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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 7 2014 Jodha Akbar | 346 Elegy for Hasan + Short Update for October 8 2014 | 347

Full many a gem of purest ray serene,
 The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear:
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.

Today, the entire episode was dedicated to little Hasan, who lived for barely a few days but what memories he left behind! Oh! how many broken hearts and tear-stained faces did he leave behind without a backward glance. 

Did he not miss his mother's gentle caress as she hugged him to her bosom and sang sweet lullabies?
Did he not miss his father's strong hands that promised to protect him in their embrace forever? 
Did he not miss his brother who had been snatched from him but who still remembered Hasan with every breath he took?

It was painful to watch Jodha and Jalal today. There are no words that can describe what they felt, what they went through, how they embraced each other through the night, struggling to come to terms with a loss whose magnitude cannot be measured or understood by anyone else. 

Coping with loss is a deeply personal experience.  Nobody can help one go through it more easily or understand all the emotions that one is going through. But others can help comfort one through this process. The best thing we can do is to allow ourselves to feel the grief as it comes over us. Resisting it only prolongs the natural process of healing.

Jodha especially went through so many different stages of grief today, as she tried to come to terms with the reality that Hasan was no more a part of her life. 

She tried hard to deny that Hasan had gone away. She tried to convince a broken Jalal that their Hasan was alright, that he would soon wake up upon hearing her voice. This was her mind trying to rationalize overwhelming emotions and to protect her from the immediate shock. Almost all of us go through this stage of denial, to tide through the first wave of pain.  

As Man Singh took away the baby for final rites, she and Jalal remained, holding on to each other, as if afraid that if they let go, the other would disappear too.  They spent the long, dark night remembering Hasan, trying to understand what had happened and why, if they could have prevented it, why God had punished them for being good, how God could have spared the child and taken them instead, and how they now had only each other to live for and how they had to live on for each other.

  Sadness and regret predominated the mood. Jodha kept wondering why God had not taken her instead of Hasan. Jalal was stricken with guilt that despite being the Shahenshah, he could not save his own child. The grief and depression they exhibited was subtle and private.  It was their way of quietly preparing  to bid Hasan farewell. No one could have consoled them at this time.  Except each other. It was so heart-breaking to watch them cradled together in a helpless, -  sometimes raging, sometimes sad - despair, trying to find and offer succor, even as their hearts and minds seemed ready to collapse. 

Jalal was magnificent, as the man struggling to control his own bursting grief, so that he could protect and console Jodha, who had completely melted. This was a strong man, if ever there was one. Not the one who fought tigers bare-handed or waged war on enemies. But this one who could subdue his own tormenting soul so that he could soothe the broken soul of his beloved. If only I had done this...If only this had happened...If only ...There was no end to these Ifs...  

Jodha and Jalal, who had always been so strong, so independent, so much in control of their lives, were today unashamedly lost and drifting in the seas of helplessness and vulnerability. They tried hard to regain control of the situation by thinking of ways in which they could have prevented the tragedy from occurring.   

Towards the end of the episode, Jodha's tumultuous feelings gave way to anger, as the masking effects of denial began to wear and reality re-emerged.She was not yet ready to accept the ultimate truth. And so the intense emotions swirling within her deflected from her vulnerable soul and expressed themselves instead as anger directed towards her beloved Kanha. In her heart, she knew that Kanha could not go against Destiny. Emotionally, however, she felt resentful with Kanha for causing her pain by taking away the light in her life. Ironically, this is a vicious cycle Jodha is caught in. The more Jodha stays away from Kanha, the more guilty she will feel, which would make her more angry.
One day, both Jodha and Jalal will have to accept the inevitable. Of course, it is a difficult journey fraught with emotional pitholes. Hasan's demise was so sudden and unexpected, that Jodha may continue to live in denial or anger against God for ever.  But I hope that Jalal will be able to accept and help Jodha accept the truth. This iscrucial for their peace of mind. 
 The days ahead are far from being happy ones. But I wish to see JJ at most withdrawn and calm rather than depressed or angry still. I wish to see them remember Hasan ultimately with fondness as God's gift to them, if only for a few days.  

@All: Remember, grieving is a personal process that has no time limit, nor one "right" way to do it. Please do not judge how JJ grieved or should have grieved. 

Jodha has apparently nursed Hussein and is rocking him in her arms to make him sleep. Ruq is hovering around like a stricken hen and ultimately almost snatches Hussein from Jodha's arms and puts him in his cradle. Jodha is stunned at Hussein being taken away. Salima Begum is looking on in helpless silence. 
Has Jalal managed to convince Ruq to share Hussein with Jodha? 

You all are welcome to share your views, and discuss the episode... 

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  1. Take a bow to your writing Radhika. I finally watched the episode and I am still heartbroken.

    It was an awesome Episode with breathtaking performance by Pardihi and Rajat as Grieving parents at the death of their child. I just cried with them. A part of them died with Hassan's death as children are always a symbol of your future and they just lost all their hopes and dreams. Sudden death of your child is severe and agonizing, yet Jalal regained his strength and was today Jodha's pillar of strength.

  2. This post of yours is a masterpiece. I do not possess the audacity to match your words.
    Absolutely Phenomenal Performance by the Leads.!!!.
    What an Episode it was.. I would recommend to all the friends here, watch the episode..

    Tell me what was Missing.?. >>

    Broken hearts
    Tear-stained faces
    And what not.?.

    Today watch the episode for Jodha Akbar.
    Amidst all the NR which we are fed up of, i am pretty sure, the scenes we saw today must have been replicated in the Fort of Agra 450 years back.!!!

    Didn't we all feel a Tsunami of Humanistic Feelings.?.
    Didn't we all get all those emotionS one could think of, in such a setting.?.

    " The rush of arrows and the clash of swords,
    Tore the marrow of elephants and the entrails of tigers. "

    ^^^^^^ These lines "be-jewel" the capability of Shahenshah-e-Hind Jalal-ud-din Mohammed Akbar...Can we think of the man who had the ENTIRE Hindustan at HIS Feet, but was helpless.?. The Man who Proclaimed that he can write(and he DID) the destiny with HIS Sword, was a spectator before the Decree of God..!!!.

    Coming to Jodha. She was so much broken today, that she even said, why God took Hasan and why not her.?. I can not think of better lines by Ghalib , to describe this moment :>


    Koi ummid bar nahin aati
    Koi surat nazar nahin aati

    Maut ka ek din mu'ayyana hai
    Nind kyon raat bhar nahin aati

    Aage aati thi hal-e-dil pe hansi
    Ab kisi baat par nahin aati

    Jaanata hun savab-e-ta'at-o-zahad
    Par tabiyat idhar nahin aati

    Hai kuch aisi hi bat jo chup hun
    Varna kya baat kar nahin aati

    Kyon na chikhun ki yad karate hain
    Merii aavaaz gar nahin aati

    Daag-e-dilagarnazar nahin aata
    Bu bhi ai chaaraagar nahin aati

    Ham vahan hain jahan se ham ko bhi
    Kuch hamari Khabar nahin aati

    Marte hain aarazuu mein marne ki
    Maut aati hai par nahin aati

    English Translation

    I am left with no hope at all,
    No possibility to reach my goal,

    The Day of my death is fixed,
    I can not sleep all night.

    Then, the state(s) of my heart which used to make me laugh
    Now it (laughter) doesn't come for anything.

    Though I know the reward of obedience and worship,
    But I have no tendency for it.

    I am silent for a certain reason,
    Otherwise I can convince you with my words,

    Why I shouldn't cry,
    For when I don't, she asks about me,

    My heart is burning, though you cannot see the spot,
    But O my doctor, can't you smell my heart burn?

    I have reached to a certain state,
    From where even I cannot find myself.

    I am dying (Waiting anxiously) for my death,
    I don't know where my death has gone.

    1. Thanks! You have the ability to surpass all words with your writing that leaves nothing - no nuance, no expression, no feeling - untouched. This post is again an exquisite example of your soul-felt writing and your extreme passion for Jodha Akbar.

      Abhay, yesterday's episode was so totally "real" as if we were watching Akbar and Harka Bai from behind gossamer curtains, unknown and unseen, while they lived their lives.

      " The rush of arrows and the clash of swords,
      Tore the marrow of elephants and the entrails of tigers. "

      ^^^^^^ These lines "be-jewel" the capability of Shahenshah-e-Hind Jalal-ud-din Mohammed Akbar...Can we think of the man who had the ENTIRE Hindustan at HIS Feet, but was helpless.?. The Man who Proclaimed that he can write(and he DID) the destiny with HIS Sword, was a spectator before the Decree of God..!!!.


      Agree completely. God can bring anyone - even an emperor - to his knees and strip him of all ego. Really, Hindustan ka Shahenshah Do Jahan ke Shahenshah ke aage kuch bhi nahin...

      Thanks for translating the verse...Beautiful and apt verse...There comes a stage in one's life when the body feels like dead weight and the soul yearns to be freed from this "corpse" but there's no deliverance. The soul must find in its depths the life-giving elixir that will enliven the "corpse" and give it a purpose and direction. It's as if God tells us that our work on earth is not yet complete and we must strive ahead, irrespective of however broken we may be.


  3. Can we imagine the plight of Real Akbar - HK.?.
    How it feels for a father to carry his "ANSH" {as Jodha says it}, to the graveyard.?.
    The face of Jodha and Akbar displayed a 1000 shades today, each more subtle than the other.

    Only people who are capable of loving strongly can suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them. Today Jalal was playing the same role for Jodha. Having said this, i also want to add that, the grief always remains there.. It has been said time heals all wounds. I differ a bit here.. The wounds remain. In time, the mind protecting it's sanity covers them and the pain lessens, but it's never gone."

    "Agar kuch hota hai to woh yeh ki, Waqt ke saath us dukh ki "Kashish" "kam" ho jaati hai, par wo "kashish" kabhi "khatm" nahi hoti, woh kayamat tak aapke saath rehti hai.". We can wipe the tears from our eyes, but we can not wipe the pain from our heart.

    I admit that i do not shed tears easily, but this episode brought me "almost on the verge" of shedding them. The scene looked so original. It was "saddingly ethereal" . I agree with you that neither can we compare the grief of the parents nor can we say who suffered more..When your fear touches someone's pain, it becomes pity, when your love touches someone's pain, it become compassion..

    Did we notice this today.?. Did we notice Jalal's Love being converting into compassion for Jodha. He was very much present with her so that she no longer wrestles with the grief, but could sit down with it as a lasting companion(Jalal) and make it a sharer in her thoughts.

    They say that the darkest night produces the brightest stars. In my view, the story becomes EPIC by such poignant display of emotions. I have heard that even a hundredfold grief is divisible by love.

    Your partner complements you. While Jodha was with Jalal as his pillar, after he was broken hearing MA's crude words to THEIR unborn sons. Today, it was Jalal who played the same role for Jodha. Tears shed for someone are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart. Jalal and Jodha BOTH have went through the phase.

    What can i say about Jalal. The "MAN" in him was very much present there, as a shield for Jodha. Apart from this i would request all not to judge the bereaved mother today. She lost the most beautiful thing she could keep in her heart.


    She is breathing, but she is dying.
    She may look young, but inside she has turned old.
    She may smile, but her heart sobs.
    She may walk, may talk, may work. She is, but she is not, all at once.
    She is here, but part of her is elsewhere for 'eternity' ."

    RIP -||- Akbar and Harka Bai..

    You both were NOT supposed to meet, but you MET..And, You scripted the "UNscriptable script"...!!!..!!!...I can't ADD more here.!. TODAY, I feel short of words..

    1. Quote

      How it feels for a father to carry his "ANSH" {as Jodha says it}, to the graveyard.?.


      True, we cannot even begin to fathom this. I hate to say this here, but, it must have been experiences such as this that awakened the human in Jalal / Akbar. Only when a man carries the corpse of his own son can he understand what it must mean to another father to carry the corpse of someone he (Jalal) has killed. We wonder why he was so forgiving of his worst enemies. How could he be otherwise after having buried his own children?


      this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.


      Truly Jalal's love and concern for Jodha will serve to heal his own grief for Hasan.


      the grief always remains there.. The wounds remain....the pain lessens, but it's never gone...


      Abhay, the memories always remain and everything reminds us of those we lost in some way. A small piece of the heart will always be missing, the part that died along with the one we loved and lost.


      "Agar kuch hota hai to woh yeh ki, Waqt ke saath us dukh ki "Kashish" "kam" ho jaati hai, par wo "kashish" kabhi "khatm" nahi hoti, woh kayamat tak aapke saath rehti hai.". We can wipe the tears from our eyes, but we can not wipe the pain from our heart.


      Beautiful...I wanted to write a short reply. : ) But these lines ^^^ stopped me and urged me to reply to each word, for so much has been said here and left unsaid that a common reply will never do justice to it all.


      the story becomes EPIC by such poignant display of emotions. I have heard that even a hundredfold grief is divisible by love.


      I agree. Jalal's love brought more tears to my eyes than even Hasan passing away. This is what epic love stories are made of. This is what makes some love stories unforgettable.


      She is here, but part of her is elsewhere for 'eternity' ."


      But at least part of her is here thanks to the love of her husband. Or how much more bleak and forlorn would life have seemed to her?

      ^^^ Above lines are so touching. How many even consider it worth their time to consider a woman could be in grief and need someone to be there to comfort and heal her? A woman is always symbolised as the giver. But how can she go on giving without receiving anything...she too needs to be nurtured from time to time, so that she is able to give again.


      You both were NOT supposed to meet, but you MET..And, You scripted the "UNscriptable script"...!!!..!!!...


      Legends like this keep one's faith in love going and show us what we are capable of being, if we only wish to be something more. Yesterday, I fell in love with Jodha Akbar again, which was really needed after the manner in which the CVs kept butchering these two in the name of NR. The Atifa/Khyber track was the lowest point. Yesterday was...I won't say highest...because I want to see their love rising still higher.

      Abhay, thanks for showing us the magic of the legends called Jodha and Akbar and for keeping our faith in this show going. I feel privileged to see them together through happiness and sorrow.

  4. Words are powerful n with pieces like these i manage to appreciate them so much more... a big thank you Radhika...

    Brilliant analysis of a brilliant episode... both complement each other holistically... it was poignant... sad, guilt ridden n stuff of what shattered dreams are made of.. the King was as helpless as any other ordinary commoner as he tried to come to terms with the bitter reality... n made me cry... loved the way Jalal n Jodha were together in the hardest of times.. they lost a part of their own being n happiness...

    Keep up the fabulous work Radhika... your writings add a lot of dimension n depth to episodes n needless to show i love them...


  5. Radhika Fabulous Post… What a wonderful painful episode especially RT & PS nailed their scenes.. Both were so real and the love of Jodha and Jalal was shining brightly in the midst of this tragedy . we were transported to 450 yrs to see how these two had gone thru the pain..i still feel that these are real jodha and akbar who took rebirth to show thr love and pain to the whole world and how they became others strength .. thr is a saying kuch gaav itna gehra hota hai ki saamay ke saath dard kum hosakta hai..par is gaav ko kabi nahi bhool payenge …chahe kitna bache bi aye unke zindagi main par Hassan aur hussain ko khone ka dard kabi nahi bhool payenge.
    Paridhi as a distraught mother was a picture of grief and Jalal was her rock strength . The way he held her ,swallowed his pain to support her was beautifully shot it was not ott but very natural and real.... The most emotional episode of JA and the soul connection of JJ was very touching
    Its more painful for parents to loose thr kids…how real jodha akbar tolerated the agony of seeing their youthful sons's Daniyal n Murad's death.Its so painful to see jodha cursing her fate…? Liked jalaal telling to remove the palana and telling her firmly if she dies he will also die along with her ....There is so much warmth & love and the way Jalal consoled and stood by JO is superb... When HB came JO pleaded Jalaal she want to see her son last time, why can't she the way Jalaal said NO you won't get through the pain and Jo saying kanha she will not pray from now on is so heart touching.... Can't even begin to imagine the pain real Akbar and Hk must have gone through.. next will be Hussain after few this will make JoJa's love even stronger. They both have and will need only each other to come out of this pain. I loved the scene where Jalal was holding Jodha in his arms giving her the support she needed. Worrying for her. He was shocked and hurt even more than he already was when Jodha said she wished to die..
    Y god was so cruel to them..y he punished them so severely..wat was thr mistake..since they both were born in a royal family … was it the price they paid for being what they were?? did Abar and jodha really deserve such grave punishment in life?? Why god punished them again and again..for any parent to see one kid dying infront of thr eyes literally kills thr 3 sons who were infants and one daughter and later on murad and daniyal who were grownup’s…how they survived thru this pain again and again.. None can understand a mother's pain on having lost her child. Same goes for a father..
    Today’s episode is dedicated to only jodha and akbar..dont want to talk about precap and spoil my mood..all thanks to maddy..coz of her I dared to watch this beautiful episode.. Coming to rukku’s bandaphod… they il show exactly opposite to wat we wanted to I don’t want to keep any false hopes on this or rukku’s bandaphod…I was the one who was so confident that this time for sure rukku il get caught..but now I hv lost all hopes and not expecting any thing but want to see my jodha jalal happy..

  6. Was yesterday's episode not enough Radhika, u also make us cry in despair? It is said, putrashoka is the worst shoka, tragady, inflicted upon anybody.Rajat, Paridhi shud take a bow. They perfectly complemented each other as the bereaved parents.How JO-AK could hv suffered n come out of this 450 years back, I can't imagine.I usually see the repeat episode, but today,I don't gather courage to watch them grieving again. I just hope this worst phase gets faded soon.


  7. October 8 2014 Jodha Akbar | Episode - 347
    Jalal BEGS, while Ruqayya refuses to give Hussain to Jodha

    Today this is a short update for the episode..

    The episode was the continuation of the Question asked in previous post by Radhika, above. In short, it was quite emotional.

    As a friend, Jalal BEGS Ruqayya to hand over Hussain back to Jodha, at least for some time, but she refuses. She is under the impression that if the child goes back to Jodha then she will loose the chance of being Mariam-Uz-Zamani. The urge to get power has taken over the human in her..

    Jalal has no other option but to retreat. He comes to Jodha's hojra and sees Jodha is still broken and she is thinking about Hasan. She refuses to eat anything.

    Another major point was, the arrival of Raja Bharmal and Dadisa from Amer, with some traditional ornaments for the twins. They were taken aback when they came to know of the demise of one of the twins..

    Jodha's grandmother(who has come to Agra) asks Husain from Ruqayya, so she extends her arms to take Husain away from Agra(to Amer), but Ruqayya denies it and moves back with Hussain..!!!..

    1. Thanks Abhay for the update! Precise and complete. :)

  8. Yesterday's episode was a continuation of the aftermath of Hasan's demise.

    Jodha, who has become lifeless and responds only to Jalal now, momentarily came out of her reverie yesterday. The plaintive wails of Hussein tugged at the mother in her and she rushed to nurse him and briefly came alive again. Was she looking for Hasan in Hussein or did she respond to Hussein as her own flesh and blood? I don't know the answer.

    But she was reluctant to let go of Hussein and Ruqaiyya almost snatched him back from her. The pain in her eyes, as she realized that she had no right to Hussein and had lost him even before she had lost Hasan was unbearable to watch.

    Ruqaiyya, on the other hand, was as restless as a cat on a hot tin roof, all the while Hussein was happily nestled in Jodha's arms. She kept asking for him back and ultimately pulled him away from Jodha.

    Ruqaiyya failed to be a sensitive woman at that moment. Motherhood makes a woman gentler, more selfless. But there does not seem to be any such change in Ruqaiyya. How could she fail to notice Jodha's condition? Did she not feel a twinge of remorse or guilt for having taken away Jodha's child even when Jodha lost Hasan?

    How happy Jodha would have been if Ruqaiyya had allowed her to put Hussein to sleep and stay with him for sometime! Didn't she see how generous Jodha is in her spirit that even after losing Hasan, she hasn't asked for Hussein back?

    Why couldn't Ruqaiyya match Jodha's magnanimity in sharing her child? Just as Jodha had once filled her arms with a bundle of joy, couldn't Ruqaiyya have done so too with Jodha?

    It was to Jodha's credit that even in her present condition when she couldn't think clearly, she remained graceful in that scene and accepted her situation calmly. She may have stopped praying to Kanha but, deep within her, she was beginning to accept that loss and also that she could not ever ask for Hussein to fill the void in her heart.

    Someone once mentioned that Jodha would lose her mental equilibrium after Hasan's death. Then too I had countered that Jodha is stronger and such a state would never pass, esp when Jalal was also supporting her.

    I am so glad to see Jodha now - ever dignified and mature, like a queen ought to be. She carries her grief within her, allowing it to show up only in Jalal's presence. In all her lamentations so far, never has she once questioned her decision to give away Hussein to Ruq.

    What greater proof can there be of her generosity of spirit and her love for all beings? I do not regard her as one who has been struck down by Fate. She walks tall, daring Fate to do its worst.

  9. It may also be possible that Jodha is conscious of Jalal's position as an emperor. Even in her present fuzzy state, she may be aware that her asking for Hussein would deal a blow to Jalal's reputation for always honoring his word. And Jodha, then and now, is more concerned about safeguarding her husband's image than her own happiness.

    It really takes a lot of courage for a woman to sacrifice her maternal instincts at the altar of her husband's honor.

  10. Jalal finally broke down in his mother's presence and let out his grief and self-rage / self-loathing for being unable to save his son, in spite of being the master of his own destiny.

    It was wonderful to see Hamida comfort him in his hour of need. She also signaled to him a solution to bringing Jodha out of her trauma. Jalal understood what his mother was hinting at and, to his credit, he lost not a moment to keep his own sense of pride and honor aside and beg Ruqaiyya to lend Hussein to Jodha till she recovered sufficiently.

    It's always a wonder to see these two souls, always thinking of the other's pain and happiness first, willing to sacrifice anything for the other's sake.

  11. The Jalal-Ruqaiyya scene was preceded by the visit of 2 begums to Ruaiyya's boudoir. They instigated the already insecure Ruq that she should be careful lest Hussein be taken from her and given back to Jodha.

    So when Jalal came to beg for Hussein to be given to him for Jodha's sake, she was already mentally prepared to refuse.

    She was already being feted by the other begums as the next MUZ and she had no intentions to let go of this golden opportunity Fate had thrown in her lap.

    Did she not care even for Jalal, her best friend?

    Well, if she did, would she have used the DEK to force his hand into giving one of the twins to her? Would she have asked for a farman - wasn't his word of honor enough for her?

    So how can we expect her to be kinder and more understanding of him and his compulsions this time?

    Jalal knew he had reached a dead end with her and would have to try some other method to pull Jodha back from the brink and make her embrace life.

  12. At last, dadisa and Bharmal came to visit Jodha and meet her twins.A long overdue visit.

    Dadisa was shocked by the turn of events and likely remembered the dark night when the twins were born and Shaguni Bai had prophecied that Maham's curse would be effective and the twins would die.

    The precap perhaps results from her feeling that Hussein would be safer (from the curse) in Amer than Agra. She reaches out for Hussein but RUq flinches away. Ruq is so scared of Hussein being taken away from her and thereby losing the right to be MUZ.

    What happens then? Watch tonight's episode to find more. :)

  13. I am irked by the absence of important characters like Mainavati and Bhagwandas. Why can't new actors be found if the older ones left? How can the story proceed further without such characters who are integral to the plot?

  14. Thanks Sindhu, Lost my music, Geeta and Gem for liking the writeup and for posting fab takes on the same!

  15. Radhika, u were just echoing what i felt .I am wondering, it's been only few days fr Ruquaiyya to hv taken Hussain frm Jodha. Neither she is feeding the child, nor changing the diaper.Usko godi me bhi sulati nahi. Then how come she be so much attatched to the child? It becomes her moral responsibility to return the child at least fr some days.Isse uske audheme koi pharak nahi padhne wala.:s)
    Madam Mainavati has been missing fr so many episodes. It's rediculous that dadisa shud accompany Raja Bharmal.I can't buy the theory/scene that both of them went straight to Jodha's hojra not knowing the situation.Right frm the main entrance,there are so many people u meet, Maan singh, Todarmal, other ministers, security guards, servants, baandhis anybody cud tell this 'Dukhad samachar'.Emperor's waris has died, the whole city must be mourning n buzz with the painful story.Then how can the writers show them ignorant of the situation?Instead of giving gifts, they scene shud be of consoling.=))
    Abhay, can we hv the' Like' button along with the Reply one to connect immediatly without having to say much.?

    1. Ruqaiyya is afraid that if once Hussein is taken from her, he may never be returned to her. Which would effectively put the brakes on her MUZ ambitions. :)

      Geeta, looking for logic in a Hindi serial is more difficult than looking for a needle in a haystack =))

      You can just say "I agree" if you don't want to say much! :P Abhay will tell you about Like button. :)

  16. I think, Friday they will show Zeenat succeeding in poisoning Hussain also.It's fr this kind of dramebaaji that they hv twisted history.It's ok fr those who know the history or can access to net fr the history. What abt those common people, lakhs of innocent tv watchers, who take all shown on tv as gospel truth?:-O s-)

    1. Most seem to think so that Zeenat will poison Hussein. Then the precap scene. Ruqaiyya is advised rest. Hussein is given to Jodha for the time being. He dies. Ruq blames Jodha.

      Let's see what is actually shown. Both Paridhi and Rajat are doing a great job as the bereaved parents and so it's easier to watch the show. Otherwise, it would have been tough to put up with Ruq's tantrums and Zeenat's smirks.

  17. Geeta,

    Lets see how the track proceeds. I will try my best to introduce a LIKE button along with replies if it is possible. At present i am very much busy, hence the delay. :)

  18. Radhika,

    Thanks for the interesting writeups.