLY these 3 blunders infront and analyze the Episode then, According to the CV's, nothing has happened.. ;p

    Because they have NOT done any MAJOR blunder TODAY.

    They have ONLY exchanged the "NAMES" of Hasan and Husain. ;p

    Had they shown, Hasan to be with Ruqaiya and Hussain to be with Jodha, then would that have been fine.?. LOL.

    I was shocked to see Hasan die ( and i still can not believe it ) and i did not find this act OK, by them. They should have taken care of the names of Kids and NOT done this mistake..

    But let me tell > I watch NOTHING , but only the so-called "Historicals on Television" ...
    So, let me tell , JA has come across as the better ones. {Don't come after me, i know we all do not like this NR, but this is a fact..LOL..}

    PRC was awesome, BTW there also lot of NR's happened.. ;p

    The Old show of Akbar-The Great was with amazingly fine dialogues. But, NOW i do not think a show of that kind will find a great Audience.

    No matter we all keep kosofying the NR all time, but NR is not possible to be substituted. Anything coming on TV Shows is NR only. It happens in all the shows of this genre, and for example we all know of another show of the same genre running on the TV these days on another channel, and also are aware of what is happening there... ;p

    Please note that i am not supporting the CV's, but this is a fact that for TRP's they torture us, and often compromise on many fronts and use SPICE.

    But, the show can not be a documentary. History can only be read from the Old accounts, and i ENJOY reading it more, and still enjoying and i still post it regularly (don't i.?.).

    This is NOTHING, as the the worse has happened (i mentioned some incidents above) and i can sense the WORST in A FUTURE Track also..!!. I wish Ekta handles the MP-Akbar-Udai Singh track properly.

    PS :The leads acted very well today.

    1. Abhay,

      You are right. There have been past occasions when CVs have strayed from the truth and ventured into fiction. Now if that NR is just to add gaps in knowledge or to garnish the truth or to spice up the show, it's fine. But if the NR changes the very history then it's worth condemning strongly. And Jodha esp has been subject to altered history many times. See how she was thrown out by Jalal in the Sujamal track?

      I am now of the strong opinion that Birbal will always be shown like a basically funny man with occasional bouts of cleverness and wit. So I have resigned myself to watching the caricature and not the real gem. Anyway we can see Todarmal has not been spared butchering either. Man Singh is being treated slightly better nowadays.

      You can bet the MP-Akbar faceoff will be dramatized in the most fictional manner possible.

    2. I agree with Abhay that a little NR is there to make it more viewer friendly and this show is way better in mixing history with NR than MP shown on TV. I used to watch that one for the sake of the main lead as he is a superb actor but the amount of NR shown there somehow took away from the essence of the show. The grandeur was there but it did not seem a historical anymore. Maybe i m biased towards JA. As for Hasan dying first we have to realise that people like us who are active on net are more aware of who historical references thanx to people like Abhay who do a lot of research and give us information but the general public the trp aunties only know either abt salim or that they had twins who died but not the details. I have talked to pp around me and most of them had no idea that akbar had twin sons before salim or that he had other children besides salim. So Ekta is using that lack of info to bring max Trps. I m not defending her but just saying that she will do NR at places where public doesn't know much. Now all I m waiting for is for the day when jodha gets Hussein back from ruqqaiya even if its only for a day as I want the kid to spend a few last moments with his mother.

    3. Vinita,

      I understand the point you have made.

      But I wish to say that just because JA is better than other historicals, (a clear case of "andhon mein kaana raaja") that doesn't mean that we can overlook its shortcomings. :)

      The purpose of a historical is not merely to entertain but to inform too. Long back, there was a show on Chanakya. Most people in India know much less about Chanakya than they do about Akbar. But the show was both engaging and educative.

      May be people who know history are a minority. But then people who know the complete Mahabharata are also a minority. Does that give the creatives of a show on Mahabharata license to tweak the story?

      After watching the way Hasan was knocked off in just one episode, I do not have any hope that the CVs will give Hussein to Jodha. But if it does happen, that will be a small mercy on us.

      How do you think Ruqaiyya's downfall will be accomplished, considering that she has been shown to be a good mother so far?

  3. Thanks Abhay and Radhika for the wonderful post. Just like everyone I feel so low today.

    As of now all our predictions have been proved wrong. As of now the only mistake Ruks can do is blurting out why she had asked for Hussein. The motive behind it.

    As of now it looks like Zeenat will succeed in poisoning Hassan and she will go Scot free. Why does always the Villains succeed and they never get caught. Its very depressing.

    1. Cheer up, Sindhu! I am back to my normal self today. : )

      Zeenat will succeed in poisoning Hussein because he has to die too. After that, whether anyone is caught and punished remains to be seen. Zeenat and Qasim will likely be thrown into prison, their fate to be decided later, as with all other criminals in the past. About Ruqaiyya being punished, it's hard to say right now.

      She has a long-running role and the CVs may wish to keep her going for as long as possible.

  4. Thanks Abhay,Radhika for the post.I had mixed feelings on yesterdays episode a part of me wanted to watch it for the exceptional performances of RT and PS and other part couldn't see as it was so real and still haunting me .Leaving aside NR what worries me most is what could be the purpose behind introducing Hasan's death first.I couldn't see anything good coming out of it.The spoiler says Hussain will be given by Ruq to Jo for a night.Since Tata sky spoilers are almost reliable I could only see 2 options suspects zeenat on that night but don't have proof to establish ,so ask Hussain to keep him safe.Ruq refuses and Hussain die and later zeenat exposed.
    2.Hussain dies that night.Ruq blames Jo Initially Jo and Jalal think its due to mahams curse and then later zeenat exposed.
    In both the cases we have to more antics of ruq,Her insults to Jalal and Jo and finally the curse too.and after all this too I couldn't see ruqs true downfall as she couldn't have legally done any wrong.Only probability is if the kids are exchanged.
    So as of now I'm low on hopes of ruqs exposure.only one thing i wish too see now is Jalals strong support to Jo at this trying times.That is the only hope giving me some peace.Sorry Radhika for rambling on your post.

    1. Priya,

      It's a straight-from-the-heart post. Why apologize for such a heartfelt post? :)

      Both scenarios look likely. Though my gut feeling would be to go with the second one. This is the kind of drama the CVs love and specialize in.

      Jodha gets Hussein and then he dies too. So this gives Ruq plenty of opportunity to insult Jodha and claim that she was a better mother. It also gives everyone the right to lament Maham's curse. The CVs can make Jodha suffer endlessly. May be they can even show Jalal feeling that Jodha is not a good mother.

      Zeenat will be exposed after a long time. But Ruq's exposure in this track is doubtful so far.

    2. I too wish to see Jalal standing by Jodha through this ordeal.

      I do not see how the interchange of kids is going to affect anything. First of all, Ruq was able to identify Hussein and pick him when she came to take her child from JJ the first time. Jodha too knows Hasan well and would not make a mistake in identifying him, even if Hamida exchanged the babies by mistake.

      Also, if Hasan is buried, then the fact that the exchange took place cannot be verified.

  5. I still feel that this entire sequence which was shown yesterday was a 'dream'. The precap showed Jodha wearing no jewellery but the promo which is scheduled to take place later, shows her wearing all her jewellery. Would she bother to wear it if she had really lost her child? I highly doubt. Plus, when she woke up in the precap, there was no one around her. It somehow reminded me of the scene when Jodha had consumed poison to save Jalal and she was on the verge of death. She was wearing no jewellery there as well. Plus now the shooting is being carried out with a gap of one week between the episodes. Recent pictures from the set indicate that the mourning period is being shot right now.

    I know my theory just seems stupid but I can't ignore all these tell tale signs.

    P.S. I hope you are writing the post on today's episode :)

    1. Hi Samanika

      Dream sequence? Possible. Though after making everyone cry over Hasan's death yesterday, if the CVs now try to pass it off as a dream, they will get more brickbats.

      The CVs can show anything, even a bereaved mother wearing jewelry.

      Btw, do you know, a few years back, there was a high profile murder of a young girl and her mother appeared impeccably dressed and made up on a TV show discussing the murder and its investigation?

      Hopefully I should post on tonight's episode. Any special reason for asking :) ?

    2. Well the reason I believe that the sequence may be a dream because things just seemed to stop yesterday. How will the track proceed further to expose Ruqaiyya? I agree the CVs can show anything, but since their main aim is showing grief here, I doubt they would deck her up.

      Its just terrible. How can a mother be unfazed about the fact that her young daughter was killed?

      I thought you wouldn't watch the episode that's the reason I asked :D But I am glad you will be watching. I always wait to read your posts and I like them although I may not comment :)


    3. Please do comment - I love reading your take. You always come up with interesting views, like the sequence being a dream.

      What do you think will lead to Ruqaiyya to do something that triggers her downfall? :)

      I will watch the episode tonight. But if the rona-dhona continues and Jodha is humiliated, then I may skip tomorrow's episode. :(

  6. Hi All,
    @ Radhika: Agree 200% about PS aka Jodha...!! I was completely moved by her skills today....the exactness of emotions was WOW...!! g-) No OTT...just perfect.....!!
    I had tears in my eyes...Just couldn't help it..!!

    I feel she will be in a hallucination phase for sometime after this shock...!!
    Ruqayya might have been well-behaved today , but she is u never know....or rather the CVs mould and un-mould her according to their whims...!! :D
    But I guess, she might take a hint from this and be extra careful with Hussain...resulting in a few more days for the poor baby to see the world....!! :((


    1. Well said, Kamal! :)

      Well if Ruq is better able to care for Hussein in his short life, then that is for the best.

      Jodha does seem to be in a state of shock in the precap. Now I'm not saying anything without watching the episode. ;p The CVs are fully capable of suddenly pulling the rug from under our feet. :(

  7. Abhay, radhika, cool down.! :)( How much may EK n her team try, they cannot change the history.It seems to me they just want viewers to sympathise with Jodha who has already given away one child, has nothing in her hands now.Paridhi's acting was good.Despite predictablity,I found my eyes moist.:(( Till the end I was hoping it will turn out as bura sapna. Freinds, what I want to tell u, is that,Cvs majboori is one thing, n historical facts r another thing. CVs greed fr TRP unko mubarak.That shud not deter us frm knowing n discussing the facts g-).So, Radhika,Abhay, lets not get emotional n continue to satisfy our hunger by digging the history.Abhay we totally trust ur sources.:-h

    1. Geeta


      We should be thankful at least we are able to see some bits of history amidst the NR. :)) It's like watching bits of a popular program in the middle of advertisements.

      You are right, Geeta. I also trust Abhay's research. Let's continue our quest for knowledge, irrespective of the show and its happenings. :)

    2. Radhika, the way reason fr the death of kids is not recorded anywhere, the way Qasim was murdered later in prison shows that zeenat won't be exposed immediately The way Ruqs has been depicted to show concern shows even she will not be exposed :) She may be shown to dwell on her newfound, temporary MUZ audha. In the end we will only hv to search in the history what exactly was the reason fr which she was punished ultimately:)
      I forgot to mention Rajat has shown as usual he is a fine actor , in this epi. Both the lead actors despite of having no experience of parents, hv shown commendable performance.

  8. It was a very emotional episode. Paridhi gave the best performance of her career and Rajat was his usual impeccable self.

    The Birbal scene could have been avoided, but it seems the main role of Birbal in this serial is to provide humor. The CV's won't dwell too much on Birbal's cleverness, because unlike the Akbar Birbal stories where Birbal is the star and Akbar is the side character, here it is the other way round.

    As for the "Natkiya rupantar", the CV's will twist and distort historical facts which are not well known. It is only for the well known and important historical facts that they will follow history, but even here they will twist minor details to suit their purpose.

    I can't see the downfall of Ruqaiya in this track. It could be some twist which comes later, but at this moment nothing.

    The rumour of Salim keeps cropping up. Even a 15 year leap means Salim will be roughly Rahim's age. They need a much bigger leap for Salim Anarkali.

    But if there is a leap, then JA as such is destroyed. No depiction of the agonies Jodha Akbar went through as they waited for a child, no depiction of the utter joy at Salim's birth, or the first few childhood years. All this will jumped as they start the sure shot ratings disaster, that will be Salim Anarkali.

    1. Donjas,

      Perfect post - I cannot add anything to it - it is so complete from all angles. g-)

  9. Nice Post... rukku is cv's she il be the even if jodha akbar passes away..more over this show is no more jodha akbar..this show is all about rukkaiah sultan .. i hv lost all hopes reg her bandaphod..she il never get exposed or punished..she is cv's jaan begum..if she is only jalal's jaan begum ..she wud be punished long back..but she is cv's jaan for her hazar khoon bi mauf.. i am not interested to watch this rukku's crap see if post twins death track if the show is good and only JA are shown to be as leads then il continue watching it..if they show salim as spoiled and pampered again rukku trying to haq jatofy on him for power then we all il go bonkers..sry typing from mob..ignore mistakes..

    1. Gem,

      Thanks so much!

      Were you able to watch today's episode? Pls do not feel too depressed with the track, esp twins' demise and no expose of Ruq. Hope you stay positive and happy. :)